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					1 3 -20 August 2 0 1 1
“Enriching the lives of children in need by assisting them to live, laugh & learn”
                                                                                           Proudly sponsored by

            Kennards Connection

      2011 Bash

      Bash Cars
      and Crews
      Bash Rules
      Bash Hall
      of Fame                                                                        2010 HIGHEST FUNDRAISERS

      Historicals                                                                    Car 222

                                     2010 OUTRIGHT WINNERS
                                     Car 676

                                             Variety Appeals and


                                                    When you’re on the road to renovations or
                                              bashing out a building project, you can count on
                                              Kennards Hire to help you across the finish line.

          All our equipment is regularly serviced, well maintained and reliable. So when you
          need the latest site equipment, earthmoving machinery or hand tools to supplement
                                         your tool box, make Kennards Hire your destination.

          With eight convenient locations in South Australia, including a specialist traffic branch,
                                                       there’s a Kennards Hire centre near you.

135 135
                               Adelaide            Port Adelaide
                               Darlington          Salisbury
                               Glandore            Trinity Gardens            Morphett Vale       Valley View
                                                    After twenty years as a dedicated Basher,         I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our sponsors:
                                                    I was honored to be appointed as Bash             • Platinum: Kennards Hire and particularly Gareth Vines and Tim
                                                    Chairman for 2011 and 2012. I have discovered       Sharrad for their ongoing support
                                                    that the Chairman’s role is very different to     • Gold: Toyota Australia (22 years); Vilis (14 years); Peter Cochrane
                                                    that of a participant and one that I have found     Transport (12 years); Monroe (12 years); Codan (10 years) and Hyde
                                                    to be very satisfying and personally rewarding.     Park Press (9 years)
                                                    For our twenty third event I chose the theme,     • Silver: Gliderol Garage Doors (19 years) and Advance Robes (12 years).
                                                    “THE ICONIC BASH” and as our logo, South
                                                    Australia’s floral emblem, Sturt’s Desert Pea.    This is a truly outstanding effort from our ongoing, dedicated and much
                                                                                                      valued sponsors.
                                     While we may have visited many of the places in previous
                                     Bashes, it will be something for us to share again as the        I would like to extend my thanks to the Bash Committee who have
                                     route takes us to many iconic locations which have played        worked tirelessly in assisting me to bring together a Bash that we hope
                                     their part in the rich history of South Australia. From the      will be rewarding for all participants. Special thanks to my second in
                                     start in King William Road, we will pass through the Flinders    command Peter Curtis and our Route Director, Brent Dansie, who have
                                     Ranges, the Far North to Innamincka and return through too       both helped steer me in the right direction. To the Mobile Workshops,
                                     many places to mention here and finish in historic Hahndorf.     Medical Teams, Bag 1 & 2, Rad 1 & 2, the Pilots, Jane, Megan and all
                                     These iconic locations and their stories are comprehensively     the office crew a great big thank you. It would not be the event that it is
                                                                                                      without your fantastic input.

                                     expressed in the magazine by Gene Swinstead and I thank
                                     him especially for his unique insights.                          To you the Bashers, veterans and virgins alike, I would like to particularly

                                     The Variety Bash would not have grown into the event it is       thank you for your support for Variety and children in need in our state.
                                     today without the support of the sponsors. The funds             Your tireless commitment, fund raising and dedication is a credit to you
                                     raised have helped the special children of South Australia       all. I look forward to sharing with you “The 2011 Iconic Bash”.
                                     enormously.                                                      Again, my thanks to all
                                                                                                      Doug Lehmann
                                                                                                      SA Variety Bash Chairman

                                                    Now that the hard work of fundraising is          sponsor Kennards Hire and our fundraisers - your efforts make an
                                                    done it is time for the fun to begin.             enormous difference to the lives of the children we serve. Remember
                                                    I am really looking forward to sharing the        our sponsors when preparing for the Bash or in day to day business,
                                                    best that SA has to offer in the Flinders, the    they are the best of the best. There will be appeal presentations
                                                    outback and the mid north.                        during the course of the Bash and I hope you all get an opportunity
                                                                                                      to participate.
                                                     Doug and the committee have worked very
                                                     hard to put together a route that will ensure    It will be great to catch up with all of you either on the track or
                                                     we all enjoy an iconic week away.                around the campfire in the course of the Bash and I am really

                                                                                                      looking forward to learning the result of your efforts on the final

                                     The opportunity to see the country at this time will deliver
                                     a once in a lifetime experience. The rain over the last year     night in Hahndorf.
                                     has ensured that you will see challenging and beautiful
                                     tracks on this year’s Bash.                                      Peter J de Cure
                                     I would like to add my personal thanks and
                                                                                                      Chief Barker (Chairman) - Tent 75
                                     congratulations to all our sponsors in particular major          Variety The Children’s Charity

                                     Kennards Hire are extremely proud to be the major sponsor        preparing their cars and
                                     of the SA Variety Bash for the second consecutive year.          costumes and raising
                                     Last year’s event was a week that the team from Kennards         money for Variety, the
                                     thoroughly enjoyed. We met a lot of great people and had a       effort and hard work
                                     lot of fun but more importantly, we experienced first-hand       pays off many times over
                                     what being a supporter of Variety SA means to those less         when you see a child
                                     fortunate than ourselves.                                        in need receive a gift
                                                                                                      that changes their life,
                                     The joy on the faces of the children and their families that     and the lives of their
                                     have benefited from the wonderful work that Variety carry        families, forever.
                                     out touched us all, and we wanted to be part of this event
                                     again to help Variety continue the great work they do.           On behalf of Kennards Hire SA, I am

                                                                                                      honored to be given the opportunity to provide our support to Variety’s
                     KENNARDS HIRE

                                     Since last year’s event we continue to meet “Bashers” in         premier event and look forward to catching up with old friends and
                                     our day to day business. Our sponsorship of this event has                                                                                             3
                                                                                                      meeting new ones as we make our way around some iconic South
                                     introduced us to a network of people that are Kennards Hire
                                                                                                                                                                                     2011 SA Variety Bash

                                                                                                      Australian locations. The team from car KEN are looking forward to
                                     customers or suppliers, a benefit from sponsorship that we       getting into the spirit of the Bash in 2011 and I promise you all that you
                                     didn’t seek, but are very grateful for.                          will be seeing a lot more of us this year. Happy Bashing.
                                     The work that goes on behind the scenes to make this event
                                     such a huge success is testament to the hard work and            Gareth Vines
                                     dedication of the Variety SA team and all of their supporters.   General Manager - SA
                                     From corporate companies to the unsung volunteers that
                                                                                                      Kennards Hire
                                     work tirelessly throughout the year and during the bash.
                                     To the bash entrants themselves that spend many hours
                           Outright              1989   Adelaide to Port Lincoln
                                                        Car 18 – Richard Nitschke, Paul Smith, Bert Swart, John Bradley
                       Winners over              1990   Adelaide to Ceduna
                           22 Years                     Car 31 – Hugh Hamilton, Dick Merrigan, Richard Vincent, Dudley Hill

                         of Bashing              1991   Adelaide to Renmark
                                                        Car 39 – Des Butler, Roger Murdoch, Steen Jensen, Darrall Suter

                            in South             1992   Adelaide to Ayres Rock (National Bash)

                                                        Car 53 – Graham Klingberg, Eric Daish, Joe Treszise, Russell Naismith
                                                 1993   Adelaide to Clare
                                                        Car 08 – Vin Pistola, Kevin Parker, Bob Male, Chris Scorgie
                                                 1994   Adelaide to Kangaroo Island
                                                        Car 59 – John Mellors, Keith Hautop, David Meredith
                                                 1995   Adelaide to Kadina
                                                        Car 18 – Richard Nitschke, Paul Smith, Rob Clampett, Gary Winkley
                                                 1996   Adelaide to Darwin (National Bash)
                                                        Car 76 – John Chamberlain, Garry Stewart, Peter Waterman
                                                 1997   Adelaide to Tanunda
                                                        Car 97 – Jenny Murdoch, Teena Butler
                                                 1998   Adelaide to Victor Harbor
                                                        Car 318/812 – Doug Lehmann, Jack Ferrett, Peter Fairweather, Andy Pywell,
                                                        Lindsay Stanley, Lesley Stanley, Jenni O’Donnell

                           2011 SA               1999   Adelaide to Kalgoorlie

                       Variety Bash                     Car 186 - Rod Kersten, Peter ‘Ben’ Hall, Phil Kilsby, Brian Clarke

                        Committee                2000   Adelaide to Murray Bridge
                                                        Cars 318/812 - Doug ‘Grumpy’ Lehmann, Don ‘Doc’ Bruce, Ian ‘Sleepy’ McKay,
                                                        Lesley ‘Happy’ Stanley, Lindsay ‘Sneezy’ Stanley, Peter ‘Dopey’ Fairweather,
                           Bash Chairman                Jenny ‘Bashful’ Owen
                              Doug Lehmann
                                                 2001   Adelaide to Gold Coast
                                                        Cars 02, GO and BSK – The Konica Klowns - Lindsay Cato, Mark Morelli, Geoff Davey,
                           Event Manager
                               Jane Coldbeck            Julianne Buckley, Shane Buckley, Darren Virgo, Knowlton Coudrey, Rosalie Carling
                                                        and Sharlene Capper
                         Event Coordinator       2002   Adelaide to Ardrossan
                               Megan Winter             Cars 76 and 7.6 – Garry Stewart, Rodney Mildred, Greg Nybo, George Belperio, Paul Spencer
                                                        and Bernie Stack.
                          Bash Committee
                                                 2003   Adelaide to Byron Bay
                                    Greg Hall
                                                        Car 500 – Larry Cavallaro, John Deal and Ron Vis.
                               Alistair Walker
                                                 2004   Adelaide to Berri
                              Brenton Dansie            Car 75 – The Greeks – Craig Phillips, Andrew Glastonbury and Craig Illman
                                 Peter Curtis
                                                 2005   Port Lincoln to Adelaide (National Bash)
                            Graham Reynolds             Car 55 – The Bogvitch Sisters – Teena Butler, Angela Organ and Helen Conolly
                                  Ron Barton     2006   Gawler to Goolwa
                                    Barry Ion           Car 99 – The Bush Mechanics – Graham Organ, Lynton Pahl, Mark Davy and Greg Schultz

                              Wayne Richards     2007   Mt Gambier to Tanunda
                                                        Car 70 – Three Little Pigs – Doug Lehmann, Steve Meins and Greg Hall
                                Alex Richards
2011 SA Variety Bash

                                                 2008   Mawson Lakes to Norwood Parade
                             Brenton Ramsey
                                                        Car 76 – Kung-Fu Pandas – David Snoad, Wayne Irvine, Alan Robson
                               Judith Dawson
                                                 2009   Adelaide to Alice Springs (National Bash)
                                Phil Badcock            Car 119 – Highland Fling (Scots) - John Riggall, Kym Waters, Steve Mason, Adam Mrotek
                                Kay Badcock
                                                 2010   Murray Bridge to Clare
                                   Des Butler           Car 676 – Bananas in Pyjamas – Frank Pinneri, Craig Paues
                 e - 20 1 0
Bash Hall of Fam
                                                                        2010 Gold Door Panelists
It was 1998 when, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the South
                                                                        In first place – for the fourth time in five years,
Australian Bash, the Bash Hall of Fame was established. This            another amazing result of $151,988.33
recognised those who had completed ten Bash events.                     Car: 222
In 2004, the fifteen year category was added and in 2008, the 20 year   Sue Pearce, Roz Chow, Joy Marchant
category began. Variety congratulates all our “Hall of Famers”… what
extraordinary dedication and support you have shown… we salute you.     In second place - $143,066.66
                                                                        Car: 66
                                                                        Jon Wells, John Gibson, Ian Catford, Ian Cox, Lachlan Cox,
Twenty year Bashers and beyond                                          Andrew Cox, Simon Drew, Dorham Pfeiffer, Peter Scarth
Don Aston, Des Butler, Peter Curtis, Bob Geue, John Gibson,
Doug Lehmann, Michael Lewis, Graham Organ, Ivan Smith,                  In third place - $104,000.15
Graham Stevenson.                                                       Car: MAX
                                                                        David Vincent, Ashley Crawford, Chris McEgan, Mark Wauer
Fifteen year Bashers                                                    In fourth place - $62,031.54
Bronte Ayres, Ian Bidstrup, Teena Butler, Ian Catford,
                                                                        Car: KAOS
Larry Cavallaro, Peter Cochrane, Steve Cooling, Peter Corkhill,
                                                                        Les Burdett, Darren Lehmann, Trevor Jenkin, Rob Kerin, Trevor
Knowlton Coudrey, Brenton Dansie, Carmine De leso, Bob Furbow,
                                                                        Lehmann, Peter McIntyre, Sam Parkinson, Andrew Ramage
Nigel Giles, Colin Hann, Alf Ho, Peter Howell, Neil Jones,
Cheryl Lewis, John Lewis, Diane Lintern, Scott McBain, John
Mellors, Bob Meyers, Jenny Murdoch, Bob Pilgrim, Bill Rawlins,
                                                                        In fifth place - $60,033
Graham Reynolds, Garry Stewart, Alistair Walker, John Wicks.            Car: 33
                                                                        Phillip Eglinton, Nick Haselgrove, Peter Hayes, Andrew Keach,
                                                                        Alan Williams
Ten year Bashers
Diane Aston, Steve Babyszka, Graham Bagnell, Vicki Baigent,             In sixth place - $55,827.62
John Bannister, Gary Baxter, Jim Blackborough, Rick Brooks,             Car: DIVA
Les Burdett, Sharlene Capper, Rocky Carbone, Jim Clark, Geoff           Leonie Hunt, Kathryn Casey, Susanne Gibbs, Liz Travers
Clarke, Frank Clarke, Trevor Connor, Helen Conolly, Kim Curtis,
Trevor Davey, John Davis, John Deal, Phillip Eglinton, Peter            In seventh place - $50,611.73
Fairweather, Malcolm Foreman, Dawn Franks, John George, Rosalie         Car: 318
Gillings, Gavin Gold, Peter Hayes, Peter Holt, Terry Howes, Willie      Doug Lehmann, Peter Fairweather, Steve Meins
Innes, Dean Innes, David Jacobs, Karen Johnson, Tom Joy, Kevin
Kelly, Rob Kersten, Trevor King, Graham Klingberg, Brenton Lewis,       In eighth place - $47,880.60
Wendy Limbert, Mandy Madgen, Nick Maloney, Mike Mason, Fairy
Matters, Tom Matters, Anthony May, Kym McHugh, Phil (Fids)              Car: 812
McLeay, Kym Mensforth, Gordon Milne, Jock Milne, Kerry Moore,           Lyn Hobbs, Kate Hobbs, Janine Walker, Andrew Winterfield
Leon Morrish, Merv Mortimer, Henry Mould, Roger Murdoch, Wendy
Nicholson, Richard Nitschke, Lynton Pahl, Fiona Paterson, Preston       In ninth place - $35,840.30
Paterson, Craig Phillips, Vic Piscopo, Peter Rankine, Jane Reilly,      Car: GSR
Tony (Charger) Richards, Wayne Richards, Duncan Richter, Kym            David Smith, Melanie Handran-Smith, Anna Booth, Dean Duka,
Robinson, Yvonne Robinson, Ross Robinson, Joan Rowley, Paul Ryan,       Marie Frantis, Ian Kelleher
Stirling Scherer, Adrian Smith, Paul Smith, Lindsay Stanley, Lesley
Stanley, Gaynor Stevens, John Stevens, Darren Sutton, Roy Temple,       In tenth place - $35,511.04
Mary Thompson, Beth Tincknell, Mike Tincknell, Liz Travers, Allan       Car: JOKR
Trebilcock, Bruno Varacalli, Shayne Varacalli, Peter Vaughton, James    Ian Weber, Jason Beveridge, Chris Templer
Way, Lauryn Weatherall, Ian Weber, Hellen White, Richard Whiting,
Kathryn Zeitz, Chris Zeitz.

                                                                                                                                        2011 SA Variety Bash
                                 010 Variety Bash Winners wer
                       A nd the 2                             e

                       Outright Winners
                       Car 676 (Bananas in Pyjamas)
                       Frank Pinneri, Craig Paues

                       Highest Money Raisers
                       Car 222 (Precocious Penguins)                                  Best Virgin Bashers
                       Sue Pearce, Roz Chow, Joy Marchant                             Car 23 (A Bugs Life)
                                                                                      Tim & Leah Russack, Brian Lapidge, Sharee Richardson
                       Best Fun Theme
                       Car 119 (Beatles Magical Mystery Tour)                         Best Individual Basher
                       Simon Riggall, Steve Mason, Greg Mattner, John Capaldo         Deeon Otto (Car PUT)

                       Best Presented Vehicle                                         Best Supporter of Variety
                       Car 407 (1966 Ford F100) (MASH)                                CAR KAOS / KK1
                       Bruce & Sandy Clarke, Brenton Stein, Don Will                  Les Burdett, Darren Lehmann, Trevor Jenkin, Rob Kerin, Trevor
                                                                                      Lehmann, Peter McIntyre, Sam Parkinson, Andrew Ramage
                       We Played the Game with Bash Bucks
                       Car BBQ                                                        Chairman’s Commendations
                       Will Chapman, Michael Gilroy, Alister Mibus, Julian Newton     CAR 351 (Popeye)
                                                                                      Peter Howell, Burt Admiraal, Greg Schroeders
                       Highest Point Scorers
                       Car MLC (Runaway Brides)                                       CAR 76 (Pandas)
                                                                                      David Snoad, Craig Williams, Alan Robson
                       Tony & Sandra Lukin, David & Deb Sampson

                       Mobile Workshop Hard Luck Award
                       Cars 10 & 11 (Mad Hatters)
                       Rocky Papalia, Rocco Zappia, Alex Mackenzie, Anthony Mammone

                       Stuffed Compass Award
                       Car Jim2
                       Graham Organ, Gavin Gold, Adrian Schulz, Lynton Pahl
                       Bashers Choice Award
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       Car 676 (Bananas in Pyjamas)
                       Frank Pinneri, Craig Paues
                Bash Rules                                            Rules
                                                                      •   Rules can be changed at any time at the discretion of the
                                                                          Committee without notification.
                                                                      •   In the event of disputes or requests, the Committee’s and/or the
1.	 All	vehicles	entered	in	the	Bash	must	have	been	built	                Chairman’s interpretation of the Rules and Regulations will be
    before	December	1980.	Model	run-ons	are	allowed.	They	                final and no discussion will be entered into.
    must	be	licensed,	insured	and	roadworthy	as	prescribed	by	
    state	laws.                                                       •   All correspondence will be entered into.
                                                                      •   There will be no right of appeal.
2.	 All	vehicles	must	be	conventional	two	wheel	drive	vehicles	
    with	a	maximum	crew	of	four	people.                               •    All crew must be male OR female and over the age of eighteen
                                                                          (18) years.
3.	 Motorcycles,	buses,	coaches,	caravans,	skateboards	or	
    wheelbarrows	are	not	allowed	as	a	general	rule.                   Bribes
4.	 Performance	modifications	are	not	allowed.	A	vehicle	             •   A bribe is money donated purely at your discretion and is not
    may	be	modified	for	safety	purposes	(brakes,	wheels,	                 compulsory:
    suspension,	fuel	tanks,	lights	etc)	but	not	for	speed	(engine,	       – you can bribe an Official to gain a grid position.
    transmission	etc).
                                                                          – or for whatever reason your imagination dictates.
5.	 All	vehicles	must	carry	on	the	front	doors	the	Bash	door	         •   Bribing will commence at the start line. If you should be taking the
    panels	onto	which	must	be	fixed	the	allocated	Bash	                   Bash too seriously and found to be not bribing the Officials, your
    number/letters	for	that	vehicle.	The	vehicle	number/letters	          Bash vehicle may incur a loss of points and crew members may be
    must	also	be	clearly	visible,	using	white	numbers	on	the	             fined. It should be remembered, however, that crew caught bribing
    front	and	rear	windows.	All	cars	must	also	display	the	               the officials may have points deducted or added.
    sponsor’s	stickers	as	supplied	by	the	Variety	office.
                                                                      •   Bash bucks cannot be used to gain brownie points.
6.	 Everyone	taking	part	in	the	Bash	in	any	way	must	sign	an	
    indemnity	form	issued	by	Variety,	The	Children’s	Charity.         Cheating
7.	 All	entrants	must	have	paid	to	Variety	-	The	Children’s	          •   All Bash entrants are encouraged to cheat, however, if caught
    Charity	either	personally	or	through	donations,	the	sum	              cheating you will pay dearly.
    nominated	on	the	Entry	Form	at	least	one	month	prior	to	          •   Bash entrants detected cheating in any way will lose points,
    the	start	of	the	event.                                               normally double the number of points that could have been
8.	 At	all	times	all	entrants	must	abide	by	the	rules	of	the	road	
    as	prescribed	by	the	State	laws	and	statutes.                     •   The crew who accumulate the most points or Bash Bucks will be
                                                                          awarded a trophy at the end of the Bash.
9.	 Designated	Driver	of	the	Day	Rule	must	be	abided	by.	
                                                                      •   Points may be lost by any Bash entrants taking the event too
                                                                          seriously. Points lost for taking the event too seriously will be
                                                                          at Official’s discretion depending on the seriousness of taking
                                                                          it seriously.
                                                                      •   Bash entrants must not complain should they not be ‘winning’.
                                                                      •   Any Bash entrant caught bragging about their good luck and /or
                                                                          ability should be reported to the committee who will then decide
                                                                          an appropriate fine or action!

                                                                      •   Protests against mistakes or decisions by the Officials may
                                                                          be decided in favour of the protester, but could lose points
                                                                          accordingly (see Rules).
                                                                      •   Frivolous or vexatious protests may or may not incur a loss of
                                                                          points depending on the mood of the organisers at the time.
                                                                          Particularly ingenious protests may actually gain points providing
                                                                          the protest fee is high enough.                                                     7
                                                                                                                                                       2011 SA Variety Bash

                                                                      •   The Official’s decision will be final – if they’re interested at the time.
In 2010, Variety SA funded 191 appeals to the value of $2.592 million through our programs. Here are some
examples of how your donations can help make a difference to the lives of children in need.
Variety SA helps children in need through our three programs – the Variety Caring for Kids program,
Variety Freedom program and Variety Future Kids program. Variety endeavors to help make a
difference to the lives of South Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special
Variety SA helps children in need through our three programs – the Variety Caring for Kids program, Variety Freedom program and Variety
needs to enable them to live, laugh and learn.
Future Kids program. Variety endeavors to help make a difference to the lives of South Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have
special needs to enable them to live, laugh and learn.

                                                  $ 27,548
                                                  The Variety Caring for Kids program provides essential medical and care equipment for families
                                                  at home as well as for other South Australian health services including hospitals, intensive care
                                                  units and specialised medical services. Variety finances the purchase of much needed medical
                                                  equipment in addition to recreational equipment, which can be utilised by children during
                                                  their recovery.

                                                  $ 742,588
                                                  The Variety Freedom Program enables children with physical disabilities to participate in daily
                                                  activities by providing wheelchairs, custom tricycles, walking frames, standing frames, leg splints,
                                                  wheelchair lifters and more to help children gain independence and freedom.

                                                  LIBERTY SWINGS            $ 20,000
                                                  Remember the feeling of swinging through the air with the wind on your face and the freedom
                                                  you felt? Every child deserves to have this experience. This normally simple pleasure was never
                                                  an option for children in wheelchairs until an Australian invention came along, the Liberty Swing.
                                                  Unless you witness it, you cannot begin to imagine the sheer delight on the faces of the children
                                                  who ride a Liberty Swing for the first time. Variety champions this wonderful invention with its aim
                                                  to install Liberty Swings in as many communities and special schools as possible.

                                                  SUNSHINE COACHES          $ 613,851
                                                  Variety, the Children’s Charity brings sunshine to the lives of thousands of children through
                                                  Sunshine Coaches. Special schools and other organisations have been grateful recipients of a fleet
                                                  of more than 1,100 coaches travelling Australia, transporting children to their daily activities and
                                                  other special life experiences.

                                                  $ 1,138,568
                                                  The Variety Future Kids program helps kids who are disadvantaged or have special needs to
                                                  fulfill their dreams and reach their fullest potential in education, the arts and sport – including
                                                  the provision of specialist computer packages and communication devices as well as providing
                                                  a variety of experiences for children. Variety is also a supporter of special education and
                                                  disadvantaged schools throughout the state.

                                                  Additionally the Variety @ Work program and Ladies of Variety (LOV) provide an array of outings
                                                  and fun activities throughout the year, including the Children’s Easter Picnic at Carrick Hill and the
                                                  Children’s Christmas Party at Adelaide Showground, along with hundreds of smaller activities for
                                                  other schools, organisations and individuals.

                                                  $ 50,000
                                                  The Variety Show of Hearts Scholarships program fosters talent in sport, art, drama, music,
                                                  academia and self development for children who are sick or disadvantaged and are already
                                                  showing success in their chosen area of educational interest.
                                                   Major Projects Charity
                                                     Variety, the Children’s
When Eddie was born he wasn’t expected to              the 75 provides
                                                   OverTentyears…          practical help to
be the bright and bubbly little boy he is today.
He has fought every step of the way since he       Appeal South Australian children in need.
                                                                                      Amount (approx)
was born in 2008 with severe Cerebral Palsy        Establishment	of	the	Child		
affecting the left side of his body. When Eddie    Health	Research	Institute	(CHRI)                            $750,000
was 18 months old he was fitted with his first     (located at the WCH)
splints from the Variety Splints Program at        • Ongoing supply of equipment at CHRI                       $1.2 million
Novita Children’s Services. The splints are                Variety endeavours to fulfill all appeal applications to help South
                                                   Royal	Flying	Doctor	Service
moulded to his legs and support his muscles                Australian children in need. There is no doubt the need keeps growing
                                                   • Medically equip new aircraft                              $1.1 million
which will help his legs and feet learn how to             and with the support of our sponsors, volunteers, event participants
walk correctly.                                    Novita	Children’s	Services	 work tirelessly to help children in need.
                                                           and fundraisers, we will                            $1.6 million
                                                   • Splints program
Eddie’s walking has improved significantly         • Various equipment
due to the splints and his parents, Rex and                Variety pays on supplier invoice                     services
                                                   Variety	Cochlear	Implant	Program for equipment or$349,000 so you
Bek see improvements in his development                    can be sure every dollar reaches where it is needed most.
every week.                                        Women’s	&	Children’s	Hospital                               $2.7 million
                                                   • Cardiac Surgery Unitto the funds raised through events such as the:
                                                           It is with thanks
While Eddie will never be able to walk             • High Dependency Unit
independently, the splints will help his legs to   • Equipment for Paediatric Operating Theatres
                                                               SA Variety Bash
develop correctly, which will help him when        • Hydrotherapy Pool
                                                   • CUSA Machine
he starts to use mobility devices such as                      4WD Challenge
                                                   • Medical videoconferencing Equipment
walking frames when he gets older.
                                                            V2 Classic
                                                   Respite	Housing Bike Run                             $975,000
                                                   • Autism
                                                   • Minda Variety Vintage Charity Wine Auction Luncheon
“ It is through charities like Variety that
                                                   Flinders	Medical	Centre
                                                            Kickin4Kids Fundraising Trek                  $1.7 million
  everyday families are able to have access
                                                   • Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit & Research Lab
  to valuable equipment like the splints. The      • Paediatric OutpatientsLuncheon
                                                            Melbourne Cup Facility
  splints are hugely expensive if made             • Paediatric Ward upgrade
  privately, and not many families would be                 Variety Santa Fun Run
  able to afford to have them made if Variety      Life	Education	Centre	Caravans                         $185,000
  wasn’t there to help out. In the case of                  and the Variety Annual Themed Ball
                                                   Ronald	McDonald	House                                 $520,000
  our family, Eddie’s walking has improved         • Accommodation wing
  significantly with his splints. He is a lot             that so many
                                                   • Housing facility South Australian children can receive the help
  more confident in walking when he is                    they need through the Variety appeals process.
                                                   Adelaide	Dental	School                                $400,000
  wearing them and we often wonder if he           • Refurbishment of Paediatric Area
  would be able to lead a normal life without
  them. Ed and the hundreds of other children      Myolectric	Prosthesis	Program                          $184,000
  like him may just go on to amaze not only        Riding	for	the	Disabled                                $1.47 million
  the medical world, but the rest of the
                                                   Canteen	Teenage	Camps                                  $150,000
  world as well. ”
                                                   McGuiness	McDermott                                    $326,000
  Rex and Bek I Eddie’s parents                    • MRI machine (WCH)
                                                   Sparc	Disability	Foundation                            $200,000
                                                   Cora	Barclay	Centre                                    $882,000
                                                   SOS	Children’s	Village                                 $214,000
                                                   Can	Do	For	Kids	/	Townsend	House		
                                                   /	Townsend	School	                                     $79,000
                                                   • Hearing and vision projects
                                                   • Early intervention Toy Library
                                                   • Specialised equipment
                                                   Australian	Cranio	Facial	Foundation                    $83,000
                                                   • Medical Equipment
                                                   • Dolphin Imaging Equipment
                                                   Bone	Growth	Foundation                                 $20,000
                                                   • Fit Bone Device                                                                      9
                                                                                                                                   2011 SA Variety Bash

                                                   Time	for	Kids                                          $390,000
                                                   • Program Support
                                                   Youth	Personal	Development	Projects
                                                   • Operation Flinders                                   $996,000
                                                   • Police Blue Light                                    $438,000
                                                   • Cavan Education Centre                               $82,000
                                                   • Youth Opportunities                                  $210,000
                                                   • Riverland Youth Ministries                           $50,000
                                                   • SA Tall Ships – One & All                            $540,000
  VARIETY,                             YEAR ADELAIDE TO:                        VEHICLES               BASH CHAIRMAN            NET AMOUNT
  the Children’s                       1989
                                                   Port Lincoln
                                                                                                       Jack Waters
                                                                                                       John Garland
  Charity                              1991        Renmark                             81              Geoff Gauvin                          $557,937
  BASH FUNDRAISING                     1992        Ayres Rock                          82              Tom Matters                           $800,000
  IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA                   1993        Clare                               80              Peter Cochrane                        $693,000
                                       1994        Kangaroo Island                     81              Peter Cochrane                        $855,000
                                       1995        Kadina                              75              Peter Cochrane                        $716,000
                                       1996        Darwin                              83              Peter Cochrane                      $1,009,000
                                       1997        Tanunda                             71              Peter Cochrane                        $825,000
                                       1998        Victor Harbor                       80              Peter Cochrane                      $1,070,000
                                       1999        Kalgoorlie                          63              Peter Curtis                        $1,003,000
                                       2000        Murray Bridge                       68              Peter Curtis                        $1,051,249
                                       2001        Gold Coast                          81              Peter Curtis                        $1,246,000
                                       2002        Ardrossan                           78              Ross Robinson                       $1,262,000
                                       2003        Byron Bay                           79              Ross Robinson                       $1,480,000
                                       2004        Berri                               67              Alistair Walker                     $1,200,000
                                       2005        Adelaide                            80              Alistair Walker                     $1,700,000
                                       2006        Goolwa                              63              Alistair Walker                     $1,400,000
                                       2007        Tanunda                             68              Phillip Eglinton                    $1,703,000
                                       2008        Norwood                             83              Phillip Eglinton                    $2,107,000
                                       2009        Alice Springs                       88              Wayne Richards                      $1,904,000
                                       2010        Clare                               61              Wayne Richards                      $1,662,000

                                                                                                                          Overseas model shown.

                   The name is a little bit familiar, and so is the badge on the front. The spiritual successor to
                   the original FJ40 returns, infused with over 50 years of 4WD heritage: FJ Cruiser from Toyota.
                   FJ Cruiser has the same legendary off-road abilities, Toyota’s famous rugged durability, but
                   now with a totally new attitude for Australia.
SA Variety Bash
13 – 20 August 2011
Lunch & Night Stops
13 August
Carrieton / Blinman
14 August
Montecollina Bore / Innamincka
15 August
Innamincka / Innamincka
16 August
Strzelecki / Arkaroola
17 August
Copley / Leigh Creek
18 August
Parachilna / Wilpena
19 August
Bendleby Station / Peterborough
20 August
Barossa / Hahndorf
                              2011 SA Variety Bash
                       King William Road, Hyde Park - Blinman -                                    The first land sales were held in May, 1876.Orroroo was the scene
                                                                                                   of an early irrigation scheme that formed with the damming of the
                       Innamincka –Arkaroola - Leigh Creek - Wilpena                               Pekina River creating the Pekina Reservoir. This supplied irrigation
                       - Peterborough – Hahndorf                                                   to over 50 dairy farms, supplying products that won prizes in shows
                                                                                                   as far away as London. The Butter Factory still stands complete. You
                       Day 1 – Adelaide to Blinman                                                 should refuel while here. The bakery is worth a visit too! You then
                                                                                                   continue north about 30km to Carrieton for lunch. Carrieton’s claim
                       The 23rd SA Variety Bash has been labelled the “Iconic Bash” as it
                                                                                                   to fame is the Carrieton Rodeo which is in its 58th year. Lunch is at
                       sets out from King William Street, Hyde Park, passing many iconic
                                                                                                   the rodeo grounds. The size and success of the annual rodeo belies
                       locations arriving eight days later in the iconic German town of
                                                                                                   the fact that the town consists of only a few dozen residents. Their
                       Hahndorf. Needless to say our Bash Chairman, Doug Lehmann, a
                                                                                                   energy suffuses the place with a pride that visitors can only admire.
                       Bash icon himself, has put together (with his team) a great eight
                                                                                                   Carrieton is situated in the broad valley formed by the ‘Oladdie Hills’
                       days of bashing! His philosophy is “great tracks and really good fun”.
                                                                                                   and ‘The Horseshoe’, an imposing geological feature to the west of
                       You sure won’t be disappointed.
                                                                                                   the town - named so after its aerial-view’s likeness. The Horseshoe
                       After the start you head north for Carrieton, north of Orroroo, for         Range features the unusual Moockra Tower rock - The walking track
                       your first lunch stop. And what a lunch stop it will be. The morning        offers spectacular lookouts. The views of the beautiful gum creek
                       run is pretty straight forward, however you need to drive carefully as      country go for miles.
                       there are plenty of dangerous cross roads as you travel north past
                                                                                                   The drive from Orroroo to Carrieton brings visitors to notice the
                       Gawler jig-zagging along some dirt tracks off the main bitumen.
                                                                                                   abrupt change of scenery that signals their arrival in the beginnings
                       The morning trail continues north past Gladstone, Caltowie (dating
                                                                                                   of the ‘Outback’. To the north are Hawker, Wilpena Pound, Blinman,
                       back to 1851), Pekina (with strong Irish Catholic roots it is known
                                                                                                   Beltana, Copley, Lyndhurst and Marree. The town of Carrieton was
                       as “Vatican Valley”) and on to Orroroo, a small rural centre on the
                                                                                                   surveyed around ‘Yanyarrie Whim’, a large stone tank with a local
                       eastern side of the southern Flinders Ranges. You are now 262
                                                                                                   slate trough built for watering stock. Yanyarrie Whim later become
                       kilometres north of Adelaide. Prior to European settlement the
                                                                                                   a significant watering hole for drovers using the north-south route
                       area around Orroroo was inhabited by the Ngadjuri Aborigines. It is
                                                                                                   passing through the Carrieton district in the early 1870s and in
                       believed the name Orroroo comes from the Aboriginal name Oorama,
                                                                                                   the initial stages was known as ‘Yanyarrie Whim’. In 1878 the
                       but it is not clear as to what its meaning actually is, “meeting place
                       of the magpie” or “early start.” The town perches on Goyder’s
                       Line, a line drawn by Surveyor General G. W. Goyder, defining,
                       quite accurately, the boundary between areas of reasonable (by
                       Australian standards) and minimal or marginal rainfall. A monument
                       depicting this can be found a few kilometres out of the town. It is still
                       predominantly a farming community, the main products being wheat,
                       sheep, wool, cattle, pigs and a highly successful kangaroo processor.
 12                    Other industries in the pipeline include olives, sandstone mining,
                       tourism and new approaches to conventional farming.
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       The first Europeans settled there when John and James Chambers
                       took up the Pekina Run in 1844 covering 320 square miles. They
                       stayed for 17 months during which time they did not receive one
                       millimetre of rain. Eventually they sold Pekina for 30 pounds. The
                       town’s first true settler was Charlie Easther who arrived in 1864
                       and opened up an eating house and sheep pen on Pekina Creek
                       near where the picnic area is today. The town was officially named
                       by G. W. Goyder in September 1875 at Charlie Easther’s suggestion.
government proclaimed the new township Carrieton, named after                               Carrieton became an
Lucy Caroline Jervois, daughter of the Governor of South Australia,
Sir William Francis Drummond Jervois. Carrieton became an                                   important business
important business centre for the surrounding districts. In 1882 the
opening of the Orroroo to Quorn railway saw Carrieton prosper as                            centre for the
an integral part of the railway, servicing the north and south with
grain, and copper from nearby Prince Alfred Mine. In 1889, 10,000                           surrounding districts. In
tons of goods were handled at the Carrieton Station and delivered
to markets. Many stone ruins across the district give evidence to the                       1882 the opening of the
small and short-lived existence of farming around the area. Lack
of rainfall and capital forced many to leave the area. Lunch is at the                      Orroroo to Quorn railway
iconic Carrieton Rodeo grounds where the Chairman may have a
little surprise for you. Carrieton is part of the Australian rodeo circuit                  saw Carrieton prosper
with rodeos being conducted there continuously since 1953.
After lunch it’s a brief run up the bitumen before turning off onto
                                                                                            as an integral part of the
dirt tracks towards Quorn and into the 28,000 acre Almerta Station.
The track follows and runs along and through the Boolcunda Creek
                                                                                            railway, servicing the
bed, lined with impressive river gums. The scrub consists of mallee
and Blackwood. Some of the crossings are fairly rough, so take care.
                                                                                            north and south
Almerta is run by Patrick and Shane Rowe who have diversified the
business, running an outback adventure holidays side by side with
                                                                                            with grain, and copper
the station’s main asset – sheep. The property lines the creek and
offers shearing quarter’s accommodation to take in bushwalking
                                                                                            from nearby Prince
and other activities. The shearing quarters accommodate 14+
people and have a fully equipped kitchen, dining room and lounge/
                                                                                            Alfred Mine.
conference room. It is certainly a place for kids and families to get in
touch with nature at its finest along the gum lined creeks and natural
springs. The Rowe’s have also developed four campsites along the             turn off onto a good bash track lined by mallee which winds its way
Boolcunda Creek. Shane says she has always been passionate about             towards Partacoona at about the 66km mark. You continue on bash
tourism. “Almerta is such a beautiful place, I just wanted to share it       tracks before turning onto the main road with the Elder Ranges on
with others,” she says. Channel 7 ran a program on them in August,           your right. There are plenty of scattered ruins, a reminder of our
2010. First bookings came in at the start of September, finishing in         ancestor’s tough times in the outback. You will notice a prominent
November. “From there we had 150 bed night stays and 50 campsite             mountain in the Elder Ranges – it is called Mount Aleck, once
stays”, says Shane. We had no idea what to expect, it just blew us           conquered by chairman Dougy when he was about 16. Next stop is
away.” The sheep side of the business is also going well. From               Parachilna where you can quench the thirsts of both vehicles and
1998 to 2008 Almerta’s average rainfall was just five to six inches,         passengers at the Prairie Hotel.                                           13
compared with an average of 12. This forced them to lease an extra           Parachilna boasts a population of only seven, but its remoteness
                                                                                                                                                     2011 SA Variety Bash

12,000 acres to sustain the main breeding flock. Rainfall over the last      adds to the pleasure of its one and only hotel. The Prairie Hotel is
few years has been reasonably good with lambing running between              truly an oasis on the plains of the Flinders Ranges, some of the
90 and 95 per cent. As a result they are running 3500 breeding ewes          most ancient and fascinating formations on Earth. From the hotel,
with a stock holding peaking at about 6000 sheep. In a good year they        you can enjoy magnificent views of both the Ranges and the vast red
can carry up to 8000 sheep.                                                  desert plains sweeping towards Lake Torrens. Inside the hotel, you’ll
After Almerta you cross the Willochra plain and into the South               find great character and charm. Parachilna was surveyed by Arthur
Flinders Ranges with the Horseshoe Range on your left. At about              B Cooper in 1863 close to a well sunk by the government to make
the 50km mark you turn right onto the Quorn/Hawker road. You then            transport in the Northern Flinders Ranges possible. Its founders did
                                                                not have any great aspirations   huge variety of locations and their accessibility make the Flinders
                                                                for Parachilna as only 24        Ranges an attractive outback production base and it is at the Prairie
                                                                town blocks were pegged          Hotel where they set out to a wide array of vistas from landscape
                                                                out. Situated in the foothills   ranges, desert and salt lakes to mountains and gorges. Man-made
                                                                close to Parachilna Gorge,       locations include townships, sheep and cattle stations, highways,
                                                                there soon developed a steady    railway sidings and dirt roads. The settlement of Parachilna sits on
                                                                stream of traffic between the    the Flinders Ranges plain and is central to most of these locations
                                                                infant town and the rapidly      and facilities. Jane and Ross Fargher, who own and operate the
                                                                developing Blinman mining        award winning hotel, play a vital role in assisting productions coming
                                                                settlement. For a short time     to the region. The wide variety of landscapes are within a 45 minute
                                                                during 1869 this traffic was     drive from Parachilna and many small and large-scale productions
                                                                disrupted when the narrow        have been wholly or partly shot in and around the Flinders Ranges.
                                                                gorge was closed to camel        They include:-
                                                                traffic. Apparently camels       Rabbit Proof Fence - Disappearance - One Night the Moon -
                                                                and horses did not see eye to    Holy Smoke -Kings in Grass Castles - Napoleon - Epsilon
                                                                eye (not surprising as camels    -Serenades -The Territorians - Robbery under Arms - The
                       are much taller) and horses often bolted when camels approached.          Lighthorseman-Gallipoli
                       Australia’s own Khyber Pass! Early in 1873 surveyor Cooper offered
                       small parcels of land for lease for the building of accommodation         A wide range of international car commercials have also been filmed
                       houses and the supply of well water to travellers and their stock. One    in this ever changing landscape.
                       of these was about 10 km west of the town of Parachilna, where the        Parachilna was a watering stop for the old Ghan Railway. The Ghan
                       railway from Port Augusta to Farina passed through. In 1881 tenders       has been replaced by the Leigh Creek to Port Augusta coal train
                       were called for a goods platform and office at what was called            which thunders through each evening carrying 10,200 tonnes of
                       Parachilna Creek.                                                         coal. Drawn by three 3000 horsepower locomotives the train drags
                       Slowly but surely people started to move from Parachilna to the           161 wagons weighing a total of 14,218 tonnes at speeds of up to
                       siding, about 460 km north of Adelaide, where the Prairie Hotel           70km/h. The daily round trip totals 500 kilometres. The coal is used
                       was built followed by a post office. They had their priorities right,     solely to fuel the Augusta Power Station. After re-fuelling you head
                       erecting the pub first! As more and more people moved there the           out to Blinman travelling through the spectacular Parachilna Gorge
                       government had to open a polling booth for the 1890 elections.            and the start of the 1200km Heysen walking trail which passes
                       Finally a new town was surveyed at the siding in 1890 which is now        through some of the most diverse and breathtaking landscapes of
                       Parachilna. Parachilna can be best described as a tiny railway siding     SA, traversing coastal areas, native bushland, rugged gorges, pine
                       which is now the location of an attractive pub. It is one of those tiny   forests and vineyards, as well as rich farmland and historic towns.
                       towns which, if you are not looking, you could easily pass by. Today it   The Heysen Trail passes through some of the most scenic parts of
                       comprises nothing more than the 1881 railway station (where, each
                       night, as regular as clockwork, a vast coal train from Leigh Creek
                       heads south to Port Augusta), a few buildings and the very attractive
                       Prairie Hotel. Around Parachilna there are many remnants of old
                       railway stations, bridges across creeks and straight stretches where
                       the railway used to run.
                       The Flinders Ranges region has developed a considerable reputation
                       as a destination for Australian and international filmmakers. The

2011 SA Variety Bash
the state including national parks, state forests and internationally        prior to Europeans. They were Stone Age hunter-gatherers and
acclaimed tourist destinations, including the Barossa Valley and             inhabited much of the area (including Wilpena Pound to the south
the stunning Wilpena Pound. Named after the well-known German                and other areas to the north). One of their unique customs was burn
Australian artist, Sir Hans Heysen (1877-1968) the trail stretches           offs (controlled bushfires) to promote plant growth in the future
from Parachilna Gorge to Cape Jervois. Heysen was particularly               seasons. Some of our State Governments could learn from this
recognised for his watercolours of the Australian bush, no doubt             practice! The first European settlement occurred in the 1850s when
influenced by the spectacular country you are now travelling through.        land was taken up for sheep farming, the first sheep station being
Born Wilhelm Ernst Hans Franz Heysen in Hamburg, Germany,                    Angorichina.
he migrated to Adelaide in 1884 at the age of seven. In 1912 he              Blinman’s main interest today lies in the remnants of the old mines
purchased a property called “The Cedars” near Hahndorf which was             which exist about a kilometre west of the town in all their rusted
his home until his death in 1968 aged 90.                                    glory. One of the main attractions is the town cemetery which lies
After passing through the winding gorge along creek beds the road            at the southern end of the town. It is old and dilapidated but it tells
takes you up to Angorichina where there is a store with fuel etc.            a remarkable story of survival in this harsh land. Here are graves of
From there it is on to Blinman, an historic copper town surrounded           women who died in childbirth, of men killed working with explosives
by spectacular hilly desert countryside. You will witness some of this       near the mine, of little-known explorers like William Kekwick (1872)
stunning scenery on your way into and out of Blinman.                        who was the second-in-charge to John McDouall Stuart when he
At Angorichina there is a sign “Yuppies not welcome” which is a              crossed Central Australia.
little puzzling at first. When you get to Blinman it is explained a little   Enjoy your first night stop!
further in an article on the pub wall headed “Nessun Yuppies Qui”
which is Latin for “No yuppies here”. It refers to the catchcry of the
Flinders Ranges “where real men wear hats, real women wear R. M.             Day 2 – Blinman to Innamincka
Williams boots and the sky goes on forever”. The sky certainly does
                                                                             Day 2 starts out of Blinman first on the main road and then turning
go on forever and you will be seeing plenty more of that as you head
                                                                             off on a winding picturesque track towards Arkaroola. You can’t help
further north.
                                                                             but notice the near-perfect shape of some of the trees. The track
Blinman is your night stop and there is plenty of action planned             takes you out past Angorichina Station, the original sheep run in the
for the night by the Chairman, the pub and the local progress                district settled in the 1850s. The track winds up and down through
association. A trip to the quaint old pub is a must, just to see some        creek beds and then on to straight dirt. Watch out for the gutters, as
of the old photos adorning the bar wall. It’s hard to believe that           some of them can be fairly vicious. The scenery is breathtaking with
Blinman used to be a bustling mining town with a population in               the Northern Flinders on your left before you meet the Vulkathunya
excess of 2000. There’s just the pub now, a community hall and a few         Gammon Ranges a good 130km down the track. The road actually
houses. Copper was discovered at Blinman by a shepherd, Robert               skirts around Arkaroola and there are some magnificent views
Blinman (who, unsurprisingly, gave his name to the township which            of the ranges. You travel out past Wooltana and head on towards
grew up around the mine) in 1859. Blinman, who had a wooden leg,             Moolawatana in the Strzelecki Desert. Peaks on your left include
was known as ‘Peg Leg’. The land was originally owned by a Doctor            Mount Painter, Mount Adams, Mount Neil, Mount Babbage, Mount
Hayward who let his brother Paul graze some wethers on the land.             Yerila and finally Mount Hopeless before you reach the Strzelecki
Bored with the work he used to sit on his favourite rock and tend            Track about 195km from Lyndhurst. You turn right and head north
the sheep day after day. Eventually he handed it (and the rock) over         on the track which is fairly flat and straightforward, although you
to ‘Peg Leg’ Blinman who one day broke a chunk off the rock only             need to watch out for potholes and road trains. The Strzelecki Track
to discover it was high quality copper. Blinman joined up with two           runs from Lyndhurst up to ToInnamincka near the border of South
Adelaide butchers, Henry and Thomas Martin, and by 1861 they had a           Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, some 466kms up the
mineral lease on the land. Copper mining occurred in the area from           road. The area is steeped in history with Charles Sturt exploring
around 1862 through to 1918 when the ore ran out. In total around            the area in 1845, naming it after Polish explorer Paul Edmund de
10,000 tonnes of copper were removed with most of it being mined             Strzelecki (he was the first European to climb Australia’s highest
in the years from 1903-1918 when the town’s population peaked at             point which he named Mount Kosciusko). Not long after in 1861
more than 2000. The Yudnamutana mine was hugely profitable and               Burke and Wills perished at Coopers Creek near Innamincka on
eventually was sold to London interests for the staggering sum of            their ill-fated expedition. As you turn on to the Strzelecki Track and
£135,000. Others also made money but when the mine closed in 1918            head to Innamincka, the track dissects Lake Blanche on the left and
it had been an economic failure for the investors. One of the greatest       Lake Callabonna on the right through an area known as The Cobbler
problems, which still exists today, had been transporting the copper         Desert. It was named by shearers who travelled from Cordillo Downs
economically from the mine to the nearest ports. This land originally        after the last difficult sheep to be shorn by shearers - ‘The Cobbler’.
belonged to the Adnyamathanha tribe of Indigenous Australians                Lake Callabonna to the south is a declared fossil reserve where the
                                                                             remains of giant Diprotodons, extinct for 16,000 years are preserved.
                                                                             The Cobbler Desert is actually one massive sand hill, sprawled over
                                                                             the land as a shallow plateau, its surface undulating with thousands
                                                                             of small ridges. When the seasons have been harsh there is little but
                                                                             rippled white sand, magnificent in its stark barrenness and isolation.
                                                                             It is compelling to some people, frightening to others. After some
                                                                             rain the sand hills, like all areas of the outback, may be carpeted
                                                                                                                                                       2011 SA Variety Bash

                                                                             with a great flush of wild flowers and stock food. Anyone coming
                                                                             across the Cobbler in a good season could be excused for thinking
                                                                             it was good cattle or sheep country, as happened in so many places
                                                                             before the vagaries of our outback climate were learned through
                                                                             bitter experience. Although the Cobbler soon disillusioned early
                                                                             squatters about its potential carrying capacity, it was necessary
                                                                             for stock to cross it periodically as the white sand stood between
                                                                             the stations further north and the markets to the south. Water
                       was essential for stock crossing the dunes.
                       Soakage wells proved unreliable and finally,
                       early in the last century, a bore was put down
                       in the Cobbler – the Montecollina bore, today’s
                       lunch stop. As with many similar bores over
                       a vast area of the outback, Montecollina never
                       needed a pump to bring the water to the
                       surface. The artesian water is under pressure
                       and once it is provided with an escape channel
                       to the surface, it flows freely without assistance.
                       Montecollina bore is no longer serviced
                                                                                                 the discovery of oil and gas at Moomba, and the influx of the 4WD
                       because modern stock transports have made droving almost
                                                                                                 tourist. Today the Strzelecki Track is well maintained due to the gas
                       obsolete, but the water still flows from a rusted pipe to splash down
                                                                                                 fields of Moomba, south west of Innamincka. This part of Australia
                       into a large, deep hole in the sand. You will also find a few swimming
                                                                                                 is particularly harsh and there is little relief across the stark desert
                       holes at Monte Collina Bore.
                                                                                                 landscape. As you travel north the Moomba gas fields loom on the
                       Montecollina bore is literally an oasis amongst the desert dunes.         horizon. Moomba was built after gas was discovered at Gidgealpa
                       Because of a never ending source of water flowing out of the bore,        in 1963, west of Innamincka, nine years after drilling in the Cooper
                       thousands of birds congregate in the area. The source of the water        Basin first started. The Moomba field was discovered in 1966. Today,
                       is the Great Artesian Basin. This is a vast groundwater source that       Santos and its partners produce 20 million cubic metres of gas a day,
                       underlies 22 per cent of Australia – extending beneath the arid and       1600 cubic metres of oil a day, 1700 cubic metres of condensate a
                       semi-arid regions of Queensland, the Northern Territory, South            day and 1200 tonnes of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) a day. Oil and
                       Australia and New South Wales. It covers about 1.7 million square         Gas in the Cooper Basin comes from the remains of organic matter
                       kilometres, and contains an estimated 8700 million mega litres            from the Jurassic and Permian Periods 160 to 170 million years ago.
                       of water. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the largest artesian water        Natural gas and oil is gathered from around 600 individual wells in
                       basins in the world. The water is coming from a depth of up to            the Cooper Basin area. Some of the wells are drilled to depths of up
                       three kilometres, and some of the water is believed to be up to two       to 10,000 feet. Moomba has no permanents residents. Employees
                       million years old. The average water temperature is between 30 and        generally work on a fortnightly roster system flying in and out from
                       50 degrees, but it can be as hot as 100 degrees Celsius. The Great        Adelaide. When you reach Moomba the track makes a sharp right
                       Artesian Basin has always been an important source of water for           turn around the gas fields before veering left and north again to
                       many outback communities. Unfortunately, much of the water that is        Innamincka. This 47km stretch is known as Dillon’s Highway which
                       extracted is also wasted. It is estimated that up to 80 per cent of the   runs around the old Strzelecki Track incorporating the new. It’s a
                       total outflow from the Great Artesian Basin is wasted.                    fairly, flat, straight run in to tonight’s stop at Innamincka which will
                       After lunch it is back on to The Strzelecki Track to Innamincka.          be catered for by the Gliderol team, “icon” supporters of the Bash for
                       The Track didn’t really come about until 1871 when cattle thief           many years.
                       Harry Redford stole 1000 head of cattle from Central Queensland
                       and drove them down to Adelaide to be sold. This established a
                       new stock route and was used up to the 1930s before transport by
                                                                                                 Day 3 – Innamincka
                       truck became more popular. With no drovers coming through, the            Today is a fun day in and around Innamincka where you can learn a
                       township of Innamincka was abandoned in 1952, but re-opened with          little bit about the town itself, the Cooper Creek and the “icons” of
                                                                                                 Aussie explorers. Innamincka is situated on the banks of the Creek
                                                                                                 in the state’s Channel Country within the Innamincka Regional
                                                                                                 Reserve, and surrounded by the Strzelecki, Tirari and Sturt Stony
                                                                                                 Deserts. Totalling 1.3 million hectares the reserve itself wasn’t
                                                                                                 created until 1988 with the main aim of protecting its important
                                                                                                 wetlands. Innamincka was first surveyed in 1890 and is located near
                                                                                                 the Junction of the Strzelecki, Cordillo and Nappa Merrie tracks on
 16                                                                                              the Cooper Creek. For many years the township remained as it was
                                                                                                 in 1891, with a store, hotel, saddler’s shop, Chinese eating house
2011 SA Variety Bash

                                                                                                 and a police station. In 1929 the Elizabeth Symon Nursing Home was
                                                                                                 opened by the Australian Inland Mission to provide medical services
                                                                                                 to the people of inland areas. Staffed by two nurses, radio contact
                                                                                                 was maintained with the Flying Doctor at Cloncurry, Queensland,
                                                                                                 through the iconic pedal radio. Suffering the fate of other isolated
                                                                                                 inland communities Innamincka virtually died until 1972, when
                                                                                                 The Cooper’s Creek Hotel-Motel and the Innamincka Trading Post
                                                                                                 were established to service travellers through the region. Just a
few kilometres to the east is a monument marking the site of the          expedition to cross Australia from south to north. Although Burke
death of John O’Hara Burke, leader of the ill-fated Burke and Wills       had no experience as an explorer or a bushman, he was chosen to
Expedition of 1861, whilst the site of Will’s death is a few kilometres   lead the expedition together with a man called George Landells.
to the west of Innamincka. Further east, on Nappa Merrie Station          However, it was not long before Burke had an argument with
in Queensland is the now famous Dig Tree, site of the cache of food       Landells and replaced him with Wills. Their well-equipped expedition
left for the starving members of the South-North transcontinental         set off in 1860.Burke was afraid that he would be beaten by John
expedition. The Burke and Wills Dig Tree is one of Australia’s            Stuart to be the first to explore inland Australia, and so he set off
National icons and an enduring reminder of the pioneering spirit and      on camel with his expedition. Meanwhile, unknown to Burke, John
extreme harshness of the outback. You travel from Innamincka out          Stuart had turned back and so there was now no need for Burke
to the Dig Tree for morning tea before returning to Innamincka for        to hurry or take risks. Because of Burke’s impatience, he made
an afternoon long fun stop on the banks of the Cooper Creek. Nappa        many bad decisions, one in particular, which because of his Irish
Merrie Station proudly manages the site on behalf of the Royal            stubbornness would cost him his life. Burke was very impatient and
Historical Society of Queensland. For those arborists amongst you,        would not let the expedition slow down for any reason. In addition, he
the Dig Tree is a Coolibah (Eucalyptus microtha) and it has survived      set off without his medical officer and two other important members
Burke and Wills by more than 150 years. It is believed that the Dig       of the expedition. There was no one in the group who was a good
Tree itself is believed to be more than 250 –years- old. It is also       bushman. Burke was so impatient to reach the Gulf that he left some
interesting to note that in 1898 John Dick carved Burke’s face into       of his party behind with supplies at Menindee and set off with a party
another tree (the Face Tree) about 30 metres downstream of the            of nine men.
Dig Tree.                                                                 After nearly two months the party reached the Gulf of Carpentaria,
Much has been written about Bourke and Wills, so I will endeavour to      but were unable to see the waters of the Gulf because of the
give you a summary of the events of 1860-61 and a little background       mangrove swamps. Burke would not wait to rest, and after only one
on these brave men. For those of you interested in a more detailed        day of rest, set off on the return journey which was made worse by
history go to        fierce storms which turned the track into a quagmire. There was
htm .The Burke and Wills Expedition was originally called the             also a lack of food. Grey became ill and probably half mad when he
Victorian Exploring Expedition and its aim was to cross the continent     stole food from their supplies. Burke was in a rage and gave him a
of Australia from Melbourne on the south coast to the north coast,        thrashing from which he never recovered. Grey became ill and died
which at the time was uninhabited by the migaloo (white-fella). No        of scurvy a week later. In addition the party, who were supposed to
one had done this before, and to the Victorian colonists the centre of    be waiting at Cooper’s Creek for Burke to return, had left only nine
the continent was unknown, unmapped and unexplored.                       hours before them, and the depot was deserted. Brahe had waited
The expedition was organised by the Royal Society of Victoria and it      four months instead of three as Burke ordered him, and only left
became the first to cross the continent. Three men travelled 5000         then because his men were getting sick from scurvy. Wills wanted
kilometres from Melbourne to the shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria        to stay at Cooper’s Creek, feeling sure help would arrive, but Burke
and then back to the Depot Camp at Cooper Creek. Seven men died           ignored his advice and decided to set off for the police station at Mt.
in the attempt, including the leader, Robert O’Hara Burke and the         Hopeless. As leader of the expedition, he ordered that they all go
third in command William John Wills. Only one of the four men, who        on. Unfortunately, he did not leave a message at Cooper’s Creek,
reached the north coast, John King, survived to return to Melbourne.      and when Brahe returned, he did not know that the party had been
And the men? Robert O’Hara Burke was born in Ireland in 1821.             there. The camels were dying, there was no food and the water was
First he joined the army and later the police force. Because of the
Victorian gold rush, there was a shortage of police and so he joined
the Victorian police force. More police were needed to control the
problems caused by the gold rushes in Bendigo and Ballarat. William
John Wills was born in England in 1834 and had come to Australia                         It is believed that the
when he was 18. He was a surveyor, meteorologist and astronomer.
Wills was studying to become a doctor. However, when he turned 18,                       Dig Tree itself is believed
he gave up his study and sailed to Australia. Wills would have made
a much better leader than Burke, although he too, had no experience                      to be more than 250 –
as an explorer. Although the colony had grown, much of Australia
was still undiscovered. Also, a route for an overland telegraph line                     years- old.
was needed and the Victorian government offered a prize for the first

                                                                                                                                                    2011 SA Variety Bash
                                                                                                 made and ate the cakes depleting their bodies of Vitamin B1 which
                                                                                                 eventually killed them. The Yantruwana also fed them fish and
                                                                                                 baked rats, taking in John King, the sole survivor of the expedition,
                                                                                                 until 1861 when he was rescued by other explorers. It is believed
                                                                                                 that the Yantruwana asked King to take them to Burke and Wills’
                                                                                                 grave. When he did, the tribe gathered round weeping profusely and
                                                                                                 placing leaves and branches on his grave. The leader of the party
                                                                                                 that rescued King, a man called Howitt, was instructed to bring back
                                                                                                 the bones of Burke and Wills so that a public funeral could be held.
                                                                                                 It was one of the biggest funerals ever seen in Melbourne. Large
                                                                                                 sums of money were given to the families of Burke and Wills, and a
                                                                                                 pension was given to King, who did not live very long owing to the ill
                                                                                                 health caused by the hardships he had endured. The Aborigines who
                                                                                                 cared for him were paid a reward by the Victorian Government.
                                                                                                 After morning tea it is back to Innamincka for an afternoon’s fun stop
                                                                                                 on the banks of the Cooper Creek, one of the most famous, but least
                                                                                                 visited rivers in Australia. It is sometimes known as the Barcoo River
                                                                                                 from one of its tributaries and is one of three major Queensland
                                                                                                 river systems that flow into the Lake Eyre Basin. The flow of the
                                                                                                 creek depends on monsoonal rains falling months earlier and
                       all gone. Both Burke and Wills were too weak by then to travel. First     many hundreds of kilometres away in eastern Queensland. At 1300
                       Wills, and then Burke died. For three months, friendly aboriginals        kilometres (810 miles) in length it is the second longest inland river
                       cared for John King, who was the only survivor, until help arrived.       system in Australia after the Murray-Darling system. It was named
                       He was rescued by a search party from Melbourne. Although Burke           in 1845 by Charles Sturt after Charles Cooper, the Chief Justice of
                       and Wills died, they had proved that there was no inland sea and          South Australia. It is where both Burke and Wills died and it was only
                       were the first to cross Australia from south to north. Burke’s Irish      10 years after their death that homesteads were being established
                       stubbornness eventually contributed to his death. The Yantruwana          on the watercourse. A station at Innamincka was the first permanent
                       Aboriginal Tribe tried to help the explorers by feeding them with         settlement in the area.
                       cakes made from the seeds of the nardoo, a native fern. Burke was
                                                                                                 Enjoy your afternoon and evening!
                       too stubborn to accept them so he decided to make them himself.
                       Despite eating the men got weaker and weaker. Wills wrote in his
                       diary:                                                                    Day 4 – Innamincka to Arkaroola
                       “My pulse is at 48 and very weak and my legs and arms are nearly          It’s a long, rather straight drive today as you head off into the
                       skin and bone. I can only look out like Mr Micawber for something to      Strzelecki Desert, first through the Innamincka Recreation Reserve,
                       turn up, but starvation on nardoo is by no means unpleasant, but for      past the Moomba Oil and Gas fields and through the Strzelecki
                       the weakness one feels, and the utter inability to move oneself, for as   Recreation Reserve before turning off towards Moolawatana for
                       the appetite is concerned, it gives me the greatest satisfaction.”        today’s lunch stop. It’s a 300km morning drive, so don’t dawdle,
                       As a result, it is likely that the deaths of Burke and Wills resulted     although the seemingly unending Strzelecki Desert doesn’t offer
                       in part from a thiamine deficiency called Beriberi. Evidence to this      much relief for fun stops. On the way out of Innamincka at about
                       effect is further provided by King’s account, which revealed that         the 12km mark you will see on your left the start of a 1Megawatt
                       Burke complained of leg and back pain shortly before his death.           Geothermal Power Project which will eventually supply Innamincka
                       What he didn’t know was that the Yantruwana soaked the seeds in           with its power supply eliminating the use of diesel generators which
                       water to remove their toxic qualities. Burke and Wills unwittingly        you would have become very familiar with over your two night stay. It
                                                                                                 is expected to be fully operational in 2012.
                                                                                                 Geothermal energy is heat energy available from the earth.
                                                                                                 Geothermal energy has been used for thousands of years in the
                                                                                                 form of hot springs for bathing, heating, cooking and medicinal
                                                                                                 reasons. It is now considered a sustainable resource in that the
                                                                                                 heat generated in the earth will still be around for millions of years.
                                                                                                 Heat is conducted from the earth’s core, which has a temperature
                                                                                                 of about 6000 degrees Celsius. Some of the heat in the earth comes
                                                                                                 from the sun which will also continue to burn for billions of years.
                                                                                                 Today, geothermal energy is used around the world for heating
                                                                                                 and electrical generation. To produce electricity, the geothermal
                                                                                                 resource must be concentrated and easy to access. The main form
                                                                                                 of geothermal power is where bodies of water, either above or below
 18                                                                                              the earth’s surface, are converted to steam by the earth’s heat. The
                                                                                                 steam is collected, and used to power a turbogenerator just like in
2011 SA Variety Bash

                                                                                                 a regular coal fired power station. The other form is called hot rock
                                                                                                 geothermal energy. It is where water is pumped below the surface
                                                                                                 to areas of hot rock. The water turns to steam, and is brought back
                                                                                                 to the surface to drive a turbogenerator. It is debatable whether
                                                                                                 geothermal energy is a renewable source. If the rate of extraction
                                                                                                 of geothermal energy is less than or equal to the rate of resource
                                                                                                 creation, it may be considered to be sustainable.
                                                                                                 The United States has the most geothermal power production in
the world - currently around 2700 Megawatts. This is about 1.6 per        White. Geodynamics is one of over 40 geothermal energy companies,
cent of the total US electricity generation. A hydrothermal power         formed in Australia as the search for alternative energy sources
station called The Geysers in California has been producing low           intensifies. Geodynamics’ Cooper Basin tenements extend from
cost electricity for many years. Steam or water is released from          South Australia to southwest Queensland and contain an energy
the geysers at a high pressure and used in a turbine to generate          resource comparable to Australia’s coal and gas resources. The
power. Similar resources are available in New Zealand and                 company has Geothermal Energy Licences (GELs) covering 2500
Australia. Australia produces a very small amount of electricity          square kilometres of the Cooper Basin and is the only company in
from geothermal energy, with one facility being Ergon Energy’s            Australia to have successfully drilled 4000 metres into granite that
geothermal power station at Birdsville. In addition, trials are           contains multiple fractures and water under pressures of up to
being carried out in South Australia and New South Wales to               12,000 pounds per square inch (psi).
commercialise Australia’s first hot rock (geothermal) power station.      When you turn off to Moolawatana you are still in the Strzelecki
Most of Australia’s hydrothermal resources are water-dominated            Desert, so the only change to the track is it is a little more sandy and
sources found in the Great Artesian Basin which stretches from the        windy through gibber plains. The vegetation becomes sparser from
far north of South Australia through western Queensland to the Gulf       this point and the terrain changes to a flat plain with low undulating
of Carpentaria. There are also a number of potential hot dry rock         rises. Gibber rocks are everywhere and one wonders what the cattle
sites in the north of South Australia and in the Hunter Valley, New       eat. As you approach Moolawatana you will notice a mountain behind
South Wales. A significant geothermal resource has been known             it, about eight kilometres to the east. It is Mount Babbage, first seen
of for some time in the Cooper Basin area of north-eastern South          by explorer Benjamin Herschel Babbage in 1856. He was the son of
Australia. This basin is an important source of gas and petroleum         Charles Babbage, who developed computer theory and designed the
and many boreholes have been drilled in the process of exploration        first mechanical computer. He named it Mt Hopeful, because he had
and production from the field. The majority of these boreholes have       learned from an Aboriginal that there was a gap in Eyre’s ‘horseshoe
had temperature measurements made in them. As a result, the very          lake’. Surveyor-General Goyder of “Goyder’s Line “renamed it
high temperatures that characterise the sub-surface near the town         Mt Babbage in 1857. It is probably no coincidence that the mount
of Innamincka are both well-known and well understood. As you             further north at the turn-off onto the Strzelecki Track is called Mount
drive out you will see the first borehole to be drilled in the Cooper     Hopeless! Lunch is near Moolawatana.
Basin. It has been named Habanero 1 (after what is reputedly the
world’s hottest variety of chilli). It is now the hottest borehole ever   After lunch you continue down the track towards Arkaroola. The
drilled in Australia with a temperature at 4300 metre depth of more       track is pretty much the same, flat with the occasional dips and
than 250°C.                                                               gutters. About 25km after lunch or 325km after Innamincka you will
                                                                          see a black tank atop a hill. Well, it has no significance whatsoever!
The Innamincka plant will be see the first power produced from            You pass through North Mulga and the Paralana Outstation where
enhanced geothermal systems in Australia. Geodynamics Managing            the Vulkathana-Gammon National Park looms on your right. These
Director and CEO Gerry Grove-White said Innamincka, which has             can be quite spectacular, particularly with the afternoon sun on
a permanent population of just 12, is set to be the proving ground        them, so keep your cameras at the ready. The Gammon Ranges
for hot fractured rock (HFR) geothermal energy when it swaps              National Park was proclaimed in 1970. It took in only a part of the
diesel fuel power for geothermal power. “From that one small step,        Yankaninna station at first. The park was extended in 1980 and 1985,
Geodynamics aims to make the great leap into making the Cooper            when the Balcanoona Station holdings were added to the park. You
Basin a major new energy province for Australia,” said Mr Grove-          eventually turn up through the ranges and head for Arkaroola. The
                                                                          terrain and scenery changes dramatically and it becomes a very,
                                                                          pretty, scenic drive into your night stop.
                                                                          Arkaroola is a privately owned sanctuary in the Northern Flinders
                                                                          Ranges 660 km north of Adelaide. It is the personal vision and
                                                                          triumph of the late Dr Reg Sprigg, a renowned geologist and

                                                                                                                                                     2011 SA Variety Bash
                       conservationist, who bought the 610 square kilometre (61,000
                       hectare) property in 1968 and slowly converted it into a wildlife
                                                                                               Day 5 – Arkaroola to Leigh Creek.
                       sanctuary. It is a fascinating region with dramatic, ancient hills,     Make yourself ready for some challenging stretches today as you
                       beautiful waterholes and a truly harsh and dry environment. Some of     head out of Arkaroola to Copley for the lunch stop. The challenge
                       the rocks in the area are estimated to be more than 1000 million-       starts almost immediately as you leave your night stop down some
                       years-old. Arkaroola is named after Arkaroo, a mythical monster         very rough and rocky tracks. The track runs mostly along and across
                       which is believed by the Aborigines to have drunk Lake Frome dry        creek beds which dot the landscape. As you head towards Copley you
                       before crawling into the mountains. The Adnajamathana Aborigines        will notice a sign labelled Tremolite. Arkaroola marks a lot of mineral
                       believe that as Arkaroo moved through the land he created the           outcrops with signs to illustrate the geology of the area, some of it
                       Arkaroola Creek. They believe that where he stopped and urinated,       dating back more than 500 million years. Tremolite is a relatively
                       he left the waterholes, which are one of the most beautiful parts of    common mineral in some metamorphic rocks. It occurs from the
                       the Arkaroola area. The Arkaroola area was first explored by Edward     conversion of dolomite, silica and water into tremolite, calcite and
                       Eyre who passed through in 1840 and by G.W. Goyder (Goyder’s Line)      carbon dioxide. Tremolite is typically a creamy white colour. With just
                       – the northern limit of agriculture) who started to survey the land     a small amount of iron, tremolite will be green. Tremolite contains
                       in 1857. In 1860 miners moved into the district when copper was         a form of asbestos. This form of the mineral contains significant
                       discovered at Yudnamutana, but the drought of 1863 drove them from      health hazards and should never be brought near the mouth as it can
                       the area. Settlement occurred again early in the twentieth century.     cause asbestosis. Asbestosis is a lung disease caused by inhalation
                       In 1903 rubies and sapphires were discovered near Mount Pitt and        of asbestos particles, which causes several cancers, particularly
                       by 1910 a smelter had been built at Yudnamutana. It was at this time    lung cancer and mesothelioma. Symptoms of asbestosis do not
                       that Sir Douglas Mawson (more on him later) identified uranium          arise until about 20 years after the inhalation. Due to the hazards,
                       at Mount Painter. He later became a famous Antarctic explorer. Dr       washing hands after handling specimens is highly recommended.
                       Spriggs was one of his students. Early in the 1930s the area was full   Many mineral collectors avoid collecting asbestos minerals out of
                       of wild camels and donkeys. By 1935 the property was fenced and         safety concerns. The track is a definite ‘Drive to Conditions’ (DTC)
                       an eradication program was started to clear these feral animals.        track. There are lots of deep gutters with rocky outcrops, so take
                       The program was successful and by 1945 the area was converted to        care! After a very bumpy ride you eventually reach Umberatana
                       grazing land. In 1948 there was a short, but unsuccessful attempt       Station, a 140,000 acre sheep property which was first taken up on
                       to open Arkaroola as a health spade Reg Spriggs purchased the           January 1, 1858, by brothers John, James and William Thomas. At
                       property in 1968. By 1979 he was a trustee of the World Wildlife Fund   the time they were the most northern settlers in South Australia.
                       and actively involved in protecting the endangered yellow footed rock   The lease was transferred to Samuel Stuckey, his brother Robert
                       wallaby at Arkaroola.                                                   and Thomas Elder in 1862. Samuel discovered Lake Hope in 1859.
                                                                                               In 1866, Samuel Stuckey went to India, bringing back some hundred
                       Other points of interest here include –
                                                                                               camels and 31 cameleers. These were stationed at Umberatana but
                       •   Ningana natural history and geology museum at Arkaroola.            later moved to Beltana Station. Evidence of the camels still remains
                       •   Old Copper Mine Ruins at BollaBollana and the beehive shaped        around Umberatana. Near the main homestead and out-buildings
                           copper smelter erected in the 1890s.                                is a camel water trough built out of stone. The walls are half a
                                                                                               metre thick; it is about one and half metres wide and five metres
                       •   Astronomical Observatory which houses two substantial               long. As you pass the homestead buildings on your left you will see
                           telescopes.                                                         a wall-like structure running up and over the ridge. Workers at the
                       •   Paralana Hot Springs which rise through a fissure and contain       station claim it is a five foot high stone wall, built to manage the
                           helium, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and the poisonous radon gas.       camels. It stretches for some five kilometres. However there are
                           Camping in the area is prohibited because of the possible build-    other “natural” rock structures in the Flinders. Umberatana now only
                           up of deadly gases.                                                 carries about 600 sheep as the station has been leased by Marathon
                                                                                               Mining for mineral exploration in the area. Workers are stationed
                       Your dinner tonight is prepared and presented by Fasta Pasta thanks
                                                                                               at the shearing quarters. The stone work around Umberatana is
                       to the Spriggs family and Arkaroola resort which has allowed us to
                                                                                               exquisite. Driving out of Umberatana you leave the Vulkathunha
                       use their kitchen facilities.

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                                                                           high range was the southern and western heights of the Gammons.
                                                                           The next explorer to reach the area was the Surveyor General,
                                                                           Edward Charles Frome, on his second expedition up the eastern side
                                                                           of the Flinders three years later. After finding his route to the east
                                                                           blocked by the lake which would later bear his name, he headed
                                                                           for the highest point in the ranges he could see, which he thought
                                                                           was Eyre’s Mount Serle: however, his paintings show it to be Mount
                                                                           McKinlay (named 15 years later after “Big John” McKinlay, a local
                                                                           who became famous for leading one of several rescue expeditions for
                                                                           Burke and Wills in 1861).
                                                                           Eventually you reach the Copley Road and pass through the Depot
                                                                           Springs Station before reaching town and lunch. Lunch is at the
                                                                           delightful Quandong Café (Copley Bakery) where you should try
                                                                           one of their famous Quandong pies (they’re definitely not rubbery).
                                                                           Quandongs are a truly unique native Australian fruit; a sort of
                                                                           small native peach. Found in the arid and semi-arid regions of all
                                                                           Australian mainland states, Quandong trees have been classified
– Gammon ranges and enter the Yankorinna Ranges. This area                 as belonging to the santalum genus of plants. Ideally adapted to
was once the domain of the Adnyamathanha aboriginal people.                arid environments, the Santalum Acuminatum species is known
The current generation live largely on the neighbouring station of         to be a semi-parasitic plant. Quandong trees can tolerate high soil
Mount Serle (which you will pass down the track) and Aboriginal            salinity levels and often rely for their complete water requirements
lands at Nepabunna and Nantawarrina. The park is managed under             from the root systems of host plants. Across their native distribution
a co-operative system which involves the Adnyamathanha people.             range, Quandong trees typically grow two to three metres in height,
Also included in the park is a wide strip of territory running 40 km       with a dense leathery crown of leaves perhaps two metres wide.
from the edge of the ranges to the shores of Lake Frome, an area           Traditionally the Quandong was an important food source for
which is used by the local Aboriginal people for hunting kangaroos         Australian Aborigines. Amongst male members of central Australia’s
and emus. Before reaching Mount Serle Station you pass a remote            Pitjantjara people, Quandongs were considered a suitable substitute
wooden construction homestead called Owieandana. It has an                 for meat - especially when hunting game was in short supply. Around
amusing sign hanging on the shed to the left of the house which            the Everard Ranges, Quandong gathering and food preparation was
reads “Hanningan’s Gap. Population 2”. Drive slowly through here           considered Pitjantjara women’s business. Ripe red Quandong
as you pass very close to the property. Owieandana is part of the          fruits would be eaten raw or dried for later use.
Operation Flinders Foundation, a South Australian based charitable         Amongst Australian aborigines Quandongs
organisation that runs a world leading wilderness adventure                were much valued for their medicinal
program for young offenders and young people at risk. The program          properties. Specialised uses of the Quandong
takes participants between the age of 14 and 18 years on an eight          included a form of tea which was drunk as a
day exercise in the far northern Flinders Ranges, providing an             purgative. Quandong tree roots were also ground
opportunity for its participants to break away from their past and         down and used as an infusion for the treatment
grow as valued members of the community. The Foundation offers a           of rheumatism. Typically Quandong leaves were
unique program that presents its participants with a new direction in      crushed and mixed with saliva to produce a topical
life. Teams trek 100km through the spectacular Flinders Ranges with        ointment for skin sores and boils. Encased within
the aim to develop personal attitudes of self-esteem, leadership,          each Quandong seed is an oil rich kernel which
motivation, team work and responsibility. They learn basic bush
survival skills, are taught to abseil, discover Indigenous culture and
learn of the rich history of the Flinders Ranges. Unlike other aspects
of their lives, there is not an opportunity for the participants to ‘opt
out’. Each team, of between eight and 10, is led by a team leader
skilled in navigation and bushcraft. The young participants live out
and sleep on the ground, prepare their own food, navigate through
the Flinders Ranges and learn the values of team work and respect.
An independent evaluation in 2001 reported that the program at
that time was leading the world in its outcomes, and found that the
young people at high risk underwent a significant positive change
as a result. Operation Flinders fields teams from both metropolitan
and regional communities throughout South Australia. In the years
2008-2009, a record number of over 320 young people participated in
an Operation Flinders Foundation Exercise.
Owieandana is on the Owieandana Creek nestled amongst mountains                                                                                        21
such as Arcoona Bluff (863m), Gammon Hill (1009m) and Mount
                                                                                                                                                    2011 SA Variety Bash

Serle (891m). As you navigate your way towards Copley you will
encounter quite a few gutters and creek crossings, so take care
and drive to conditions. The first European to see these ranges was
probably Edward Eyre on his 1840 expedition along the western side
of the Flinders. Attempting to find a way through the salt lakes that
he thought barred the path to the north, he climbed Mount Serle; in
his published expedition journal, he wrote that “to the north-east, the
view was obstructed by a high range immediately in front of us”. This
                                                                                               with a 19th century setting. Once across the creek you head on until
                                                                                               you come to the turn-off to the Aroona Dam, built in 1955 to supply
                                                                                               water to the township of Leigh Creek and the area. However the dam
                                                                                               does more than that. The Northern Flinders Ranges and adjoining
                                                                                               desert areas are part of the real Outback of Australia. Leigh Creek
                                                                                               and the Northern Flinders Ranges have some of the most diverse
                                                                                               environments and sceneries of Outback Australia. Aroona is a very
                                                                                               unique and beautiful place, and the surrounds are probably the best
                                                                                               examples in Australia in environmental rehabilitation in Australia.
                                                                                               By 1985, the lands of the Aroona Sanctuary were badly degraded.
                                                                                               Massive numbers of rabbits and feral goats depleted the native
                                                                                               vegetation. The vegetation loss had led to extensive surface and
                                                                                               gully erosion. Widespread soil erosion also caused rapid silting of
                                                                                               Aroona Dam. A large scale environmental rehabilitation project was
                       was also processed in a similar fashion to treat skin disorders.        started in late 1985 under the guidance of Beat Odermatt, a local
                       Quandong kernels could also be eaten and some tribal groups were        Environmental Scientist. Rehabilitation was done by destroying
                       known to employ crushed kernels as a form of “hair conditioning         rabbits and feral goats and by undertaking erosion control works,
                       oil”. Ingeniously Australia’s aborigines appeared to be aware that      such as disk pitting and the construction of water velocity reducers.
                       Quandongs were a preferred food source of emus, and that a ready        The removal of rabbits and feral goats helped the native vegetation
                       supply of Quandong seeds could be found in their droppings. If they     to return. Over one million trees and shrubs emerged in the
                       have any Quandong jams or chutneys for sale, it’s worth your while      degraded area and silting of waterways and Aroona Dam became
                       trying them. Enjoy your lunch.                                          drastically reduced. In 1995, the Government of South Australia
                                                                                               declared the area around Aroona Dam a Flora and Fauna Sanctuary.
                       After lunch you leave Copley which was officially proclaimed a town     Within less than 10 years, an extremely badly degraded area had
                       on August 27, 1891, celebrating its 120th birthday this year. The       recovered to a situation where it could again support a diverse range
                       town was named in honour of William Copley, who represented             of native plants and wildlife. The Aroona Dam area rehabilitation
                       the town in the Legislative Council for the Northern District at the    programme became proof that our native lands are not fragile, but
                       time of proclamation. It was originally known as Leigh Creek after a    incredible resilient. The programme provided proof too that many
                       nearby pastoral holding. The Great Northern Railway made its way        of our degraded lands can be rehabilitated by removing threats and
                       to the town in 1881. Nearby is the Mount of Light Copper mine. The      competition to native fauna and flora. In the meantime, a successful
                       historic two-storey Leigh Creek hotel in town is more commonly          captive breeding programme of Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies
                       known as the Copley Pub. Once out of town you travel up the road        at Monarto Zoological Park in South Australia had become too
                       and head north-west past the Leigh Creek coalfields towards             successful. The Royal Zoological Society of South Australia and
                       Lyndhurst before turning off onto Myrtle Springs station. The road is   scientists from the SA Department of Environment and Heritage
 22                    reasonably good, but as with any of these outback tracks care needs     were looking for a suitable site for the world’s first free release of
                       to be taken as there are numerous wash-outs, creek crossings and        captive Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies. The Aroona Dam Sanctuary
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       gutters. You pass the homestead on your right at about the 60km         was chosen as the best site. A control programme was initiated
                       mark and travel another eight kilometres or so before leaving Myrtle    to control potential predators such as feral cats and feral foxes. In
                       Springs and crossing onto Beltana Station. The track takes you          1996, a small number of captive bred Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies
                       along a creek bed with the 389 metre Mt Rafferty on your right. At      were released in the Aroona Sanctuary. The released animals were
                       around about the 97km mark you pass the St. Ronan ruins and well,       closely monitored with the help of radio collars. Monitoring was
                       just before crossing another creek. Who was St. Ronan you may           undertaken with the help of a large range of people, such as local
                       well ask? Well there are at least 12 Irish saints called Ronan. “St     school students, mine workers and scientists from other many Zoo’s
                       Ronan’s Well” is a novel by Sir Walter Scott, the only one he wrote
                                                                            The Legend of Yulu’s Charcoal
                                                                            The Aborigines believed that giant semi-human
                                                                            creatures created at the beginning of the world
                                                                            were responsible for all the creeks, hills, gorges and
                                                                            mountain ranges in Australia. In the distant past, a
                                                                            Wild Turkey Man persuaded the Aborigines to initiate
                                                                            one of the young men of the tribe at the place now
                                                                            known as Wilpena Pound. The news of such an
                                                                            important event spread over the countryside and
                                                                            finally reached the ears of a gruff old Kingfisher Man
                                                                            called Yulu Yuluru who lived in the desert country west
                                                                            of what is now the Leigh Creek coalfield. For a while
                                                                            the Kingfisher Man was not interested in the doings
                                                                            at Wilpena Pound, but when he heard that the Wild
                                                                            Turkey Man was to be leader he decided to attend the
                                                                            ceremony, hunt the Wild Turkey Man away and initiate
                                                                            the boy in his own way.
                                                                            At Leigh Creek he lit huge fires to announce his
around Australia and the USA. The free released Yellow-footed Rock-
wallabies have increased in numbers since 1995 and a new National           coming. These were so large and burnt up so many
Heritage Track makes it possible for visitors to visit the site and enjoy   trees that the charcoal remaining behind formed
the natural assets of the area. It may be even possible for some lucky      the present coal deposit at Leigh Creek and at other
people to see some of these beautiful rare animals. Watch out for           places along the ranges. They called it Yulu’s Charcoal
tourists when entering the dam area for your “seafood fun stop”.            long before the coming of white man into their country.
After the fun stop it is a relatively straight forward drive into Leigh
                                                                            When the Kingfisher Man was passing through
Creek for the night. An Oasis in the Desert is probably the best way
of describing this company coal mining town on the edge of the              Brachina Gorge on his way to the ceremony, he saw
Strzelecki Desert. Located 567 km north of Adelaide, 261 km north of        two large snakes travelling in the same direction.
Port Augusta and 194 m above sea level, it has an annual rainfall of        These so scared him he crept behind some low hills
only 20.5 cm or a little over 8 inches. The Leigh Creek area was first      so that he could not be seen. These manoeuvres so
settled by Harry Leigh (after whom the town and mine are name) in           delayed Yulu that by the time he reached Wilpena
1856. The coalfields were discovered in 1888 when John Henry Reid
discovered coal bearing shale during the sinking of a railway dam in
                                                                            Pound the ceremony was well under way and the
the Leigh Creek area. This discovery led to a geological examination        Wild Turkey Man was just about to initiate the boy by
of the district and the sinking of shafts in 1892. However operations       burning him with a fire-stick. Yulu rushed in, knocked
ceased in 1894 after only small quantities of coal were extracted           the fire stick from the hand of the Wild Turkey Man and
for experimental purposes. The South Australian Government                  carried out the ceremony in a much kindlier manner.
withdrew the coalfield from the Mining Act in 1908. In 1940, when
coal supplies became critically low because of World War 11, Leigh          The action pleased the assembled people, but
Creek was back on the map with open cut mining starting in 1943. In         unfortunately just as the ceremony was at its height
the mid-1970s a new power station was built at Port Augusta which           the two snakes that Yulu had seen in Brachina Gorge
meant enlarging the coalfield using new methods to extract deeper           burst in upon the scene and consumed all but the
coal, increasing production and building a retention dam to prevent
possible flooding of the field and diverting the main highway around
                                                                            initiate, the Wild Turkey Man and the Kingfisher Man.
the coalfield. The existing town of Leigh Creek was located within the      The two later fled south quarrelling loudly, while the
coal basin, so a new town was built south of the coalfield. In 1980-81      youth escaped to the north, only to be transformed into
the entire population was moved to the new township of Leigh                a stony hill near the Wirrealpa Station.
Creek south.
                                                                            After the great snakes had their meal of human flesh,
Since the early 1990s more changes have occurred in Leigh Creek.            they stretched themselves out, one along the northern
Massive restructuring of mining operations resulted in the reduction
of a workforce of over 750 to about 200 today. The population has also
                                                                            and one along the southern side of the ceremonial
dropped from about 2500 in 1987 to about 600 today. While this has          ground with their heads almost touching. They then           23
meant a reduction in services to local residents, the future of Leigh       willed themselves to death and their bodies changed
                                                                                                                                      2011 SA Variety Bash

Creek has great potential due to massive coal reserves and cost             into the steep precipitous cliffs that now form the
effective mining techniques. In August 2000 NRG Energy took over            outer walls of Wilpena Pound. The space between the
Leigh Creek. Now trading as NRG Flinders, the company is part of
                                                                            heads is the gorge through which the water empties
the portfolio of assets owned by NRG Energy, Inc. – a leading global
energy company with more than 100 power facilities around the               into the open plain and is the only entrance into the
world and one of the world’s leading independent power producers.           beautiful pound.
The Leigh Creek area is of considerable importance to the Aboriginal
people as is illustrated in this legend.
                                                            Tonight’s dinner is catered for
                                                            by the Leigh Creek Tavern.

                                                             Day 6 – Leigh
                                                             Creek to Wilpena
                                                                 Today you head off for
                                                           Wilpena via Parachilna where
                                 lunch will be provided for by the Prairie Hotel. You head
                       north-west out of Leigh Creek back towards Copley where you
                       turn right, by-passing the town up into them “thar” hills where the
                       Mountain of Light Copper Mine is on your right. You then head east
                       on some fairly rough tracks, so, again take care. The Mountain of
                                                                                              Barilla, Mandarin, Mount Shanahan, Sliding Rock, John Bull, Wheal
                       Light Copper Mining Company was first formed on December 13,
                                                                                              Turner, Mount Rose, Enterprise, Harvey’s Return, Mount Bayley,
                       1898. Originally called the Cutaway Junction, it was one of several
                                                                                              Avondale, Ediacara, Great Gladstone and Callana mines. Gold was
                       mines in the district employing 12 miners and raising about 900
                                                                                              still found at Angepena, Umberatana and Worturpa where several
                       pounds (monetary) worth of copper. It was estimated there was
                                                                                              hundred men were at work. By the end of 1899 we find that at the
                       about 5000 pounds worth of copper on the property at the time of
                                                                                              Mountain of Light Captain J.H. Isaac had finished two shafts to
                       sale. Prospects for mining on the Copley area has increased with
                                                                                              a depth of 24 metres. Both shafts were connected by a 35 metre
                       the completion in mid-1898 of a crushing and concentrating plant
                                                                                              long drive. The mine was kept dry by the use of several whims.
                       at the nearby Windy Creek which was about five kilometres from
                                                                                              On February 26, 1900 the Mountain of Light mine was wound up
                       the principal mines in the area. Work at the mine had proved the
                                                                                              voluntarily. However this did not mean that mining at the Mountain
                       existence of a big and rich ore body and a gentleman named Burton
                                                                                              of Light had completely finished. During September 1904 a few of
                       Corbin with his men were sending ore averaging 20 per cent to the
                                                                                              the miners from the Mountain of Light left for Blinman which was
                       Wallaroo smelters. Some of the rich samples were exhibited at the
                                                                                              now being worked on a large scale. Several months later the mine
                       company’s office at Melvin Chambers, King William Street. About 40
                                                                                              was still working and regularly dispatching ore to be smelted as
                       tons had been sent to the English and Australian Copper Company
                                                                                              was the Elsie Adair mine. Everyone had high hopes again when it
                       in Port Adelaide which yielded from 25 to 33 per cent which was
                                                                                              was reported in 1905 that the Mountain of Light had struck “real
                       regarded as highly satisfactory. News soon spread and several
                                                                                              good copper”. Early in 1907 smelters were erected at the Mountain
                       mineral claims were pegged out around the Mountain of Light. There
                                                                                              of Light by the Tasmanian Copper Company which now owned the
                       was really quite a lot of mining going on in the Northern Flinders
                                                                                              mine and employed about 50 men. The chimney was completed,
                       Ranges during 1899. As many as 75 mines were being worked. This
                                                                                              but the smelters were never fired. That same year the company
                       included at least 58 copper mines, six silver mines, two goldmines
                                                                                              discharged 27 men who promptly left for Broken Hill. During 1910
                       and one coalmine. Some of the better known mines were the Lorna
                                                                                              no work was done at all and most of the winding gear on the main
                       Doone, Copper King, Paralana, Nilpena, Blinman, Yudanamutana,

2011 SA Variety Bash
shaft was dismantled and removed from the property. There were              ore, sheep and wool. The Beltana was a new ship built for the Port
several attempts to mine copper over the years, but none led to any         Augusta to London run in 1869 and operated until 1897.Beltana’s
great development. The Mountain of Light is still full of copper, as        best time was between 1875 and the 1920s. During these years
are the mountains of the Northern Flinders Ranges. Unfortunately,           mining activity was at its height. The town supported a brewery,
no matter how complicated the methods used, or the state of                 two hotels, post and telegraph office, school, police station, doctor,
technology, it cannot be mined economically, which means at a profit,       court-house, church, baker, butcher, blacksmith, hospital, railway
if it is not there in sufficiently concentrated quantity AND quality. The   station, cricket team, race meetings, a saddle maker, carriage
Northern Flinders Ranges may not provide work for copper miners             maker, mining exchange, several shops and, at times, as many as
anymore, but they still are a mineral paradise for geology lecturers,       500 people. Mechanisation, mine closure, drought and depression
geology students, history students and rock hounds alike. Further           lead to the slow decline of Beltana as a service centre for the region
signs of mining can be seen at about the 15km mark where a broken           from 1920 onwards. The railway realignment consequent to gauge
pipe sticks out of the ground. This pipe travels from the Sliding Rock      change in 1956 and road movement in 1983 completed the reversal
mine to Leigh Creek and once provided good quality water to Leigh           of the town’s fortunes.
Creek. The discovery in 1869 of this copper deposit initially created       After Beltana it is a fairly good track onto Parachilna for lunch. The
a much bigger impact on the Flinders Ranges than any of the other           side of the road is dotted with Ghan remains - broken tracks, stone
mines, except maybe the Blinman mine. The Sliding Rock mine                 tanks, ruins of railway buildings etc. As you cross Breakfast Times
gave rise to the establishment of a proper town, with all facilities        Creek you will see more remnants of the Ghan. Your hosts for lunch
normally associated with inland settlements. Sliding Rock provided          are Jane and Ross Fargher at the Prairie Hotel.
job opportunities which were badly needed for the northern residents
and also for the miners at Blinman, who were struggling at that time        After lunch you cross the railway line and head first towards
to keep their own mine open. During its heyday, and even in decline,        Motpena, then Commodore. On your left is the Heysen Range.
Sliding Rock was a boost for the newly established town of Beltana,         The track is sandy and flat, but beware of gutters and wash-outs.
providing it with additional business and later population. In the early    You eventually cross over the railway line again and head towards
1870s more than 200 people lived at Sliding Rock, but its days were         Moralana. Crossing the western plain you head up towards Wilpena
numbered. Water eventually killed operations, flooding all the shafts       Pound through and up into the western rim. Make sure you have
eventually closing down the mine. Leigh Creek enjoyed this water            your cameras ready and this is one of the most picturesque parts
for some years. You will see other remains of this pipeline as you          of the Flinders. Taking the Moralana Scenic Drive you will head
travel down the track which winds through the hills. The houses and         through creek beds lined with huge red river gums and red cliffs.
mine buildings at Sliding Rock have long since disappeared, leaving         There are also native pines lining the track. On your right is the end
very little to show for the hard work and determination of men and          of the Elder Ranges and the Chairman’s 500 metre Mount Aleck.
women who bravely fought the isolation and loneliness, lack of              Continuing further west you will pass the restored and historic ‘Old
transport, fresh food and steady work, and - lost! When everyone            Cueing Yards’. These old yards were built in the 1870’s to hold the
had given up hope and left, the Sliding Rock mine became another of         bullocks for “cueing” (shoeing). The bullocks were used to bring the
the 25,000 mines which have been started and abandoned in South             large native pines from the Flinders Ranges, which were used in the
Australia since 1838. You don’t actually pass Sliding Rock, which is        construction of the Overland Telegraph Line. Continuing still further
on Warraweena Station, as you turn right on the track to Old Beltana        west, the largest and widest creek is crossed, the Moralana Creek.
town for morning tea. Warraweena is another station associated with         In times of very wet weather and flooding, this creek is impassable,
Operation Flinders. Beltana’s history began in 1870 with the advent         with evidence of debris wedged into the forks of the large River Red
of copper mining in the area, the construction of the Australian            Gums lining the creek. At the end of the drive you join the main road
Overland Telegraph line and the Ghan railway. Beltana was originally        and head up into the Flinders Ranges National Park and Wilpena
the name of a sheep station, west of the current town, which                Pound for the night. Old Wilpena Station lies within the Park only
provided a stopover point for travellers, missionaries, explorers, and      a few kilometres from the Wilpena Pound Resort. The station acts
miners. The name Beltana may have come from the Adnyamathanha               as a valuable archive of pastoral history in the Flinders Ranges.
for running water or crossing of the waters or may be an adaptation         It’s also culturally significant for indigenous and non-indigenous
of veldana for skin or cloak. It may also have come from the village of     Australians. The site holds a continued cultural significance for the
Beltana, Tasmania, or a word about bravery or courage from Ireland,         Adnyamathanha people today. Wilpena Station was established in
and finally one of the station managers believed it simply indicated        1851 and was an important pioneering pastoral run. It had a working
the place where the station bell was rung.                                  life of 135 years before the station ceased operations in 1985 when
                                                                            the Hunt family’s lease expired. It was purchased by the government
Land in the area was first taken up for pastoral use by John Haines in      and in 1988 dedicated as an addition to the Flinders Ranges National
1854, taken over by Thomas Elder in 1862 and amalgamated in 1867
into the Beltana Pastoral Company of Thomas Elder and Samuel
Stuckey. In 1866 Elder and Stuckey shipped in 109 Afghans and their
camels, forming the basis for the areas mid-19th Century transport.
The town’s first building was Martin’s eating house which was built
in 1870 to take advantage of the discovery of copper at Sliding Rock
20km east of Beltana. The town’s location had already been chosen
as a repeater station site for the Australian overland telegraph and
in 1870 the telegraph contract of Charles Todd brought more life to                                                                                     25
the area, with a telegraph station set up next to the only house on the
                                                                                                                                                     2011 SA Variety Bash

site. In 1873 the town was surveyed and laid out with an enthusiastic
115 allotments, room allowed for parklands and further expansion,
with reserved allotments for a school, police station and hospital.
In 1877 significant water was struck at the Sliding Rock mine and
the mine failed with many moving to Beltana. This coupled with the
1881 arrival of the railway brought an influx of families and within five
years there was a brewery, store and school. Other copper mines in
the area began working and the town became the railhead for copper
                       Park. Today the Old Wilpena Station Historic Precinct is one of South     area of northern South Australia. Activities at Rawnsley Park centre
                       Australia’s most significant pastoral settlement sites due to its fine    on the million dollar views of the Pound and surrounding Flinders
                       condition, wealth of heritage and spectacular setting. You’ll find the    Ranges and the rich traditions of Australia’s outback sheep stations.
                       most complete group of early station buildings surviving in South         There are seven clearly marked walking trails to some of the local
                       Australia here, within an authentic pastoral landscape. The Flinders      land marks with some great sounding names like Alison’s Saddle,
                       Ranges National Park Headquarters is within the Old Wilpena               Twidale’s Top, Kangaroo Gap Lookout, Pines Cave, Clem’s Corner,
                       Station Homestead.                                                        Ferntree Waterfall and of course Wilpena Lookout. You can also
                       Tonight’s stop is at the Wilpena Pound Resort, built on the banks         take in the unforgettable scenery via a number of escorted horse
                       of Wilpena Creek just outside an entrance to Wilpena Pound. In            riding treks or sturdy mountain bikes, both available at the Station.
                       this natural bush setting, native flora and fauna abound. Within the      For visitors wishing to travel a little further afield, to Arkaroola
                       resort you will encounter kangaroos and emus grazing while wedge-         or Lake Eyre there are Outback Flying Tours and Scenic Flights
                       tail eagles soar overhead. With just 60 rooms, the resort blends          over the Pound to experience the massive rugged peaks of ever-
                       well into the landscape and provides comfortable accommodation            changing colours, with their beautiful backdrop of the surrounding
                       for exploring the Flinders Ranges. The resort will be catering for        countryside. Before Hawker you turn left and head off into some
                       tonight’s dinner.                                                         more outstanding country as you head up into the Southern Flinders
                                                                                                 Ranges again with the Druid Range on your left and Black Jack
                                                                                                 Range on your right before going through the Weira Pass and down
                       Day 7 –Wilpena to Peterborough                                            into and across the Weira Plains. These plains date back to the
                                                                                                 1870s with the principal town being Belton. But it was heart breaking
                       This morning see you head off out of Wilpena turning right at the
                                                                                                 country with constant hot winds and dust storms sweeping across
                       main road and driving south-east towards Hawker. It is a great
                                                                                                 the plains. In 1890, Goyder wrote that these people “cling to their
                       drive with some spectacular scenery both sides of the road. You
                                                                                                 land with the utmost fortitude, enduring every kind of privation. The
                       head down towards Prelinna where, on your left, you will see a
                                                                                                 hope for better times was their only solace”. You finally reach the
                       beautiful house close to the road. The property lines the banks of
                                                                                                 Bendleby Ranges and your Day 7 lunch stop at the Bendleby Range
                       the Wilpena Creek and features Prelinna Hut which is one of the
                       easternmost huts in South Australia. The nearest ocean at this point
                       is the Southern Ocean about 130 km south-west of Prelinna. At this
                       point you are about 325 metres above sea level. The road continues
                       through the Rawnsley Bluff, part of Rawnsley Park Station. The
                       surveying of Rawnsley Bluff and the surrounding areas took place in
                       1858 and in fact you can still see the cairn that the surveyors erected
                       on the southeast edge of the Bluff when you take the walking track
                       to Rawnsley Bluff and Wilpena Lookout. The 3035ha Rawnsley Park
                       Station is owned and managed by fourth generation Flinders Ranges’
                       residents, Tony and Julieanne Smith. Dating back to 1851, the
 26                    station has been in the Smith family since 1953, and was originally
                       owned by Tony’s father, Clem Smith. Initially devoted to sheep, the
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       station first ventured into tourism in 1968, when the first cabins
                       were opened and sheep shearing demonstrations began. Tony and
                       Julieanne assumed ownership of Rawnsley Park in 1985 and, since
                       then, have transformed a small, struggling sheep station into an
                       award-winning tourism facility that attracts 20,000 visitors each year.
                       Though tourism is the main industry on the property, the Station
                       still runs 2000 sheep. Rawnsley Park Station has been turned into
                       a focal point to explore the Wilpena Pound and the Flinders Ranges
                                                                                            Bendleby is actually two
                                                                                            properties (The Springs
                                                                                            and Gumdale) totalling
                                                                                            15,000 hectares.
                                                                                            Originally they were
                                                                                            part of the Coonatto and
                                                                                            Pekina Pastoral Runs,
Tourist precinct. The entrance is very pretty, lined by native pines and
other typical outback foliage. You may be lucky to see some emus                            but after the government
and a wedge-tail eagle or two circling overhead. Bendleby is actually
two properties (The Springs and Gumdale) totalling 15,000 hectares.                         resumed the land, were
Originally they were part of the Coonatto and Pekina Pastoral
Runs, but after the government resumed the land, were sold off                              sold off as “agricultural”
as “agricultural” land. Because the properties are situated more
than 50km “outside” of Goyder’s Line, farming was unsustainable.                            land.
The many settler ruins which are scattered across the properties
are testimony to the harshness and climate vagaries. The Ellery
family (Gumdale) and Luckraft family (The Springs) have owned
                                                                            69 places in South Australia renamed in 1917 due to anti-German
these properties for over 35 years. Today the properties, whilst
                                                                            sentiments during World War I. The first building in the town was
separately managed, offer you some of the best kept secrets in the
                                                                            constructed in 1879. Settler Peter Doecke transferred his land to J
area. The beautiful creeks, valleys, ranges and shimmering plains
                                                                            H Koch in 1876, who found out in 1880 that the land would be the
will astound you. The owners are essentially bringing the properties
                                                                            site of a railway junction. He subdivided it and sold 33 acres (13 ha)
back to their former glory after some attempts to “farm”. Bendleby
                                                                            for £1700, after failing to get £500 for it in 1879. By 1880 a hotel and
Ranges is an increasingly popular adventure tourism destination,
                                                                            post office had been erected, followed by a school in 1883, and a
offering peace and tranquillity in an unspoilt natural environment.
                                                                            town hall in 1884.Peterborough was declared a municipality in 1886
The properties pride themselves on providing tourism with animal
                                                                            and is essentially a railway town. Its greatest claim to fame is that it
husbandry in a sustainable environment. Visitors can follow the
                                                                            is one of only two places in Australia (the other is Gladstone) where
walking trails or take exhilarating drives over two rugged mountain
                                                                            three railway gauges met. This particular absurdity was the result of
ranges (the Bendleby and Hungry) and be rewarded with spectacular
                                                                            different state governments being unable (or unwilling) to agree on a
views towards Lake Frome, Wilpena Pound, and the surrounding
                                                                            standard railway gauge. Peterborough sits on the intersection of the
countryside. The variety of accommodation offered - Gumdale
                                                                            East-West railway linking Port Pirie and Broken Hill, and the North-
Cottage, the old Johnburgh School House, and the Shearers’
                                                                            South railway linking Adelaide eventually to Alice Springs via Quorn,
Quarters, together with pristine campsites set among pine and gum
                                                                            both narrow gauge (1067 mm (3 ft. 6 in)) lines. The line from Port
creeks, provide the chance to experience the Flinders Ranges at its
                                                                            Pirie and Jamestown arrived in 1881, followed shortly after by the
best. The Luckraft property has full Organic Accreditation, which
                                                                            line from Terowie in the south. The line to Broken Hill was completed
fits well with the Advanced Eco-Accreditation gained by the tourism
                                                                            in 1887. Peterborough was the home town for “Bob the Railway Dog”
business. Lunch is courtesy of the owners.
                                                                            who is remembered by a bronze statue located in the Main Street.
After lunch you continue through the property encountering some             In 1970, the East-West line was converted to standard gauge (1435
bluebush and a few rough spots as you traverse gutters, creek               mm (4 ft. 8 1⁄2 in), and the line south of Peterborough to Terowie to
beds and washouts. Eventually you leave Bendleby on the fairly flat         broad gauge(1600 mm (5 ft. 3 in). The broad-gauge connection to
track and head for the Hillpara Creek where the track gets pretty           Adelaide, via Burra, was severed in the late 1980s. The narrow-gauge
rough before reaching the Yalpara Station homestead on your left.           line north to Quorn last carried freight in 1980, and was removed,
The shearing sheds are between the road and the house. Yalpara              between Eurelia and Bruce in the mid-1980s. Grain trains ran as
at an altitude of 306m above sea level remains a sheep property             far as Orroroo into the mid-1980s. In its later years it was used by
until this day. The track gets a little interesting past the homestead      tourist trains from Steam town as far as Eurelia. Steamtown ceased
winding through creek beds and tree outcrops. Shortly after passing         operations in 2002; however the roundhouse is still used to display
the homestead you will notice some ruins on your right, known as            its coaches and locomotives. The District Council, with funding from
Batts Ruin. You pass another homestead at about the 35km mark               the three tiers of government and recovery of the Eurelia line, have
(take care) followed by the abandoned Devil’s Chimney mine before           subsequently established the Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre, with             27
tracking on to the Deep Well Plain towards Peterborough. It gets            SA’s first Sound & Light Show. The town is still served by the twice-
                                                                                                                                                       2011 SA Variety Bash

pretty cold out here on the plain with the coldest months being July/       weekly Indian Pacific train which heads to Adelaide on Sundays and
August, so don’t dawdle!                                                    Thursdays and to Sydney on Tuesdays and Fridays. Today the town
Your night stop is Peterborough in wheat country just off the Barrier       is a small service centre for the surrounding farms. It does have a
Highway. It was originally named Petersburg after the landowner,            number of interesting museums. Dinner tonight will be held in the
Peter Doecke, who sold the land to create the town. It developed            town hall.
relatively late in South Australia’s history not being set up until 1875.
Johann Koch, one of the first settlers observed at the time that it
was “a wild place and kangaroos were swarming”. It became one of
                       Day 8 – Peterborough to Hahndorf                                           was first to reach the South Magnetic Pole. He spent the rest of
                                                                                                  his career as a professor of geology at the University of Adelaide,
                       The final day offers some more fantastic tracks and scenery as             specialising in mineralogy and petrology. He died on October 14,
                       you head south towards the finish line. Not long after leaving             1958. The 900km Mawson Trail takes you through some of the most
                       Peterborough you turn right onto a dirt track towards Terowie. It’s        beautiful and spectacular tourist regions of South Australia.
                       a fairly straightforward flat track. At the 24km mark you will see
                                                                                                  The trail is relatively smooth, but ever changing as you head down
                       a saltbush trial crop on your right which takes you another four
                                                                                                  into Mt. Bryan East. At about the 60km mark there is a very rough
                       kilometres before a sharp turn around Hiles Lagoon which is only
                                                                                                  creek crossing with more of the same about seven kilometres on.
                       about 25km from Terowie. Interestingly enough Terowie got its name
                                                                                                  The road finally gets better at about the 90km mark. Another 35km
                       from an aboriginal word meaning hidden waterhole. Hiles Lagoon
                                                                                                  down the track you reach World’s End Road and the abandoned
                       is not exactly hidden! Terowie was originally named Shebbear
                                                                                                  World’s End homestead. You are only 150km north-east of Adelaide
                       on August 9, 1877, by the South Australian government, but was
                                                                                                  and close to Burra, so it sounds quite close to civilisation. However
                       changed to Terowie by Governor Barclay-Harvey on November
                                                                                                  back in the 1800s there was nothing to the north and east but
                       20, 1941. Hiles Lagoon, when full, covers an area of around 210
                                                                                                  desolate outback. World’s End’s claim to fame is that it was the
                       hectares. The track continues before entering Waupunyah Plain
                                                                                                  place where copper was discovered that saved South Australia
                       about seven kilometres on where the vegetation changes drastically.
                                                                                                  from bankruptcy. Further on you cross the Spring Hut Creek and
                       It is fairly tree-lined close to the road so you should watch out for
                                                                                                  enter the Geranium Plains, although there is not a geranium to be
                       wildlife. The plain is about 397km above sea level. After a while you
                                                                                                  seen! It was a strong German Lutheran settlement area and the
                       drive out into the open again before more trees and a steep drive up
                                                                                                  Lutheran Church stills stands with the cemetery behind. Not far
                       into the hills. At the top there is a spectacular view down into the
                                                                                                  down the track you will encounter the 356km long Morgan to Whyalla
                       valley following the Mawson Trail, named after Antarctic explorer Sir
                                                                                                  pipeline which was laid above ground on concrete supports. Prior to
                       Douglas Mawson who led many geological expeditions to the mid-
                                                                                                  construction of the Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline, Whyalla had to rely on
                       north of South Australia in the early 1900s.
                                                                                                  rainfall or water transported from Port Pirie in barges. The pipeline
                       Born in Shipley, Yorkshire, England on May 5, 1882 Mawson is               was commissioned in 1944 and as labour was in extremely short
                       probably better known for his exploration of the Antarctic than            supply because of World War 11, the project brought together Italian
                       his geological forages in the mid-north. He was among the first            internees on probation, de-licensed Italian fishermen from Port
                       scientists to explore the continent of Antarctica. Mawson moved to         Pirie, Aboriginal people and prisoners from Yatala. After Darwin was
                       Australia as a young boy and spent most of his life, first in Sydney,      bombed this group was expanded to include ‘soft core’ prisoners.
                       and later in Adelaide. He accompanied Ernest Shackleton on the             The pipe diameter varies from 750 mm at Morgan to 525 mm at
                       British Antarctic Expedition from1907 to 1909 before commanding            Whyalla. Water is pumped through four electrical pumping stations
                       his own, the Australasian Antarctic Expedition. In an attempt to chart     over a distance of 92 km with a height lift of 475 m to a summit
                       the coastline directly south of Australia, Mawson and his crew set out     storage. From the summit storage water gravitates to Whyalla. In
                       in 1911. At one point during the expedition, three of them - Mawson,       total there are 127 concrete storage tanks along the route. Further
                       Xavier Mertz and Belgrave Ninnis - were sledding across the snow           on you run alongside the Swan Reach to Stockwell pipeline which
                       and ice when Ninnis disappeared down a crevasse. The sled with the         was commissioned in 1969. Its main purpose is to supplement
                       most important provisions and their lead dog went down with Ninnis.        supplies to the Barossa Valley, Lower North and Yorke Peninsula
 28                    Mawson and Mertz began to head back to their base camp, braving            areas and to supply townships and farming lands along its route. The
                       the cold and surviving by killing and eating their dogs. Little did they   pipeline, which is 54km long, can pump 24,000 mega litres per year.
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       know that the dog meat was poisoning them, finally killing Mertz           A water treatment plant at Swan Reach treats all water pumped into
                       several days before reaching base camp and medical aid. Mawson             the pipeline from the Murray.
                       survived and returned to Australia in 1914 where he was greeted
                                                                                                  At the 228km mark the first vineyards marking the Barossa Valley
                       as a national hero and knighted. He made another expedition to
                                                                                                  appear and then it is on to your lunch stop at the iconic Wolf Blass
                       Antarctica called the British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic
                                                                                                  winery. The winery is catering for lunch. The Wolf Blass Winery and
                       Research Expedition (abbreviated as BANZARE) in 1929-31. He was
                                                                                                  Visitor Centre at the northern end of the Barossa Valley is one of
                       also a member of the first party to climb Mount Erebus and also of
                                                                                                  Australia’s great success stories. Wolf Blass is the only winemaker
                       the party of three, led by Professor Tannatt Edgeworth David, which
                                                                         the region in 1917. The new name honoured Sir William
                                                                         Birdwood, the Australian Imperial Force general who led the
                                                                         ANZACs at Gallipoli. The original name’s origins are uncertain,
                                                                         but Prussian settlers originating from a village of that same name
                                                                         is the most likely source. Birdwood is home to the National Motor
                                                                         Museum, where many of your cars could probably gain entry. You
                                                                         then travel on to Mount Torrens, named after Colonel Robert Torrens
                                                                         in the 1840s, one of South Australia’s founding fathers and Woodside
                                                                         and on to Hahndorf. Woodside was founded by the Johnston family in
                                                                         the 1850s primarily to improve their brewery business.
                                                                         Hahndorf is a little piece of Silesia, Prussia and Germany in the
                                                                         Adelaide Hills. Promoting itself as “Australia’s Oldest German Town”
                                                                         it has beautiful shady, tree-lined streets dotted with old businesses,
                                                                         cafes, bars and restaurants still run by the descendants of the
                                                                         town’s early German settlers. Hence the Teutonic writing on the
                                                                         signs! Hahndorf’s history started on December28, 1838, with the
                                                                         arrival at Port Adelaide of the 344 ton ship, Zebra, under the control
                                                                         of Captain Dirk Hahn. He was impressed by his passengers to such
to ever have been awarded Australia’s most prestigious wine              a point that upon their arrival in South Australia he was determined
trophy - the Jimmy Watson - a record four times. From a humble           to help them. Although a Dane it is he who is honoured with his
tin shed in 1966, the Wolf Blass winery is now home to a state-of-       name being the basis of the town’s name. The ship was carrying
the-art winemaking facility and world-class visitor centre. The Wolf     187 German immigrants. For a time the immigrants lived in tents
Blass winery offers visitors to the site a unique winery experience.     at Port Adelaide then Hahn came to an agreement to rent 150 acres
The ‘Tasting Room’ provides guests with an opportunity to try a          of land (the present site of Hahndorf) which would be divided up
selection of Wolf Blass’ award winning wines, and browse through         so there was 38 acres for living quarters and the rest for farming.
the extensive range of merchandise, gifts and limited release wines      Later the grant was expanded to 240 acres. A group of 12 men on
available for purchase. When Wolf Blass started producing his style      horseback and some ladies in a carriage travelled to inspect the site
of red and white wines he claimed they would “make strong women          and Hahn was so taken by it that he declared ‘It seems to me as if
weak and weak men strong”. Enjoy your lunch !                            nature had lavished her choicest gifts on South Australia, I should
After lunch, hopefully with spotlessly clean vehicles, it’s on to        like to end my days here and never return to the busy world.’ The
Hahndorf for the finish line and your last night’s entertainment. It’s   conditions for settlement were generous. The Germans were given
a fairly straight forward run, mostly on main roads, so be careful to    provisions for the first year. They were also provided with a preacher
follow the road rules and signs. Certainly have your hazard lights       and a substantial amount of livestock. All that was required was that
turned off. Leaving Wolf Blass you head through Angaston, up             they worked hard and produced a reasonable return on the land and
through the Eden Valley, through Springton, Mt. Pleasant, Birdwood,      livestock. Not surprisingly the early settlers worked hard planting
Mt. Torrens, Woodside and into Hahndorf. All these towns and areas       crops and grazing the cattle they had been given. They all contributed
have a rich history, many of them dating back to the early to mid-       to the construction of a church which was completed within a year of
1800s. Angaston was included in a survey area in 1839 and finally        the settlement. It stood where St Michael’s Church now stands.
surveyed in 1841. A year later it had one house and a number of          Within the first decade the town prospered. Vineyards were
dugouts. One hundred years later it had 3500 residents and nearly        established, the women worked as shepherds, the men hired
700 houses. Angas Town was named after George Fife Angas, a heavy        themselves out to the surrounding landowners as cheap labour and
investor in the young colony of South Australia. Angas encouraged        slowly substantial houses, many of which still stand, were built. The
German and British migrants to settle either through lease or            town was struck by intense anti-German feelings during World War
purchase. The town was finally registered as Angaston on August 21,      I (rather stupid given that most of the residents could trace their
1857, by Angas’ son who joined this father in 1843.                      origins back to 1839) and the name was changed to Ambleside by
From Angaston you travel up through the beautiful Eden Valley, so        a 1917 Act of Parliament. The German Arms Hotel, for example,
named by the surveyors of the area after they found the word “Eden”      became the Ambleside Hotel and did not change its name back until
carved into a tree. However, it could also as easily been named after    1976. Tonight’s final night is at The Old Mill which was built in 1853
“the Garden of Eden”. The first vineyard in the region was Pewsey        and operated continuously crushing everything from mill to quartz
Vale, planted in 1847 by Englishman Joseph Gilbert. Eden Valley has      and bone for fertiliser until 1912 when it closed down. Today it is
a reputation for premium wines that take advantage of the higher         the Old Mill Restaurant which is part of the Old Mill motel. Enjoy
altitude and cooler climate, through grapes including Riesling,          your dinner catered by the Old Mill washed down by the iconic Peter
Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet. Here you’ll find several        Lehmann wines, generously provided by your Chairman, Doug.
wineries with cellar doors, including the iconic Pewsey Vale and the     Thanks again Bashers for all your fund-raising efforts. In 22 years
famed Henschke Wine Cellars. Then it’s on to Springton, first settled    you have raised well over $22.5 million for SA Variety, the Children’s
by Friedrich Herbig, a German tailor turned farmer, who arrived in       Charity.
South Australia in 1855. He travelled to the Barossa where he leased                                                                                 29
80 acres from George Angas in what is now Springton. Desperately         Well done, you are all “icons”.
                                                                                                                                                  2011 SA Variety Bash

poor he decided to live in the famous Herbig Family tree, a hollowed
out red gum which still stands in the main street. It was out of these
humble beginnings that Herbig went on to dominate the early life of
the town eventually owning over 400 hectares of land where his 16
children grew up.
Then it’s Mount Pleasant and on to Birdwood, which was
originally named Blumberg. The German town name
was anglicised during World War I, along with many others in
                                                                                                   Chairman Doug wants to get back to the good old days where we

                                                                                                   make time to pull over and enjoy time with other Bashers whenever

                                                                                                   the time is right.
                       O                                                                           OV9 Crew: Phil and Kay Badcock
                                                                                                   We are back for our second year as Officials. Phil had two years
                                                                                                   prior as one of the ‘Bongo Boys” in Car 117.
                                                                                                   We really enjoyed last year, it was great to see so much enthusiasm
                       OV1Crew: Doug Lehmann, Greg Hall                                            from the Bashers and willingness to cooperate with the Officials.
                                                                                                   Plus we didn’t argue.....much..
                       From veteran Basher to virgin Chairman ably assisted by Lieutenant
                                                                                                   Kay enjoyed being ‘Check out, Check in chick’, as she managed to
                       Greg Hall, this OV team is flash, top hat and all.
                                                                                                   meet so many of the Bashers and loved all the funny and serious
                                                                                                   moments that came our way. Helping with the Kennards Connection
                       OV2 Crew: Peter Curtis (Curly), Graham Reynolds (Scruffy)                   has also helped her put many faces to cars and cars to costumes and
                       Scruffy takes time out from real estate, revitalised vehicle selling and    costumes to faces..., it does get confusing.
                       Variety to take on Presidential duties at the Lilydale Football Club        It is terrific to be part of the Iconic Bash with everyone and we look
                       (currently top of ladder). Amazing how he still finds so much time for      forward to meeting all of you again and helping in any way possible,
                       his 4 beautiful daughters and lovely wife Kate (probably going to work      within reason of course. Keep those Brownie points in your minds as
                       at 10am helps!).                                                            we will be collating the points...........Help us to help you.
                       Scruffy has built 4 Bash cars, with the blue XR V8 Fairmont his
                       best achievement, purchased for $2,500 and sold for $20,000, has            OVZ      Crew: Alistair Walker, Brenton Dansie
                       assisted in building several others and is happy to help anyone             With 34 Bash events between them they know what they are doing (or
                       looking for a new Bash car.                                                 should do!) This is their 5th year as OVZ. After a tough year last year
                       His fundraising prowess is legendary in Lilydale. The annual Variety        hammering in “millions” of corflutes due to so many track changes,
                       lunch for 300 people has raised exceptional funds over the past 15          they are hoping to have more time inside the comfort of their vehicle
                       years, so don’t be shy, bend his ear for a few secrets!                     in 2011. We are pretty sure you will generally only see the back end
                       Sponsors, Ray White Lilydale, Yarra Valley Cars & Commercials,              of this vehicle and if you are lucky enough to be in early no doubt
                       Chianti Classico, Peter Lehmann Wines, Central Motor Auctions.              they will check you in. Make sure you give these guys as many bribes
                                                                                                   as possible as they do work really hard, with the Bash Chairman,
                       OV3 Crew: Jane Coldbeck, Megan Winter                                       forging the sensational tracks for you.
                       After faltering at the final jump last year OV3 is back. With twenty five
                       years of Variety between them, the girls (a very loose term) should         MEDICAL TEAMS
                       be able to answer any of your questions and ensure your week is all
                       they promised it would be. They are looking forward to working with
                       ‘Iconic’ Chairman Doug and catching up with you all on the track.
                                                                                                   OV10 Crew: Dr David Teubner, Anne Marsh

                       OV4 Crew: Barry Ion, Ron Barton                                             OV11 Crew: Dr Jim Holland, Jackie McBride
                       Last year these two were nominated, (by themselves) as best new
                       Bash Officials !!
                                                                                                   OV12 Crew: Dr Paul Smith, Dr James McLeod
                       They are now experienced Officials and will be called on to handle
                       the Chairman’s call for the “Big moments” of the 2011 Bash.                 THE PLANE
                       Barry is once again the M.C. while Ron is in charge of “putting out
                       any fires” (dramas) that may occur.                                         OV15 Crew: Richard Elkhoury, Tim Adams
                       As Ron says... “If you ‘ave a problem, come an’ see me, tent is
                       always open”.
                                                                                                   COMMUNICATIONS TEAM
                       OV5 Crew: Wayne Richards, Alex Richards
                       From Bash Chairman in 2009 and 2010, Wayne and his son Alex have            RAD1 Crew: Ivan Smith, Clint Stanley
                       accepted the somewhat challenging role (particularly in the wee
                       small hours) of OV5 - AV set up and Bash music men. Surely this role
                       cannot be as challenging as OV1 but we will have to wait and see!
                                                                                                   RAD2 Crew: Charger and Lisa Richards
                                                                                                   SUPPORT VEHICLES
                       Good luck boys

                       0V8 Crew: Brenton Ramsey and Judith Dawson
                       Brent and Jude are the Bankers again this year and have made some           CH10 (Network Ten) Crew: Jane Reilly, Kym Robinson
                       changes to Bash Bucks. They are running with a special currency
                                                                                                   SAT (satellite)
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       this year which may be volatile on the world market, so there may be
                       some opportunity for the astute Basher to make some money, buying
                       and selling currency with them.                                             BAG 1 “LUCYS BAGS AND SWAGS” Crew: Peter Cochrane.
                       The rules are the same: bribery, scams, good deeds are the winners.
                                                                                                   This vehicle and this bloke are fuelled by love and commitment to
                       There will also be lots of opportunities to play the banker one to one.
                                                                                                   all things Variety. Cocho is a legend of Variety and the Bash and his
                       Money is limited and yes....we only have one denomination ....the 200.
                                                                                                   trucks are an integral part of this event. Please lend a hand to load
                       Added to their bow is Fun Stops. This will give them something to do
                                                                                                   and unload and keep them swags small and tight.
                       in their spare time. There are only 2 major fun stops this year. Bash
                                                                                                   “HAVE A GOOD DAY BASHERS!!”
BAG 2 Crew: Bob Furbow.                                                    and I hope he will be as passionate about Variety as we are.
                                                                           Sponsors we would like to thank:
Once a truckie, always a truckie. Bob returns to complete his 20th
                                                                           Peter Cochrane Transport, Ultra Tune Unley, Ultra Tune Port
year as a Basher, 16 years operating Big 20 (a legend on its own) and
now 4 years off siding to Cocho, carting your Bags & Swags.

CAR FUN Crew: Merv Mortimer, Karl Mortimer                                 MW4 Crew: Brian Peddle, Stuart Peddle, Frank Clarke

MOBILE WORKSHOPS                                                           MW5
                                                                           Toyota Landcruiser 1996
                                                                           Crew: Geoff Kilford, Scott Thornton.
MW1                                                                        Geoff and Scott are back again this year hoping for a sensational full
Landcruiser 100 Series 2004                                                Sponsors we would like to thank:
Crew: Des Butler (aka Rusty Nuts), David Butler, Allan Trebilcock.         Ultra Tune, RAA Batteries, Bob Jane Prospect, Radiator Discounters
This year has raced by; here we are again, preparing for the 2011          Prospect.
Bash. The MW1 team has continued to band together along with last
year’s Mobile Workshop team. Again we commence our preparations
with the same enthusiasm and are hoping for an easy time, as we’re         MW6
getting older!                                                             Toyota 80 Series
Our aim is that we only meet Bashers on special occasions at the           Crew: Robert Geue, Malcolm Kuchel, Bob Trezise.
side of the road. Enjoy the Bash, but be assured that an MW will be
along to assist you if the need arises.                                    MW7
Sponsors we would like to acknowledge:                                     Toyota Prado 1999
Bridgestone Select Magill, Jacob Financial Planners, Just                  Crew: Leon Menz, Sheryle Menz, Barry Schmidt.
Commodore Spares, The ‘Rezz’ Hotel Newton, Fairmont Homes.                 We are looking forward to the challenges supporting the Bash and
                                                                           having a good time.
MW2 Crew: Gordon Milne, Jock Milne, Dean Wright,
                                                                                                                                                    2011 SA Variety Bash

Bruce Cronin                                                               MW8 Crew: Nigel Giles, Mike Lewis, Roger Butler.
                                                                           Sponsors we would like to thank:
MW3                                                                        ND & JA Giles, Fairmont Homes, Direct Interiors.
Lexus LX570 2010
Crew: Rocky Carbone, Garry Leeson, Graham Stevenson.                       MW9 Crew: John Kniter, Peter Spriggs
Gary joins us this year for his first Bash. Gary has a lot of experience
in rally’s including ‘London to Sydney and around Australia’. Rocky
Big Kids
Helping Little
“Gentleman” John and “Cat1
Chef” Steve are as keen as
English mustard. Putting smiles
on kids’ faces is what they’re
there for.

John and Steve are taking
a F100 in 2011 - little more
room than the Rover. Yes we will still be having
cheese and biccies on board as well as Golden
North ice creams. Lots for little kids and some for
big kids. HPP will be there
to support them all the way...

                                                   Seaford and Goolwa
                                                   1800 688 677
                       Bash Cars

                                   Car 003 Holden WB Statesman
                                   Crew: Anna Jackman, Monique Findlay, Mary Arvanitakis.
                                   Well, the girls are back plus one. What started as a one day visit in the car by Mary last
                                   year has ended with a new team member. The Pirates are looking forward to some
                                   great tracks and lots of fun catching up with old friends along the way.
                                   Sponsors we would like to thank: Peter Cochrane Transport, All Suburbs Towing,
                                   Drafco Auto Centre, Brecknock Insurance, Ahrms Handling.

                                   Car 008 Ford F100 1976
                                   Crew: Daryl Higham, John Bartlett.
                                   John has been a Variety Basher for three years now and Daryl is a ‘Virgin’ Basher, who
                                   just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to participate in the Bash, meet some friendly
                                   people and see some amazing sights of Australia along the way. We would once again
                                   like to thank all our sponsors for helping us help the children in need. To all the
                                   Bashers, have a happy and safe Bash in 2011.
                                   Sponsors we would like to thank: Garden Grove, Active Batteries, Barry Stoodley Pty
                                   Ltd, Santos Readymix, Forty Winks Munno Para, Chassis Tech, Island View Holiday
                                   Apartments, Retravision Berri, Stratco, Bruce and Sandy Clarke CAR 407 (mum
                                   and dad).

                                   Car 01 Ford Fairlane 500 1970
                                   Crew: Guy Adams, Richard Ness.
                                   Well, it serves us right for not Bashing last year! Since then, the planets got knocked
                                   out of alignment and everything seems to have gone West.
                                   No.1 Bash widow managed to knock herself out cold and then broke her ankle a week
                                   later. The perfect season on the farm turned pear shaped and ruined Nessies perfectly
                                   prepared hay crop. Then the rain kept coming and whooped the grape crops too..
                                   Also, at the rate we’re going, we’ll need to change our theme to the ‘Flintstones’. 01
                                   has only got foot power at present – the horsepower is sitting on a couple of tyres on
                                   the floor of the shed!! But never fear – we’ll be on the start line!

                                   Car 014 Ford XY 1971 (Car Name KNAK)
                                   Crew: Kim Curtis, Karen Hall, Nicole Haack, Anthony Scott.
                                   A new name, but far from a new crew, with this year signifying a range of milestones.
                                   Kim Curtis will celebrating her 15th Bash, Nicole Haack her 10th and Karen Hall her
                                   5th. The girls could hardly be left alone for such a celebration so Anthony Scott has
                                   been nominated as team mascot and team driver. Anyone got a set of earplugs he
                                   could borrow?
                                   Sponsors to thank: Chianti Classico, Ray White Lilydale

                                   Car056 Dodge AT4 Series 1 1965
2011 SA Variety Bash

                                   Crew: Shayne Varacalli, Bruno Varacalli, Tony Pietrafesa, Michael
                                   “Is Dodge.....Is Good”
                                   As sure as the sun will rise, the mighty Dodge and its crew of painters have once again
                                   risen to the challenge of the 2011 Bash, however, not without some change.
                                   After 10 years, Nick Maloney is having to sit one out, he and his lovely wife, Tania, are
                                   expecting baby painter number two, due to arrive about the same time as the Bash. A
suggestion was made that we would not be far away this year and we could drop Nick
off to the hospital, it was not very well received, can you believe it?!
“Dodging” again are Shayne Varacalli (13 years), Bruno Varacalli (12 years), Tony
Pietrafesa (9 years) and, new to the Dodge, Michael Pietrafesa. Yes, that’s right, you
guessed it, two father / son combinations.
Two generations of painters and we are breeding......I think we need another Dodge.
Remember......Don’t mess with the painters!!
Sponsors we would like to thank: Solver Paints, Specialised Roofing Systems, Saccardo
Constructions, Australian Fire Services, Savills, Tadmar Electrical, Savills Project
Service, S.A. Structural Steel, Premier Ceilings, Port Augusta Refrigeration, Perks
Property Investments, DE Construct, Progretto Design, Roof Max, Sanderson Carpets,
Force Access, Brown and Associates, Southern Quarries, South Pacific Aluminium
Windows, West End Breeze, Metroll.

Cars 10, 53 and 56 Car 10 – Valiant Charger
1973, Car 53 – VW Beetle 1963, Car 56 – Chevrolet
Belair 1964.
Crew: Vito Malivindi, Anthony Mammone, Rocco Papalia, Rock
Papalia, Ross Papalia, Adam Perre, Greg Pipicella, Joe Rocca,
Sam Trimboli and Rocco Zappia.
There is a place. Like no place on earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger!
Some say, that to survive it: you need to be as mad as a hatter, which, luckily, we are.
After last year’s Bash, we are entirely bonkers, but then again, all the best people
are. We are looking forward to this ‘Iconic Bash’, and when that day comes, we shall
Sponsors we would like to thank:Greg Blewett, The Wellington Hotel, The Sunset
Bar, Funlife Fitness Centre, Retailink, SA Turf and The Macquarie Bank Foundation.
We would also like to thank our friends and families for their continued support and

      We cover a
      variety of bashes.
                                                                                                                                                                  2011 SA Variety Bash

      When you take out comprehensive car cover you expect it to be, well, comprehensive.
      You don’t want to then have to pay extra for ‘add-ons.’ And you won’t with RAA.
      Many of the features and benefits others call extras, we include as standard in your cover.
      For details call 8202 4567 visit or any RAA office.

      This product is issued by RAA Insurance. Limits apply so please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which is available from RAA. kwp!RAA10425
Car 12 Mercedes 300D, 1978
Crew: Sam Giglio alias Maverick, Angelo Bartemucci alias Wingman,
Aurelio Bartemucci alias Wolfman, Domenic Musitano alias Wingman.
We are the Top Gun crew and ‘WE FEEL THE NEED THE NEED FOR SPEED” so bash
organisers show us the “HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE’. As virgin bashers we
are looking forward to this adventure and we would like to thank all our sponsors
in helping us make this possible and we hope we can help make a difference to the
children in need in South Australia.
Thanks also to Variety keep up the good work guys!!

Car 15 VW Kombi 1969
Crew: Chez Barbaro, Rocco Catanzariti, Joe Trimboli, Joseph Manno.
Four young strapping chaps and their Kombi Van have been involved in supporting the
children of Variety for the past 4 years. We have completed 2 full Bash adventures,
taking out the prize of “Best Virgin Bashers” (as the KOMBVICS) in 2008 and “Top Ten
Fundraisers” in 2009. In 2010 we tantalised the tastebuds of all Bashers by cooking
up a storm at Loveday. This year, we will return as Bashers, with our 1969 Kombi
Van, which will have more HORSEPOWER than humanly possible..... (Approximately 4
We could win by a nose, be behind by a tail, or come around the outside....
See you all at the track!!!
We would like to thank all our sponsors, big and small, over the past 4 years, especially
those who have helped and stuck by us from the beginning.
Thank you from Car 15.

Car 17 Holden HR 1969
Crew: The Iconic Fiona Paterson, The Iconic Vicki Baigent, The Iconic
Surprise Guests.
It’s hard to believe it has been 15 years that Barbie has been Bashing...she is iconic
within herself and oh! If only she could talk, the stories she could tell!!
Over the years we have seen her skim a kangaroos tail, run with emus, run out of
petrol (the girls decided on a drink first before refuelling) glided to the side, scared
a fence or two, collected a few bushes, lost a mirror or three (not good if you are a
Barbie), laughed hilariously, cried, screamed and felt peculiar, experienced various
degrees of drivers, and has had many an entertaining guest.
But she is starting to show her age, and who knows how much more she can take...the
endless quirks that are only remembered when they reoccur the next year....just like
her crew!!
So this year we are going with the Bash theme, iconic! See you on the track, we will be
the ones in a bright pink car, blonde hair and some type of iconic pink outfit on, which
you will have seen before but maybe not so well fitted!!
Congratulations Vicki (and Barbie) on your 15 truly are iconic and we know
that the Children of SA appreciate your iconic effort!!
Sponsors we would like to thank: Myers Colonnades, Beaumont Tiles, The Iconic Food
and Beverage Logistics (a division of the Hartrodt group), The Iconic Joanne Lea Salons
Westfield Miranda, Also a special thanks goes to the Iconic Wendy Nicholson for all her
love and support, Iconic Daddie and his MW Team (for the car and special attention on
the Bash), and of course the Iconic Bobbie for preparing Barbie for the Bash!

Car 177 Bedford Van 1976 – The Mystery Machine
Crew: ???
What, Who, Where, When, Why, How?
The Mystery Machine is set to surprise.
Follow The Mystery Machine to see what will happen in 2011.
To all our sponsors and supporters, you are all amazing for getting involved. A special
thanks to Endota Spa Blackwood, The Cupcake Lady, Flooring Trade Supplies, Olivers
Pets & Plants, Blade Runner, Castle Plaza Foodland, Tonsley Hotel, Cove Print,
Solomons Carpets Pooraka and Dri & Shine.
     Driving a 4WD shouldn’t mean having
     to compromise highway handling for
     off-road durability.
     Monroe Gas-Magnum TDT shock absorbers
     deliver outstanding stability, safety and control.
     Whether you’re on-road or off, they’re ready
     to take you wherever you want to be.

    • Unique twin disc technology
    • Nitrogen Gas charged
    • Engineered & developed in Australia
    • 3 year, 60,000km warranty

MON16933_Variety Club Bash TDT 297x225 ƒ.indd 1           28/03/11 10:44 AM
                       Car 19 Holden HR 1966
                       Crew: Luke Sibley, Mick Kinnane, Darren Stead.
                       All virgins this year and we have been warned to expect all sorts. Good friends went
                       as the cricket commentators last year and had a ball. We are running with Car 27 and
                       have adopted a Mexican theme, with Emelia, Emelio and Poncho.
                       We don’t need to wear makeup or get dressed to pass as the good, bad and ugly.
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: Semaphore Veterinary Surgery, Addidas Boxing,
                       Lyppards Veterinary Wholesalers, Scaffold Hirers, Sims Metal, Southern Animal
                       Hospitals, Elders Insurance Port Lincoln.

                       Car 222 Holden HK 1968
                       Crew: Sue Pearce, Roz Chow, Joy Marchant, May Loo.
                       You might have thought we were just ordinary penguins in the past, but now we
                       have Royal connections! Our carriage remains the same though and our colony has
                       increased as we welcome May back!!
                       Our greatest aspiration was achieved this year when we were proudly named as
                       Sponsor of a Sunshine Coach – which is what this annually anticipated week is all
                       about! See you at the several promised waterholes – there’ll be no surprises – we
                       wear our togs every day!
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: The Vater Corporation, Adelaide Expo Hire, House of
                       Chow, 100 Club Sponsors, Panel Sponsors, everyone who succumbs to the cuteness of
                       penguins and of course our friends, rellies and colleagues who support our events and
                       our never ending fundraising ideas!

                       Car 225 Buick Electra 225 1965
                       Crew: Andy McGee, Jem McGee, Wence Sulda, Greg Hewitson.
                       Car 225 is back with a new theme. We are now the smiling, all blue Smurfs. The crew
                       has survived intact and, with significant car improvements this year, we hope the
                       Buick will also survive intact. Wence is still writing software for the all blue smurf
                       company Santos. Jem is still selling computers and all related services at the all blue
                       Adelaide Online Computers. Greg is still doing all blue carpentry at CBD. Andy is still
                       organising all blue seismic crews and interpretation services with the all blue Sasol.
                       We are ready for a big event travelling through the spectacular SA countryside.
                       Let’s hope Smurfs float!
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: Adelaide Online Computers, Leaders Computers,
                       Beach Energy, Linc Energy, Terrex Seismic, Beer Bros Wines, Petrosys Mapping,
                       Rhinos Tavern at Stenhouse Bay, Macquarie Bank, Bentleys and Teraterra.

                       Car 23 VW Baja Beetle 1962
                       Crew: Leah Russack, Tim Russack, Sharee Richardson, Brian Lapidge.
                       The four busy Bugs (Sharee, Brian, Leah and Tim) and of course, Francis the VW
                       Beetle, are back again in 2011 prepared for another action packed Bash.
                       This year there have been a few modifications to Francis, including a more streamlined
                       storage pod to keep the petrol perfume away from the crews clothing and a variety of
                       robust bug jumpsuits.
                       Since the last Bash, the crew have been taking lessons in the art of contortion,
                       limbering up and practising their yoga moves in preparation for the 8 days of cramped
                       conditions, yes it’s true, 4 adults can fit in one little red bug.
                       The crew are all looking forward to the array of dusty tracks and receiving their annual
                       spray tan, the bumpy roads to see if Francis can still fly and providing much needed
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       directions to other Bashers. (Don’t forget to follow the coreflutes as Francis always
                       knows where he is going!!).
                       This year the Bug team are aiming to find out how many Bashers can fit inside Francis
                       the little Beetle?
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: Ahren’s Engineering, Russack’s Jewellers Kadina,
                       Roseworthy Roadhouse and Tyre Service and Port Augusta Milk Vendors.
    Gliderol Garage Doors have introduced a
      new timber look-alike finish to the famous
      Panel·Glide® Sectional Overhead garage
      doors range.

    “Golden Oak” is a unique finish that gives
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      cedar look for a fraction of the price.

    “Golden Oak” incorporates modern
      design concepts in response to
      architectural and building design trends
      world wide.

 Available in a smooth or a rough sawn woodgrain finish
        Call 1300 799 144
                                                          2011 SA Variety Bash

            GARAGE DOORS
Opening doors around the world®
                       Car 234 Holden HR 1966
                       Crew: Chester Osborn, Rick Neagle, Geoff Wood.
                       Car 234 were virgin Bashers in 2009 when the National Bash went to Alice Springs.
                       Last year the car did not participate and is now ready to go on its second Bash. It
                       has again adopted the ‘Little Britain’ theme and for those Bashers unaware of the
                       politically incorrect British comedy, there will be more surprises ahead. Thanks
                       to D’Arenberg Wines as the major sponsor, Car 234 is aptly called ‘Little Britain in
                       In 2009, the crew shocked other Bashers with its portrayal of several of the many
                       ‘Little Britain’ characters. Dafid, as the only gay in the village, Andy, who lives in a
                       wheelchair and is not so crippled by his injuries. Then there was Vicki, the serial pest
                       who is always losing her words “yeah but, no but, yeah but.......” and lastly, Bubbles,
                       who loves her champagne and shocked many other Bashers with her dreadful,
                       dreadful behaviour.
                       In 2011, Car 234 ‘Little Britain in D’Arenberg’ will be full of more surprises, just wait
                       and see.
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: D’Arenberg Wines, Neutrog, Savilles.

                       Car 245 Valiant VG 1970
                       Crew: Graham Bean, Ian Rothall, Andrew Ferguson, Colin Phillips.
                       Slight change of Star Warriors. Toots out, Beany in, maybe???? Looking forward to
                       another year on the track, hopefully not too wet. The Millennium Valiant is ready for
                       another adventure, just hope the Star Wars crew can keep up.
                       Thanks to all our supporters, sponsors and of course our lovely wives for their good
                       humour and support.
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: Scooter World, New Focus, Ferguson Australia,
                       Hayes Knight, Impressive Advertising, Australian Timbers, Daikin & Thompson Air
                       Conditioning, Mumford Builders.

                       Car 27 Holden HZ 1979
                       Crew: Phil Hutt, Bruce Wells, Chris Moar, Darren (Tonto) Spencer.
                       All virgins last year and we had a ball as the cricket commentators. One change to the
                       crew this year and we have added another car, Car 19.
                       With the expansion in cars and crew, we have changed to a Mexican theme, with
                       Hosea, Hoseb, Hose and Trevor.
                       Listen out for the dulcet tones of the good, bad and ugly theme!
                       Watch out for the lemon and salt as we lip suck our way along.
                       Plenty of tequila, kalhua, corona and bad taste!
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: Semaphore Veterinary Surgery, Addidas Boxing,
                       Lyppards Veterinary Wholesalers, Scaffold Hirers, Sims Metal, Southern Animal
                       Hospitals, Elders Insurance Port Lincoln.

                       Car 28 Holden HT Wagon 1970
                       Crew: Doug Searle, Tim Durst, Noel Swan, Lauren Swan.
                       Car 28 has joined forces with the crew from Car Surf for this year’s Bash AND we are
                       still the “Wonkas”. Our major sponsor continues to be B&R Enclosures. This will
                       be Doug’s 7th Bash, Noel’s 6th and Lauren’s 3rd. Tim is a Virgin Basher and has no
                       idea what he is in for! He is already counting down the “number of sleeps” until 13th
                       August. Noel’s infectious enthusiasm towards “all things Variety” is motivating our
                       fundraising efforts and preparation for this year’s Bash. Noel looks an absolute treat
2011 SA Variety Bash

                           in his “Wonka” outfit. Lauren, Noel’s daughter, is the first ever female “Wonka” in
                                                Car 28 and, not surprisingly, not one of the costumes previously
                                                 worn by the well rounded men from Car 28, fit her! With the
                                                 ongoing support from Nestle with Wonka confectionery, we
                                                 will spread their treats from Adelaide to Hahndorf.
                                                A special thanks also to our wives, partners, families and
                                               friends who help and support our fundraising efforts throughout
                                               the year.
Sponsors we would like to thank: Many of whom have been supporting Variety for many
years, including B&R Enclosures, Hager B&R, Paramount Browns, ATEC – Adelaide
Training & Employment Centre, Mark Whiting Concrete, Brice Metals , LDJ Interstate
Transport Specialists, Amorini Kitchen Components, Crispin Crash, Crispin Classic
Car Restorations, Bob Jane T-Mart – Modbury, Port Signs, FMD Financial, Payne
Group, Equip 4 Living, Complete Electrical Solutions, Swan Building & Maintenance
Services, Transfield Services, Stikas & Stuff, Wallis Cinemas, Bay of Shoals Wines KI,
Marksman Firing Range, Jack’s Fish Shack, Calypso Star Charter Enterprises – Port
Lincoln, Chris Magarey and Tony Redden Mechanical & Engineering Services.

Car 289 Ford Fairlane 1964
Crew: Jon Luck, Andrew Dowling, Don Kilsby.
This is a ‘Virgin’ car. The idea of being part of Variety began many years ago at
Unfortunately it has taken until now for us to get our act together, but we are all
so happy that it has finally become a reality. The fundraising has been quite an
experience as we were told it would be, but getting results is so rewarding.
Sponsors we would like to thank: Baulderstone Construction, Hobnob Jewels, Sutton
Tools, and many kind and generous friends and businesses.

Car 303 Ford Falcon S.W. 1965
Crew: Geoff Clarke, Peter Colbey, Rob Bowring.
This is the second year that the Old Barmy Army bus is running as the ‘G & T’s’. Yes
folks, the G & T’s were well received on our first venture in 2009 and we are back
fighting fit to tackle the tracks again.
Stalwarts, Geoff Clarke, can’t keep a good man down, and Peter Colbey, who you can
Bank on- Westpac of course, introduce Virgin, Rob Bowring to the team this year.
Rob and his lovely wife Mon, own the popular gift shop ‘Balhannah By Design at
Balhannah’, so there will be many ‘Hills’ folk who know of the Bowrings. Rob’s been a
long term ‘River’ man, undertaking the restoration of the paddle steamer ‘Marion’ and
participating in many ‘River Rambles’. He looks forward to his first Bash with Variety.
Welcome aboard Rob.
Sponsors we would like to thank: Westpac Banking Corporation, Clarke Body repairs,
Balhannah By Design, Holdfast Insurance Brokers, Glenelg Funerals, Eastside

Car 33 Ford Fairlane ZC 1970
Crew: Phillip Eglinton, Nick Haselgrove, Reid Bosward.
The Boys are Back! With the inclusion of Reid Bosward this year (so far) it means that
the original team of The Incredibles (Nick, Phillip and Reid) are back to haunt the Bash
one more time.
With one more year the crew has matured like fine wine, bolder, with complexity and
character and with a fuller body, but generally more intense on the nose. The aromas
are well-defined and clearly projected, exhuming a heavy smoke aroma, but highly
palatable down to the last glass.
So many to thank and so little time, but these are a must: Vicky, Vicki and
Bindi (mainly for letting us go), Kaesler Wines, Blackbilly Wines, Shingleback
Winery, Seppeltsfield Winery, Old Faithful Wines, Adelaide Winemakers,
Granite Solicitor Services, Kytons Bakery, Camel Campers (SA), Keach White
Dorper, Ahrens Group of Companies and a special mention of “The Geezers” for
their long term support.

Car 333 Ford Falcon XP 1965
                                                                                           2011 SA Variety Bash

Crew: Adam Marinakis, Rodney Earle, Grantley Schultz.
Well, another year comes along and fundraising starts for those important
children with special needs. This year car 333 welcomes back Rodney and says
goodbye to Darren, but Grantley and Adam are in again. The car is on the hoist
with little work to do, nothing a sledge hammer, big wrench and gas axe can’t fix.
Looking forward to another good Bash and raising lots for those kids we love.
Go Bashers Go!!
                       We would like to thank once again the generosity of the Clare Community for their
                       support and good wishes and all the sponsors who have supported Car 333 year after
                       year. Too many to list and we would hate to forget someone because your all important
                       $1.00 to $many.

                       Car 34 “SHREK” Holden HR 1967
                       Crew: Dave Maddocks (Davo), Tony Lukin (George), Fred Smith (Fester).
                       After a year in the Wilderness, the ‘Shreks’ are back!!! Original crew member David
                       Maddocks is back for his 6th Bash. After a year of being the ugliest Bride in ‘The
                       Runaway Brides’ Bash car, Tony Lukin is back in tights. New ‘Virgin’ crew member
                       Fred Smith is emerging out of the swamp to join the team. After doing 5 years
                       maintenance on the ‘Shrek’ car, we had better not break down for Fred’s sake!
                       We would like to thank our major sponsors:
                       Berri Plumbing Supplies, Agri Exchange, CRT Renmark, GPA Accounting, Les Albrecht,
                       Integrity Doors & Engineering.

                       Car 351 Ford Fairlane 1971
                       Crew: Peter Howell, John Hardy, Kym Martin, Andrew Vanesseu

                       Car 37
                       Crew: Lonny Pendleton, Bernie Lindner, Maria Green.
                       Cherokee Chic’s Iron horse is ready for the stamping grounds, should say BASHING
                       grounds and looking forward to catching up with all the old, young and new Bashers.
                       We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors, with a very special
                       thanks to Roto Oil Social Club for their generous donation.

                       Car 407 Ford F100 1966
                       Crew: Bruce Clarke, Sandy Clarke, Brenton Stein, Howard Jacob.
                                   Once again the M*A*S*H crew are ready and eager to hit the road!
                                    After a busy and fun time last year keeping the Bash participants healthy
                                    with our own brand of special medical ministering and unique medicinal
                                    potions, we are returning with our specialised medical skills again. BJ
                                    Hunnicut and Emerson Winchester bring their own special expertise to
                                    the Bash and of course, no MASH crew would be complete without the
                                    sexy “Hotlips” Houlihan. This year they will be joined by “Hawkeye “
                                    Pearce (Howard Jacob) and he will bring a new level of madcap mayhem
                                    to the group. Bruce and Brenton have polished the car up (that was all it
                                    needed) and have been in training to “twirl the stethoscope” and deliver
                                  the medical support that is so important on the Bash.
                        Sponsors we would like to thank: Cobra group, Whiting Concrete, B&R Enclosures,
                       Jacob Financial Planners, Titanium Security, Corporate Forum, Rollform, Wingfield
                       Bottle, ABS Salisbury, A1 Anco, RV Trailers, Garry Murdock, Austral Trees and all other

                       Car 444 Holden Kingswood 1977
                       Crew: Lauryn Weatherall, Karen Eastwood
                       Lauryn and Karen are both Mortgage Brokers and their goal for the BASH this year is
                       to try and reduce the red dust in the car and on themselves – as you can see from this
                       photo the dust made its way into every crevice of the car and the resulting look was a
 42                    spray tan gone wrong.
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       With only the two of us in the car this year and once we are dust free we are hoping
                       that we might be able to attract people willing to be drivers although they should be
                       warned that they will be required to wear a tutu or a pair of tights!
                       Car 45 Ford Fairlane 500 1970
                       Crew: Bob Pilgrim, Mick Melville
                       Well the Gamblers are definitely gone and in comes the new car – new theme and a
                       new virgin as my Crew. Thanks to everyone who assisted in our fundraising efforts.
                       I am sure the new theme will give the kids plenty of enjoyment and the products may
                       well help in bribing the Officials. See you on the road! BOB

                       CAR 47 Holden HT Wagon 1969
                       Crew: Graeme Millett.

                       Car 500 International AB130 1964
                       Crew: Larry Cavallaro, Ilya Lawson, John Deal, Teresa Piro.
                       It’s that time again when we load up the swags, pump up the tyres, fill up the tank
                       and roll up to the start line to join up with all our old mates –and some new ones- to
                       head off on another Bash adventure. Thanks to all the Bash sponsors and supporters,
                       it looks like another good year for the Variety kids. Mind you none of this would be
                       possible without the hard work of our new Iconic Bash Chairman and his team of extra
                       hardworking Bash Officials. (It’s never too early to start sucking-up for those very
                       important brownie points!)
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: Beck Automotive-Elizabeth, Kartmania-Richmond,
                       Gawler Cottages & Apartments, Active Wreckers, Gawler Motor Repairs, LRM, Ken
                       Pearce Mechanical Repairs.

                       Car 51 Holden HG 1970
                       Crew: Ian (Turtle) Stuart, Trevor (Squid) Ritchie, Phill (Shag) Stuart, Rodney
                       (Seagull) Williams.
                       Well, here we go all excited to be involved in the 2011 Iconic Bash and having lots of fun
                       along the way. As we are virgins (first year on the Bash), we are looking forward to a
                       great time and meeting lots of people who are also committed to raising money for the
                       kids. Looking forward to this year and many more if we are allowed back!
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: Maidments Meat Service, P&S Discounters, LJ
                       Hookers Strathalbyn, The Oscar W, Image Makers , Nine Mile Turkeys, Rossi Boots.

                       Car 53 (See Car 10)
                       Car 555 Holden HT Premier 1970
                       Crew: Teena Butler, Jenny Murdoch, Sharon Tink.
                       Well, another year of Bashing comes around again and sadly this is going to be our last
                       year. We have had such a great time over the years and we want to thank everyone who
                       has made it 20 very memorable years for Jen and Teena and 5 years for Shazz.
                       Enjoy the week and take care on the roads. We hope to catch up with everyone this
                       year for a goodbye drink and lots of cuddles and memorable moments that you can
                       We love you all and know we will miss this week very much in the future. xxxxx
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: Just Commodore Spares, Bridgestone Select Magill,
                       Provident Cafe – Glynde, Jacob Financial Services, 42nd Street Cafe, The ‘Rezz’,
                       Fairmont Homes, Direct Interiors, CBS Bins.

                       Car 56 (See Car 10)
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       Car 58 Dodge Phoenix, 1962
                       Crew: Noel Sims, Trevor Sims, John Ferguson
                               We are looking forward to another year of Bashing. We are sorry
                              Kevin is unable to come again this year but the other boys will keep
                             the spirit alive. Trevor is celebrating his 10th Bash. Once again thanking
                            all our wonderful sponsors for all their continued support.
                       We also thank all the new sponsors that have come onboard.
Car 59 Ford F100 1970
Crew: John Mellors, Steve Cooling
6 years together and still going strong! This is Steve’s 20th Bash and he has done
12 or more 4WD Challenges, to add to this he has also helped on 3 V2 events. Steve
and John are very passionate about Variety. This year we are supplying ice creams on
track and also will have the cheese and biccies on board. John is pleased to be a silver
sponsor of the Bash and also proud to sponsor the 4WD Challenge and go along as an
entrant. Let’s all give Dougie all the support we can and make this the greatest Bash
ever. Don’t be late for the start line, see you all on track.
Thank you to Advance Robes and Steve Cooling

Car 6 Valiant Stretch Ute AP5 1965
Crew: Ian “Canoee” Catford, Jon Wells.
The stretch’s are back this year, bolder and brighter than ever. Canoee and Wellsy have
teamed up for the past 6 Bashes and are the brains trust of the Broader ‘Sixes’ team....or
so the rumours go!! One can’t drive, the other can’t work it out!
Sponsors we would like to thank: Refer to cars 66 and 666 for details

Car 66 Ford Galaxie 1965
Crew: John Gibson, Simon Drew, Ian Cox.
2011 is an ICONIC year for this year’s Bash. The 1965 Ford Galaxie will be in it again
with Ian Cox, The Chief of Cox Rural, stores in Naracoorte, Keith, Tintinara, Murray
Bridge, Clare and Adelaide.
Simon Drew is Dad, Head honcho in the Drew Dynasty of the Mid North, also a Farmer,
Pastoralist and a general roustabout.
Gibbo is a Financial Advisor, who has completed a couple of
Bashes in years gone by.
A very organised crew, usually, but have spare seat this year,
don’t know how that occurred. Someone can’t count. According
to Simon, “It destroys what we are attempting to do during this
week and that is hoping everybody has a great time, but not Cars
6, 66 or 666”. Ian states “We are in complete unison this week;
nobody disagrees with anybody at all”. Gibbo said it all “Nobody
lies in our group either!”
A very competitive group in Cars 6, 66 and 666, in total harmony
for a week during the Bash. Never an argument, disagreeable
word or even backchatting.......Plenty of backstabbing, all round
jibing, conniving, lying and general bulldust, blowing dust up
Officials backsides, is what these guys do well.
Great sponsors who have supported this group over 20 years:
Zeitz Enterprises, Ultra Tune, Cox Rural in all country areas,
KeyInvest, Asteron Insurance, Zurich, Comminsure, Dancorp,
Roofing Constructions, Tarcowie Phosphate Co., Paulette Wines,
John Gibson Financial Advisors, ANZ Office Furniture, Smith
Bros Plumbing, Plumbing and Pipeline Solutions.

Car 666 Valiant
Crew: Lachlan Cox, Dorham Pfeiffer, Matt Paulett, Paul
Car 666 has a strong Bash history, this Bash being its 15th.
Originally built to survive 3 Bashes, the car has certainly
                                                                                             2011 SA Variety Bash

survived the test of time. 2011 brings 666 a brand new heart,
the engine was a very rare find, located sitting in a shipping
container still in the box, brand new from the late 70’s.
The crew of 666 are Lachy Cox on his 3rd run, Dorham Pfeiffer
on his 2nd and two ‘virgins’ being brought into the 6 family.
We are certainly looking forward to ‘Doug’s 2011 run’.
We would like to thank all our very important sponsors.
                       Car 61 Ford Compact Fairlane 1963
                       Crew: Lyel ‘Twig’ Leske, Neville ‘Nifty’ Leske, Kev Roehr, Brian ‘Griffo’
                       The Turtles are ready to hit the road once again and also meet the rest of the Bashers
                       for another 8 days of fun. This year we are looking forward to the run north as far as
                       Innamincka and back. (We could even run into some of our Turtle friends).
                       We would also like to thank our sponsors for their support once again this year. If it
                       wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be Bashing. Thanks once again. Looking forward to
                       seeing the rest of the Bashers at the starting point.

                       Car 676 Holden HR 1967
                       Crew: Frank Pinneri
                       Why did Banana 1 spoil Banana 2? He left him out in the sun to long. Looking forward
                       to Bananaing around in 2011.
                       The Bananas would like to thank their sponsors for all their support especially,
                       Odyssey Carpets & Flooring, Driforce, William Buck Accountants, City Discount Tyres &
                       Lay It on Floors.

                       Car 69 Ford Fairlane 1969
                       Crew: Rodney Mildred, Grant Warner, Paul Whelan.
                       Sorry, we can’t get to the phone at the moment, but if you leave your name, telephone
                       number and a message, we will get back to you (AFTER THE 2011 Variety Bash).
                       Rodney, Bunjy and Paul are looking forward to not answering their mobiles while away
                       celebrating the 2011 Iconic Bash. It’s great to be back with the Bash Family and our
                       new Legendary Chairman, Mr Doug Lehmann. We wish Doug all the best and hope
                       this is a record breaker.
                       P.S. If any Bashers find Rodney’s 10 year Bash Certificate, could you please return it.
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: NAB, Smithfield Crash Repairs, Smithfield
                       Mechanical Repairs, Lehmann Motorsport, Sprint Auto Parts, Lange Auto, Topcoat
                       Asphalt, Adelaide Bitumen, Active Asphalt, Garden Grove, Premix Concrete, Clinton
                       Sands, Instant Bitumen, Angle Vale Tavern, Virginia Nursery, Enviro Sweep and ALL the
                       small sponsors that have helped us to help the kids.

                       Car 75 Holden Deloren 2030
                       Crew: Gavin Frost, Garry Stewart, Darren McGregor
                       Take 19 years, then add 10 years, mix it up with a bit of Bash virgin, put it in the flux
                       capacitor and there you have it, the crew of car 75, ready for a week of great tracks,
                       great people and a whole lot of fun. We have already been back to this years Bash and
                       you are in for a great week so catch up to us for the next years Bash bucks and some
                       route sheets, if you have enough Bash bucks.
                         We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support.

                        Car 777 Ford XR 1966
                        Crew: Colin Hann, Neville Gilbert, Ian Lister, David Bellinger.
                       Colin’s looking forward to a casual 20th Bash.
                       Neville is all ready for a Big Bash to celebrate 10 years.
                       Ian and David are from Beachport and are raring to go.
                       Thank you to a group of Sponsors that have been with me for 20 years:
                       Clare Metal Fabrication, Mait Plumbing Clare, Clare Liquid Waste, Springbett
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       Transports Clare, Eldridge Wines Clare, Chemplus Clare, NG Auto Clare, SC
                       Hiendricks, Hann Hotels.
Car 808 Holden Caprice 1980
Crew: Greg Mattner, John Capaldo, Mark Gare, Rob Parsons.
We are: the Beach Boys!
We are: Two ex-virgins, two ‘virgins’, one ‘virgin’ car.
We are: Load beach music.
We bring: The beach to the Outback!
“Fun, Fun, Fun til her daddy takes the T-Bird away”
We are the BEACH BOYS.
Sponsors we would like to thank: Glynde Mitre 10, Craftworks Cycles,
The Treasury, Dulux.

Car 812 Dodge Phoenix 1964
Crew: Lyn Hobbs, Janine Walker, Kate Hobbs, Andrew Winterfield.
“Can you tell me how to to get to....King William Street!?!”
Car 812 is pleased to announce the return of the Sesame Street Crew with Super
Grover, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, keener than ever to have a fantastic bashing
experience. With no change to the team after the success of last year’s Bash, Car 812
is full of plans for the week away that are bound to bring smiles to both the kiddies
we pass along the way and also those young-at-heart Bashers. The Dodge has been
through a minor overhaul which should see the forced roadside stops of 2010’s Bash
replaced by planned ‘fun stops’ (who knows, there may even be a few of the popular
Cookie breaks from last year!)
This self-promoting spiel has been brought to you by the letters K, A, L and J and the
numbers 8, 1 and 2.
Sponsors we would like to thank: Sodexo Remote Sites, MCA, BHP Billiton, Roadside
Services, 3M, Roxby Downs Pharmacy, Peter Lehmann Wines, Stein’s Smallgoods,
Maggie Beer, The Cheese Factory-Angaston, Cellarmaster Wines, Yalumba Wines.

            Corporate Videos                        Television Programs                  Commercials   Short Films

            217 Gover Street, North Adelaide, SA 5006 Ph. 08 8361 8808
                                                            Car 82 Holden HD 1965
                                                            Crew: Steve Astbury, Rob Cowell, Bob Herring, Chris Manser.
                                                            The “Footrot Flats” are back on the road again with mostly new faces. Wal has
                                                            managed to get time off from footy for the Bash, missing training is not a problem as
                                                            he doesn’t anyway, Cheeky has an ex-shearer from Raupo filling in for her at the salon,
                                                            Rangi managed to sweet talk his parole officer and Cooch’s farm runs itself whether
                                                            he is there or not! The Footrot mobile has had a bit of grooming and for something
                                                            different, we thought a working clutch might be a nice change.
                                                            The crew would like to thank the Mount Gambier community for their support and
                                                            generous donations.
                                                            The five of us can’t wait for a great week;
                                                            Best regards,
                                                            The dog.

                                                            Car 89 Ford Falcon XY-V8 1971
                                                            Crew: Geoffrey Reynolds, Lewis Reynolds, Christopher Reynolds.
                                                            ‘Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail’ (slight exaggeration!) could dampen the
                                                            enthusiasm of the Murray Bridge crowd at the start of the 2010 SA Variety Bash.
                                                            Variety’s organisation, planning, fundraising and support is simply incredible.
                                                            We departed in the 1971 Ford ‘something’ wagon as Car 89 ‘Dr Who’ theme and
                                                            welcomed on board Bash ‘Virgins’ – Lew and Geoff. As we edged towards the start line,
                                                            we earnestly debated that the Bash route from Murray Bridge to Clare should only take
                                                            “a couple of hours”, so why did we need the 8 days allocated? This conversation and
                                                            consulting Fullers took up much of our time!
                                                            Over 8 days, we traversed 3 States, 2200 kms, and included Mantung, Loveday,
                                                            Customs House, Lake Cullulleraine, Hattah, Mildura, Bindara, Little Topar, White Cliffs,
                                                            Westwood Downs, Broken Hill, Waukaringa Ruins, Hawker, Bundaleer and finally Clare.
                                                            However, it was the presentations that provided lasting memories. To veer off the
                                                            route to congregate at an outback primary school and attend a presentation of a
                                                            special motorised wheelchair to the parents of a local child suffering significant
                                                            health challenges, was humbling and emotional. To experience the joy of pre and post
                                                            schoolers who excitedly mobbed and cuddled our Bashers.
                                                            The Bash continually challenges – weather and track condition, reactionary driving
                                                            methods, wildlife, gate etiquette and tent management, but the team camaraderie,
                                                            organisation and scenery are simply wonderful. Significantly rain had converted
                                                            the normally arid landscape to shades of green, while the Sturt desert pea infused

 TIMBERS                          for plywood

p 08 8332 2666 f 08 8332 0825
273 magill road trinity gardens south australia 5068
fantastic contrast. However, the bush tracks brought Simon & Garfunkel out of
retirement with “You know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding away”.
What an adventure, what a joy, what a cause and what a privilege!
Looking to the past and future to the 2011 episode.
Sponsors we would like to thank: We are grateful to all our team donors, the support of
individual family, friends, acquaintances and corporate sponsors.
We love the kids and all sponsors and supporters of Variety SA and all the other cars
but especially our Car 89-Dr Who fans. (As seen on TV)
Special thanks to i8i9 (IT People, Programmes and Projects), CIRCOM (Voice & Data
Specialists), ADELIN (Project Management & Property Development), CROWNCO
(Project & Property Finance), CREST Civil Constructions, Rainbow Heart-Sky Florists &
Gifts (Hahndorf Plaza), Adelaide Hills Development (SA) (Hahndorf Plaza), CIVILTECH
(civil constructions), Minter Ellison SA/NT Foundation (Legal Firm), Riverside Lawn &
Garden Services (Lawn Manicures).

Car 96 Inter. AB150 1964
Crew: Diane Lintern, Carmine De Ieso, Sarah Wallace, Paul Whiffen
In 1992 Carmine and Diane had their first Variety experience when Tom & Fairy
Matters booked the Bash Launch at Stonyfell Winery. Tom was chairman that year and
explained that they needed to raise as much money as possible for SA’s kids therefore
we must assist by providing the venue and meal for next to nothing – oh and by the way
– should get our own vehicle and enter the event.
We bought a retired CFS Fire Truck which was turned into the Stonyfell Port-a-mobile
– No 96.
As the years passed she aptly became Cafe96 providing entrants, locals and
landowners with Cappuccino, Coopers Pale Ale, Henry Martin Sparkling Shiraz and
Safries Hot Chips.
We embraced the event and have proudly collected a number of awards including
Bribery and Cheating, Best Supporters of Variety (two years back to back), stayed in the
top ten fundraisers for most of our twenty years, and highest fundraiser in 1996 raising
$75000 – a record that took seven years to break.
As much as the satisfaction we enjoy from the faces of the kids we assist, we are
grateful for introducing a number of other Bash icons to the Variety family – including
Knowlton Coudrey, Lindsay Cato, Sharlene Capper and Mandy Madgen.
We are also blessed with the support of Guy and Liz Adams (Car 01 the General Lee)
for preparing 96 for the event and giving her a home for the last couple of years,
plus the Mobile Workshops who have miraculously kept Cafe96 mobile despite some
enormous challenges on the track during our two decades. Thank you all!
We couldn’t have made such an impact without our team mates and sponsors.
Glen Cooper of Coopers Brewery, Vittoria Coffee, Safries Chips & Schweppes for the
generous support of product each year.
Lindsay Cato (at the time of Konica) for his major sponsorship and his ability to excite
everyone to support the cause and raise enormous dollars for many many years. Thank
Last year’s Virgins – Sarah & Paul – are back somewhat wiser so look out for them?!
We thank everyone involved in whatever capacity and hope that some of the newer
entrants can be excited with the idea of 20 years of BASHING!
We wish Doug and his team a sensational and record-breaking 2011 event and we love
his ‘Iconic Bash’ concept. The kids need us so keep on Bashing! Cheers!
SPONSORS WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK: Coopers Brewery, Vittoria Coffee, Brothers In
Arms Wines, Henry Martin Wines, Schweppes
                                                                                           2011 SA Variety Bash
       Discover the art of Barossa winemaking.
      The Queen of Clubs or ‘Gambler’s Card’ represents the great gamble that Peter Lehmann took when founding the Barossa
winery in 1979. The Queen now has many faces; each one uniquely modelled to represent the individual style of the wine within. Once
you discover the consistent quality and flavours of our Art Series wines, you will see that we have Barossa winemaking down to a fine art.


Car 999 Holden HZ Wagon 1978
Crew: Mark Frigo, Brenton Lunn, Jeremy Calnan
After spending tens of thousands of dollars on therapy, liberal doses of self medication
and a year long wake honouring the memory of “Valerie”, the boys from Car 999
are back!
None (the mechanically) wiser and hoping not to get quite as (Variety) bashed in
2011 but (almost) ready to go. (Editor Note: it’s all in the “prep” boys): the MW’s sure
deserved a medal for this one.)
2009 would have to be up there as the world’s most disastrous virgin bash. Car 999
literally broke, smashed, cracked, lost, removed or set fire to every part throughout
the event. Few cars can lay claim to cracking their chassis, catching fire (twice!!),
having their wheels either just lay down on the job or, decide that they will overtake the
vehicle which they are meant to be propelling, lose all their shock absorbers, convert
their ignition to a GTO push start, fry ALL the electrics (lights, fans, trip meter, fridge,
speedo, radio and more), have their brake calipers rotors, skid pan and number plate
fall off, have an axel punch a hole in the rear wheel arch, kill a kangaroo all in one
event ……. and still not win the hard luck award.
Don’t believe it…Go to and see after the 5
minute mark.
So our beloved car “Valerie” (a 1967 Valiant Safari Wagon) left us (in pieces) for
the great car yard in Heaven. Valarie was brave and well, valiant, in her efforts and
although she continually provided ongoing comical relief, let’s just say, that the ride
wasn’t so great.
So this year we’ve decided to man up! Gone is the imported Mediterranean limousine,
the dresses, the wigs and tea cakes and instead we introduce a new theme – with our
“Meat & Potatoes” Kingswood.

Car BBQ Holden Kingswood 1971
Crew: Will Chapman, Julian Newton, Alister Mibus, Michael Gilroy.
The BBQ boys are polishing the tongs in anticipation of a massive 2011 Variety Bash.
The same dodgy team of Chappy, Big Al, Gilroy and J-man are back for more fun and
they’ve had a whole year to dream up new ways to scam bash bucks from their fellow
We’re very excited to visit the far reaches of our great state. None of the team has
made it to Innamincka and with all the water in the outback, the wildlife will be
amazing; amazing and delicious grilled on a plate at Parachilna.....
We very much appreciate the support of our sponsors: City Holden, SAM
Airconditioning, St John’s Road Wines, The Maid Hotel and Penny’s Hill Wines. It’s a
fantastic cause and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

Car BOB Holden Brougham 1968
Crew: Trevor Davey, Dell Gibbs, Bruce Linke.
Only one of the original ‘BOB’ crew left and introducing Dell and Bruce, two ‘virgin’
bashers to the crew. Thanks to all our sponsors.

Car DIVA Holden EH Station Wagon 1964
Crew: Leonie Hunt, Kathryn Casey, Sue Gibbs.
Well bashers, be prepared to be bedazzled and bemused – yet again! The Divas
are back stronger than ever for the 2011 SA Variety Bash. The 3 Divas, you already
know and love! –Diva Lee, Diva Kathryn and Diva Sue, will again blind you with
outrageous outfits and accessories of course. But don’t worry – there will be plenty of
                                                                                               2011 SA Variety Bash

opportunities for mystery guests, like yourselves, to join us along the way – as long as
you don’t mind getting “Divarised” for the day. We are looking forward to catching up
with you all Daaarlings!
Sponsors we would like to thank: Wicks Estate Wines, Lion Nathan, Hunts Fuel Unigas,
Kevin Eckert Motor Repairs, First National Real Estate (Schinellas).
                       Car H2O Holden HR 1967
                       Crew: Theresa Shaw-McMillan, Di Dodd, Yvonne McMillan, Paula Johnson.
                       What a Super Team supported by a Super community. We would like to thank Ring
                       Partners, Paxtons, Serafinos, Hiltons Betta Electrical, Willunga Bakery, Caltex
                       Willunga, Lot Thirteen Wines, Chooks Little Winery Tours, Colonnades Tavern, Mt
                       Compass Tavern, Willunga Hotel, Party Light Candles / Shelley Adams, Rosemount,
                       Ellis Butchers, Oscars, The Outdoor Furniture Specialists.
                       Thanking all of you for your support, it is a pleasure and an honour to be associated
                       with your businesses.

                       Car HIP Ford Fairlane 1970
                       Crew: Al Kalvaitis (Porthos), Kellie Kalvaitis (Milady de Winter), Aaron
                       Martin (Athos), Marty Powell (Aramis).
                       Car HIP is back with new ‘Virgins’ and a new theme, the “Three Musketeers & Milady
                       de Winter”. Al Kalvaitis (Porthos) and Kellie Kalvaitis (Milady de Winter) return after
                       a punishing 2009 Bash with Aaron Martin (Athos) one of the owners of the best
                       restaurant in Adelaide, Rigoni’s. Rigoni’s recently won the best breakfast in Australia in
                       the Restaurant and Catering Awards. From sponsor to Basher!
                       Joining the Musketeers is Marty Powell (Aramis) and for those who know Marty, Car
                       HIP is in for a wild ride!
                       The Musketeers are truly proud to announce the Adelaide casino as their Platinum
                       sponsor for three years. Joining the Casino is Rigoni’s (Porthos’s favourite restaurant),
                       Gerard McCabe, Adelaide’s finest jeweller, Adelaide Hills Magazine, 666 Vodka to
                       go with the Oyster Shooters, D&T Performance Centre, Matilda’s Child Care and
                       Early Learning, Coffee Branch in Leigh Street, Foodland Stirling and that favourite
                       Musketeer energy drink “Pimp Juice”. Georgina’s Fine Foods from Mt Barker have
                       also joined in for the ride, best Adelaide Hills providore!
                       “All for one and one for all!”

                       Car HOGS Ford Fairlane 1974
                       Crew: Graham Bowring, Mark Bowring, John Day.
                       Car HOGS will be back!
                       In fact we would not miss it! The car is popular with the kids and adults alike. We
                       are also an integral part of the Bash as at times we are needed to push broken down
                       vehicles (The Barossa Gentlemen’s 1964 Dodge Phoenix) or pull bogged cars through
                       the sand (Car 444 The Ballerinas).
                       More importantly, of course, it is a celebration of our years fundraising for the kids and
                       a hell of a lot of fun.
 52                    AND the blender has been tuned and raring to go to make those delicious Hog’s Blood
2011 SA Variety Bash

                       We are back to a crew of 3 this year. We are pleased to report John Day has rejoined
                       brothers Mark and Graham. Sorry Swanny, that means there is no room for Bashers
                       such as you looking for a day’s luxury motoring.
                       Good luck to all Bashers for a successful fun filled Bash. Please remember, if you
                       hear a blast of our infamous air horns, we will be “coming round”.
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: Hogs Breath Cafe, ISM, Baumgartner Partners, DGL
                       Logistics, Red Cliffs Golf Club and Car HOGS $100 Club members.
Car HPP Unknown
Crew: Knowlton Coudrey, Rosalie Gillings, Sharlene Capper
Knowlton, Sharlene and Rosalie will be clowning around as much as possible in 2011.
They may all be a bit out of practice but intend to have some serious training prior to
departure to ensure they can bring smiles as big as they used to have to themselves
and others.
Things you can be assured of is that they will:
•   Often be rear of field.
•   Guarantee they will check if you are ok when stationary on the road side.
•   Will always offer to help , especially when it comes to handing out ice creams.
•   Bar sweep duties will be allocated amongst the team.
Navigation tip: Remember, 3 wrongs don’t make a right but 3 lefts do.

Car IGA Holden HR Wagon 1966
Crew: Elaine Ayers (Laney), Lynn Currie (Lynn),
Cathy Suter (Cath), Janelle Hancock (Nell).
The fairy girls are looking forward to another great Bash and renewing old friendships
with our fellow Bashers. We are now quite an experienced group of Bashers –
Elaine (Bash number 5), Cathy (Bash number 4), Lynn (Bash number 3) and Janelle
(her first Bash).
Fairy Deb has decided that route 66 holds more appeal this year than the Bash route,
so she is off to America.
However, we have been able to source a replacement Fairy, Janelle, who, as a ‘Virgin’
Basher, is a little apprehensive about what to expect. But in true Fairy tradition, we
have told her to expect the unexpected!
We are looking forward to seeing all Bashers at the start line and can’t wait to give out
some Variety appeals along the way and bring some smiles to children’s faces with our
Fairy dust.
Sponsors we would like to thank:
A HUGE thank you to all our sponsors, both large and small – we simply couldn’t do
this without your support – you’re the best!!!

            We cover a

            variety of bashes.
                                                                                       FOR THE TWELFTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR
                                                                                       NETWORK TEN BRINGS YOU THE WEATHER
                                                                                       FORECAST DIRECTLY FROM THE BASH,
                                                                                       COURTESY OF RAA INSURANCE
                                                                                       We are always delighted to have Jane Reilly and
                                                                                       the Network Ten Crew travel with us to keep
                                                                                       Bashers updated on the current weather as
                                                                                       Jane sends her nightly report via satellite link,
                                                                                       ensuring families, sponsors and supporters see
                                                                                       snippets of the SA Variety Bash.
             When you take out comprehensive car cover you expect it to be, well, comprehensive.
             You don’t want to then have to pay extra for ‘add-ons.’ And you won’t with RAA.
             Many of the features and benefits others call extras, we include as standard in your cover.
             For details call 8202 4567 visit or any RAA office.

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                                With over 16 years experience Acuere helps customers achieve Sales Excellence,
                                    through the implementation of a sales methodology to create a consistent,
                                        repeatable and measurable sales process and by technology to increase
                                                                       productivity and mitigate business risk.
                                        “The idea is to increase sales revenue by having a process that focuses
                                       on meeting client expectations, while keeping control of the sales cycle.
                                         Where there is a strong value proposition it can lead to a higher deal
                                       value and a higher win rate. The sensible approach is to select a “niche”
                                           market and focus your sales and marketing efforts to secure a good
                                                    margin and a reliable customer base with repeat business,”
                                                                             says Deborah Miller, CEO of Acuere.
                                            She is justifiably proud of what her company achieves on a regular
                                           basis. “Only the other day I received an email from a client who said
 54                                                  their investment with us was repaid within two weeks as a
                                                                 direct result of the strategies we implemented.”
2011 SA Variety Bash

                                                ADELAIDE: Tel 08 8361 8666 SYDNEY: Tel 02 9966 8055
Car JIM2 Holden HT Station Wagon 1970
Crew: Lynton “Albert” “Jim” Pahl, Gavin “Jim” Gold, Adrian “Jim” Schultz,
Geoff “Strawb” “Jim” Walker
Jim “Organ” is having a rest this year allowing Virgin Jim “Strawb” a chance to give
Bashing a go. We have him in training! His beard is coming along nicely and he almost
has all the words down pat; Jimbo’s, Jimbo’s Off to Bash We Go, Jimbo’s Off To Bash
We Go!
Sponsors we would like to thank: Jims Mowing, Graham Organ, RAA, Ripper Print,
Gilbert Motor Bodies, Bridgestone Magill, Willshire Motor Trimmers and many more

Car JOKR Dodge 1970
Crew: Ian Weber, Jason Beveridge

Car KAOS & KK1 - Kaos Korporate
Kricket Klub
Dodge Phoenix 1961
Crew: Les Burdett, Darren (Boof) Lehmann, Sammy Parkinson, Rob Kerin
(Kero), David Jenkin, Allen Nosworthy.
The Kaos crew are in training to put in a big 2011 Bash. Boof, who has defected to
coach Queensland, will do the first few days, before handing over the baton to Sammy
Parkinson in Innamincka! Les, Kero, Jumbo and Nos are all in for the long haul,
the 2 cars offering them relief from each other! And work is being done to have a
surprise extra!!
                       Car KF
                       Crew: James Pledge, Anthony Gleeson, Nick Bell, Craig Barlow, James
                       Davidson, John Kerr.
                       We would like to thank our sponsors, particularly Knight Frank.

                       Car KEN & KEN2 Holden EH 1964
                       & Holden Kingswood SW 1968
                       Crew: Angus Kennard, Gareth Vines, Tim Sharrad,
                       Marc Calwell, Misha Carnell
                       Barbies beware, there may or may not be a Ken or two about this year.

                       Car MAX Ford Fairmont XB 1975
                       Crew: David Vincent, Mark Wauer, Chris McEgan, David Smith, Jason Neal,
                       Mark Conway.
                       Car MAX: The last of the V8 Interceptors...a piece of history!
                       My paint work fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a
                       time of chaos, last year’s Bash. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, I
                       remember The Road Warrior. The man we called “MAX”.
                       To understand who he was, you have to go back to another time. When the world
                       was powered by the amber fuel. And the desert sprouted great cities of tents and
                       swags. Gone now, swept away. For reasons long forgotten, as most of us had to go
                       back to work, a mighty warrior tribe went to war, the war, the war of fundraising, a
                       battle against the closed wallet which touched off a blaze that engulfed them all into a
                       collection frenzy. Without funds, they were nothing. They built a house of straw. The
                       thundering machines spluttered and stopped. Their leaders talked and talked and
                       talked. But nothing could stem the avalanche. Their world as they knew it, crumbled
                       into significance. The cities were left behind. A whirlwind of laughter, a firestorm,
                       people dressed in strange costumes. Men began to feed on meat. On the roads, it
                       was a white line nightmare. Only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to
                       pillage Bash bucks would survive.. The Bashers took over the highways, ready to wage
                       war for the kids of South Australia.
                       And in this maelstrom of decayed normality, ordinary men were battered and hung
                       over. Men like Max. The fundraiser Max. In the roar of the engine, he gave everything.
                       And became a shell of a man, a burnt out, desolate man, a man haunted by the
                       demons of his past, a man who wandered out into the wasteland. And it was here, in
                       this blighted place, that he learned to live again... as a Basher!
                       Sponsors we would like to thank: SEM Group of Companies, Adelaide Vehicle Centre,
                       Martelco Hire, Total Construction Surveys, BOC Gases, Professional Linemarking,
                       Metalcorp, Great Southern Rail, Roxby Hourglass Jewellers, Graham Cornes Used
                       Cars, Australian Warranty Network, K.L Crash repairs.

                       Car MLC Holden HT Wagon 1970
                       Crew: Sandra Lukin, Michele Miers, Deb Sampson, Julianne Marshall
                       There will be something old, new, borrowed and blue once again this year. The boy
                       brides are out!!
                       Sandra and Deb are hitting the track again this year and are looking forward to sharing
                       the Bash experience with 2 ‘Virgin’ brides. Michele is from Adelaide and Julianne is
                                       from Coffin Bay. There will be some old dresses making a return this
                                        year and also some new ones to show off. The runaway brides are
                                        very excited about running away to the South Australian Outback and
                                        all it has to offer, but especially meeting old friends and making lots
2011 SA Variety Bash

                                        of new ones.

“Congratulations to Variety
on their 23nd Bash from
Don & Diane Aston”


“taste the difference”.
made locally - enjoyed globally
            Cafe de Vili’s “on the 2011 Bash”
                       Car MOON
                       Crew: Liz Travers, Deborah Miller

                       Car PUT Ford Fairlane ZA 1967
                       Crew: Mandy Madgen, Deeon Otto.
                       The car and 2/3rds of last year’s Knights are back because we still didn’t find that
                       damned Grail!!
                       The team has been reduced to Mandy and Deeon as Kim Curtis, aka Zoot, has
                       fled to find better fortunes elsewhere. Others may say she has finally come to her
                       senses and what was she thinking in the first place.
                       Poor Moo and Kimmie had to put up with the antics of the 2010 Best Individual
                       Basher for the whole time, not just when out of the car like the rest of you!!
                       So we think this, and losing everything but expecting it to be in ‘the basket’
                       frustrated poor Kimmie!
                       Fortunately she didn’t have a ‘short’ fuse like her other half (aka Curly) so she
                       handled it pretty well. Actually if we ever needed anything, Kimmie generally had
                       enough for Africa!
                       But this year will be interesting, as the last time these two were together on the BASH,
                       they were officials in OVNein. Oh, those were the days! So with no-one to guide and
                       control them in the car, nearly anything might happen and probably will!
                       So while there are only two in the car, with a few things they have up their sleeves, they
                       will likely appear to be far more and far more annoying than just two. There might
                       be more virgins, Germans, Knights, Holy Hand Grenades, Large Wooden Badgers,
                       Swallows, Bridges of Death, Shrubberies and Grails with us during the event.
                       Now a 10 year veteran, Mandy Moo is looking forward to the ‘Iconic BASH’ and the laid
                       back nature as she feels somewhat iconic herself these days.
                       ...we hear it’s nice and green and lush up North and the feed might bring the odd
                       rabbit out!
                       We would like to thank Ioacane & Australian Timbers and our other sponsors
                       and supporters.

                       CAR RAM
                       Crew: Andrew Keach, Darren Sutton, Peter Hayes

                       Car TORO & BST Buick Sedan 1937
                       Crew: Ken Woods, Richard Walne, Kevin O’Brien, Ian King, Dene Davies,
                       Robert Rein.
                       The 1937 TORO Buick is back on the track again this year after a year’s sabbatical
                       last year. The usual crew will be there with a couple of ring-ins and we are all looking
                                              forward to what will be a good run up to Innamincka and the
                                               beautiful Cooper. After some good and needed work from Des
                                               Butler, the old Buick is hoping to improve her economy from
                                               35-40 litres per 100ks, which we had last time, to something a
                                               bit more economical – but in your 75th year, most things are
                                               forgivable!! A good long run on dirt roads is one of the best
                                               ways to enjoy the floating and somewhat dusty ride of the old
                                                girl, particularly when there’s the promise of a cool drink at
                                                the end of the day. We will again be backed up by BST (Bash
                                                Support Toro) and will see you other astronauts on the track.
                                                We would like to thank “The girls” – who do so much for us.
2011 SA Variety Bash
Car V1 Toyota UTE 1985
Crew: Don Aston, Diane Aston.
2011 and for us (Don and Di) it will truly be an ‘Iconic Bash’! We have a new vehicle, an
old Toyota Troop Carrier, decked out in Variety red.
Needless to say, there will be room for even more Vili’s products as we now have room
for a larger pie warmer. Can’t wait to meet you along the track.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors Vili’s Cakes, Stratco,
Wendy Higgins / Mortgage Choice, Action Workforce and many more. Without
companies such as these, we would not be able to help the children in our state who
need our support.

Car WOG Ford Customline 1956
Crew: Chris (Con) Carypidis, Steve (Just One) Babyszka, Tino (Con) Castorio,
Craig (Costa) Phillips
Yasou Reh! Yes we’re back maatte!! And now we got all of him. Clarrie, well she’s got
new things on him. We might even clean him up, maybe. Con found some cheese,
olives and loukanika in the boot err dust him off no worries. Bootiful.
New padoflers and mirror ball, away we go. You can hear the muzica now eh? Psst got
any Greek in you?
Sponsors we would like to thank: Brewcraft, Lights View Wines, Pure Vision Wines,
Jealousy Clothing, Move Over Clothing, Andrew Morgan Automotive, Worm Works,
Adamis Sand & Metal, Loan Market, Southern Timbers, Statewide Hire, Bemax, The
Office, Catamac Spare, Adelaide Belt and Hoses, Pit Crew Car Wash & Cafe, Govan
Pty Ltd, Diesel Exhaust Systems, Butterfields Hydraulics, Hytip Engineering, Don Kyat
Spare Parts, Power Batteries, Luppoi Butchers.

                                                                                            2011 SA Variety Bash
                                                        On Friday 18 November 2011 twelve prominent South Australian

                                             vi ntage
                                                        wineries will unite for Variety Vintage, a special charity wine auction
                                                        luncheon where wine lovers will have the chance to purchase one
                                                        off, high quality and never to be purchased again wine from the 2010
                                                 2007   vintage, with all money raised directly benefiting children in need in
                                                        South Australia.
                                                        The Variety Vintage concept was established in 2007 with Tim Adams,
                       Variety Vintage Charity          from Tim Adams Wines, being appointed as Variety Vintage Chairman.

                       Wine Auction Luncheon            The event has raised an astounding $300,000 net over the past
                                                        two years.
                       Friday 18 November 2011          The 2011 Variety Vintage Charity Wine Auction Luncheon will again
                                                        be held at the National Wine Centre. The event will begin with
                                                        tastings of the Variety Vintage wines followed by a sit down lunch for
                                                        approximately 350 people. Jeremy Oliver, one of the country’s foremost
                                                        wine writers and presenter will MC the function. This luncheon is
                                                        definitely a not to be missed highlight on the South Australian wine
                                                        event calendar.
                                                        To register your interest contact
                                                        or phone 08 8293 8744

                                                        Variety in South Australia will host the third annual Santa Fun Run
                                                        on Sunday 27 November 2011. Don’t miss your chance to dress up
                                                        as everyone’s favourite man in red for a day to help South Australian
                                                        children in need.

                       Sunday 27 November 2011          Registration includes a Santa suit or Santa hat for the littlies. The
                                                        Santa Fun Run will commence at 9.30am on the Riverbank Lawns
                                                        outside the Adelaide Convention Centre and entrants will run or
                                                        walk 4km around the Torrens River. Entertainment for everyone
                                                        will commence from 8.45am to get the Santas and onlookers in the
                                                        festive spirit. There may even be a visit from the real Santa!
                                                        The focus of this event is to raise funds to help children in need this
                                                        There will be some fantastic prizes up for grabs including a $30,000
                                                        family island getaway courtesy of Adrenalin. All you need to do is
                                                        raise $100 and you will automatically go into the draw! Raise $200
                                                        and you will get 2 entries into the draw!
                                                        Join now!
                                                        To register log on to or contact
                                                        Megan or 08 8293 8744.

2011 SA Variety Bash
2011 Annual Variety          In June 2011 the annual Variety themed dinner celebrated an amazing
                             ten year partnership with the Adelaide Convention Centre.
Themed Dinner                Over the past ten years our guests have enjoyed many fabulous theme
Adelaide Convention Centre   filled nights from the inaugural event Variety in the Outback in 2002,
                             to Variety at the Circus, Variety on Broadway and of course this years
                             Variety’s Night in Paris.
                             Variety’s Night in Paris was a fabulous night of Ritz and Glitz with
                             a stunning three course dinner, quality Wicks Estate wines and an
                             extravaganza of Parisian theming. Guests partied the night away to
                             fantastic entertainment by The Ruby’s, Lisa Edwards with members
                             of the John Farnham Band, Motown Connection and illusionist
                             extraordinare Raymond Crowe.
                             Since the inaugural event, the annual Variety themed dinner has
                             raised in excess of $1.5million net. The Event Chair, Peter Curtis
                             said he and his committee were thrilled with the event’s success,
                             achieved as a result of the outstanding support of
                             Chief Executive Alec Gilbert and the team at the
                             Adelaide Convention Centre.
                             To book your table for the 2012 event
                             please contact
                             or 08 8293 8744

                             Variety was delighted with the success of the inaugural Black &
                             Chrome Goes Rockstar event held in February 2011 at the Stamford
                             Grand, Glenelg.
                             With the Stamford’s ballrooms transformed into an up market rock
                             concert venue, 500 guests feasted on sensational food and rocked
                             the night away to Dave Blight & the Flyers, with the iconic Zep Boys
                             as the headline act.
Stamford Grand Glenelg         With huge thanks to all the generous sponsors for this event, in
Friday 17 February 2012        particular the major event sponsor Stamford Grand, this amazing
                                rockstar night raised close to $60,000, a fantastic result to help
                                 children in need in our state.
                                 The 2012 Black and Chrome will be held on Friday
                                 17 February 2012 at the Stamford Grand, Glenelg.
                                  To register your interest, please contact
                          or phone 08 8293 8744.

                                                                                                      2011 SA Variety Bash
                                                  The Variety V2 Classic Bike Run is the latest in a portfolio of motoring
                                                  events that includes the renowned Variety Bash and 4WD Challenge.
                                                  It is an “up market” event designed to attract motorbike enthusiasts
                                                  who enjoy firing up their bikes for a four day luxury cruise, requiring
                                                  no organisation on their part. The emphasis is on interesting roads,
                                                  fabulous scenery, great food and wine and of course, as with all
                                                  Variety events, fun and entertainment. The event caters for both

                                       ber 2011
                                                  experienced and inexperienced riders.
                          - 16 Oc
                                                  Over the past three years the event has raised just under $ ¾ million
                       13                         for children in need in South Australia.
                                                  The 2011 four day cruise covering 1400km on Goldwings,
                                                  Electraglides, Road King Classics and Fat Boys will depart Adelaide
                                                  on Thursday 13 October, riding along the Murray and Darling Rivers
                                                  – now flowing in all their glory - and visiting Mildura, Wentworth
                                                  and Swan Hill. Highlights will include Banrock Station, Stefano’s in
                                                  Mildura and Spoons in Swan Hill as well as a dinner cruise on the
                                                  Mundoo paddle steamer.
                                                  The run has been mapped by event route director Ray Stevens, a
                                                  motorbike expert with years of experience in organising bike events
                                                  for the discerning rider, both in Australia and overseas.
                                                  If you are interested in joining this year’s event please phone Liz on
                                                  08 8293 8744 or email

2011 SA Variety Bash
                          From the Alpine slopes of the Victorian High Country in 2010 to the
                          white sand and massive sand dunes of Googs Track, Davenport
                          Creek and surrounds, 49 vehicles and 106 crew swapped anoraks for
                          bathers and revelled in the 2011 Variety 4WD Challenge that departed
                          Adelaide on Friday 25 March.
                          The seven day trip had some amazing highlights including a formal
2011 Event – The Gammon   dinner party on the top of Mt Finke and a Beach Party on the awe
Ranges to the Far West    inspiring shores of Davenport Creek. The entrants enjoyed amazing
                          meals, award winning Tim Adams wines at the nightly sunset parties
                          and great entertainment.
                          It was a gastronomic trek as well as an outstanding 4WD Challenge
                          raising half a million dollars net for children in need in SA.
                          Planning for the 2012 event is underway with the proposed route
                          heading north into the Simpson Desert. To register your interest,
                          contact or phone 08 8293 8744.

                                                                                                 2011 SA Variety Bash
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                                                  from simple cards to multicolour books. We are proudly South
                                                  Australian and proudly support Variety SA.

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