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									English and German Nationalist and Anti-Semitic Discourse (1871-1945)
Queen Mary, University of London, 10-11 November 2010                                                         1


       WEDNESDAY, A.M. – 10TH NOVEMBER 2010

              9:30                            REGISTRATION & REFRESHMENTS
                                                      (ARTS FOYER)

                                                     WELCOMING ADDRESS
                                                   (ARTS LECTURE THEATRE):
              10:00                                    Professor Felicity Rash
                                                        Dr Geraldine Horan
                                                        Dr Daniel Wildmann
                                                         Dr Angus Nicholls

                                         SESSION 1                                  SESSION 2
                                         ROOM 1.28                                  ROOM G.34

                           Jan Vermeiren (University College            Christopher König (University of
              10:30        London): Germania Irredenta: The             Kampen, Netherlands): Arthur Bonus:
                           Place of Großdeutschland in Weimar           A Religious Author between Liberal
                           Nationalism                                  Protestantism and Radical

                           Helen Roche (University of                   Daniel Siemens (Universität
                           Cambridge): “In Sparta fühlte ich            Bielefeld): Religious Ideas and
              11:00        mich wie in einer deutschen Stadt”           Nationalistic Propaganda: The War
                           (Goebbels): The Leaders of the Third         Sermons of Ludwig Wessel and
                           Reich and the Spartan Nationalist            German Political Culture 1914-1934

                           Stefanie Schrader (Europa-                   Isabelle Engelhardt (Universität
                           Universität Viadrina Frankfurt               Düsseldorf): A Political Catholic
              11:30        (Oder)): “German, Völkisch and Free”         View: Discourses on “the Jew
                           – The Deutschvölkische                       Question” in the Daily Paper
                           Freiheitspartei and the Reichstag of         Germania 1918-1933
                           the Weimar Republic

                           Simone Borgstede (Universität                Diana Jane Beech (University of
                           Lüneburg): Dr. Ernst Henrici – Just a        Cambridge): Landesbischöfe
              12:00        “Well-known Arsonist” of the                 Marahrens, Meiser and Wurm and the
                           German Kaiserreich or Foreman in             Impact of the Judenfrage on the
                           the Production of an Aryan                   German Protestant Church

              12:30                   LUNCH (VOUCHERS PROVIDED FOR SPEAKERS)

English and German Nationalist and Anti-Semitic Discourse (1871-1945)
Queen Mary, University of London, 10-11 November 2010                                                            2



                              SESSION 3                                             SESSION 4
                              ROOM 1.28                                             ROOM G.34

          Stefan Hüpping (Universität Osnabrück): “An            Lara Day Benjamin (University of Edinburgh):
 1:30     Issue of Antisemitism” – Adolf Bartels vs.             Writing German Identity on the Landscape: Paul
          Friedrich v. Oppeln-Bronikowski                        Schultze-Naumburg’s Die Entstellung unseres
          Matthew Fitzpatrick (Flinders University,
 2:00     Australia): A Jewish Question? The Expulsion of
          Non-Germans from Prussia, 1881-1886
          Brian Crim (Lynchburg College, Virginia): The          Elaine Martin (National University of Ireland
 2:30     Case for “Situational Antisemitism”: Antisemitic       Maynooth): “Colonial Fantasies” in Interwar
          Discourse and the German Paramilitary                  German Literature
          Community, 1919-1933
                                                                 Tamara Gella (Orel State University, Russia):
 3:00                                                            National and Colonial Ideas in English Liberals’
                                                                 Political Discourse of the Late 19th Century

 3:30                                                  COFFEE / TEA

                              SESSION 5                                             SESSION 6
                              ROOM 1.28                                             ROOM G.34

          Nicolas Bechter (Universität Wien): Anti-              Jens-Uwe Guettel (The Pennsylvania State
          Semitism and Romantic Anti-Capitalism in the           University): “How Petty do the Romans’ Creations
 4:00     Austrian Parliament between 1870-1914                  Appear Compared to the Global Achievements of
                                                                 the Anglo-Saxons”: England in German
                                                                 Nationalist and Expansionist Discourse, 1871-1914
          Christine Achinger (Warwick University) &              Mara Degnan-Rojeski (Dickinson College,
          Marcel Stoetzler (Bangor University): The              Pennsylvania): From Nationalism to National
 4:30     Convergence of ‘Civic’ and ‘Ethnic’ Nationalism        Socialism: The English-language Propaganda of
          in Liberal Antisemitism: The Cases of Freytag and      the Deutscher Fichte Bund
          Michael Carter-Sinclair (King’s College                Grzegorz Krzywiec (Polish Academy of Sciences,
          London): Antisemitism and German Nationalism           Poland): On the Term ‘Judaization
 5:00     in Vienna: The Long Period to 1938                     (Verjudung/Zażydzenie)’ in Political Catholicism.
                                                                 Some Cases of East Central European Elective
          Christopher Hutton (The University of Hong             Lisa Konietzni (Universität Düsseldorf): The
 5:30     Kong): Race Theory as a Critique of Nationalism        Linguistically Reflexive Discussion of the CV-
          in the Context of European Anti-Semitism               Zeitung about Anti-Semitic Stereotypes,
                                                                 Metaphors and Compounds

                                 KEYNOTE ADDRESS (ARTS LECTURE THEATRE):
 6:30                               RUTH WODAK (LANCASTER UNIVERSITY):
                                 The Discourse of Syncretic Antisemitism: “Anything Goes!”

 8:00                                             CONFERENCE DINNER

English and German Nationalist and Anti-Semitic Discourse (1871-1945)
Queen Mary, University of London, 10-11 November 2010                                                             3


       THURSDAY, A.M. – 11TH NOVEMBER 2010

                                         SESSION 7                                  SESSION 8
                                         ROOM 1.28                                  ROOM G.34

                           Christian Koller (Bangor University): Jonas Karlsson (Yale University):
              9:00         The Concept of ‘Fremdherrschaft’ in   The Struggle for Victimhood: The
                           German Nationalist and Anti-Semitic   Case of Bernhard Förster
                           Discourses, 1871-1945

                           Lisa Zwicker (Indiana University):           Falco Pfalzgraf (Queen Mary): Juden,
              9:30         Student Antisemites: The Union of            Neger und Zigeuner. Minority Groups
                           German Students [Verein deutscher            in German Fibeln 1933-1945
                           Studenten], 1880-1914

                           Ulrich Charpa (Universität Bochum):          Katharina Barbe (Northern Illinois
                           Music and Science. On Some                   University): Puzzles as Text and
             10:00         Similarities between Antisemitic             Discourse
                           Discourses in German-speaking

                           Stephanie Seul (Universität Bremen):         Birte Förster (Technische Universität
             10:30         Discourses of the British Press on           Darmstadt): Inventing their Tradition –
                           German Anti-Semitism in the Early            Right-wing Female Leaders and the
                           Weimar Republic, 1918-1923                   Queen Louise-Myth, 1923-1936

             11:00                                            COFFEE / TEA

                                     KEYNOTE ADDRESS (ARTS LECTURE THEATRE):
             11:30                 ANDREAS MUSOLFF (UNIVERSITY OF EAST ANGLIA):
                                      How to Identify the Enemy of the German Body Politic:
                                       Carl Schmitt’s Nationalist “Concept of the Political”

             12:30                    LUNCH (VOUCHERS PROVIDED FOR SPEAKERS)

English and German Nationalist and Anti-Semitic Discourse (1871-1945)
Queen Mary, University of London, 10-11 November 2010                                                           4



                                      SESSION 9                                   SESSION 10
                                      ROOM 1.28                                   ROOM G.34

                                                                   Egbert Klautke (University College
           1:30                                                    London): Wilhelm Wundt and the Mind of
                                                                   the Nation during the First World War

                        David Lebovitch Dahl (University of        Felix Wiedemann (Freie Universität
                        Copenhagen): Varieties of Nationalist      Berlin): The Double Orient: Jews and Arabs
                        Antisemitism in Germany and                in the Racial Theory of Ludwig Ferdinand
           2:00         England: A Comparison between the          Clauß
                        Discourses of the Jesuit Journals
                        Stimmen der Zeit and The Month 1918-

                        Ulrike Ehret (Universität Erlangen):       Karin Stögner (Central European
                        The Crux with Modernity: The               University, Budapest): On Antisemitism and
           2:30         Nationalism and Antisemitism of the        Nationalism at the Fin de Siècle: Walter
                        Catholic Right in Germany and              Benjamin’s Critique of German Youth
                        England                                    Movement

                        Magnus Brechtken (The University           Ana Petrov (University of Belgrade): Being
                        of Nottingham): English-German Anti-       German, Being ‘More Rationalized’: The
           3:00         Semitism and the Idea of ‘Compulsory       Case of Max Weber’s Concept of
                        Segregation’                               Rationalization in Music

           3:30                                               COFFEE / TEA

                                     SESSION 11                                   SESSION 12
                                     ROOM 1.28                                    ROOM G.34

                        Daniel Tilles (Royal Holloway,             Martin Weidinger (Universität Wien):
                        University of London): “Jewish Decay       Fridericus, Bismarck and Cromwell:
                        Against British Revolution”: The           Historical Narratives as Part of a
           4:00         British Union of Fascists’ Antisemitic     Nationalist Project?
                        Discourse in the Context of Fascist and
                        British Nationalist Thought

                        Russell Wallis (Royal Holloway,
                        University of London): Memory and
           4:30         Nationalism on the British Left: The
                        Good and Bad German Controversy in

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