A Short Latin Essay by felrend137


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									                     Dimidium facti qui coepit habet: A Truth In Itself

        “He who has begun has half the deed done.” This quote by the Roman author,

Horace, is quite true indeed. It is true because it takes motivation to get a task started. It’s

also easy to procrastinate, and getting past that is one heck of a job. Finally, this

statement is true because getting going can be tougher than the actual task.

        Motivation plays a key role in getting something done. Without motivation, what

other reason have you to get started? Motivation is definitely on the checklist of things

that are needed to get started doing anything. Once you have motivation, you’re one step

closer to getting the job done.

        It is unbelievably easy to procrastinate about anything. Especially things we don’t

want to do. However, once one is finished with the procrastination, and gets going with

the task at hand, that person has overcome a mass obstacle and taken one huge leap

towards finishing whatever task is at hand. Procrastination can be so tempting and

impossible to overcome that it is one of, if not the, biggest steps towards finishing the


        Finally, this is true because of all the things previously stated massed together.

When we think about it, something can seem a lot tougher, stressing, and harder to deal

with when looking at it from an “I don’t want to do that” standpoint. However, once you

overcome challenges such as not having motivation, procrastination, and a pessimistic

point of view, you have taken a huge step towards the end results. All of these things put

together can be one of the biggest problems in life, and once you overcome them, you are

at least halfway done with the deed, making Horace’s statement very true.
       Overall, Horace’s statement seems to be very true and wise, as there are many

steps that one must take before even being close to finishing a task, even if those steps

take place before the actual task even begins. Things such as motivation, procrastination,

and a negative outlook at the job can all be hard to overcome, but once you do, you have

taken a massive step towards being done with the deed.

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