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           London South Basic Skills and ESOL Forum

                        Date of the next meeting

               Friday 20 June ’03 - 9.30am – 11.30am
                          at Canius House
                           1 Scarbrook Road

            Minutes of the Meeting of Friday 04 April 2003
Present :
 Jenny Alexander            Bromley Adult College
 Pat Beales                 Merton Adult College
 Sue Bell                   Prospects
 Maureen Brooks             Merton College
 Alison Browne              RUTC
 Marcela Del Pino           LSLSC
 Cheryl Dunn                CETS
 Su Dunsmore                Carshalton College
 Frank Foy                  Omnibus Development
 Monica Foy                 Omnibus Development
 Mandy Gough                Kingston LEA
 Christine Hope-Evans       RUTC
 Chris Jackson              SCOLA
 Janis Kent                 Orpington College
 Jenny Lane                 Kingston College
 Sally McEnhill             Merton College (Chair)
 Liz Mercer                 Carshalton College
 Janice Pigott              SLLP
 Rozi Premji                ABSSU
 Susan Miller               Basic Skills & ESOL (minute taker)
 Jenny Sims                 SCOLA
 Peter Williams             GOL

 Carol Arnfield             Bromley Adult College
 Jenny Arokiasamy           Kingston Adult Education
 Mark Baxter                SL IAG Partnership
 Charlotte Bibby            Merton College
 Sally Bird                 Talent
 Gordon Brewin              Merton Libraries
 Alison Browne              RUTC

 Simona Dhar                       Merton College
 Carol Din                         CETS
 Steve Farrow                      Job Centre Plus
 Ian Fraser                        Bromley Adult College
 Ruby Homawala                     John Ruskin College
 Richard Horn                      RUTC
 Tim Lyth                          Carshalton College
 Lianne McCarthy                   Bromley College of Further & Higher FE
 Amanda Pavon-Lopez                LSLSC
 Jenny Roden                       SCOLA
 Helen Shaw                        Horizon Housing Group Ltd

1.   Apologies

Janice Pigott read out apologies

2.   Matters arising from and approval of minutes of meeting 14/02/03

Page 2, item 2 – Update on ESF Basic Skills project, paragraph 5. The item
attributed to Tim Lyth has been removed.

3.   Updates on:-

Mapping Basic Skills Provision

The Nash report from the previous meeting was discussed and it was decided that a
CD-rom of the database would be available for those who want it. However it would
have to be appreciated that this would be a point in time and updates could be put on
the SLLP website. If anyone had particular queries then they should contact Susan
Miller or Sue Bell. The final report from Nash is due on 30/04/03 and should have
some analysis.

The forum was advised that Katherine Fisher from Hillingdon Adult Education will join
us on 06/05/03 as the BS & ESOL Project Manager, and Sue Bell was introduced to
the group as the BS & ESOL network coordinator.

Resource Banks

Sue Bell went through the progress to date regarding the resource banks (copy of
report attached).

It has been decided to produce a brochure and bookplate to identify and market
items in the resource banks. So far Sue has spent £17,7010 of the £20,000 set aside
for the resource banks and Sue Bell asked the forum to let her know if they wanted a
particular book or extra copies of items ordered to contact her.

The idea is to produce a catalogue of resources which will be available on the SLLP
website. Sue Bell asked the forum what browsing facility they would like on the

It was asked if people who are not teachers but trainers would have access to the
resource banks. Sue Bell suggested some sort of privilege card, and said that in 3

months time information would be available on usage so that it would be able to see
what was working.

It was also raised as to whether the privilege card would give access to all resource
banks or only one. This is yet to be decided. A card common to 6 libraries will be
produced to give to all students, Janice Pigott and Sue Bell to discuss with libraries
and look at a system to ensure people can get books out.

Sue Bell advised the forum that resource bank items will be available sometime in

4.       Workshop programme for BS & ESOL practitioners

The forum was asked whether anyone would be interested in attending a workshop
on the National Tests focusing on On Line testing. It was agreed that although there
was an Edexcel workshop on tests to be held in London in late May the forum would
like one to be organised locally. Rozi Premji suggested combining Move On and
Tests regarding both paper based and on screen testing. Rozi also mentioned that
she was looking for a regional person to support Move On.

It was decided that the workshop on tests would be a ½ day event dealing with
specifications, implementation and on screen aspects demonstrations

ACTION: - Susan Miller to organise workshop on tests for Friday 09 May

Other suggestions for workshops that people wanted were:

         Sharing good practice with 16-19 students
         Curriculum Mapping and curriculum formulation (maximising funding)
         Embedded Basic Skills (would need to check with LSC if they are doing
          something first)
         Employer Engagement (skills for health)

It was generally agreed by the forum that it was reasonable to do two workshops a

5.       Employer Engagement Strategy

Workforce development will be a priority. The Employer Engagement Campaign on
the Dfes website needs to link into Success for All

Who are the brokers?
What are the roles of different organisations?
Where are effective referral systems?
There is a booklet and brochure available which is targeted at employers who can
request a visit from a work place advisor at LSC.

Money will be available in the next financial year, and Amanda Pavon-Lopez in her
new role will be heading up Adult Learning and Workforce Development at the LSC.

With regard to Employer Engagement money Amanda Pavon-Lopez needs people to
say how they want funds spent. These funds should come the same way as the
capacity building funds did.

It was pointed out that local LSCs will not fund basic skills unless mapped to Skills for

6.   Skills for Families Programme

Cheryl Dunn did a PowerPoint presentation (copy of slides attached)

Please note the following:

Slide 1 – £35,000 of £65,000 funding has to be spent on co-ordinator to oversee

Slide 2 - PALS = Parents and Learning Supporters

Slide 3 - SFF = Skills for Families objectives

Slide 4 – should be 300 families

7.   Bite Size

Marcella Del Pino talked about the new years campaign, in which people have been
asked to reach non-learners. (see attached handout)

Someone who hasn’t done any formal learning over the past three years or since
they left school.
Target for London is 12,000
1-3 hour courses – free for learner and flexible
Target audience include people with basic skills and ESOL needs
Funding available = formula for this:
£30 set up costs
£10 per learner
£100 participation
(see handout for more details)

Will be SLA on courses – LSC will need to agree courses before they go on website

It was confirmed that the deadline for bids had been extended from 31/03/03

The forum were advised by Marcella that if people enrol but do not turn up providers
will still get paid

8.   Strategy for BS & ESOL forums and support

Janice Pigott suggested that we look at what kind of forums are needed and then to
discuss with LSC about how it feeds into shaping strategy/provision. Some of the
ideas put forward were:

          To have regular practitioner forums where people could share good practice.
           This forum would be facilitated and perhaps meet once a term.

          Focus workshops

          To hold an annual conference, or possibly conferences twice a year.

          Possibly breaking up ESOL and basic skills for particular projects

          Having a steering group for ESF project, this would be a formal group with
           Janice Pigott, Project Manager and Contractors

          Practitioner forum – (BS & ESOL forum)

The general agreement of the group was for the basic skills forums to remain the
same. Therefore the forums will remain as twice a term as long as Carshalton are
happy to provide room.

The Basic Skills and ESOL project steering group to look at how it feeds back and
disseminates information, and relationships with the LSC to be looked at due to the
recent restructures.

9.    A.O.B.

Amanda Pavon-Lopez has asked for reports/invoices from people re capacity
building from last year.

The forum was informed that with regard to level 4 training, the City and Guilds
product update should be a graduate, and have changed it from a group to a person.
It was asked if City and Guilds could be flexible Rozi to take up, but she did point out
that City and Guilds are being pushed by FENTO. (Rozi circulated handout- see

10.       Date of next meeting

Friday 20 June – 9.30 – 11.30 venue to be confirmed.


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