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					                                 3D Marine Division
                                  Family Readiness Newsletter
                                                Issue VI June 2009

  For all your
family readiness                        From the Commanding General
info, visit the 3D    Dear Families,
MarDiv web page at
www.3div.usmc.mil               As always, thanks for your great support to all our Marines,
                      Sailors and Soldiers assigned to Third Marine Division. The past few
                      months have, like those before them been very busy, and we could not do
Who’s your FRO        what we do without your backing, understanding and cooperation.
                      All of us who wear the cloth of the Nation truly appreciate your efforts.
3D Mar Div:
                      All that said, as we enter the summer season allow me to proffer a few
Denise Loftesnes
                      thoughts and requests to all.
                               As anticipated, the deployments of our units are transitioning from Iraq to Afghanistan. I
GySgt Coplen
                      believe our last unit to deploy to OIF is there now and this Division if firmly engaged in sourcing
                      forces for OEF. The training our Marines and Sailors receive has been modified for this new reality in
3d Marine Regiment:
                      order to ensure they are well prepared for their new tasks. We continually look at and adjust our
Ed Hanlon
                      equipment set as well. I have complete confidence that all are as well trained and equipped as we can
                      humanly make them in the time allotted. We also are continually reviewing our post deployment
                      programs and our family programs for modification so that the “mental” part of deploying in support
Matthew Wilson
                      of these missions remains a critical part of our preparation and our recovery/reset phase. If you have
                      any suggestions for the family programs, pre, during or post deployment, please share them with your
                      unit Family Readiness Officer and we will look at incorporating them into our program.
Audra Kruger
                               Summer is a time of transition in the military community. This is when people get orders,
                      move, and transition back to the civilian community or like many in the civilian community take a
Newt Sanson
                      vacation. If you are new to the command, please come forward and tell us who you are and how to
                      contact you. If you are simply going on vacation or home to visit family for a few weeks, it is critical,
4th Marines:
                      especially if your service member is deployed, to know where you are going, a POC where you can be
Stacee Zebb
                      reached and when you will be back. If you are transferring to another unit, or if you are getting out of
                      the Corps, again, thanks for your service. To all, safe travels and if you are choosing to remain
12th Marines:
                      Marine, please get involved at your next unit with family readiness. As always, the critical piece is
Paige Potter
                      accurate information on how to get in contact with our families at all times and the critical
                      information included in an accurate Family Care Plan. I ask your support in this effort.
 Christopher Scott
                                For parents, grandparents and all extended family, we wish to extend to you a greater
                      opportunity to get more involved with our families this year. Please contact us here at Division or the
                      unit of your Marine or Sailor for information on how to engage. At a minimum I would ask all to pass
Sandra Hardy
                      on the web site of the Division as a link to information. http://www.3div.usmc.mil In closing, I wish
                      all a safe and enjoyable summer, wherever life is taking you. Please keep all those forward deployed
                      in your thoughts and prayers. They are doing great things and deserve our full and unlimited support.
Renee Deleon
3D Recon:
Shannon Doten
                                                                             Robert B. Neller
                                                                             Major General, USMC

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        From the Division FRO                                        A LOOK IN THE PAST

                                                             The 3D Marine Division was officially activated on
                                                             September 16, 1942 at Camp Elliott, San Diego,
Travel changes people. It broadens perspectives and          California. Most of the original members of the
teaches new ways to measure quality of Life. Many            division were drawn from the cadre staff of the 2D
                                                             Marine Division. The division was initially built
travelers toss aside their hometown blinders. Their
                                                             around the 9th Marine Regiment, commanded by
prized souvenirs are the strands of different cultures       Colonel Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. who later became
they decide to knit into their own character.                the 20th Commandant of the Marine Corps. Major
 --- Rick Steves, Europe Through the Back Door               General Charles D. Barrett was the first
                                                             Commanding General of the Division. And thus 3D
Hello 3D Marine Division Family,                             Marine Division was born.
This is the time of year when we start seeing moving
vans on the streets, bulk trash on the curb, and friends
planning their final get together. For those of us who
do not have orders to move, we may be planning a trip
to visit family or somewhere exotic in Asia.
As you pack your suitcases for your trip or your move
                                                                     Chaplain’s Message
to your next duty station, please make sure to contact       The Chaplain's Corner:
your FRO (Family Readiness Officer) to let her/him
know you will be leaving the island. Especially if your
active duty spouse is deployed. We NEED TO KNOW
WHERE YOU ARE. Why? Because we care about you
and we want to be able to contact you ASAP if the
need arises.
For those of you who are moving, rest assured you will
be in my prayers for a safe and peaceful journey. We         First of all, I am thankful for this
will miss you.                                               opportunity to write a few notes to our most precious
With summer approaching and the kids out of school           families! Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity
we will find that our schedules will change and may          to introduce myself. I am Chaplain Craig Muehler and
become very hectic, especially if your active duty           have been a Navy Chaplain since 1986. I am honored
spouse is deployed.                                          to be the 3d Marine Division Chaplain. I am blessed
Please make sure you take care of yourself. Your well        with a wonderful wife, Kristen, and four beautiful
being is very important for the health of your family.       children. I love serving our Sea Service Personnel and
If times get a little too tough please give your FRO a       their families and consider it an honor! I truly do
call, she/he will be able to refer you to the resource you   appreciate the importance of a strong family who
need to quickly get back on track.                           support their Warrior. I know this from personal
The FRO’s assigned to different units in Division have       experience as well as my experiences as a Navy
been taking turns having office hours in the Division        Chaplain.
Family Readiness Center at Camp Courtney. Please
stop by and say hello. Your presence will definitely         If it wasn't for such strong family support that you give
make our day that much better.                               every single day, our Warriors wouldn't be able to do
My door is always open for you. I look forward to            their duty and do it so well!
meeting you and listening to your wonderful ideas or
just to share a cup of tea and visit.                        One of the important things your Warrior is doing is
                                                             training constantly to ensure that they have their armor
Denise Loftesnes                                             ready to go. That includes physical armor, mental armor
                                                             and spiritual armor. With all the training, deployments
“Empowering families to become Spartan Strong.”              and traveling that your Marine/Sailor does, there are
                                                             many times when you feel you are standing alone.
                                                             Maybe it is getting harder and harder to put on your
                                                             daily mental and spiritual armor. (Continued on page 3)
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It begins to wear you down. My prayer is that you will
realize that you are never alone.

Many are here to help you as family members put on           Navy Chaplain Corps Vision:
your own strong mental and spiritual armor which will
help you to take on the day and these challenges.
                                                             "Mission ready Sailors & Marines,
                                                             and their families, demonstrating
We read in Ephesians 6 beginning at verse 13, "Put on        spiritual, moral and ethical maturity
the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil
comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after       supported by the innovative delivery
you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then          of     religious    ministry     and
with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the
breastplate of righteousness in place and with your feet     compassionate pastoral care."
fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of
peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of
faith…the helmet of salvation…the sword of the
Spirit…"                                                              Wounded Warrior Regiment
                                                                    Planning Guidance created during 2006 by the
These are the values that sustain us while we are on the
front lines supporting our Warrior and at the same time      34th Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James
are fighting our own battles. We may have the battle of      T. Conway, highlighted a vision of taking care of
                                                             wounded warriors and their families. In April 2007, that
being lonely, alone and worried, while our Warrior is
                                                             vision was realized by the official establishment of the
gone. We have the battle of juggling so many
                                                             Wounded Warrior Regiment (WWR). Headquartered in
responsibilities and challenges that we are simply
                                                             Quantico, Virginia, and with Wounded Warrior
exhausted. On the home front, we often encounter our
own emotional, spiritual, mental battles. We need some       Battalions on both the East and West Coasts, the WWR
                                                             is a unique organization spawned from a combination of
strong armor to get us through!
                                                             the 2005 Marine for Life Ill/ Injured Support Section and
                                                             the 2004 wounded warrior barracks located in Camp
My prayer for you is that you continue to put on the
                                                             Lejeune, North Carolina.
Armor of God in your personal life and spiritual life
(worship), that you reach out to others who can stand        For more information on the WWR follow this link
beside you. I invite you to reread those verses and get      (http://www.woundedwarriorregiment.org). Form there
your "armor" ready. We can do it through education,          you will get info on programs for service members and
prayers, support groups, spiritual communities, round        their families as well as links to other resource for
tables and reaching out to others. There is no "magic        injured service members
wand" to make those battles disappear, but together we
can put on strong armor, hone our coping skills and get
through it as a family.

I wish you God's richest blessings and I look forward to
meeting and serving with you. Please don't hesitate to
call your Chaplain. We all need some assistance with
keeping our "mental" and "spiritual" armor ready to roll!
Chaplain Craig Muehler

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                                                         not open them until I can gaze upon my husband
Deployed Spouses Scoop                                   again. I miss him. I love him more than I ever
         My name is Carmen and I am in the middle        thought I could love another person and every day
of a very long deployment. I am going to share a         my love for him grows stronger. He is my best
side of me that most people will never share. I have     friend and life loses its luster when he is away from
been married to my Marine husband for 21 years           me. But only recently have I come to the realization
and have 4 children ages 12-20. I have lived in 20       that my life has been on hold, by my own choice,
houses in 21 years in three different countries and      when he is deployed. I brought this on myself. I felt
have been through 3 full deployments, one                like if I am enjoying my life while he is gone it a
unexpected boomerang deployment (where you get           sort of betrayal to the need for him that I felt a wife
them back for a week and then they are gone again        should have for her husband. I told myself that I am
for months with no notice) and dozens of 1-3 month       supposed to be miserable and forlorn. I wallowed in
TDYs. You think I would be a pro going through           the misery because everyone thought I should be
another deployment and be able to hold back any          miserable if my husband is deployed. Well, even 21
tears and feelings of being overwhelmed. Well I am       years into this I have learned something new and
honestly not the pillar of strength that everyone        that is that I am important. My wellbeing, my health
thinks I am 24/7. As Marine wives we sometimes           and my happiness should have been the priority
carry a pretty tough front. We tell everyone that we     while he is away and not the last thing I worked on.
can handle anything that life brings us. We tell them    It doesn’t mean that I love him any less, it just
it is just another day like any other, even when our     means that I am loving myself more and that by
husbands are thousands of miles away and the kids        taking care of myself I am loving him. I can’t turn
are driving us crazy and there is no break in sight.     back the clock and enroll in those classes that I
We like to think that we are as strong as our            should have or gone out and taken that job just to
husbands, and most of the time we are. But…we            have some extra pocket money or reached out and
have days, sometimes weeks, when our lives just          made more friends but I can start now. I can start
seem turned upside down and we are struggling to         this very moment to seek out things that will
find the strength to go through another day alone        improve me and my life. I can love myself because
with our chins up. Even as many times as I have          my husband loves me for who I am and I am worthy
been through this, it is still hard some days.           of love.
         We can only hope that there will be; no                  Maybe I revealed too much in this letter but
emergencies to deal with, the kids will not be           I feel like we wear the mask so well that other
scarred for life because mom has some days she is        wives going though the same thing don’t think that
just barely holding it together, and that we will find   we relate or sympathize if their masks are not as
that one good friend that will love you even on your     perfect. When it comes to having a spouse deployed
bad days and help the time go by faster.                 we are all the same. Don’t get me wrong, as military
Deployments bring clarification to the meaning of        wives we are strong but we are much stronger
longsuffering and I wear longsuffering like a badge.     together so I hope to see your smiling face out
It has made me a more caring person, a more patient      trying something new and meeting other spouses
person and a more loving wife and mother. I earned       because that is what I will be doing.
it and it is only something you can earn by the time
forced to invest in it. Thank goodness I had the
intelligence from the beginning to not let bitterness
enter my heart, because it is so easy for us to
become bitter and that can break us down and the
bonds that we need to keep intact for support. Does
experience make the next separation easier? It does
in the sense that you know that deployments are
survivable and the end eventually does come and
sometimes we have to know first hand that we can
do it.                                                          God Bless you,
         Some days I have to fight the urge to                  Carmen
hibernate, it is so easy to want to close my eyes and

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   May 1st 2009


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We are Marine Spouses
and we are here to say
Spartan women have invaded Kin Bay
Sound off 1 2
Sound off 3 4
Sound off 1 2…….3 4!

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         TEEN TALK
                          We need you!
Would you like to write a review for your favorite Wii
or Xbox360 video game?
 A review for a movie that your friends choose to see or better
yet not to waste their time watching?
What is it like for a Teen to live in Okinawa? Share us your
We are looking for a teen/teens to write on our teen page. This
is your page to share your thoughts with your 3D Marine Division
Please contact Denise Loftesnes, 3D Marine Division FRO at
denise.loftesnes@usmc.mil if you are interested.


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Did you know……

That your Division
Family Readiness
Office has a book
Please stop by and pick up a
book to read.
Great books for the beach,
traveling on the plane or
just a day snuggled on the couch reading.
We look forward to seeing you!

We are located in Building # 4203 (Next to the Chapel)

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time
for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”
 - Confucius

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A Step Ahead: Getting Ready to                                 Connect with friends who have lived on your
                                                               new installation or are living there now. They'll
Relocate as a Military Family                                  be able to answer many of your questions from
When you receive Permanent Change of Station                   a first-hand perspective. Ask friends at your
(PCS) orders, you're bound to have mixed feelings.             current installation for names of people they
You're likely to be excited about the upcoming                 know at your new location.
change and the chance to meet new people and
                                                               Find out about the new community. Check with
see new places. But you're also likely to feel
                                                               your current installation's relocation office to
stressed about the logistics of the move and about
                                                               find out if your new installation can send you a
helping family members -- especially children and
                                                               "welcome aboard" package. If you aren't near
teenagers -- with the transition. Fortunately, there
                                                               an installation now, call your new installation's
are steps you can take and resources available to
                                                               relocation office. You can also:
help you make plans, stay organized, help your
children -- and keep a step ahead while you move.                 Find out about motor-vehicle related
                                                                  requirements in your new state at Get It
    Create a "command center" for your move.
                                                                  Together, a service provided at
    This is a central location for the details --
    including "to-do" lists -- that relate to your
    move. This is also the place to keep all of your              Access the Web site for the Chamber of
    important documents (orders, medical records,                 Commerce that serves your new town or
    Powers of Attorney, wills, birth certificates,                area.
    passports, last statements for accounts if they
    aren't electronic). A large accordion-pleated                 See if your new town has a Web site by
    binder works well for this. Even if you're                    using the town and state as search terms.
    keeping lists and other documents on your
    computer, be sure to make hard copies for                     Go to the Citysearch site at
    your command center.                                          www.citysearch.com for more information
                                                                  about your new community, including
    Prioritize. Rather than trying to do it all at once,          locations of the nearest ballparks and
    make an "A" list, a "B" list, and a "C" list,                 recreation areas.
    depending on what needs to be done first. This
    can help you focus on the "deal-breakers" --               Prepare a list of important phone numbers and
    what's most important to get done.                         addresses to keep with you as you move and
                                                               when you arrive at your new location. Be sure
    Once you have orders in hand, contact your                 to include:
    installation's Transportation Office to find out
    what is needed to set up the move. If the                    The phone number and address of the
    service member is deployed, the spouse will                   nearest hospital (You can find this through
    need a Power of Attorney to take care of the                  www.citysearch.com, your town's Web site,
    details. Be sure to access the "It's Your Move"               or through your Family Support Center.)
    pamphlet and other helpful official information
                                                                 The phone number of your new Family
    about moving at
    www.defenselink.mil/specials/itsyourmove.                     Support Center
                                                                 The Military OneSource phone number: 1-
    Visit your current installation's relocation office
    for information to help you with the move.                    800-342-9647
                                                                 The phone number of the administrative
    Contact the Automated Housing Referral
    Network at www.ahrn.com. This site,                           office of your child's new school
    sponsored by the Department of Defense                 Your Family Readiness Officer is always a resource
    (DoD), is designed to accelerate the process of        to help with your questions.
    securing housing for relocating service
    members and their families. You can find out
    about the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)
    at the DoD site at                                            Military One Source

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Take Charge at No Charge

Education, relocation, parenting, stress - you name it -
Military OneSource is here to help you with just about
any need. Available by phone or online, our free service
is provided by the Department of Defense for active-
duty, Guard, and Reserve service members and their
families. The service is completely private and
confidential, with few exceptions.

What does Military OneSource do?

Military OneSource, which supplements existing installation services, provides free help and information, by phone with a
professionally trained consultant or online, on a wide range of issues that affect you and your family -- from budgeting and
investing to relationships and deployment. It's available whenever you are -- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether you're single or married, a parent or not a parent, Military OneSource can help with the issues that are important
to you. For service members and families who live far from military installations, Military OneSource is especially useful.
No problem is too big -- or too small. If we don't know the answer, we'll find it.

Military OneSource also provides free counseling services (up to 12 sessions per person, per issue), face-to-face in the
local community, by telephone, and online.

Why should I call Military OneSource?

Military OneSource helps you save time and money by researching your questions; supplying solid, reliable information;
 and providing valuable services. Use Military OneSource to seek help early, before a minor problem turns into a major
 one. With the Military OneSource team of master's-level consultants, you can deal with several issues at one time -- all
within the privacy of your home. Consultants answer the telephone "live" and can also respond to e-mail questions. They
                             also follow up to make sure you've received the help you need.

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Operation Life
                             "Walking the road with our heroes...."

Who is Operation Life Transformed?
Operation Life Transformed (OLT) is an innovative 501(c)3 Private Sector initiative. Operated by
military spouses and war wounded caregivers. Founded in March 2007, in August 2007 OLT was the
only military spouse, war wounded caregiver program awarded the "Fisher House Newman’s Own

Helping educate today's military spouses, transitioning
veterans, veterans, and war wounded caregivers for
tomorrow's workforce.

                                       Eligibility: War wounded caregivers, to include the primary
                                       caregiver, which could be a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt
                                       or uncle, one scholarship per family.

                                       Active duty members, active duty military spouses, to include
                                       the National Guard and Reserves.

                                       Jump start your career by learning on-line, at your own pace,
                                       and in your own home.

                                       Courses are taught in English & Spanish

Scholarships are completely free, [no hidden cost] and
provided by Military to Medicine and Operation Life Transformed.

This is our way of supporting our military families and the community.

Helping educate today's military spouses, transitioning
veterans, veterans, and war wounded caregivers for
tomorrow's workforce.
For more information or to apply for a scholarship, please visit
Their website at http://lifetransformed.org .

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                       “Beyond the Brief”
         Location: Camp Courtney Family Readiness Center Bldg. 4203
                          Date: June 25, 2009
                        Time: 1800 – 1930

This brief is aimed to provide drug education to our parents. Our subject-
matter experts will be discussing drug awareness specific to Okinawa, and
what trends they are seeing in the schools/community and how to effectively
approach and engage our children in conversations regarding drug
Registration is required. Please call MCFTB @645-3689

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