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									Various Kinds of Wedding Rings

Bridal sets: A bridal set is also known as his and her wedding ring set. A Bridal set is nothing but a pair of
rings designed to be worn together. Some bridal sets include three rings also: bride's date ring, wedding
band and groom's wedding band. Bridal set engagement ring is of two types: parallel rings and
integrated rings. In a parallel set, wedding band may have inset stones or pave setting but does not have
raised stones or other elaborate details that might interfere with the engagement ring when the two
pieces are worn together. In an integrated set, wedding band cannot be worn without the engagement
ring or else it would appear incomplete.

Wedding Ring Sets: In this set you will get his and hers wedding rings without engagement ring.
Wedding ring sets is divided into three: women's bridal sets, dual band seats and triple sets. Women's
bridal set is divided into centralized ring and a coordinated wedding band. Bridal sets do not include a
wedding band for the potential groom, though many jewelers can customize a matching band if desired.
Band sets includes bands for both the bride and groom, but do not include any sort of engagement ring.
By choosing a band set, a couple guarantees that the rings match, and many band sets can coordinate
with a variety of Engagement Ring Designs. Triple sets include both wedding bands and coordinated
engagement ring.

For decades the diamond has served as the centerpiece of not just the engagement ring, but also the
engagement itself. Brides and grooms rush to the phone to spread their happy news, and typically the
voice on the other end asks two questions. They inquire about the diamond, and then the date of the
wedding. Men spend countless hours in search of the perfect diamond engagement ring because the
diamond's strength, brilliance, and luster is unmatched in the gemstone world, and as such, the stone
serves to represent the strength and brilliance of the love and commitment between the couple.
Because diamonds are so sought after and add such value to the engagement ring, many brides and
grooms are foregoing the standard gold wedding band and also incorporating diamonds in their his and
hers wedding ring set.

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