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                   Populations and Ecosystems Notes KEY
Organism         Any living thing

Individual       One single organism

Population       All of the individuals of one kind in a specified area at one time

Community All the interacting populations in a specified area

Ecosystem        A system of interacting organisms and nonliving factors in a
                 specified area

Biotic           Living organisms and products of organisms

Abiotic          Nonliving parts of an ecosystem
Life in a Community Reading Questions
  1. What is an ecosystem that interests you?

  2. What are 5 animals that can be found in this ecosystem?

  3. What are 2 plants that can be found in this ecosystem?

  4. What are 3 abiotic factors that can be found in this ecosystem?

Relationships in Ecosystems Worksheet
Use one of the terms in the word bank below to label each example described. Choose the BEST
word that fits. WORDS WILL BE USED MORE THAN ONCE! Some are words we’ve talked about
today; others are ones you have heard before!

  COMMUNITY                      FOOD WEB                 ABIOTIC                 POPULATION

  PREDATOR-PREY                  DECOMPOSER               INDIVIDUAL              ECOSYSTEM

   1. Camels, cacti, sagebrush, lizards, snakes, and insects all live together in a section of the
       desert. COMMUNITY
   2. Mice feed on acorns. Owls feed on mice. FOOD WEB
   3. Mule deer live in the forest behind my house. POPULATION
   4. A mountain lion stalks a young deer. PREDATOR-PREY
   5. A fungus grows on a rotting log. DECOMPOSER
   6. A spider traps a fly in her web. PREDATOR-PREY
   7. Bacteria break down a deer carcass on the side of the road. DECOMPOSER
   8. A coral reef including the fish, plants, AND water and sand. ECOSYSTEM
   9. The sand, water, air, and temperature at the ocean. ABIOTIC
   10. A turtle lays on a rock in the sun. INDIVIDUAL
   11. A flock of geese flies overhead. POPULATION
   12. Deer nibble on trees which are homes to squirrels and provide shade for grass.
   13. A coyote eats rattlesnakes, roadrunners, and kangaroo rats. The kangaroo rat eats a cactus.
       FOOD WEB
   14. Tiger sharks and gray whales swim near each other in the ocean. COMMUNITY
   15. Sea lions swim after and eat squid. PREDATOR-PREY
   16. Grass is eaten by rabbits and black bears. Rabbits are eaten by owls. FOOD WEB
   17. The sun warms the air in the forest. ABIOTIC
   18. Squirrels are living in the forest. POPULATION
   19. Seaweed grows on the ocean floor. POPULATION
   20. Black bears snack on blackberries. COMMUNITY

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