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									             OLD GIRLS’ NEWSLETTER
                  JANUARY 2010
Dear Old Girls,

It is hard to believe that I have only been in post as Headmistress at Lavant House for one term
since so much has taken place. My first term has been very busy but has given me a great deal
pleasure as well as providing me with many occasions to feel pride in the school. Most of these
occasions have occurred in the day to day life of the school, when girls show themselves to be
willing to ‘go the extra mile’ helping others, but there have also been public occasions when the
outside world is able to appreciate the talents and hard work that exists at our school. Just one
example would be the Senior Chamber Choir going to Goodwood House to a selection of Christmas
music for guests at a special luncheon, at the start of December, and later that week when they also
performed at the Market Cross in Chichester. On both occasions the girls’ performance and
behaviour were highly applauded.

Many of you will remember school birthday celebrations during your time at Lavant House and this
year the 11th of November saw a very busy and varied day. It began in a lighthearted manner in
Assembly when candles were blown out on a huge chocolate cake, then changed to more serious
matters with a superb Remembrance Day service when we were all moved to hear 'The Last Post'
played by Rebecca Martin (3rd Form). This was followed by our current Head Girl, Holly Edwards,
and our, very recently, ex-Headmistress Marian Scott signing their names on two bricks before
ascending scaffolding to reach the highest point of the replacement to the Shakespeare Building
(those of you who attended Prize Giving in the summer will know of the Governing Body’s
decision to name this new building The Scott Building in recognition of Marian’s sterling service to
the school) for our 'Topping Out' ceremony. This, originally Anglo-Saxon ceremony, has continued
through the centuries to bless new buildings and, in addition to the signed bricks, a symbolic
evergreen was placed inside the building to be a sign of growth and to encourage good luck. The
day continued with the Juniors winning their netball matches, a Chamber Concert and finally with
success at the Youth Speaks Public Speaking competition.

I want to encourage all of you who have access to the internet but have not recently visited the
school website to visit and see the new website which has been live since
the start of September It is proving to be very popular, receiving a large number of ‘hits’ and has
been described by one recent old girl as awesome. The special Old Girls’ email to keep you in touch with us and with each other has not altered and
Terry Carlysle, our Old Girl Liaison will be thrilled to hear from you and act as the intermediary
putting you in touch with other old girls, on line, and collating your news as well as answering any
queries that you may have. We are always delighted to hear from you and, where you are happy for
us to do so; we can let others know about your exploits as well.
                                     2010 Old Girls Reunion
This year the reunion at Lavant House will be held on Saturday, September 18th 2010 starting at
11.30 am. There will be a running buffet throughout the day as well as coffee and tea available for
those who just want to pay a flying visit. This is your day and you will undoubtedly want to spend
much of it catching up with old friends, looking around the school and grounds, visiting your old
haunts and admiring (we hope!) new developments and improvements such as the new Scott
Building in all its glory! Terry Carlysle will be on hand during the day. She will be available to
answer your questions about the Old Girls, and will also be happy to talk about the history of the
school building itself as well as the occupants prior to the arrival of the school.

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