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w/e 16 December 2005
Compiled by the Press Office

Top Story
Growing carbon nanotubes at room temp
A UK firm is perfecting a tool for growing carbon nanotubes at room temperature. CEVP is using
technology developed by UniS.
Electronics Weekly                                                      07 December 2005
Semiconductor International Online (USA)                                14 December 2005
ECN Magazine                                                            13 December 2005
Electronic Business Online                                              13 December 2005
Electronic News                                                         13 December 2005

Businessman eases route for students
Students from UniS have been awarded £1,000 scholarships to help pay for their first year of
higher education thanks to the generosity of former Iraqi refugee Naim Dangoor.
Surrey Advertiser                                                        16 December 2005

Card Aid, the charity Christmas card shop, has had a record-breaking year with sales of over
£20,000. The organisation thanked student volunteers from UniS for their help.
Surrey Advertiser                                                        16 December 2005

Hospital at the forefront in treatment of prostate cancer
The Royal Surrey in Guildford will be the only hospital in the UK to offer all forms of treatment for
prostate cancer from the beginning of next year. The new equipment was funded in part by The
Prostate Project, which is based at PGMS.
Surrey Advertiser                                                            16 December 2005

Live music
The relaunch of the infamous Wok Club takes place at UniS on December 17.
Surrey Advertiser                                                    16 December 2005
Surrey Advertiser Online                                             16 December 2005

Professor Allan Moore talks about the ‘DNA of Pop’.
BBC World Service                                                            10 December 2005

Taking on the drugged and drunk drivers
Roadside devices to test people's motor skills and detect drugs might help police make travelling
safer. Julia Boyle and her team at UniS tested an early version of a device called RITD and
concluded that much more work is needed on the device to make it robust.
New Scientist                                                              03 December 2005

Cut Christmas stress
We know just how stressful this time of year can be. Here are some tips to help. UniS research
shows that a 20 minute nap is enough to refresh you without allowing you to go into deeper sleep
and wake up drowsy.

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Candis                                                                  01 December 2005
El amor engorda . . . . a las mujeres
According to a study led by researchers at UniS, married women lose up to five hours of their
sleep due to their partner’s snoring.
El Confidencial Online (Spain)                                          13 December 2005

Dyslexia test is first for internet
Imagine how it must feel to be unable to make sense of the written word. Dr Claire Zabell, who
recently gained her PhD from UniS for studying the identification of dyslexia in adults, is now one
of the founder partners in a new online test that screens for dyslexia.
The Rush                                                                   01 December 2005

Boys in blue
Dr Martin Innes, a UniS sociologist, says that the more people have to do with the police, the less
they seem to think of them. Whereas most Britons take a dim view of the National Health Service
but are pleasantly surprised when they have to use it, the opposite holds true for the police and
the courts.
New Scientist                                                              15 December 2005

Tripos names Dr. Tom Mander as Vice President of Business Development and Strategic
Tripos Inc, a leading provider of drug discovery chemistry and informatics products and services,
today announced that it has appointed Dr Tom Mander as vice president of business
development and strategic alliances. Mander holds a bachelor's degree in medical biochemistry
from UniS.
Business Wire                                                              16 December 2005
Yahoo! Finance (USA)                                                       16 December 2005
PharmaLive Online (USA)                                                    16 December 2005
Deutscher Depeschendienst Online (Germany)                                 16 December 2005
Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste Online (Germany)                             16 December 2005
Nieuwsbank Online (Netherlands)                                            16 December 2005
Netherlands Corporate News Online                                                16 December
Genetic Engineering News Online (USA)                                      16 December 2005
TMCnet Online (USA)                                                        16 December 2005

Horsell man invents toxic soil tester
The continuing pollution threat has made the work of Horsell resident Edward Bell, who is
managing director of Crown Bio Systems, all the more relevant. “The Safe Soil Tester system we
have developed came as a result of initial work with UniS although after we received a
government Eureka! grant for £1 million, which we matched with pairing funding, we moved to the
Sittingbourne Research Centre in Kent,” he said.
Chobham News & Mail Online                                                16 December 2005
Woking News & Mail                                                        16 December 2005
Byfleet News & Mail                                                       16 December 2005

Dairyman John is cream of the crop
Deane farmer John Cottrell has joined Jamie Oliver in winning one of the highly-coveted BBC
Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards. John was named best food producer of the year by the panel
of judges, which included Dr Margaret Rayman of UniS.
Taunton Times                                                            01 December 2005

Richard Gannon gives his top tips for losing weight in the New Year.

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The Eagle FM                                                                14 December 2005

Cheese unlocks your wildest dreams, says study
The study, believed to be the first of its kind, serves to dispel the old wives' tale that eating
cheese before bed means a restless night in-store. It was endorsed by Neil Stanley of the Sleep
Research HPRU Medical Research Centre at UniS.
Daily Reporter                                                                 16 December 2005

Woman's Hour
Katie Perry of the Daphne Jackson Trust at UniS explains what it is like to be a female physicist in
a subject dominated by men.
BBC Radio 4                                                                16 December 2005

Proof that roundabouts drive us round the bend
For motorists who always suspected busy roundabouts were virtually impossible to negotiate
properly a new mathematical formula has proved them right. Dr Anne Skeldon of UniS said that
plotting the paths of multiple cars and a multi-lane roundabout makes it clear how difficult
negotiating roundabouts can be.
Life Style Extra Online (UK)                                               12 December 2005
Evening Herald (Plymouth)                                                  02 December 2005
Romsey Advertiser                                                          02 December 2005
Hampshire Chronicle                                                        01 December 2005
Andover Advertiser                                                         02 December 2005

Interactive research uses Viper cameras
UniS is to use Grass Valley Viper FilmStream digital cinematography cameras, together with
Canon lenses and Manfrotto mounts, for an interactive television project designed to put the
camera angle, lighting and even the movements of the actor in the hands of the viewer.
AV Magazine                                                               01 December 2005

Seltsame Quantumwelt
Quantum physics has a deserved reputation for being a very difficult subject, because, in the end,
it describes phenomena that seem to go against everyday experience. Luckily a new book by Jim
Al-Khalili explains many of the theories of quantum physics in a way the lay-person can
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung                                             14 December 2005
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Online                                      14 December 2005

Degrees of success run in family
A Professor has marked the latest chapter in his family's history with a North-East university by
earning a third degree there. Professor Bernard Weiss, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at UniS, collected a
Doctor of Engineering.
The Journal                                                                09 December 2005

AI competition for UK students
Computer science students at selected UK universities, including UniS, might be interested to
know that EA have expanded their 'tank wars' contest to the British Isles. The contest invites
programmers to design an AI programme pitting one tank against another.
Ferrago Online (UK)                                                        15 December 2005
Game News Online (Belarus)                                                 14 December 2005
WebWire Online (USA)                                                       14 December 2005
Gamasutra Online (USA)                                                     14 December 2005

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Games Industry Biz Online (UK)                                             14 December 2005
EuroGamer Online (UK)                                                      14 December 2005

US researchers advance towards electrically pumped silicon lasers
Researchers in the US have taken another step towards an electrically pumped silicon laser.
Professor Kevin Homewood of UniS said that its significance is that it shows that bulk silicon can
support conventional lasing.
Electronics Weekly                                                        07 December 2005

Superstore will 'eat life out of town'
Independent traders claim a new Sainsbury's supermarket in Dorking could suck the life out of the
town. Dr Alan Hallsworth of UniS says that if the supermarket includes a proposed car park it
could actually help bring business into the town.
Crawley News Online                                                       13 December 2005
icSurrey                                                                  08 December 2005
Leatherhead Advertiser Online                                             12 December 2005

Innovation is the key to keeping one step ahead
A letter from Dr Buhalis at UniS in which he states his view that companies should develop
innovative marketing campaigns rather than adopt the policy of 'dual-pricing' which allows high
street retailers the opportunity to charge the same amount as online companies by keeping the
former's wholesale costs lower. Dr Buhalis invites industry colleagues to the eTourism Futures
Forum at UniS next year.
Travel Trade Gazette                                                       09 December 2005

Turbulent times
Consolidation in the grocery market continues to be a major issue with the ACS campaigning
hard for a full enquiry to be carried out by the Competition Commission. Here we look at the key
campaigning issues and how they are likely to affect retailers in 2006. A look back at the year
includes the publication of two new reports on the grocery market by UniS.
Independent Retail News                                                     09 December 2005

No need to take me to your leader
At present, more than 300 students from countries around the world are studying on a virtual
MBA delivered by UniS’ SoM, which also offers both distance and traditional courses. UniS’ MBA
is thought to be the only completely virtual European MBA programme.
The Guardian Online                                                      14 December 2005

Pride of place
UniS business management student Simon Harrison created a trophy cabinet for Western
Primary School Winchester as part of his recent A Level Production Design project.
Hampshire Chronicle                                                     01 December 2005

Property is where the heart is for student
A passion for property usually strikes when the time comes to invest in your first home. But for
22-year old UniS students David Smith, property fervour came at a much younger age. The
article goes on to describe David's work placement year at Rushmon New Homes.
Surrey Advertiser                                                         16 December 2005
Surrey Advertiser Online                                                  16 December 2005

Young talents show enterprise

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As a national initiative aimed at inspiring young people in their teens and 20s to make their
business dreams a reality, Enterprise Week has emerged as one the most high profile fixtures on
the business calendar. In Surrey, the event has proven to be its usual success tapping into many
local resources, most notably UniS' new enterprise centre.
The Rush                                                                     01 December 2005

Radio Interview
Professor Tim Jackson talks about the damage the explosions at the Buncefield depot will have
on the environment.
BBC Southern Counties                                                  12 December 2005
The Eagle FM                                                           12 December 2005

Consumers need carrots, not sticks, to make 'green' choices
With the number of shopping days until Christmas fast running out, consumers who would like to
make 'green' choices are often helpless to change their behaviour, according to research at UniS.
Professor Tim Jackson says many people care about the environment but don't have access to
reliable, affordable alternatives.
Innovations Report Online (Germany)                                      13 December 2005
EurekAlert Online (USA)                                                  13 December 2005
ESRC News Online                                                         13 December 2005

Duke in flying visit
The Duke of Kent paid a visit to Brooklands Museum on Monday to examine restoration work to
the museum's Concorde. Engineering students from UniS have done some of the restoration
Addlestone & Byfleet Review                                          03 December 2005

Aerospace student is over the Moon with scholarship
An Edgware student is flying high after being awarded a university scholarship to study for a
degree in aerospace engineering. Jason Cunliffe, who has just started his course at UniS, was
awarded £1,200 in recognition of his achievement at A Level.
Harrow Times                                                              01 December 2005

Professor Mark Lawson of UniS will give a lecture on sustainable and adaptable construction
Planning                                                                09 December 2005

Impulsor ruso "soyuz" colocará en órbita el primer satélite del sistema europeo "galileo"
A spacecraft designed and built by Guildford-based SSTL will be the first satellite launched into
space as part of the Galileo programme. The satellite, know as GIOVE, has the critical task of
claiming the frequencies allocated to Galileo under international agreements.
Oesterreich Journal Online (Austria)                                       14 December 2005
RIA Novosti Online (Spanish version)                                       15 December 2005
Techno Science (France)                                                    15 December 2005
Interstars (France)                                                        15 December 2005 (China)                                                           15 December 2005                                                               16 December 2005

Le Vietnam bientôt doté d'un petit satellite
The project to build a small satellite will soon be approved. For five years the satellite has been in
development by SSTL and the Vietnamese Institute of Science and Technology.

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Le Courier du Vietnam Online                                              13 December 2005

The SETsquared Partnership, the collaboration of the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Southampton
and Surrey, has been awarded a £1.5 million DTI grant to expand its joint work with top-ranked
research and enterprise universities in southern California.
Chemistry World                                                           01 December 2005
Holiday firm is given a big break
Natural Discovery, a Guildford-based company which offers people the chance to take an eco-
friendly holiday has been given a Great Ideas in Science and Technology (GRIST) award by
Surrey Director                                                           01 December 2005

Pulsic Ltd announces support for SETsquared Business Acceleration Initiative
Pulsic Ltd announced that it will support the SETsquared Business Acceleration initiative by
making the firm's software available to SETsquared's incubation centres. UniS is a founder
member of the SETsquared Partnership.
Yahoo! Finance (USA)                                                     14 December 2005
Electronics Weekly                                                       12 December 2005

The SETsquared Partnership
The SETsquared Partnership is the collaboration of the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Southampton
and Surrey, generating successful enterprise and entrepreneurship in southern England. The
SETsquared Partnership supports and encourages business success through a range of
services, specifically aimed at high-growth potential technology start-ups from both within and
outside of the university setting.
Pharmalicensing Online (UK)                                                 14 December 2005

Research Park
Top 150 ranking for IT firm
A+P Technologies, the IT solutions specialist based in Guildford, has been ranked in the top 150,
in the first ever technology reseller league table compiled by Channel Business, the UK monthly
magazine for IT and communications suppliers. This recent achievement has capped a
successful 2005 for A+P Technologies, having secured major new contracts both at home and
abroad, including Partygaming Ltd, Siemens, AOL, UniS, Surrey Police and the Surrey Research
Surrey Advertiser                                                         16 December 2005
Surrey Advertiser Online                                                  16 December 2005

Radio Interview
Vicki Hansford talks about sports psychology and top sportsmen.
BBC Southern Counties                                                     12 December 2005

We Shal not be moved
Shalford are back in pursuit of a league and cup double after blasting UniS old boys 7:1 on
Surrey Advertiser                                                         16 December 2005

Surrey-based coach development day a success
Sports Coach UK recently hosted a coaching skills training day at UniS as part of an ongoing
series of workshops.
Leisure Opportunities                                                    09 December 2005

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Sanderstead hold key to that winning habit
Richard key claimed a brace as Sanderstead took three valuable points off UniS by beating them
icCroydon                                                               09 December 2005

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