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Fairfield Suisun Unified School District by HC120727073649


									                 Fairfield Suisun Unified School District
                             Board of Trustees

                                   President                      Pat Shamansky
                                   Vice President                 TBD
                                   Clerk                          Dave Gaut
                                   Acting Clerk                   Helen Tilley
                                   Member                         Perry Polk
                                   Member                         Kathy Mariano
                                   Member                         David Isom

Regular School Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 7:00 pm in the Fairfield
Suisun Unified School District Office Board Room. Meetings are televised on local cable TV.

                         Lead District Office Staff

      Jackie L. Cottingim, Ph.D                     Superintendent
      Kelly Morgan                                  Assistant Superintendent of Business Serivces
      Ron Hawkins                                   Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
      Laneia Grindle                                Director of Fiscal Services
      Kris Corey                                    Director of Student Services
      Kris Corey                                    Director of Elementary Education
      Marylou Wilson                                Director of Instructional Support Services
      Araceli Cantu-Tong                            Director of English Learner Program
      Andrew Green-Ownby                            Director of Special Education
      Bill Vucurevich                               Director of Maintenance & Operations
      Anita Holquist                                Director of Food Services
      Fadi Daher                                    Director of Transportation

                             E. Ruth Sheldon Elementary School
                                  Parent-Student Handbook

                                         Table of Contents

                  Daily Schedule………………………………………………………………..2

                  School Staff……………………………………………………………………3

                  Resolving Problems…………………………………………………………4

                  Attendance, Homework Guidelines……………………………..5

                  School Policies & Procedures………………………………………6-8

                  School Lunch Program……………………………………………………7

                  Student Regulations……… ………………………………………………10

                  Student Discipline Guidelines……………………………………10-14

                  Positive Incentives……………………………………………………………15

                  Parent Involvement…………………………………………………………..16

                  School Calendar………………………………………………………………….17

                  School Map………………………………………………………………………….18

                  Bell Schedule……………………………………………………………………….19

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
                                                     WELCOME TO

                                         E. RUTH SHELDON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

      This handbook is prepared to provide our students, parents/guardians, and other
interested community members information about our school’s program. The goal of our
educational program is to provide our students with the best academic experience

       We invite our parents/guardians and other community members to take an active
role in the education of our students. Our doors are open to you. Please come in. We
encourage you to visit your child’s school, please be sure to check in the office and
obtain a visitor’s pass. This helps us maintain a safe school environment for all. By
remaining involved and informed, you can help insure that a positive and rewarding
experience becomes a reality for all our students.

       Please note that as part of our Professional Learning Community, we have
schoolwide intervention program for all students performing below proficient in Reading
and Language as well as enrichment opportunities for those at proficient and advanced.
This is coordinated for our students at the primary and intermediate levels daily.
During the Core English Language Arts block and Math instructional block we request
and commit to minimal disruptions and have identified these instructional blocks as

                                           School Mission Statement

E. Ruth Sheldon will ensure that every child has experiences promoting positive
intellectual, emotional, and social development. The school community will demonstrate
mutual respect to provide a positive atmosphere encouraging enthusiasm among
students, parents and staff toward achieving learning goals.

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
                         SHELDON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STAFF
Principal:                                 Kathryn Solis
Secretary:                                 Sherry Guzman
Attendance/Typist Clerk:                   Rhonda Anderson

Classroom Teachers:
Pre-School               Kindergarten          Combo K-1            First                Combo 1-2
Liz Adam                 Mary Rosenfield       Peter Rosenfield     Ron Kane             Lauren Lindsey
Lori Aguilar             Sue Schuepbach                             Tim Munneke
Sabrina Boltz
Cynthia Apaka

Second                   Combo 2-3             Third                Fourth               Fifth
Sabrina Marciel          Janet Choi            Linda Flood          Jeanne Vanderfin     Elizabeth Allan
Corrine Campbell                               Margie Barron        Jamie Passama        David Rupprecht

Sixth                              Sixth                       SDC 1-3                 SDC 4-6
Mike Levy                          Steve Hartley               Carouzel Sorono         Laura McIntosh

                                              Support Staff:
Shelly Barrett                                           Learning Center Lead Teacher
Christine Hampton                                        Resource Teacher 50%
Patrick Kelly                                            School Psychologist
Michele Dalglish                                         Speech & Language Specialist
Mari Flores                                              Bilingual Paraprofessional
Fran Fisk                                                Library Media Tech
Audrey Lauvao                                            Learning Center Paraprofessional
Joyce Salado, Kim Flores, Art Wildman                    Pre-K Paraprofessionals

Shawn Giavelli, Mari Trejo, Joyce Sabir, Rosie           Noon Duty Supervisors
Frisk, Farah Kalayeh, Susanna Davila, Debbie Cruz,
Terri Brown, Annalisa Salazar, Ashley Peppers
Shawn Giavelli, Maria Trejo, Joyce Sabir, Susanna        Crossing Guards

Claudia Nimatur, Earl Johnson, Herminio Reyes            Custodians
Alyce Brown                                              Cafeteria Lead
Maria Downhill, Delores Villa Senor                      Cafeteria Assistants
Heather Wright                                           Health Technician
Jan Chappell                                             RN

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
                               STEPS TO RESOLVE PROBLEMS
      In an effort to keep communications open and positive relationships at a maximum
between home and school, parents are encouraged to follow the procedures outlined concerning
any complaints or questions pertaining to students or other concerns at E. Ruth Sheldon School.

    1. Contact your child’s teacher. S/he will make necessary arrangements to set up a
       conference to discuss and resolve the issue.

    2. If the issue is not resolved between parent and/or teacher, the principal will request to
       set up a meeting and be present at this meeting to hear both sides of the issue(s).

    3. Should step #2 not resolve the issue(s), the Director of Elementary Education shall be
       called upon to recommend a solution.

    4. If the above does not achieve a solution, a complaint form may be completed pursuant to
       Board Regulation 1312. These forms are available in the school office.

                                         CONFLICT RESOLUTION STEPS

E. Ruth Sheldon Elementary School has the PeaceBuilders® Program in place to build a trusting
school environment. This includes a Peace Coach program. Fifth and Sixth Graders may apply to
volunteer to attend training so that they may help their peers solve problems before they
become out of control.

Ground Rules: Student learn the basic ground rules for solving problems. The ground rules
include: not interrupting, no name calling or putting others down, being honest, and agreeing to
solve what ever the problem may be, in other words becoming part of the solution.

Defining the Problem: Deciding what actually is the problem by getting a description from each
person involved. Having each person express their feelings and why.

Finding Solutions: After deciding what the problem is and how each student feels, then comes
the task of finding a solution. The most important part of the solution is that it is acceptable to
each student involved.

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
                                      ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES
                                   AND VERIFICATION OF ABSENCES

       Good attendance provides a student a positive foundation for his or her
educational experience, and a positive attendance habit benefits the student long after
s/he is finished with their formal education. In addition to benefiting the student, the
state returns tax-generated funds to the Fairfield Suisun Unified School District only
for days that a student is actually present in school. Parents will receive notification in
letter from the principal after a child has three unexcused absences and/or tardies in a

      When students are absent from school for any reason, please call the school and
inform us of the cause on the day of the absence. If the school is not notified by 9 a.m.
of the date of your child’s absence, we will make every attempt to contact you.

      When sending a written note to verify the absence, the following information
should be on included in the note:
                                      Child’s Name
                                      Teacher’s Name
                                      Date(s) of absence
                                      Reason for absence
                                      Parent Signature

                                         HOMEWORK GUIDELINES

   All students will read a minimum of 20 minutes (Monday – Thursday) at home.
   Homework will be assigned as needed to reinforce instruction.
   Students are expected to finish incomplete assignments at home and return them to
   Homework may include written activities and/or independent study.
   Homework should be done in a quiet environment, free of distractions. It is the
    student’s responsibility to obtain and complete any missed assignments.

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
                                         POLICIES AND PROCEDURES
Non-School Materials: Students are not allowed to bring any items to school that are not considered
school items unless requested by a teacher. This includes radios, trading cards, toys, electronic games,
footballs, hard balls or bats. Students are not permitted to skate, rollerblade, skateboard, use “rollees”
or bring scooters on school property at anytime. This includes playgrounds, walkways and the general
vicinity of our school. Guns or weapons of any sort- toy or real (including pocket knives) are never allowed.

Gum is never allowed anywhere at school. (See District Wellness Policy, included)

Dress for School:
 Short shorts or skirts are not allowed.
 No hoop or dangling earrings allowed.
 Bare-midriff outfits are not allowed.
 Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.
 Muscle tank tops are not allowed.
 Spaghetti strap and helter-tops are not allowed.
 T-shirts and other apparel advertising alcohol, tobacco, or other similar substances; profane or
   offensive language or images; or items affiliated with gang membership are not allowed.
 Sport hats or clothes altered in any way may not be worn.
 Bandanas of any kind are not allowed.
 Make-up is discouraged, including lipstick.
 Footwear must cover and protect feet- flip flops may not be worm

Bicycle Regulations: Students who ride bicycles must follow the rules and regulations of the school, city
and state. The following rules are made for the protection of you and your bicycle:
1. All bicycles should be licensed and registered with the Fairfield Police Department.
2. Students may not ride bicycles unless wearing a helmet as per California State Law.
3. All bicycles must be locked in the Bike Lot during the school day.
4. All bicycles must be placed in the racks provided.
5. Bicycles are not to be ridden on the sidewalks or on the school grounds at any time.
6. Students are to stay away from the Bike Lot during the school day.
7. The school does the best it can do to supervise bicycles, but we ultimately cannot be responsible for

After School: All students are required to leave campus when they are dismissed from class. Students
are to go directly home or to their childcare provider after dismissal from class, unless they are signed
up for a school sanctioned program (i.e. Kid’s Corner, After School Intervention Program).

Office Regulations: A student must obtain permission and a pass form the classroom teacher or noon
duty supervisor before going to the office. Students are expected to behave appropriately in the office
Telephones: We request that school phones be used for emergencies only. Please make every effort to
give your child instructions for after school before s/her leaves home in the morning. Students are
allowed to use the phone only if they have an office pass from their teacher. Cell phones are not
encouraged to come to school with students, however, the reality for many parents is this is a necessary
means of communication with their children. THE SCHOOL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR
DAMAGED CELL PHONES. Keep in mind that cell phones may not be turned on/used during school time
AT ALL. They may be used before and after school.

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
Lost and Found: Most articles are turned into our Lost and Found boxes at the end of the main building
hallway. Please label articles with your child’s name whenever possible in order to make return successful.
If unlabeled, the articles will be placed in the lost-and-found until claimed. All items not claimed by
winter break and at the end of the year, will be donated to a charitable organization.

Valuables: Students should not bring large sums of money or valuable items to school. The school will
not be responsible for any missing or stolen money or personal items.

Transfer and Withdrawal: If it becomes necessary for a child to leave Sheldon School, the office
should be contacted. The school secretary will handle all necessary details.

Leaving School Grounds: Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds during school hours
without a note from parents and a pass from the office. Please pick up your child in the office. Notes
from parents requesting early release should be sent to the office. Please pick up your child in the office
if s/he is being released early, and sign them out. Do not remove your child from a classroom, other
school building, or the playground without notifying the classroom teacher and the school office. These
rules are designed to protect your children and our students.

Textbooks, Library Books and Classroom Materials: Please encourage your children to take good care
of their books. Students are expected to pay for any books, which they lose or damage.

Student Health: The safety and welfare of your child depends on parents communicating student’s
health needs with the school staff. Any accidents occurring at school should be reported to a staff
member immediately. The school secretary, clerk, or health assistant will contact parents when a child is
seriously injured or becomes ill at school. School personnel are not permitted to give any medication to
children without a written request signed by a parent and instructions by a physician. If your doctor
wants your child to take medicine while at school, parents need to complete a special form, which may be
obtained from the office staff. Over-the-counter medications require a doctor’s written instruction
along with a medication permit signed by a parent/guardian. Students should not carry medications to
school. We would like to be informed of special health problems.

Emergency Cards: When a student comes to the office ill or injured, we need to know immediately whom
to call and the name and phone number of your doctor. Please make sure your child’s emergency card has
current information. Also, if you move, change telephone numbers at home or work, or change doctors,
please let the school office staff know immediately.

School Meals Program: Breakfast is available daily. The cost of breakfast for students is $1.50 a day.
Lunch is $2.50 a day. Meals may be purchased in advance and placed on a child’s personal scan card.
Children from families whose income is at or below the levels determined by the State are eligible for
free or reduced-price meals. Parents may apply at any time during the year for free or reduced-price
meals by requesting and completing an application form. These forms will be sent home during the first
week of school and will be available in the school office throughout the year. A monthly menu will be sent
home with students.

                           Sheldon Elementary School is a Tobacco-free environment.

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
School-Wide Behavior Expectations- The 3 B’s
 Be Safe
 Be Respectful
 Be Responsible

Playground Rules
    1. Absolutely no running on the blacktop (Exception- playing basketball on the basketball courts.)
    2. No bringing of own equipment to school
    3. No inappropriate climbing/sitting on playground structure (P.E. Teacher will review)
    4. One person at a time on the slide. Students must go down slide on their bottoms and facing
    5. One direction/one person on horizontal wheels and monkey bars.
    6. No kicking of any type of ball on blacktop.
    7. There is no football at recess time.
    8. There is no equipment out before school, only tetherballs.
    9. No dodge ball or throwing of balls against the P.E. shed or Kindergarten classrooms.
    10. Students line up to check out equipment during recess. 1 st come, 1st serve.
    11. When the bell rings, students in the bark box will exit and freeze on the blacktop. Students with
        equipment will walk to return it without bouncing, dribbling, or throwing it. All other students will
    12. Recess duty teacher in charge of the courts will have tickets to hand out to students who properly
        return equipment to container. 100 Tickets may be turned for a special pizza party with Mr.
    13. Tag games in the bark box or blacktop are not allowed.
    14. Standing or jumping off swings is not allowed.
    15. No drinking fountain privileges after the bell.
    16. Playing or hanging out in the bathrooms is not allowed.
    17. Sitting on benches only at the picnic tables.
    18. Going between or behind the portables during recess is not allowed.
    19. Playing or walking along the fence line by the homes in the field is not allowed.
    20. No one is allowed in the hallway before, during, or after school without a pass.
    21. No food on the playground.

Restroom Rules
   1. Students must try their best to use restrooms before the bell rings- toilets and sinks
   2. Students must have a pass to use restrooms during class time.
   3. Students may not play in the restroom.
   4. Students are to throw all paper towels in the wastepaper basket.
   5. Students may not wet their heads with water.
   6. Vandalizing or graffiti may be reasons for suspension.

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
Student Regulations
   1. Students are to remain off the school grounds until 8:15 a.m. There is no supervision prior to 8:15

    2. Student drop-off and pick-up location is located in front of the school. Loading and unloading
       zones on Woolner Ave. are marked. When dropping students off, advise students to cross the
       street only at school crosswalks. Students must use crosswalks when walking or riding their
       bicycle to school.

    3. Students are to report to the playground area as soon as they arrive at school, unless they have
       breakfast in the Multi-Use Room, which is served daily from 8:00 – 8:15 am. Students are not to
       gather in the hallways of the main building. (On rainy days students are to report to their
       classrooms and line up in the hallway, if the room is in the main building, or on the ramp of
       portable classrooms. Their teacher will meet them at 8:25 am and take them to their classroom.)

    4. Students are to leave the school grounds as soon as they are dismissed for the day. Students may
       use the following exits to leave the school:
           a. West gate- Playground-Fire lane near the Multi-Use Room
           b. East gate- Flag pole near sidewalk and the T.C. McDaniel facility
           c. Classrooms # 2, 5, & 6 which exit at front of school

    5. Once arriving to school students must remain on campus until their dismissal time or be signed out
       through the office by the parent/guardian or their designee.

    6. Students returning to school or arriving late must check-in through the office.

    7. Students are not to deface, damage, or lose school or personal property.

    8. Students are not to engage in verbal or physical abuse or altercations (fighting), antagonizing
       behavior, or the use of obscene, profane, or inappropriate language on campus or when walking to
       or from school.

    9. Students are to walk in all areas in or near the building and including hallways.

    10. Students are required to follow the direction of authorized adults at all times.

    11. Students are not to give “cuts” to another student when waiting in any line.

    12. Bullying- ganging up on others verbally or physically is never allowed.

    13. Unlawful harassment or discrimination because of sex, race, ancestry, physical or mental
        disability, age or any other protected basis includes, but is not limited to items described in
        FSUSD policy 0410.

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11

     Classroom Teacher will do the following:

    Warning
    Stage 1 time out, Stage 2 time out
    Loss of privileges/bench notice
    Home phone call
    Parent notice from the teacher
    Parent teacher conference
    Classroom intervention plan
    Placed on an behavior improvement contract/plan
    Lunch detention
    Referral to Principal

   Students who choose to severely or repeatedly violate playground, class, or general school rules will
receive a “Disciplinary Referral to the Principal.” Depending on the nature and frequency of the
referral, one or more of the following will occur as a result of the referral:

    Student-Principal conference
    Time-out/Lunch detention
    Parent Contact
    Intervention Plan/Improvement Contract
    Loss of Privileges
    School Suspension (severe or chronic situations)

                              SUSPICSION & PARENT/STUDENT RIGHTS
        Our intention is that our school environment be a positive and successful one. At some times and
under some circumstances, it may become necessary to suspend a student from school. According to
Fairfield Suisun Unified School District Board Policy 5144.1 and California Education Code 48900,
students may be suspended from school for any of the following reasons (these are also listed in FSUSD
Parent Handbook, 2007-08):

1.   Caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause physical injury to another person

2. Willfully used force or violence upon the person of another, except in self defense.

3. Possessed, sold or otherwise furnished any firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object .

4. Unlawfully possessed, used sold, or otherwise furnished, or been under the influence of any controlled
   substance as listed in Section 11053 of the Health and Safety Code, an alcoholic beverage, or
   intoxicant of any kind.

5. Unlawfully offered or arranged or negotiated to sell any controlled substance as defined above,
   alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind, and then sold, delivered, or otherwise furnished to
   another person another liquid, substance, or materials and represented same as a controlled
   substance, alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant.

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
6. Committed or attempted to commit robbery or extortion.

7. Caused or attempted to cause damage to school property or private property.

8. Stole or attempted to steal school property or private property.

9. Possessed or used tobacco, or any product containing tobacco or nicotine products.

10. Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.

11. Unlawfully possessed, offered, arranged or negotiated to sell any drug paraphernalia, as defined in
    Section 11014.5 of the Health and Safety Code.

12. Disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied the valid authority of supervisors, teachers,
    administrators, other school officials, or other school personnel engaged in the performance of their
    duties. Such acts include, but are not limited to cheating, forgery, gambling, hazing, and willful
    disobedience to the directions of school personnel.

13. Knowingly received stolen property or private property.

14. Possessed an imitation firearm (any replica substantially similar to an existing firearm) as to lead a
    reasonable person to conclude the replica is a firearm.

15. Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault or committed sexual battery.

16. Harassed, threatened, or intimidated a student, who is a complaining witness in a school disciplinary
    proceeding for the purpose of either preventing that student form being a witness or retaliating
    against that student for being a witness, or both.

17. Unlawful harassment because of sex, race, ancestry, physical or mental disability, a ge or any other
    protected basis including, but not limited to items in FSUSD Policy 5144.1.

18. Caused, attempted to cause, threatened to cause, or participated in an act of hate violence as defined
    in Education Code Section 33032.5 in grades 4 – 12.

19. Intentionally engaged in harassment, threats, or intimidation directed against a pupil or group of
    pupils that is sufficiently severe or pervasive to have the actual and reasonably expected effect of
    materially disrupting classwork, creating substantial disorder, and invading rights of that student or
    group of students by creating intimidating or hostile educational environment in grades 4-12.

☆ A student may be suspended for any of the acts listed above if the activity is related to school
  attendance and occurs at anytime, including but not limited to (1) while on school grounds; (2) while
  going to or coming from school; (3) whether on or off the school campus; (4) during or while going or
  coming form a school-sponsored activity.

☆ In the event of suspension, parents and students have the right to due process, (Education Code
  48911, 48914, 48915) and to review the student’s records. In the event of suspension, a parent
  conference with the principal and student will be held prior to readmittance to school.

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
                                   UNLAWFUL HARASSMENT OF STUDENTS

         The Fairfield Unified School District is committed to providing an educational environment free
of unlawful harassment or discrimination. The district maintains a strict policy prohibiting harassment
and discriminating of students because of sex, race, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, age, physical
or mental disability, blindness or severely impaired vision or any other basis protected by federal, state
or local law, ordinance or regulations. All such harassment or discrimination is unlawful. Irrespective in
any form, including verbal, physical and visual conduct, threats, and retaliation is prohibited. Violation of
this policy by an employee may result in discipline, which may include discharge, depending on the
seriousness of the violation. Violation of this policy by another student may result in discipline, which may
include suspension or expulsion, depending on the nature and seriousness of the violation (See Education
code Sections 48900 and 48900.2).

         Unlawful harassment or discrimination because of sex, race, ancestry, physical or mental
disability, age or any other protected basis includes but is not limited to:

   Verbal conduct such as epithets, derogatory comments, slurs, or unwanted sexual advances, invitation
    or comments;

   Visual conduct such as derogatory posters, photography, cartoons, drawing or gestures;

   Physical conduct such as assault, unwanted touching, blocking normal movement or interfering with
    academic performance or progress directed at a student because of sex or race or any other
    protected basis;

   Threats and demands to submit to sexual request in order to receive a good grade or other benefit or
    avoid some loss, and offers of good grades or other benefit in return for sexual favors; and/or

Sexual harassment is defined in the Education Code as:

        Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical
conduct of a sexual nature, made by someone form or in the work or educational setting, under any of the
following conditions:

   Submission to the conduct is explicitly or implicitly made a term or condition of an individual’s
    academic status, or progress.

   Submission to, or rejection of, the conduct by the individual is used as the basis of academic decision
    affecting the individual.

   The conduct has the purpose or effect of having a negative impact upon the individual’s academic
    performance, or of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment.

   Submission to, or rejection of, the conduct by the individual regarding benefits and services, honors,
    programs, or activities at or through the educational institution.

Students have a right to redress for unlawful harassment. In order to secure this right, provide a
complaint, preferably but not necessarily in writing to the Principal or Superintendent.

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11

        Full participation in all school activities
        Verbal praise
        Cougarific Tickets for positive behavior
        Peacebuilders® Praise Notes
        Positive incentives
E. Ruth Sheldon Student of the Week
        Each week one student in each classroom, including the Learning Center, will be recognized as Student of the
         Week. This special recognition allows the classroom teacher to focus on positive academic and/or behavior
         improvements for a student weekly. At Sheldon we focus on one Character Trait each month (see below),
         which may be one way for a student to earn this special classroom recognition. In addition to receiving a
         personalized certificate, the Student of the Week receives a special pencil, trophy for the week, ribbon, and
         gift card to a local restaurant for a free kids meal. Classroom teachers celebrate each student with a
         special bulletin board and writing activity to recognize the Student of the Week.
                                    Character Traits for Sheldon 2010- 2011:
                                            August                                  Respect
                                          September                               Responsibility
                                            October                                Cooperation
                                           November                                  Sharing
                                           December                                   Caring
                                           January                                  Integrity
                                           February                                 Honesty
                                             March                                 Perseverance
                                             April                                Self-Discipline
                                              May                                   Citizenship
                                              June                                   Courage

Monthly Perfect Attendance
        Sheldon will honor those students with perfect attendance and on time each month as well as at the end of
         the year. Special certificates are presented to students as well as a gift card to a local restaurant. A class
         photograph is taken of all who earn this special award.

Academic Award Assemblies
        Sheldon honors those 4-6 grade students each trimester for the following awards:
             o 1st Trimester in December- Honor Roll- 3.0- 3:49 GPA; Principal’s Honor Roll- 3.5- 3.9 GPA; 4.0 Honor
             o 2nd Trimester in March- Bringing Up Grades (B.U.G.) Awards for ALL students who raise their GPA
                 from the 1st to 2nd trimester; Honor Roll- 3.0- 3:49 GPA; Principal’s Honor Roll- 3.5- 3.9 GPA; 4.0
                 Honor Roll
             o 3rd Trimester in June- Bringing Up Grades (B.U.G.) Awards for ALL students who raise their GPA
                 from the 2nd trimester to the 3rd trimester; Honor Roll- 3.0- 3:49 GPA; Principal’s Honor Roll- 3.5-
                 3.9 GPA; 4.0 Honor Roll
        Sheldon honors those 3rd graders at the end of the school year for the following awards:
             o Academic and Social Achievement

                                               PARENT INVOLVEMENT

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
Parent Teacher Organization (P.T.O.): We encourage and welcome your participation in our Sheldon
PTO, which is primarily a fund-raising group for the school’s special activities and programs to support our
students. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Staff Room at 6:00 pm.

         Officers for the 2010 - 11 School Year:
                Chairperson- TBD
                Treasurer- Amber Gibbs
                Secretary- TBD
                Teacher Representative(s): (Primary and Upper Grade level teacher representatives
                rotating each month)

Volunteers: Many parents volunteer their time to assist the school in the classroom, library or as
resource speakers, etc. Information on how to get involved will be sent home by individual teachers. We
welcome your support in this area.

Student Led Conferences: This is an opportunity for the student and parents/guardians to review
selected student work in various content areas. Teachers provide a structured process for students to
follow, which is rehearsed before the actual conference with his/her parent(s). The student with teacher
guidance and parent support sets academic, as well as behavioral goals, at the first conference period in
November. A second Student Led Conference is held in the Spring to share progress toward the goals
set as well as review current academic performance.

School Site Council (SSC) and ELAC (English Lerner Advisory Committee): Our Single Plan for
Student Achievement is developed and monitored by both the School Site Council and ELAC. The School
Site Council and ELAC are two groups of staff and community members selected by their respective
constituents. The School Site Council and ELAC meetings are open to all parents and friends of our
school. Dates and location are listed in our monthly Sheldon calendar which is available on the district
website and also in our monthly Cougar Prints newsletter.

School Visitations: You are welcome to visit our school and to observe in our classrooms. Please check in
at the office upon your arrival at school to obtain your visitor’s pass. ALL VISITORS MUST CHECK In

                                         Sheldon School Calendar
                                               2010 -2011

Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
                  August 16            First Day of School
                  August 31            Back-to-School Night
                  September 6          Labor Day- School Holiday
                  September 8          STAR Awards Celebration- 6 pm
                  November 8 & 9       Minimum Days
                  November 11          Veteran’s Day- School Holiday
                  November 12          School Holiday
                  November 18          Fall Student Led Parent Conferences- No School
                  November 18 - 19     Fall Student Led Conferences/Minimum Days
                  November 22 - 26     Thanksgiving Vacation (1 week)
                  December 20 – Jan. 7 Winter Vacation (3 weeks)
                  January 10           Return from Winter Break
                  January 17           Martin Luther King Jr. Day- School Holiday
                  February 11          President Lincoln’s Birthday- School Holiday
                  February 21          President George Washington’s Birthday- School Holiday
                  March 14 & 15        Minimum Days
                  March 24             Spring Student-led Conferences- NO SCHOOL
                  March 25             Spring Student-led Conferences- Minimum Day
                  March 28 – April 8   Spring Break (2 weeks)
                  May 2 - 12           STAR Testing
                  May 18               Volunteer Appreciation Tea
                  May 27 & 30          Memorial Day- School Holiday
                  June 6               Minimum Day
                  June 17              6th Grade Promotion- 10 am
                  June 17              Last Day of School- 12:15 dismissal

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Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
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Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11
Sheldon Parent-Student Handbook 10 -11

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