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									                                           SNP III - Recognitions
                                             Middle & High
                                             September 2004
    School         Manager         Recognition             Areas                           Comments
                    Name           Recipients
Middle Schools
Creekland M      Ans Leek       Virginia McGee     Morale Booster           She has started our “Grab and Go”
                                                                            breakfasts. On the 1st day she served 15; by
                                                                            Aug. 4th she served 80.
                                Hana Ibrahimovic   17 Qualities-Adaptable   She has been the batch cook. Now, she has
                                                                            become the person who can work anywhere
                                                                            needed. She is very adaptable.
Crews M.         Marty King     Debbie Simpson     17 Qualities-adaptable   Worked at Crews 8 years. Became the baker
                                                                            this year and has done a terrific job.
                                                                            Demonstrates adaptability.
Duluth M.        Linda Parker   Entire Staff       17 Qualities-adapt.      Everyone moved to a new school. Increased
                                                                            student population by 600+. Increased
                                                                            lunches from 1000 to 1500. started a
                                                                            breakfast program.
Five Forks M     D.J. Jackson   Bryan Isles        Random Acts of           Voluntarily took over the organization of
                                                   Kindness                 the stock room and the paper supplies.
Hooper-Renwick   Sande Carder   Sarah Bledsoe
Lanier M.        Sharon Weir    Judy Yuiana        17 Qualities –           Head cashier. Only 1 returning from last
                                                   adaptable                year. Took control to be sure the cash
                                                                            registers were working properly.
Lilburn M        John Adams     Vera Sheriff       17 qualities-adapt.      Effective in any job when asked to do
                                                                            something different.
                                Carla Dean         17 Qualities-            Willing to help in every aspect of the day-
                                                   collaborative            to-day operations. The epitome of a team
                                Karen Johnson      Morale Booster           Willingness to increase the knowledge of
                                                                            co-workers and students about nutrition.
McConnell M      Gail Payne     Lijijana Baltic    Random Acts of           Voluntarily helps everyone without being
                                            SNP III - Recognitions
                                              Middle & High
                                              September 2004
                                                    Kindness                 asked.
                               Cherry Chatman       17 Qualities-Adaptable   She takes on responsibilities as asked and
                                                                             does a swell job.
                               Diana McConnell      Moral Boosters           Asst. Manager. She keeps everyone’s
                                                                             morale up by treating the staff to some
                                                                             small surprises in decorative bags.
Osborne M.     Mary Carroll    Gail Lloyd           17 Qualities-adapt.      A tremendous help in a short-handed
               Eddleman                                                      situation.
                               Melanie Joseph       17 Qualities-            A tremendous help in a short-handed
                                                    collaborative            situation. Has kept the food on the lines.
                                                                             Gets everything written down to help keep
                                                                             records straight.
Pickneyville   Nancy Bourke    Maria Quezada        17 Qualities-Adaptable   She is so dependable and flexible.
Richards       Bernie Warner   Susan Fowler         ??
Shiloh M       Ethel Filaski   Whole staff          17 Qualities-adapt.      1st day of school-stressful. Electricity went
                                                                             out at 9:15. It stayed off over an hour.
                                                                             Using flashlights everyone began taking
                                                                             items from the freezer so sandwiches could
                                                                             be served for lunch. The electricity came
                                                                             back on and lunch was completed as usual.
                                                                             Everyone was adaptable to the situation.
Snellville M   Tracey Screws   Kari Hatch           Professional             She is the new meat cook. Ironically, she is
                                                    Development              a vegetarian. But, she has stepped up to the
High Schools
Berkmar H      Brenda Perry    Shirley Clark        Acts of Kindness         Taking lunch to a student who could not
                                                                             come to the Food Court to eat.
                               Sara Blair           Acts of Kindness         For baking a cake for the August birthdays.
Brookwood H    Lynn Woods      Entire staff         17 Qualities –           For their unsurpassed teamwork this year.
                                                    Adaptable &              They changed jobs; moved workstations;
                                             SNP III - Recognitions
                                               Middle & High
                                               September 2004
                                                     Collaborative           still, came out of the starting gate feeding
                                                                             record numbers of students. Positive
                                                                             attitudes; willingness to do what it takes to
                                                                             provide good & nutritious meals to
Grayson H.       Brenda Baker    Joan Lane           Encouragement vs        She is always encouraging and positive. She
                                                     Consequences            is a new employee.
                                 Debra King          Acts of Kindness        She always prepares our cards and arranges
                                                                             for birthdays.
                                 Barbara Artley      Professional            She is taking college courses at night to
                                                     Development             improve herself.
                                 Anita Lyons         17 qualities-adapt.     She is always willing to help wherever she
                                                                             can. She is a new employee.
                                 Debbie Thompson     Proficiency in          She has signed up and is already taking
                                                     Competencies            classes.
                                 Pat Mayer           Prof. In Competencies   Same.
Central H.       Rosanna Miro    Amy Moore           17 Qualities-adapt.     She is able to change herself to better
                                                                             others. She works with Special Ed.
                                 Amy Moore           17 Qualities-           She is collaborative for same reasons-
                                                     collaborative           working aggressively with Special Ed.
                                 Doris Sells         Morale Booster          She has come on board with Central’s team
                                                                             as an Assistant Manager.
Collins Hill H   Ann Pisarchuk   Michael Woods       Professional            For continuing his education while working
                                                     Development             2 jobs and receiving his Associate Degree.
                                                                             He will graduate in Dec., 2005.
                                 Mary Ford           Random Acts of          She has maintained composure, smiled,
                                                     Kindness                hugged and kept a positive attitude while
                                                                             working in the serving area, during all 5
                                                                             lunches, feeding 2000+ each day. She
                                                                             understands the word “Team”. She makes
                                              SNP III - Recognitions
                                                Middle & High
                                                September 2004
                                                                                students feel appreciated, keeps the lines
                                                                                clean and attractive.
                                   Margie Velez        Random Acts of           Same.
                                   Martha Ramirez      Random Acts of           Same.
Duluth H         Karen Wheatley    Entire staff        17 Qualities-Adaptable   Lunch periods cut from 4 to 3. Increase of
                                                                                100-150 students each period. Staff stepped
                                                                                up to plate & adapted to changes. Very
Meadowcreek H    Janice Douglass   Lucinda Chandler    17 Qualities-            A new employee, hired to work in the dish
                                                       Collaborative            room. Gets along very well with another
                                                                                new hire.
                                   Thomas Folds        17 Qualities-            Same as above.
Mill Creek H     Valerie Bowers    Whole Staff         17 Qualities-            The 1st month of school really needed all of
                                                       Collaborative            us to come together and make it work.
                                                                                These ladies and our 1 male lunch “lady”
                                                                                have been wonderful!!
Norcross H       Judy L. Bolt      Sylvia Boyd (FA)    17 Qualities-Adaptable   Training to be an Asst. Manager. A team
                                                                                builder in the truest sense. Willing to help
                                                                                co-workers. Encourages others to help the
                                   Hazel Bishop (FA)   17 Qualities-Adaptable   She is phenomenal. Like a motorboat all
                                                                                day. Never stops working. Constantly
                                                                                helping co-workers. A team player.
Parkview/Trickum Kathy Benton      Lucia Gesuelle      Encouragement vs         She has been put everywhere in the kitchen
                                                       Consequences             since the beginning of school, and she has
                                   Kay Carter          Encouragement vs         She has taken charge and done things
                                         SNP III - Recognitions
                                           Middle & High
                                           September 2004
                                                 Consequences       without being told, never whined, and
                                                                    accepted change graciously.
                                Carol Melancon   Encouragement vs   She has taken over the job of head cashier
                                                 Consequences       enthusiastically & skillfully.
Peachtree Ridge H Michael       Whole Staff      17 Qualities –     All adapted well to being understaffed and
                  McEvoy                         Adaptable          more students to feed. Each day they have
                                                                    had a triumphant effort of teamwork and
Shiloh H.        Brenda Lynch   Gert Novak       Encouragement vs
                                Gert Novak       Acts of Kindness
                                Gert Novak       Professional

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