Native American Tribal Document with Photo Canadian Driver

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					                             Acceptable Document List for I-9 Process
                                        Present one document from List A
                                     one document from both List B and List C

             LIST A                                   LIST B                                 LIST C

- U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport        - Driver’s License or ID Card           - Social Security Account Number
Card                                    Issued by State or Possession with      Card Authorized for employment
- Form I-551 – Permanent Resident       Photo                                   - Form FS-545 – Certification of
Card or Alien Registration Receipt      - ID Card Issued by Federal, State      Birth Abroad from Dept. of State
Card                                    or Local Government with Photo.         - DS-1350 – Certification of Report
- Foreign Passport with I-551           - School ID Card with Photo             of Birth from Dept. of State
Stamp or Printed Notation on            - Voter’s Registration Card with        - Original Birth Certificate or
Machine-readable Visa                   Photo                                   Certified Copy with Official Seal
- Form I-766 – Employment               - U.S. Military Card                    - Native American Tribal
Authorization Document with photo       - U.S. Military Draft Record            Document
- Foreign Passport with I-94 or I-      - Military Dependent’s ID Card          - Form I-197 – U.S. Citizen ID
94A                                     - U.S. Coast Guard Merchant             Card
- Foreign Passport with I-94 or I-      Mariner Card                            - Form I-179 –ID card for Use of
94A and I-20                            - Native American Tribal                Resident Citizen in the U.S.
- Foreign Passport with I-94 or I-      Document                                - Employment Authorization
94A and DS-2019                         - Native American Tribal                Document issued by DHS
- FSM or RMI Passport with I-94 or      Document with Photo                     - Social Security Account Number
I-94A                                   - Canadian Driver’s License             Card Replacement Receipt

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