An Essay Required of Me during the 9th Grade by felrend137


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									                                                                                      Riddick 1

                                My Grade Shall Be An “A”

       My grade is my decision, and I plan on making it an “A.” However, I cannot

simply have an “A” magically appear on my report card, unfortunately. Therefore, I have

a few steps that should assist me in earning it. I will do all of my homework and turn it in

on time, pay attention in class, and study.

       First off, homework keeps our minds active at home, where teachers are not able

to. It also supplies our minds with more treacherous work. Although I may not enjoy

homework, I plan on always completing whatever homework may be assigned. I

understand that every grade matters, and doing my homework will, undoubtedly, raise it


       Secondly, paying attention during class grasps a fairly deep impact on my grade.

If I waste the day with my mind off in space, how can I possibly know how to complete

class work, homework, tests, and notes? Paying attention will greatly aid me by

preventing the failure of these activities, and likely, English altogether. I include taking

notes in paying attention; notes provide me with something to study, too.

       Finally, I will earn my “A” by studying notes and class work. Taking a test

without preparation would most assuredly not result in an “A.” Therefore, I will keep all

work, guides, and notes to provide study material. Studying will definitely be an immense

step towards earning an “A” in English.

       If I take all of these steps towards earning an “A,” I shall certainly achieve my

goal. Doing my homework, paying attention during class, and studying will, and do, add

up to a great grade. Like I said before, I decide my grade. I decide that my grade shall be
          Riddick 2

an “A.”

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