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									                               Sampling Methods
Sampling Methods

Sampling is some how similar to research but generally we use sampling as compare to
research. The reason behind this is that we can easily collect data in sampling, it is very much
cost effective and in this we collect data as small sets so it ensures similarity and accuracy of
data. Generally we use two sampling methods i.e. Probability sampling and Non-Probability
sampling. Both these techniques are future divided in different parts

Probability Sampling Methods: In this method each sample has same probability i.e. each
sample can be chosen same time. The Probability sampling method is future divided in few
techniques they are given as:-

A simple random sample: In this sample is obtained randomly by choosing elementary units in
such a way that each unit of the population has same number of chance of being selected.
In random techniques the total , average and proportion values can be calculated using the
following formulas that are given as:


For calculation of total value we use: X = N ∑ (Xi / n).

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Average is calculated using formula given as: A = ∑ (Xi / n)


Proportion is given as: P = ∑ (Pi/n)


A stratifies sample: this sample is obtained by independently selecting a separate sample
from a population. In stratifies technique we again use three formula for calculating average,
total and proportion.

Average is calculated using: X = ∑ (wh Xh).


Total samples can be calculated using formula: X = ∑ (Nh Xh)


Proportion is given as: P = ∑ (h Ph)


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A cluster sample: In this sampling method, we get sample by selecting different clusters from
the population using simple random sampling.

Non- Probability sampling methods: In this the probability of occurrence of any sample is not
same i.e. each sample can be chosen different number of times. This is again divided in sub
techniques they are given as:-

Convenience sampling: This method is cheapest and quickest in this main question is that
who is available.

The Judgement sample: In this we obtain the sample according to the discretion of someone
who is familiar with the proper characteristics of the population.

We can use all the above mentioned methods to calculate the sampling of population. From
both the methods i.e. probability sampling and non-probability sampling are employed to guide

Sampling has wide application in many field like in the medical research, engineering, science
as we can easily gather various information’s about population. This is all about statistical
methods which we can use to calculate sampling. Using this method we can easily and fastly
calculate samples and the best part of sampling techniques is that it is cost effective.                                                   Page No. :- 4/4
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