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A “Massacre” in Boston


									A “Massacre” in Boston
        Are we sure?
      Was it propaganda?
               Some Background
   Many of the acts and laws passed
    by the British made American
    colonists unhappy.
   Sam Adams & Thomas Paine led
    the Revolutionary cause in the
   Who actually fights a war?
       Leaders?
       Common person?
   Give me an example in today’s
     It’s not all about dead rich white
                   dudes. . .
   The truth is, in the 1700’s, most soldiers in war were
    the common people.
       Just like today!
   During the Revolution, the small percentage of well-
    known or connected men, had time to imagine what life
    would be like under a brave experimental government.
   There’s nothing wrong with admiring the founding
   What would be wrong would be to forget the
    thousands of ordinary people like us whose lives were
    sacrificed during the war to make a new government
        Why does it even matter?
   Imagine you are one of the country’s leaders.
    You know for a fact that your troops and
    soldiers are common men: farmers, laborers,
    fathers supporting families.
   Are they gong to be willing to fight and die for a
    noble cause that doesn’t immediately affect
   As a leader, what do you do?
   You use tools, such as PROPOGANDA to gain
    support of people who aren’t convinced about
    your cause.
   In your lives, think of commercials as your nearest
    form of propaganda.
   How do they convince you to do something?
   Pictures, words, actors, exaggeration of the truth . . .
           The Boston Massacre

   The Boston Massacre was an event in which
    mostly innocent, American colonists were killed
    by the gunfire of British soldiers.
   The event sparked great anger in the colonists,
    and helped turn them toward the cause of
   As your read keep the word PROPAGANDA in
   How did the leaders of the Revolution use
    Propaganda after the Boston Massacre?

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