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									Internet for Marketing

A lot of people are asking me about Internet for Marketing. They wanted me to write and give a
detailed over view on how to benefit from this virtual application.
But what is Internet for marketing? it is simply the promotion of products and services in the
vast virtual world.
Businesses in the twenty first century is quite different from the contemporary business wherein
one has to establish a land base or shall we say a tangible perspective. It has to have the requisites
in conducting business, employees to cater to the needs of prospective buyers and so on and so
forth. On the other hand, conducting a business where it eliminates almost everything that a
contemporary business has.
Since the virtual world is so vast and filled with competitors, one has to take into consideration
its business visibility. How can this be possible when you are one of the few millions competing
for that limited space?
It is true that the world wide web is very vast and the possibility of being seen is just a tip
of a needle, this statement could be true if you lack the knowledge on how to squeeze your way
in, in this labyrinth.
Let me share with you the tricks in achieving visibility and be the first to pop out in the search
engine of GOOGLE.
Google is one of the many search engines that people go to in searching for something and responsible
for ranking a website.
Here are the steps.
1. Write reviews or articles about your site and leave a link that redirects to your site. Use
keywords that are relevant to your products or services.
2. Join forums and be active in participating in the discussions. Be positive in your approach
and never spam comments.
3. Submit your articles to high ranking article and link directories. By doing so, your website
or blog will be given visibility through these sites. It is like living a thumb print from every
angle of the virtual world.
4. Always update your site as well as your buyers or prospective buyers from anything that is new.
5. In writing a review see to it that the keywords are properly placed within the article at least
appearing three times (top, middle, bottom). Make sure that the keyword or words appear on the
title of the article.
These are the steps that I applied on my site and it worked for me. I am very sure that once you
apply this to your website it will also have a positive response.
Internet for Marketing is not that hard nor that easy. It takes hard work and perseverance to anyone
who is planning to engaged business in the virtual world

by Roland Noel

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