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					                                                                  Kannapolis City Schools
                                                                                    100 Denver Street
                                                                            KANNAPOLIS, NORTH CAROLINA 28083
                                                                                        
                                                                          Phone: 704/938-1131       FAX: 704/932-4761
Annie Laura Pickett, Ed.D.
Director of Human Resources
 and Administrative Services
                                                                                         April 20, 2010

 POSITION                      Head Start Director
                               J. F. McKnight Child Development Center serves approximately 185 three- and four-year old
 SCHOOL DATA                   students with approximately 45 faculty members and 5 other staff members. Kannapolis schools
                               enjoy strong community support and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and
                               Schools, Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). The Head Start
                               Program is a 4-Star Accredited Program by the State of North Carolina Department of Health and
                               Human Services Division of Child Development. The school system has approximately 5,500
                               students in Grades Pre-K-12. Please join us as a world-class biotechnology center expands at
                               the NC Research Campus and Kannapolis continues to reinvent itself as a new city focusing on
                               knowledge, jobs, and progress. We welcome your inquiries!

 APPLICATION                   Screening will begin with the applications that are on file, but acceptance and
 DEADLINE                      review of materials will continue until the position is filled.
                               July 1, 2010
 EMPLOYMENT                       Twelve months per year;
 SPECIFICS                        Full State Benefits Package;
                                  Salary is commensurate with education and experience; and
                                  Competitive Local Supplement.

 QUALIFICATIONS                Please see back

 RESPONSIBILITIES              Please see back

                               Qualified individuals currently employed in Kannapolis City Schools should submit a letter of
 APPLICATION                   application and updated résumé to Human Resources. Current applications on file since
 PROCEDURE                     January 2010 for school administrative positions will be considered; however, a letter stating
                               continued interest will be appreciated. Other persons should submit a Kannapolis City Schools’
                               administrative application with attachments, an up-to-date résumé, and a letter of interest. All
                               applications will be reviewed and qualified finalists will be called for an interview. Send
                               Kannapolis City Schools’ application and attachments, your résumé, and letter of interest to:

                                                 Dr. Annie Laura Pickett
                                                 Director of Human Resources & Administrative Services
                                                 Kannapolis City Schools
                                                 100 Denver Street
                                                 Kannapolis, NC 28083

                                                 E-Mail Questions to HMResources@vnet.net
                                                 Visit our Web Site at www.Kannapolis.k12.nc.us

                                      We are an Equal Opportunity Employer
JULY 27, 2012          HEAD START DIRECTOR                                                 PAGE   2

    QUALIFICATIONS      Must meet the following requirements:
                              o Possess a degree in Early Childhood Education or related field –
                                 Master’s Degree level preferred;
                              o Possess or obtain the North Carolina Division of Child
                                 Development Level III Administrator License;
                              o Must possess a North Carolina Principal’s License;
                              o Have at least three superb character references;
                              o Have at least three superb professional references;
                              o Not have any record of child abuse or neglect; and
                              o Have at least three years of experience in program management
                                 and administration.
                        Must participate in:
                              o Advanced educational opportunities; and
                              o The North Carolina Head Start Association (including Cluster C),
                                 Region IV Association, and National Head Start Association
                        Must possess knowledge of:
                              o Human development and the learning process;
                              o Management, supervision, and administration;
                              o Pertinent federal, state, city, and other necessary laws, rules,
                                 regulations, and guidelines;
                              o Budget preparation, control methods, and administrative
                              o The principles, practices, and objectives of the Head Start
                                 program or comparable preschool child development programs;
                              o The functions of community agencies;
                              o Child development theories and practices; and
                              o Best practices for providing family, social, and medical services.
                        Must possess the ability to:
                              o Write letters, grants, and plans;
                              o Problem-solve;
                              o Plan and coordinate with others;
                              o Communicate effectively;
                              o Gather and analyze data and make concise, accurate reports and
                                 recommendations; and
                              o Establish rapport with families of Head Start children.

    RESPONSIBILITIES    Planning and Setting Objectives:
                              o Plans, formulates, coordinates, and implements the Head Start
                                  program plan;
                              o Provides direction and leadership for all systems and program
                              o Interprets governmental statutes, regulations, transmittal
                                  notices and memorandums pertaining to Head Start;
                              o Develops polices and operating procedures based on guidance
                                  from the Department of Health and Human
                                  Services/Administration for Children and Families (DHHS/ACF);
                              o Assists in coordinating efforts to ensure the program meets in-
                                  kind and volunteer requirements;
                              o Assists in updating community needs assessment and developing
                                  goals and options based on resulting information;
                              o Prepares grant proposal in collaboration with staff, policy groups,
                                  parents and community representatives;

                                  o Develops and recommends plans consistent with the overall

                        “ W e a r e a n E q u a l O p p o r t u n i t y E mp l o y e r ”
JULY 27, 2012   HEAD START DIRECTOR                                                 PAGE   2
                           mission of the Head Start program;
                       o Directs program operations in a manner consistent with
                           requirements of contractual agreements, laws, regulations, and
                           funding documents; and
                       o Directs the development of program financial plans and budgets
                           in collaboration with the policy groups and the Kannapolis City
                           Schools Fiscal Officer.
                 Organizing:
                       o Develops and implements a fiscal accounting management
                           system that includes monitoring budget expenditures and budget
                           revisions, property procurement, and inventory control;
                       o Participates in audit interviews;
                       o Works to resolve audit exceptions;
                       o Develops necessary systems and procedures to ensure
                           implementation of program coordination;
                       o Assists coordinators in preparing and updating work plans;
                       o Establishes operation and administrative policies and procedures
                           to ensure efficient program operation and compliance with all
                           contractual terms, conditions, and obligations;
                       o Meets with staff to provide leadership and coordinate activities
                           for the best interest of the program;
                       o Delegates tasks to staff in areas of their expertise;
                       o Develops and maintains clear organizational structure and
                           channels of communication;
                       o Reviews expenditures and ensures that contractual obligations
                           are being fulfilled, work completion dates are met, and quality
                           standards are maintained;
                       o Establishes and utilizes a record-keeping, reporting, and filing
                           system to meet the needs of the program; and
                       o Supervises staff in their job performance and responsibilities.
                 Motivating and Communicating:
                       o Serves as an advocate for the Head Start program;
                       o Promotes good public relations by serving on boards,
                           committees, and participating in community activities;
                       o Periodically convenes Head Start staff and coordinators for
                           planning, management, and review purposes;
                       o Serves as a liaison between program, board, grantee, policy
                           groups, councils, and community agencies;
                       o Fosters shared decision making with the Policy Council and
                           parent groups;
                       o Works closely with Policy Council and parent groups to ensure
                           organization, training, and effective operation in accordance with
                           the Revised Performance Standards;
                       o Provides periodic written documents and program reports to
                           grantee administration, Policy Council, Regional Office, and other
                       o Assists in developing plans for utilization of community
                           resources; and
                       o Initiates and maintains liaison with public and private agencies
                           that can provide supporting services to Head Start families.
                 Measuring and Evaluating:
                       o Implements internal and external reporting systems and
                           procedures for monitoring and controlling fiscal and
                           programmatic activities;

                           o Develops, implements, and maintains an ongoing evaluation
                 “ W e a r e a n E q u a l O p p o r t u n i t y E mp l o y e r ”
JULY 27, 2012          HEAD START DIRECTOR                                                 PAGE   2
                                 system to ensure quality control of the total Head Start program,
                                 including fiscal accountability and cost effectiveness;
                              o Utilizes evaluation data to maintain, correct, and/or improve
                                 delivery of program services;
                              o Studies policies, methods and procedures—modifies or makes
                                 corrections for modification as is necessary for the proper
                                 functioning of the program; and
                              o Works with the Regional Office staff to ensure effective delivery
                                 of services, including Program Specialists, Fiscal Specialists, and
                                 Training/Technical Assistance Specialists.
                        Developing Staff:
                              o Develops personnel policies for submission to, and approval by,
                                 Policy Council and the Kannapolis Board of Education;
                              o Assigns, develops, trains, supervises, and evaluates program staff
                                 in their work. In collaboration with Policy Council, reviews and
                                 makes recommendations regarding personnel actions such as
                                 employment, promotion, and termination;
                              o Establishes career development opportunities for staff; and
                              o Coordinates the development and implementation of the in-
                                 service staff development plan in compliance with national,
                                 regional, state, and local requirements.

    GENERAL            The Head Start Director is responsible for directing and administering the
                       Head Start program. The Director plans, organizes, and monitors program
    RESPONSIBILITIES   operations, functions, activities, services, and staff. The Director is
                       responsible for program design and management, monitoring, reporting,
                       planning, and development.

                       The Head Start Director reports directly to the Kannapolis Board of
                       Education, Assistant Superintendent, and the Head Start Policy Council.

                       The Head Start Director supervises the work of the Education Coordinator,
                       Family and Health Services Coordinator, Disabilities/Mental Health
                       Coordinator, Administrative Support/Compliance Coordinator,
                       Administrative Assistant, Receptionist-Secretary, and the daytime and
                       evening custodians.

                        “ W e a r e a n E q u a l O p p o r t u n i t y E mp l o y e r ”

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