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					                Nuclear Energy: A Solution to America’s Crises

      Nuclear Energy to solve our crises? By all means, yes! Nuclear energy

helps us in numerous ways. Not only by not harming the environment, but

also by aiding the economy, and being a safe method of energy production.

      One of the most convincing reasons to use nuclear energy is the fact

that it greatly helps the environment by not releasing all of the harmful

fumes which are released by other methods of energy production, such as

the burning of fossil fuels, coal, wood, gasoline, and other similar methods

that result in harmful effects on the environment. Nuclear energy relies on

nuclear fission, which utilizes a radioactive element, usually uranium. When

the atom splits in what is called fission, it produces heat which in turn boils

the coolant water around the contained radioactive element. This boiling

water is sent to a steam generator, which produces steam, and the steam is

sent to a turbine generator, which produces electricity and sends it to a

power grid. Nowhere in this process is there involved the releasing of any

harmful gases, fumes, etc. into the environment. The only problem that

arises from the process of nuclear energy production is disposing of

radioactive waste. The area around the radioactive waste can contaminate

during the long process of disposal, but, nonetheless, the radioactive waste is

eventually disposed of and all is well. Not only does nuclear energy protect

the environment itself from the harmful effects of gases and whatnot which

are released during most of the various alternative methods of energy
production, but it also protects our very own lungs from the inhalation of

these harmful fumes. There are quite a few diseases which can result from

breathing in too much corrupted air, such as carbon monoxide and such, that

nuclear energy productions’ keeping the air clean would give us some long

and much-needed help. In the end, the environment is helped more than is

hurt in the process of nuclear energy production.

      Another great detail of nuclear energy is the fact that it saves a great

bit of money, which in turn helps boost the economy. Of course, the

economy could always use a good boost, and the more nuclear reactors we

build, the more it will help our economy in the long run. Sure, it can cost a

lot in initial prices to build the actual reactor, but over time, not having to

continuously spend money buying resources such as coal, fossil fuels, etc. to

keep it running will save a tremendous amount of money for everyone. The

feral government spends more than enough money producing oil rigs, drilling

for oil, cleaning up oil spills, mining for coal, keeping coal-burning machines

in stock. It could definitely use all of the help that would be brought upon it

by the use of nuclear reactors. Of course, just building two or three reactors

won’t do anything for the economy, however, if the government could invest

enough money in nuclear power production for us to be able to build

hundreds more of them nationwide, we would get tons of cash put back into

the relentless flow of the economy. There would be no more need to make

such heavy adjustments to healthcare, taxes, etc. to keep the economy out

of the gutter, because we would actually have the money needed for these

things. We wouldn’t be wasting all of this money spending it on coal, fossil
fuels, gasoline, etc. because we would be relying on nuclear energy -

basically a savior to our economy. Sure, the economy would take a pretty big

hit for a while from the cost of building the reactors, but over time, it would

most certainly build back up and tower over the economy which we currently

deal with.

      Finally, nuclear energy is beneficial because it is more safe than most

other methods of energy production. When the energy is being produced

through radioactive material and the boiling and steaming of water, there

really isn’t any need to worry about oil spills, mine explosions, etc. This

means there is no chance of flooding rivers and the ocean with oil, which in

turn would cover, kill, and destroy the environment and the animals who

inhabit it. However, when we are relying on nuclear energy, there is

absolutely no risk of these dangerous situations occurring, which can

potentially save the lives of many animals and people.

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Description: One of my longer essays on Nuclear energy, and why I believe that we should use nuclear energy as a resource.