MATH 1316: MATH 2412
                                    Rose Harris, Mathematics Instructor
                                     Bishop Lynch High School

Text:        Precalculus Functions and Graphs
             Swokowski / Cole: Eleventh edition, 2008

        Define the six trigonometric functions.
        Solve right triangle problems using the trig functions.
        Utilize radian measure.
        Prove trigonometric identities.
        Solve trigonometric equations.
        Use double angle and half-angle formulas.
        Graph the trigonometric functions.
        Graph and utilize inverse trigonometric functions.
        Use the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines.
        Use complex numbers in rectangular and polar form; DeMoivre’s Theorem.

Classroom Procedures:
         All the rules in the BL handbook concerning behavior, gum or food will be strictly enforced.
         The student is expected to be in his/her assigned seat when the bell starts to ring and to be
           prepared for class with all necessary materials and homework. After the bell has rung, no
           student will be allowed to leave the room for any reason, including retrieving materials left in
           lockers. The student is responsible for finding time between classes to go to the restroom.
         All assignments are to be completed in pencil. No assignments done in pen will be accepted.
         The student is expected to follow the math department guidelines for make up work and tests.
           See the policy printed on the back of this page.
         The student is expected to act responsibly in maintaining a quiet atmosphere conducive to
           learning by paying attention and taking notes.

Homework and Tests:
       Homework will be assigned and graded daily. It must be done in pencil and kept in a loose
          leaf notebook. Use dividers to separate the notebook into three sections. Section 1 will
          contain class notes; section 2 will contain all daily assignments in order; and section 3 will
          contain all quizzes and tests.
       Bonus homework points are available on a daily basis. The Problem of the Day must be
          turned in on the designated day and the Problem of the Week is due on Friday (or the last class
          day) of each week.
       If a field trip occurs on the day of a test, the student must arrange to take the test prior to
          going on the field trip. Homework that is due on the day of the field trip must be turned in
          before going on the trip.

Grading System:
        Homework: 10%
        Quizzes: 40%
        Tests: 50%
        Projects: Students will be notified when a project is assigned whether the project counts as a
           quiz grade or a test grade.
Contact Information:
         E-mail address:
         Phone number: 214-324-3607 x336

            Monday: 7:15  7:45 a.m.
            Tuesday: 7:15 – 7:45 a.m.
            Thursday: 7:15  7:45 a.m.
            Other days and times by appointment.

                POLICY FOR MAKE UP WORK
The math department at Bishop Lynch will follow the following policies for make up work.

1)   If the student knows in advance that a class will be missed for field trip, athletic event, or a
     family trip, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain all assignments from the teacher and
     have all work, including tests, completed and handed in before the class is missed. Failure to
     do so will result in a grade of zero for the missing material.

2)   If the student misses a class due to illness or other unplanned absence from school, then he or
     she must obtain the assignment missed on the first day back to school and it is to be handed
     in the next class meeting. For example, if a student misses an A day class and returns on the
     next B day, even though the student does not have a scheduled class, it is his or her
     responsibility to obtain the assignment and have it completed by the next A day.
     Assignments are posted on the lesson chart in room 124.

3)   It is important that all math students stay current with their homework. The math department
     advises students to begin working on their homework on the day it is assigned. If a student
     misses a day on which the class does not meet, the assignment will still be due at the next
     scheduled class meeting. Take your math book home every night to avoid such problems.

4)   If the student misses a test, the student will make up that test on the Friday after his or her
     return to school. If the student returns on Friday, the test will be made up that day. The
     Math Department will monitor make up tests on Fridays in the room whose number is posted
     on the door of room 124. These make-up sessions will be offered at two times:
                           7:008:10 a.m.
                           3:454:55 p.m.

          Failure to appear for scheduled make up test will result in a grade of zero on the test.

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