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                           (Rates to be quoted both in words and figures)

              ISSUED TO                     :        -----------------

              LAST DATE OF ISSUE            :       14.05.12 till 1.00 PM

              DATE OF OPENING               :       16.05.12 at 3.00 PM

                             DELHI AGRICULTURAL MARKETING BOARD

                                9, INSTITUTIONAL AREA, PANKHA ROAD,

                                   JANAKPURI, NEW DELHI-110058

                        ITEM, RATE, /TENDERS & CONTRACT FOR APMC WORKS


S.No.         Details                                                       Page

1.            N.I.T./NIQ                                                    2

2.            N.I.T.(C.P.W.D.-6)                                            4

3.            Tender Form C.P.W.D -8                                        9

4.           Conditions for cement                                          17

6.            Correction slip                                               18

7.            Schedule of Quantities                                        19-21

This agreement N.I.T. contain 21 pages marked as 1 to 21

ASSTT. ENGINEER                                              EX. ENGINEER

                                  DELHI AGRICULTURAL MARKETING BOARD
                             9, INSTITUTIONAL AREA, PANKHA ROAD, JANAKPURI
                                            NEW DELHI-110058

      F.25(1)/236/08/DAMB/Engg./                                          DT: 09.05.12

                         NOTICE INVITING TENDER NO. 12/DAMB/EE/2012

                    www.delagrimarket.nic.in Website Tender No. 103-2012-00

             Sealed item rate Tenders on behalf of APMC as detailed below are invited for the under
      mentioned work upto 2.30 p.m. on date indicated below from the approved & eligible contractors
      of Railway, C.P.W.D., M.E.S., M.C.D., D.D.A., NDMC, P&T having adequate past experience of the
      works of similar nature & magnitude in Govt. Organizations as indicated. The tenders will be opened
      on the same day at 3.00 p.m. in the office of undersigned. Tenders received after the prescribed
      time & date shall not be considered.

S.N    Name of work      Estimated cost      Earnest         Time of Cost of    Last date    Date of
o                                            money           compln.            of           receipt
                                                                                Sale of      of

(1)          (2)              (3)                (4)            (5)     (6)            (7)     (8)

1.     Annual          Rs 1,41,160/-         Rs. 3000/-      45 days   Rs.500/- 14.05.12     16.05.12
       Repair       &
       Maintenance                                                              till         Upto
       of       office                                                          1:00.p.m     2:30 pm
       building     of
       Market       at

              The Earnest money as indicated shall have to be deposited by the tenderers alongwith the
      application for issue of tender by a Bank-draft or call deposit receipt in favour of DAMB.
              The tender/ quotations and other contract conditions can be obtained from this office on any
      working day upto the last date of sale of tender indicated above till 1.00 P.M. on furnishing receipt of
      tender cost to be deposited in cash (non-refundable ) and Earnest Money as specified above. Sales
      Tax/Service Tax / VAT Clearance Certificate, Tax payers Identification Number/PAN Number, latest
      Income-tax return receipt, Partnerships-deed, Authority letter, undertaking of having not been black-
      listed/debarred by any Department. Experience of having completed successfully at least three works,
      each of value not less than 40% of the estimated cost put to tender or two works each of value not
      less than 50% of the estimated cost or one similar work of value not less than 80% of the estimated
      cost in last 7 years ending in March, 2012 All the Certificates in original are to be shown before the
      issue of tender documents and attested copies of the same (from Gazetted Officer) are to be
      enclosed with the request for issue of tender documents.

        Rates of the items should be written in words as well as in figures, failing which tender shall be
liable to be rejected. The tender documents including schedule of quantities, drawings and other
details of work can be seen in the office of the undersigned on any working day before apply.

         The firms who down loads the documents from our website shall have to submit cost of
tender documents and E/money in the form prescribed above (Pay order / Bank Draft shall be got
prepared before closing date of sale) alongwith the attested copies of the required documents as
prescribed above in one envelope marked as ‘A’ and written as “Cost of tender, Earnest Money and
eligibility documents”. Tender Documents in another envelop marked as ‘B’ on this written “Tender
Documents”. These both envelopes shall be placed in a bigger envelope on which name of work shall
be written. All these envelopes are to be sealed individually. The tender documents of the agency
who fulfills the eligibility criteria specified above shall be opened. Deptt. reserves the right to reject
any or all the tenders without assigning any reason.

                                                                                           EX. ENGINEER

                                  DELHI AGRICULTURAL MARKETING BOARD
                                         NOTICE INVITING TENDERS

     1.    Tenders are hereby invited on behalf of APMC, DAMB for Annual Repair & Maintenance of
     office building of Fodder Market at Mangolpuri.

     Estimated cost of Rs. 1,41,160/-

2.   Contract documents consisting of the detailed plans, complete specification the schedule of quantities
     of the various classes of work to be done, and the set of conditions of contract to be complied with by
     the person whose Tenders may be accepted, which will also be found printed in the form of Tenders,
     can be seen/purchased at the Executive Engineer office between the hours of 11.00 A.M. and 4.00
     P.M. every day except on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

     a) The site for the work shall be made available in parts.

3.   Tenders, which should always be placed in sealed cover with the name of work written on the
     envelopes will be received by the Executive Engineer upto 2.30 P.M. on 16.05.12 and will be opened
     by him in his office on the same day at 3.00P.M.

4.   Tenders are to be on P.W.D. form No. 8          which can be obtained from the office of Executive
     Engineer concerned on payment of a sum of Rs. 500/- in cash. The time allowed for the carrying out
     of the work will be reckoned from the date as mentioned in the written orders to commence work.

5.   The contractors should quote in figures as well as in words the rate, amount Tendered by them. The
     amount for each item should be worked out and the requisite totals given.

6.   When a Contractor signs a Tender in an Indian language the percentage above or below and the
     Tendered amount in the case of CPWD Form No.7 and the total amount Tendered in the case of
     CPWD forms Nos. 8 and 12 Should also to written in the same language. In the case of illiterate
     contractors the rates or the amount Tendered should be attested by a witness.

7.   Sale of Tender forms will be stopped at 1.00 P.M. two days before the date fixed for the opening of

8.    Earnest money amounting to Rs.3000 /- in cash/through Bank Draft or cash deposit receipt in favour
      of Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board must accompany each Tender and each Tender to be in a
      sealed cover superscribed Annual Repair & Maintenance of office building of Fodder
      Market at Mangolpuri. addressed to the Executive Engineer, Tender submitted without Earnest
      money or in the case of E/money deposited in other form that the prescribed in the Tender shall be
      liable for rejection.

9.    The contractor, whose Tender is accepted will be required to furnish by way of security for the due
      fulfillment of his contract, such sum as will amount:-

              i)     Performance Guarantee

                     The contractor shall submit an irrevocable Performance Guarantee of 5% (five
      percent) of the Tendered amount in addition to other deposits mentioned elsewhere in the contract
      for his proper performance of the contract agreement. The guarantee shall be in the from of cash
      (in case guarantee amount less then Rs. 10,000/-) or deposit at call receipt of any scheduled
      Bank/Banker checks of any scheduled Bank/Demand draft of any scheduled Bank/Pay order of any
      scheduled Bank.

              ii)    Security Deposit

                     The person/persons whose Tender(s) may be accepted (herein after called the
      contractor) shall permit Govt. at the time of making any payment to him for work done under the
      contract to deduct a sum at the rate of 5% of the gross amount of each running bill till the sum along
      with the sum already deposited as earnest money, will amount to security deposit of 5% of the
      Tendered value of the work.

10.   The acceptance of a Tender, will rest with the Vice-Chairman, DAMB who does not bind himself to
      accept the lowest Tender and reserves to himself the authority to reject any or all the Tenders
      received without the assignment of a reason. All Tenders in which any of the prescribed conditions
      are not fulfilled or are incomplete in any respect are liable to be rejected.

11.   Canvassing in connection with Tenders is strictly prohibited the Tenders submitted by the contractors
      who resort to canvassing will be liable to rejection.

12.   All rates shall be quoted on the proper form of the Tender alone.

13.   Any item rate Tender containing percentage below/above will be summarily rejected. However,
      where a Tenderer voluntarily offers a rebate for payment within a stipulated time same shall be

14.   On acceptance of the Tender, the name of the accredited representative (S) of the contractor who
      would be responsible for taking instructions from the Engineer-in-Charge shall be communicated to
      the Engineer-in-Charge.

15.   Special care should be taken to write the rates in figures as well as in word, and the amounts in
      figures only, in such a way that interpolation is not possible. The total amount should be written both
      in figures and in words. In case of figures the word(Rs.) should be written before the figures of
      rupees and words(P) after the decimal, figures e.g. Rs. 2.15 P. and in case of words “Rupees” should
      proceed and the word ‘Paise’ should be written at the end. Unless the rate is in whole rupees and
      followed by the words ‘Only’ it should invariably be upto two decimal placed. While quoting the
      rate in schedule of quantities, the word only should be written closely following the amount and it
      should not be written in the next line.

16.   The Vice-Chairman, DAMB does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any Tender and reserves to
      himself the right of accepting the whole or any part of the Tender and the trenderer shall be bound to
      perform the same at the rate quoted

17.   Sale Tax/Service Tax or any other tax in respect of this contract shall be payable by the contractor
      and DAMB will not entertain any claim what so ever in this respect.

18.   The contractor shall not be permitted to Tender for works in the DAMB (responsible for award and
      execution of contract if his near relative is posted as Division Accountant or as an Officer in any
      capacity between the grade of Superintending Engineer and Junior Engineer (Both inclusive). He
      shall also intimate the name of persons who are working with him in any capacity or are subsequently
      employed by him and who are near relatives to any gazzetted officer in the DAMB.

      Any breach of this condition by the contractor would render him liable to be removed from the
      approved list of contractors of this department.

19.   No Engineer of Gazetted rank or other Gazetted Officer in engineering or Administrative duties in an
      Engineering Department of the Govt. of India is      allowed to work as a contractor for a period of
      two years of his retirement from Govt. service without the previous permission of the Govt. of
      India/DAMB. This contract is liable to be cancelled if either the contractor or any of his employees
      is found at any time to be such a person who had not obtained the permission of the Govt. of
      India/DAMB as aforesaid before submission of the Tender of engagement in the contractor’s service.

20.   The Tender for works shall remain open for acceptance for a period of ninety days from the date of
      opening of Tenders. If any Tenderer withdraws his Tender before the said period or makes any
      modifications in the terms and conditions of the Tender which are not acceptable to the Department,
      then the DAMB shall, without prejudice to any other right or remedy, be at liberty to forfeit the entire
      said earnest money absolutely and Deptt. will intimate the Registering Authority accordingly. In
      addition to all these, the party will not be allowed to Tender for any work for a period of five years.

21.   The Tender for the works shall not be witnessed by a contractor or contractor’s who
      himself/themselves has/have Tendered or who may has/have Tendered for the same work. Failure to
      observe this condition would render Tenders of the contractors Tendering as well as witnessing
      Tender liable to summary rejection.

22.   The Tender for the composite work includes the sanitary and water supply installations. Electrical
      works and horticulture works.

23.   It will be obligatory/on the part of the Tenderer or Tender and sign the Tender documents for all the
      components parts and that after the work is awarded, he will have to enter into an agreement, if
      applicable, for each component with the competent officer concerned viz.

a)    Executive Engineer (civil) for civil and horticultural component.
b)    Executive Engineer (Elect.) for electrical Component.

24.   The Tenderer apart from being a class-I(B&R) contractor must associate himself with agencies of the
      appropriate class which are eligible to Tender for (i) Electrical ( ii) Sanitary and Water supply
      installation iii) Horticulture.

25.   Rates quoted by the contractors in item rate Tender in figure and words shall be accurately filled in so
      that there is no discrepancy

26.   If the amount of an item is not worked out by the contractor or it does not correspond with the rate
      written either in figures or in words then the rate quoted by the contractor in words shall be taken as
      correct. Where the rates quoted by the contractor in figures and in words tally but the amount is not
      worked out correctly, the rate quoted by the contractor will be taken as correct not the amount.

27.   Tenders will not be sold after 4.00 P.M. on all working days.

28.   The contractor should see all drawings and in case of doubt obtain required particulars, which may in
      any way influence his Tender from the Executive Engineer as no claim whatsoever will be
      entertained for any alleged ignorance thereof.

29.   Before Tendering, the contractor should visit the site and satisfy himself as to the conditions
      prevalent there.

30.   If it is found that the Tender is not submitted in proper manner or contains too many correction or
      disbursed rates or amount it would be open for the DAMB to take suitable disciplinary action against
      the contractor.

31.   Where Tenderer voluntarily offers rebate for payment within a stipulated period, this may be

32.   The contractor shall comply with the provisions of the apprentices Act,1961, and the rules and orders
      issued there under from time to time. If he fails to do so, his failure will be a breach of the contract
      and the Superintending Engineer/Executive Engineer may in

his discretion cancel the contract. The contractor shall also be liable for any pecuniary liable arising
on account of any violation by him of the provisions of the Act.
33.     The contractor shall submit the list of works which are in hand (progress) in the

following form:

Name of work          Name and particulars         Amt. of work           Position of work
                      of division where work                              in progress
                      is being executed giving
                      the full postal address
                      stipulated date of start and

34.   If the last date of receipt of Tenders/date of opening of Tenders as mentioned in the N.I.T.
happens to be the Holiday or is declared as holiday then the same shall be shifted to the very next
working day of the officers of the DAMB.

                                                                       (EXECUTIVE ENGINEER-I)
                                                           DELHI AGRICULTURAL MARKETING BOARD

                                DELHI AGRICULTURAL MARKETING BOARD

                                 9, INSTITUTIONAL AREA, PANKHA ROAD,

                                      JANAKPURI, NEW DELHI-110058

                            Item Rate Tender & Contract for Works

Tender for the work of: -. Annual Repair & Maintenance of APMC Office at Fodder Market,

      i)     To be submitted by 2.30 hours on 16.05.12 in the office of
             Executive Engineer -I

      ii)    To be opened in presence of Tenderers who may be present at 3.00 P.M.
             hours on 16.05.12 in the office of Executive Engineer - I

             Issued to Contractor: __________________________________________

      Signature of officer issuing the documents_______________________________
      Designation Executive Engineer, DAMB

      Date of issue: ______________

      I/We have read and examined the notice inviting tender, schedule, A, B, C, D, E & F.
      Specifications applicable, Drawings & Designs, General Rules and Directions, Conditions of
      Contract, clauses of contract, Special conditions, Schedule of Rate & other documents and
      Rules referred to in the conditions of contract and all other contents in the tender document
      for the work.
          I/We hereby tender for the execution of the work specified for the Vice Chairman, DAMB
      within the time specified in Schedule ‘F’, viz., schedule of quantities and
      in accordance in all respects with the specifications, designs, drawings and instructions in
      writing referred to in Rule-1 of General Rules and Directions and in Clause 11 of the
      Conditions of contract and with such materials as are provided for, by, and in respects in
      saccordance with, such conditions so far as applicable.
      I/We agree to keep the tender open for Ninety (90) days from the due date of submission
      thereof and not to make any modifications in its terms and conditions.
      A sum of Rs. 3,000/- only Deposit at call Receipt of a Scheduled Bank/fixed deposit receipt
      of scheduled bank/demand draft/ Pay order of a scheduled bank as earnest money. If I/we fail
      to furnish the prescribed performance guarantee within prescribed period, I/we agree that the
      said Vice Chairman, DAMB or his successors in office shall without prejudice to any other
      right or remedy, be at liberty to forfeit the said earnest money absolutely. Further, if I/we fail
      to commence work as specified, I/we agree that Vice Chairman, DAMB or his successors in
      office shall without prejudice to any other right or remedy available in law, be at liberty to
      forfeit the said earnest money and the performance guarantee absolutely, otherwise the said
      earnest money shall be retained by him towards security deposit to execute all the

           work referred to in the tender documents upon the terms and conditions contained or referred
           to therein and to vary out such deviations as may be ordered, up to maximum of the
           percentage mentioned in Schedule ‘F’ and those in excess of that limit at the rates to be
           determined in accordance with the provision contained in Clause 12.2 and 12.3 of the tender
           form. Further, I/We agree that in case of forfeiture of earnest money or both Earnest Money &
           Performance Guarantee as aforesaid, I/We shall be debarred for participation in the
           retendering process of the work.

                 I/We hereby declare that I/we shall treat the tender documents drawings and other
           records connected with the work as secret/confidential documents and shall not communicate
           information/derived there from to any person other than a person to whom I/we am/are
           authorized to communicate the same or use the information in any manner prejudicial to the
           safety of the State.

           I/we agree that should I/we fail to commence the work specified in the above memorandum,
           an amount equal to the amount of the earnest money mentioned in the form of invitation of
           Tender shall be absolutely forfeited to the Vice Chairman, DAMB and the same may at the
           option of the Competent Authority on behalf of the Vice Chairman, DAMB be recovered
           without prejudice to any other right or remedy available in law out of the deposit in so far as
           the same may extend in terms of the said bond and in the event of deficiency out of any other
           money due to me/us under this contract or otherwise.

    Dated **………………….
    Witness:                                                                   **
           Address:                                                  Signature of Contractor           **
           Occupation: **
                                       ACCEPTANCE                        Postal Address
           The above tender (as modified by you as provided in the letters mentioned hereunder) is
           accepted by me for and on behalf of the Vice Chairman, DAMB for a sum of
           The letters referred to below shall form part of this contract Agreement:-
                                              For & on behalf of the Vice Chairman, DAMB
           c)*                                Signature *__________________________

Dated* …………………
                                              Designation: Executive Engineer-I, DAMB
    * To be filled by EE
** To be filled by Contractor



Schedule of quantities (Enclosed.) As per schedule attached.

                                          SCHEDULE ‘B’
Schedule of materials to be issued to the contractor.

S.No.          Description      Quantity      Rates in figures &         Place of Issue

               Of item                        Words at which the
                                              material will be charged
                                              to the contractor

       1            2                3                      4                        5


                                          SCHEDULE ‘C’
Tools and plants to be hired to the contractor.

  S.No.              Description            Hire charges per day.          Place of Issue

       1                   2                         3                           4


                                         SCHEDULE ‘D’
Extra schedules for specific requirements / documents for the work, if any.


                                        SCHEDULE ‘E’
Reference to General Conditions of contract.

Name of Work: Annual Repair & Maintenance of APMC office at Fodder
                   Market Mangolpuri.

       Estimated cost of work. Rs. 1,41,160/-

(i)        Earnest Money       Rs. 3000/-

(ii)       Performance Guarantee = 5% (five percent) of the tendered value.

(iii) Security Deposit : 5% (five percent) of the Tendered value.

                                                SCHEDULE ‘F’

Officer inviting tender                                   Executive Engineer

Maximum Percentage for quantity of items of

Work to be executed beyond which rates are to

be determined in accordance with clauses 12.2 & 12.3                See below


2 (v)     Engineer –in – charge                 The Executive Engineer-I,


2 (viii) Accepting Authority                    Vice Chairman, DAMB

2 (x)     Percentage on cost of materials         15%

          and labour to cover all

          overheads and profits.

2 (xi) Standard Schedule of Rates.              DSR 2007 with upto date correction slips.

2 (xii) Department                              Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board

9 (ii)    Standard CPWD Form                          PWD form 8, as modified
                                        & corrected upto date.
Clause 1

    i)       Time allowed for submission of     10 days
    ii)       performance guarantee
             from the date of issue of letter

             of acceptance,

          Maximum available extension           3 days

          beyond the period as provided in

          (i) above.

Clause 2
Authority for fixing
Compensation under Clause 2.                    Vice Chairman , DAMB or his authorized representative.

Clause 2A                                       N/A
Clause 5

Time allowed for execution of work :             45 days

Authority to give fair and reasonable

extension of time for completion

of work                                           Vice Chairman, DAMB or his authorized representative

Number of days from the date of issue             Ten days

of letter of acceptance for reckoning

date of start

Clause 6                                        Refer General Conditions of Contract for CPWD

Clause 7
      Gross work to be done           Minimum 50% of the Tendered value

      to gather with net payment/

        adjustment of advances for

      Material collected, if any, since

       the last such payment for being

       eligible to interim payment.

                                               Clause 10 A

Listing of testing equipment to be provided by the contractor at site lab.

           ………………………… As per site requirement ………………………….

                                           Clause 10 B (ii)

Whether Clause 10 B (ii) shall be applicable                        No

Clause10c                                                           Not applicable
Clause 10 CA                                                        Not Applicable

Clause 10CC                                                         Not Applicable

                                               Clause 11

Specifications to be followed                  CPWD specifications 2009 Vol I to II with upto date
for execution of work.                         correction slips

Clause 12

12.2 & 12.3) Deviation limit beyond
which clause 12.2 & 12.3 shall apply
for the work                                 + / - 30 %. (Plus / Minus) except

                                                foundation work

12.5) Deviation limit beyond which
clause 12.2 & 12.3 shall apply for
foundation work                                 +100%

                                              Clause 16

       Competent Authority for                 Vice Chairman, DAMB or his        _________

                                               authorized representative

       Deciding reduced rates

Clause 18

List of mandatory machinery, Tools & plants to be deployed by the contractor at site:-

            ………………………… As per site requirement ………………………….
Clause 36

(i)    Minimum qualifications &

       Experience required for

Principal Technical Representatives.

(a)   For works with estimate cost put

      to tender more than

      i) Rs.10 lakhs for civil work                 Graduate Engineer or retired AE

      ii) Rs.5 lakhs for elec/mach works                          or

                                                     possessing at least recognised

                                                     diploma with min. 5 yrs. Exp.

(b)   For works with estimated cost put to


      i) More than Rs.5 lakhs but less

         than Rs.10 lakhs for civil works               Recognised Diploma holder

      ii) More than Rs.1 lakhs but less

         than Rs.5 lakhs for Elect/Mech works             Recognised Diploma holder

(ii)       Discipline to which the Principal

Technical Representative should

belong.                                                                   Civil/Elect.

(iii)      Minimum experience of works.                           5 Years

(iv)       Recovery to be affected from the               Rs.10,000/-per month for graduate.

           Contractor in the event of not fulfilling      Rs.5,000/- per month for diploma holder.

provision of clause 36 (i)

                                                   Clause 42

i) (a) Schedule/ statement for determining

           theoretical quantity of cement &

           bitumen on the basis of Delhi

           Schedule of Rates 2007 printed by CPWD with up to date correction slips..

ii)        Variations permissible on theoretical quantities.

        (a) Cement for works with estimated                       :             3% plus/ minus.
            Cost put to tender not more than

           Rs. 5 Lakhs.

           For works with estimated cost put to                   :              2% plus / minus

           Tender more than Rs. 5 lakhs.

b)         Bitumen All works.                                     :             2.5% plus only &

                                                                                nil on minus side.

c)         Steel Reinforcement and structural steel                   :           2% plus / minus

           sections for each diameter, section and


d)         All other materials                                :                Nil


SI.   Description of Item            Rates in figures and words at which recovery shall be
                                     made from the Contractor. Rates in schedule ‘B’ plus
                                     10% in case materials issued by the Department.

                                     Excess beyond permissible     Less use beyond the
                                     variation.                    permissible variation.

1.    Cement

2.    Steel reinforcement

3.    Structural sections                            Nil

4.    Bitumen issued free

5.    Bitumen issued at stipulated
      fixed price.

                                                                    Contractor’s signatures (With seal)

                               CONDITIONS FOR CEMENT

1.   The contractor shall procure 43 grade (conforming to IS:8112) ordinary Portland cement,
     as required in the work, from reputed manufactures of cement, having a production –
     capacity of one million tones per annum or more, such as ACC, L&T, J.P.Rewa, Vikram,
     Shri Cement, Birla Jute and Cement Corporation of India, etc., as approved by Ministry of
     Industry, Govt. of India, and holding licence to use ISI certification mark for their product
     whose name shall be got approved from Engineer-in-charge. Supply of cement shall be
     taken in 50 Kg bags bearing manufacture’s name and ISI marking, samples of cement
     arranged by the contractor shall be taken by the Engineer-in-charge and got tested in
     accordance with provisions of relevant BIS codes. In case test results indicate that the
     cement arranged by contractor does not conform to the relevant BIS codes, the same
     shall stand rejected and shall be removed from the site by the contractor at his own cost
     within a week’s time of written order from the Engineer-in-charge to do so.

2.   The cement shall be brought at site in bulk supply of approximately 50 tonnes or as
     decided by the Engineer-in-charge.

3.   The cement godown of the capacity to store a minimum of 2000 bags of cement shall be
     constructed by the contractor at site of work for which no extra payment shall be made.
     Double lock provision shall be made to the door of the cement godown. The keys on the
     one lock shall remain the Engineer-in-charge or his authorized representative and the
     key of the other lock shall remain with the contractor. The contractor shall be
     responsible for the watch and ward and safety of the cement godown. The contractor
     shall facilitate the inspection of the cement godown by the Engineer-in-charge at any

4.   The contractor shall supply free of charge the cement required for testing. The cost of
     tests shall be borne by the contractor / Department in the manner indicated below:

     1)      By the contractor, if the results show that the cement does         not conform to
          relevant BIS codes.

     2)     By the Department, if the result show that the cement conforms to relevant BIS

     3) The actual issue and consumption of cement on work shall be regulated and proper
        accounts maintained as provided in Clause 10 of contract. The theoretical
        consumption of cement shall be worked out as per procedure prescribed in Clause 42
        of the contract and shall be governed by conditions laid there.

     4) Cement brought to site and cement remaining unused after completion of work shall
        not be removed from site without written permission of the Engineer-in-charge.

     5) The damaged cement shall be removed from the site immediately by the contractor
        on receipt of a notice in writing from the Engineer in Charge. If he does not do so
        with in three days of receipt of such notice, the Engineer in Charge shall get it
        removed at the cost of the contractor.

                                     CORRECTION SLIP

I)     Wherever, there is a reference of C.P.W.D. Officers, it shall be construed to mean officers
       and other staff of Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board as applicable herewith.

II)    The reference of Govt. in the Tender form shall construed to mean Delhi Agricultural
       Marketing Board in connection with payments or other contractual implications. For all
       Acts, and Regulations the reference of Govt. and the orders of Government shall be

III)   The latest minimum fair wages schedule as in force in Govt. of NCT of Delhi at the time of
       opening of Tender shall be applicable.

                                        DELHI AGRICULTURAL MARKETING BOARD
                                                               Schedule of Quantities
        Name of work:-Annual Repair & Maintenance of office building of Fodder
                      Market at Mangolpuri.
                                                                                               Estimated Cost: Rs. 1,41,160/-
                                                                                                  Earnest Money: Rs. 3000/-
                                                                                                     Time of Compl: 45 days

S.No.                          Description of Items                                     Qty.   Unit       Rate       Amount
                                                                                                      (In Word &
 1.      Dismantling old plaster or skirting raking out joints and cleaning the       150.00   Sqm
         surface for plaster including disposal of rubbish to the dumping ground
         within 50 metres lead.

 2.      Dismantling roofing including ridges, hips valleys and gutters etc., and      30.00   Sqm
         stacking the material within 50 metres lead of:
         15.28.1 G.S. Sheet
         15.28.2 Asbestos sheet
 3.      Providing non-asbestos high impact Polypropylene reinforced cement            30.00   sqm
         6mm thick corrugated sheets (as per IS: 14871) roofing up to any pitch
         and fixing with polymer coated J, or L hooks, bolts and nuts 8mm dia.
         G.I. plain and bitumen washers or with self drilling fastener and EPDM
         washers etc. complete excluding the cost of purlins, rafters and trusses:
         corrugated sheets and including cutting to size and shape wherever
 4.      Providing and fixing ridges and hips in non-asbestos fibre cement high         3.00   Mtr.
         impact polypropylene reinforced roofing with suitable fixing accessories
         or self drilling fastener and EPDM washer etc. complete.
         12.12.1 Corrugated serrated adjustable ridges
 5.      12 mm cement plaster of mix :                                                 45.00   Sqm
      13.4.1 1:4 (1 cement: 4 coarse sand)
6.    15 mm cement plaster on rough side of single or half brick wall of mix :      105.00   Sqm
      13.5.1 1:4 (1 cement: 4 coarse sand)
7.    White washing with lime to give an even shade :                               80.00    Sqm
      14.42.1 Old work (two or more coats)
8.    Removing dry or oil bound distemper, water proofing cement paint and          470.00   Sqm
      the like by scrapping, sand papering and preparing the surface smooth
      including necessary repairs to scratches etc. complete.
9.    Distempering with oil bound washable distemper of approved brand and          470.00   Sqm
      manufacture to give an even shade :
      14.45.1 Old work (one or more coats)

      Renewing glass panes, with putty and nails wherever necessary:                 5.00    Sqm
      14.5.1 Float glass panes of thickness 4 mm
11.   Finishing walls with water proofing cement paint of required shade :          650.00   Sqm
      14.64.1 Old work (one or more coats applied @ 2.20 kg/10 sqm)
      over priming coat of primer applied @ 0.80 litrs/10 sqm
      complete including cost of Priming coat.
12.   Finishing walls with water proofing cement paint of required shade :          150.00   Sqm
      13.44.1 New work (Two or more coats applied @ 3.84 kg/10 sqm).
13.   Melamine polishing on wood work (one or more coat).                           20.00    Sqm
14.   Providing and fixing ISI marked oxidised M.S. handles conforming to           10.00    Sqm
      IS:4992 with necessary screws etc. complete :
      9.66.2 100 mm
15.   Providing and fixing oxidised M.S. casement stays (straight peg type) with     10      Each
      necessary screws etc. complete.
      9.68.1 300 mm weighing not less than 200 gms.
16.   Providing and fixing IS : 3564 marked Aluminium die cast body tubular           1      Each
      type universal hydraulic door closer with necessary accessories and
      screws etc. complete.
17.     Providing and fixing aluminium handles ISI marked anodised (anodic                  3           Each
        coating not less than grade AC 10 as per IS : 1868) transparent or dyed to
        required colour or shade with necessary screws etc. complete :
        9.100.1 125 mm
18.     Painting with synthetic enamel paint of approved brand and                      980.00          Sqm
        manufacture of required colour to give an even shade :
        14.54.1 One or more coats on old work.
19.     Demolishing brick work manually/ by mechanical means including                    2.00          Cum
        stacking of serviceable material and disposal of unserviceable material
        within 50 metres lead as per direction of Engineer-in-charge.
        15.7.4 In cement mortar
20.     superstructure above plinth level up to floor V level in all shapes               3.00          Cum
        and sizes in :
        6.4.1 Cement mortar 1:4 (1 cement : 4 coarse sand)
21.     Providing and fixing G.I. pipes complete with G.I. fittings including            10.00          Mtr.
        trenching and refilling etc.
        18.12.2 20 mm dia. nominal bore
22.     Providing and fixing PTMT, push cock of approved quality and colour.              5.00          Each
        18.57.1 15 mm nominal bore, 98mm long. Weighing not less
        than 75 gms.


      ASSTT. ENGINEER(C)                                                                                                       EX. ENGINEER -I

      I/we have read the conditions of the contract carefully and am/are ready to carry out the above job at the rates mentioned in the above schedule.

                                                                                                        (Signature of the contractor, with the seal, if any)


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