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									                   THE BODY SHOP AT HOME

             SELLING PACK

  Nowadays there are so many places you can get
business that enhance your sales from the traditional
  party environment. These are great ideas to use,
 however nothing will build your business faster or
           stronger than holding a party.

             Instructions Enclosed On:
                    On-Line Parties
                    Party in a Bag
                       Kit Drops
                    Home Parties
                Re-Ordering Business
                                ON-LINE PARTIES
On-line parties are a simple way to get some extra sales from the comfort of your own

So you go onto Facebook and create an event.

      Explain the date & time that you will be selling your products online and tell them to
       visit your Facebook Page between X times
      Suggest they tell their friends too
      Remind people about the event 24 hours before
      Put the Catalogue Link on your Facebook Page & Upload a current offer just before
       the event is due to start
      When the event starts thank everyone for coming on your Facebook page. This is all
       through posts. Ask everyone to introduce themselves, so you know who is on-line
      After a short time start a game – this game is usually looking at the online catalogue
       and finding a certain product on a page or telling you what key CFT ingredient a
       certain range contains – The first person to comment gets a prize, this is usually a %
       off their purchase or an incentive gift you can add to their order
      Keep adding customer offers and pictures of products
      Play another game about an hour later
      Entice ladies to book their own parties/selling events by offering a Prize/Gift to the
       1st two ladies to book. If you are holding an on-line party for a host, share what the
       Host will qualify for when 2 parties are in place.
      When the party time is up, Thank everyone for attending and supporting you & the
      Give details of how to pay and when the items will arrive
      Add up the orders and share what Host Rewards have been qualified for. If it is your
       own party you might want to randomly select one of the guests to be the ‘mystery
       host’ who receives the gifts. That is another draw to get people to join you on the

It is totally up to you how long you run the event for and it is a good way to be able to see
what kind of reach that you get. Advise people who you meet that you are able to do
online parties and also your email database can be contacted to let them know about your
event. Now that we are in the age of the Internet it is great to be able to use it to your
advantage for your business.

Here are a few tips to help you with your Online Party

      Try and do your online party when you are launching a New Product, Customer
       Offers, Offer Incentives (when you buy a Foundation you get a headband for free.
       When you buy the Vitamin E Collection receive a Free Pack of Cotton Pads)
      Repeat your ordering instructions, and incentives several times during the party and
       for any late arrivals. Make sure guests understand shipping date and know when &
       how they can expect to receive their products
      To get payment, either ask them to personal message you with your card details, or
       get their phone number and phone them.
      And finally, as with anything we do in our Home Party Plan businesss - FOLLOW UP!
       Keep in touch with everyone who came, ordered, played games, or just “hung out”
for a little while. If they were interested enough to come visit, they are interested
enough to become a customer!
                                 PARTY IN A BAG
Ideal for someone who works in a big office or has a big network of friends who Instructions:

      Make up a bag of catalogues, order forms and perhaps sample sachets or sample

      Remember to put in the flyers of any offers we have on at the time

      Enclose a Pamper Grid too

      A great idea is to put them in a Bag for Life

      Sample pots of new products are a great idea too

      If you are able to buy in stock, you could also put in sets of products, especially little
       sets of make up as they are small and easily portable. The ‘host’ can sell them
       straight from the bag. Make sure you get the ‘host’ to sign a sheet of paper saying
       what products she has in the bag, so you can ensure the products or the money gets
       returned to you

      Ask friends, relatives, colleagues, etc to take a bag and take it into work with them,
       and also to sell to their own friends, family, etc

      Coach your ‘host’ on how to get order forms filled in, etc

      Arrange a deadline for getting the orders back from the host

      Offer extra gifts to the host if she gets you a party booking, etc

      Your host could also invite a load of friends round just for a social get together, but
       get them to look through the catalogues, etc at the same time

      The host gets full host rewards as appropriate

There is a letter at the end of this document that you can adapt to give to your Party In A
Bag Hosts
                                        KIT DROPS
This is an effective use of your kit, if you aren’t able to get to do the party yourself. Its great
for people who would like to get the host rewards, but doesn’t want to hold a party, and is
more comfortable with her friends dropping in during the day, or over the weekend.

      Arrange a date with the host to drop round your kit

      If your kit is fairly large, you could split it and have 2 or even more Kit Drops on the

      This works extremely well whilst you are on holiday too

      You can either just leave the kit with the host to set up everything, or you could set
       up the display yourself, with posters, etc

      Make sure she is left with plenty of order forms and catalogues, plus flyers of current
       offers and a pamper grid

      The host can either have ‘open house’ for her friends for day, or have a group of
       friends around for the evening to play with everything (or both!)

      Leave a couple of ‘Booking Bags’ with dates attached. The bags consist of a couple
       of incentives, and the dates are dates you want to have parties. Encourage the host
       to get her friends to book with you and she can get another gift

      Arrange a suitable time to collect the kit from the host

      The host receives all relevant host rewards

This also works even if you are holding a party for the host. You can drop the kit off the
night before the hosts party, or on the morning and any of her friends who cant attend the
evening party can drop by during the day.
                                 HOME PARTIES
What a great opportunity to get your friends round for a great night in, and earn money
without leaving your house!

Very simply, choose a night, invite everyone you can and have a great night playing with all
the products.

Some consultants hold a home party once a month, and its a regular event for them. Its a
great way to launch your business too (see www.angelswithattitude.biz for business launch

Randomly select one guest to be the ‘mystery host’ and she will receive all the host rewards.

Guest attendance is key here, so make sure you spend time building your invitation list

Think about your wide social group, rather than just your close friends
Make sure you give out plenty of invites. About 2 weeks before the party is the optimum
time for giving out invites. Below are some ideas...
   - Highlight the area that says ‘Bring a Friend’. If you are using the company invite,
       write your own message “Bring a friend and get a free gift” and just take along a few
       incentives or bath lilies, or even a bar of chocolate!
   - Attached 2 invitations together. Encourage everyone to bring a friend, or use the
       Bring a Friend slip attached to the invite
   - Offer a prize to the guest who brings the most friends along
   - Play a silly game like the Banana Game (full details on www.angelswithattitude.biz).
       Write on the invite that everyone is to bring a banana, and everyone will be totally
       intrigued and come along just to find out what it’s all about.
   - Do not invite people by just putting the invites through doors, ask people
       personally... “it will be even more fun if you are there”
   - Carry spare invites in your handbag for anyone you meet, and particularly those
       people you see regularly but doesn’t have their contact details.
   - Remind everyone a week before the party, and then the morning of the party
                          RE-ORDERING BUSINESS
A re-order service is all about giving your customers the opportunity to replenish the
products they have bought from you before they run out. You do this by offering re-order
parties and by keeping records of what your customers buy and agreeing a re-order period
with them.

It is a good idea to set up a filing system to help keep track of your re-order schedules and to
help you be methodical and organised:

   Set up a filing system divided into months (January – December) with folders for
    Monday – Sunday (you decide which days you want to exclude).

   File Party order summaries 2 months out from the party i.e. party held at beginning of
    May, file under July.

   Staple all copies of order forms for each customer together so that you have a full record
    of what has been ordered

   Once order is complete then file again in 2 month’s time (or agreed upon time frame)


These are made a couple of weeks after the customer has received her products. The
objectives are:
 to see how the products are suiting her needs
 to offer any advice
 to set up a time for re-ordering

“Hi Mary. This is Julia from The Body Shop At Home. This is a courtesy call to see how you
are enjoying the products you ordered. How is the skin regime working for you? (Wait for
response). That’s great Mary. As part of my commitment to great customer service I also
offer a re-order service. The way it works is that I give you a call at an agreed period and
then you can re-order your products easily and quickly. You don’t have to remember to re-
order, I do all the work for you. Most of my customers like to receive a call once a month
and they like to hear about any special offers that might be of interest to them. How often
would you like me to contact you?”

 Make some calls each day or set you’re a time of when you will make the calls so that it
   becomes a habit and is time efficient. We recommend you make a minimum of 5 re-
   order calls at each session.

   Pick up the phone – nothing takes the place of a personal call. This builds loyalty and
    forms an on-going customer/Consultant relationship.

   Make notes during the call possibly on their original order form and file them. When
    you make your next call you will have all the information on hand e.g. how she likes to
    pay etc.
   Create an experience for your customer that feels exclusively for them

   Don’t rely just on emails – customers like personal service and you can build a
    relationship more easily by speaking to people. Once you have established an on-going
    relationship, email might be an option that will be convenient for both of you. However,
    do make a personal call from time to time to make the most of the relationship.

   Make the re-order process easy for your customer.

   Encourage your customers to call you whenever they need to replenish. Let them know
    that they do not have to wait until your scheduled call.

   Tell customers you will let them know when their favourite products are on offer or
    when there is a sale

   When making the calls always ask for referrals to grow your business

   If she doesn’t want to order when you call, establish a time when you can call again and
    then file her notes in the appropriate place.

“Hi Sally. This is Julia. I’m calling to take your first re-order. I have a record of the products
you bought last time. You will probably need to re-order parts of your Vit E skin care
regime. Which other products would you like to re-order? Let me tell you about this month’s
customer offer.”

Remember your link sales.

“Sally, I am so pleased that you are enjoying your Body Butter. It is fantastic. To get even
better results I recommend the Body Scrub and the circular Body Brush. They will really
leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and then you moisturise with the Body Butter.
Would you like to order one of each?”

Before you know it, your customers will be saying “I can’t believe you will do this for me.
What a wonderful service! I have had many parties and no one ever offered to do this
                               THE BODY SHOP AT HOME

Thank you for booking your Body Shop At Home Party in a Bag with me. Enclosed in your
bag is everything you need to offer your friends a great opportunity to shop with us from
the comfort of their own home, and to benefit from our great offers and our fabulous

Enclosed in your bag are:
   - 20 catalogues
   - 40 order forms
   - Details of our current offers
   - Pamper Grid

There are many fantastic benefits for you as a host, and the more sales you achieve the
higher the rewards are (full details are in the first couple of pages of the catalogue), so I’ve
put below some top tips to help you.

   - Make sure you give out the catalogues and order forms to everyone you meet
   - Give everyone a deadline for when they need to return their orders
   - Only give them a couple of days, otherwise they will forget
   - When you get catalogues back in, redistribute them to other friends
   - Take catalogues into work, school gate, etc
   - Carry catalogues and order forms around in your handbag
   - Tell everyone on facebook what you are doing (we can arrange a Facebook party if
       you like too!)
   - Sell the £2 square on the pamper grid to everyone, as the money raise through this
       also adds to your sales and therefore your rewards... and a friend of yours will also
       be a winner!
   - Send an email with the Spring catalogue link (below) to any of your friends you
       aren’t able to get a catalogue to, so they can take advantage of our fantastic offers.
   - There is an extra gift waiting for you for every friend who books a party with me, so
       dont forget to ask them if they would like to get lots of free and discounted

A QUICK REMINDER... Payment for orders is by credit or debit card

I hope this helps you, and I will be in regular contact with you over the next few days.
However, should you have any questions or would like more information or catalogues
please do contact me on:

                                         TEL NUMBER

                                  Best wishes, CONSULTANT

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