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									                                         South Dakota State Leadership Team

                                                  Gerald Gramm - South Dakota State Department of Education

                                                  Kathleen Sheets

                                                  Additional Events and Links

            Events Calendar
   Date         Location                     Event Description                     Audience                    Contact Info
Feb 25-29   Various Schools        Promote entrepreneurship through Titan     High school  
                                   competition                                                       605-336-7318
Feb 24      Television             These Kids Mean Business                   Everyone in South      SDPB
Feb 25-27   DWU campus             The Entrepreneurship Coffee Series         College/community      Ronda Pole
Feb. 25     SDSU campus—           Keynote speaker                            College/community      Barb Heller
            Union Vostorff                                                                 
Feb 26      SDSU—Union             Entrepreneurship Fair                      College      
            Vostorff                                                                                 605-688-6522
Feb 27      SDSU—Union             Bounce Ideas about entrepreneurship        College      
            Vostorff                                                                                 605-688-6522
Feb 28      DWU—McGovern           Launch ’08 Conference                      High school teachers   Ronda Pole
            Library                                                           and students 
Feb 25-29   Various schools        Students will be doing innovative          Grades 4-12            Kathleen Sheets
                                   entrepreneurial activities                              
Feb 26      Lake Area Multi        School will be doing entrepreneurial       High school            Julie Levake
            District               activities                                              
Feb 23      Governors office       Governors proclamation                     Statewide
Jan 23      Send flyers via        Promote Entrepreneurship week and          Elementary and high    Kathleen Sheets
            email and mail to      encourage teachers to invite local         school                 Gerald Gramm
            all schools in South   entrepreneurs to speak to their classes                 
            Dakota                                                                                   605-331-6587
Feb 23-     Schools across         Schools/teachers will invite speakers to   Elementary and high
Mar1        South Dakota           their classroom to tell students about     school students
                                   entrepreneurship. Schools can also do
                                   anything that they want to promote
Feb. 23     SD EPSCoR office       Media release to newspapers                Everyone in South      Nick Eppard
                                   announcing E-week.                         Dakota       
Feb 26      Eagle Butte            2nd Annual E-Fair                          Everyone on the        Cora Mae Haskell
                                                                              Cheyenne Indian
                                                                              Reservation and        605-964-3687
                                                                              surrounding schools    Web:
Jan 28      Statewide              SD Chamber of Commerce & Industry          Student division—      SD Chamber of Commerce &
                                   sponsors the Governors Giant Vision        college students       Industry
                                   Competition for entrepreneurs in two       Business division—     Mary Anne Boyd
                                   categories—student and business.           college age and
                                   Applications are due Jan 28. They will     above                  605-263-0040
                                   promote the competition during
                                   Entrepreneurship week.

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