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									                                              The Pipeline
  Volume 14 Issue 4                    M Pahigianis and N McMillan, Co-Editors        August 2007
Local section website                                                            Local section mailing address                                      PO Box 3488 Kingsport, TN 37664-3488

                                      September AIChE Meeting
            Come join AIChE for a tour of the NEW Gray Fossil Site Museum!!!
About the site: The fossil site was uncovered in 2000 by highway contractors working on State Route
75. Investigations later determined the deposit to be late Miocene in age (between 7-4.5 million years
ago). This is the only Miocene site in Appalachia. For more details about the museum, visit their

When: Thursday, September 13th at 5:30 PM
Who: All of AIChE is invited. Families and spouses are welcome to attend.
Where: Gray Fossil Site Museum: Once on I-26, take exit 13. Whether coming from the north or the
south, turn left on highway 75 once at the top of the ramp (north-bound and south-bound exits end up on
the same side of the highway). Go between 1.5-2 miles and the site is on the left.
What: Tour of the museum should take 1 to 1.5 hours
Dinner: Afterwards, interested parties can join us at the Crazy Tomato in Colonial Heights for dinner.
(From Museum - turn right onto Hwy 75. Take I26 West back to Kingsport. Take I81 North. Take exit
59 and turn left onto Fort Henry Drive. Crazy Tomato will be on the left near Pal's in Colonial Heights.)
Cost: The tour is $4 per person. You can pay at the museum. Everyone would also pay for their own
meal at the Crazy Tomato.

             We need to have a headcount for the tour so the director can prepare for us.

   Please RSVP to Lauren Gibson ( by September 6th if you would like to
          attend. Let her know if you will be attending the tour and dinner or just the tour.

Tim Nolen
2                                                                                       The Pipeline

                                    Message from the Chair

I  t has been several months since our last newsletter or activity, but that does not
   mean that the Section has taken a summer break. The Programming
Committee, led by Tim Nolen, has been hard at work planning activities for the
coming year. We will open with a fun trip to a local landmark, the Gray Fossil
Site Museum, on September 13. After that we have several lunch programs on
topics ranging from Carbon Dioxide Sequestration to Nuclear Power. Nationally,
AIChE will be celebrating its centennial anniversary in 2008. Locally, we will be
using the spring half of our programming year to feature some of the history of
chemical engineering in East Tennessee as well as look forward to the future of
engineering and to the frontiers of our galaxy. Stay tuned for details on these very
interesting activities!

As school is starting back for some, it has ended for good for many others over the summer break. As
we welcome new chemical engineering graduates into the East Tennessee area, please take a chance to
let them know about our Section and our activities. AIChE programs are a great place for new engineers
to make contacts and get to know a little more about the area!

The Fall season is also a busy time for the National AIChE. Currently elections are being held for the
national officer board. Take some time to learn about the candidates and help direct the future of the
organization that is the voice of our profession to the world. Ballots must be received by September 24,
2007. For information on the election, check out the AIChE website:

Registration for the Annual National Meeting is currently open. This year's Meeting will be held in Salt
Lake City, UT, during the week of November 4. This conference program will feature programming on
Energy Research, Nanotechnology, Sustainability, and other key topics of research in the profession.
The AIChE website has complete registration information, including the complete technical program, at

As always, please let me or any of the other Board members know if you have any ideas or comments
on how to improve your Section!

Lauren Moyer
2007 East Tennessee Section Chair
3                                                                                        The Pipeline

                                 Short Course Survey Results

T    o begin with, I would like to thank all of you who participated in the survey. I received a total of 77
     responses. The voting pattern itself was interesting. One of the courses jumped out to an early lead,
but was eventually overtaken. In the end, two courses battled it out and separated themselves from the
rest of the pack.

The final results of the survey are as follows:                              No. of Average  Total
                                                                            Responses Vote    Vote
       Distillation in Practice                                                47      3.53 166.00
       Flow of Solids in Bins, Hoppers, Chutes and Feeders                     29      2.48  72.00
       Industrial Fluid Mixing                                                 37      2.62  97.11
       Crystallization Operations                                              24      2.75  66.00
       Conceptual Development and Cost Estimation of Engineering
          Projects                                                              44        3.69     162.33
       Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA): Achieving Tolerable Risk            30        4.35     130.56
       TRIZ - The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving                           27        2.81      76.00
       Total                                                                                       770.00

(Note: All responses were renormalized to 10 votes.)

Based on these results, I have contacted ASME and asked for potential dates for both "Distillation in
Practice" and "Conceptual Development and Cost Estimation of Engineering Projects". My plan is to
offer the "Distillation in Practice" this fall, unless it cannot be worked out.

Thanks again for your participation.
Mark Shelton
Short Course Coordinator
4                                                                                      The Pipeline

                                        Upcoming Events
While others were on vacation, your AIChE Program Committee was hard at work this summer
arranging programming for the coming year. Mark your calendars today!


What: CO2 Sequestration using Enhanced Coal Bed Methane Recovery in Southwest

Who: Prof. Michael Karmis, Director, Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research, Virginia Tech

When: Tuesday, October 16th, 2007. 11:45 (lunch), Noon lecture

Where: Eastman Research Lecture Room, B-150C, Kingsport

PDH credits available.


What: Biodiesel Opportunities

Who: Jonathan Overly, Director of East Tennessee Biofuels

When: Tuesday, November 13th, 2007. 11:45 (lunch), Noon lecture

Where: Eastman Research Lecture Room, B-150C, Kingsport

PDH credits available.

                      2007 AIChE Annual Meeting Registration
                     AIChE Annual Meeting
                       November 4 -9, 2007
                  Salt Palace Convention Center
                       Salt Lake City, Utah

J  oin nearly 4,000 engineers and scientists at the 2007 Annual
   Meeting to learn about the most recent innovations, trends
and concerns in the field today and identify new issues and direction for the future. This year's meeting
will feature Core Programming and 16 Topical Conferences, together comprising nearly 700
technical sessions, focusing on the growth areas that matter most including: Energy, Biotechnology,
Nanoscale Science and Engineering, and Environmental/Sustainability.
5                                                                                     The Pipeline

             The 2008 AIChE Centennial Celebration Begins Now!

A     IChE celebrates 100 years in 2008. AIChE brings
      the excitement and the festivities to you a full
seven months early. You can keep up with all events
related to the AIChE centennial from a new page on
the AIChE website:

       Join us as we celebrate the centennial of AIChE’s founding. Over the next 2 years this
       space will grow to feature important events and developments, people and schools.
       And while we’re celebrating the past we’ll also be looking to the future, incorporating
       contributions from student members and content especially for younger students.

                       Keep Up With the Local Section Online
Did you know that as National AIChE celebrates 100 years, our Local Section celebrates 63 years? If the
TEC Junior Chemical Engineer's Club (organized December 7, 1943) is included, the section is 65 years

Thanks to the hard work of our Webmaster Tim Nolen, everything from the history of the local section
to current meetings can be found on our website ( The website includes
the Local Section Bylaws, List of Officers from 1945 to present, and an archive of Pipeline Newsletters
- to mention only a few aspects of the information covered. Photos from past events can be found, along
with contact information for the Local Board. Review the site occasionally and keep up with the local

                 2007 Local Section Officers, Directors, & Support Staff
Chair:                                             Lauren Moyer                      229-2208
Chair-Elect and Program Committee Chair:           Tim Nolen                         229-8287
Secretary:                                         Luke Stewart                      229-5173
Treasurer:                                         Megan Nelson                      229-8210
Directors:                                         Lee Partin                        229-5716
                                                   Steve Miller                      224-7350
                                                   Heather McNabb                    229-3102
Local Section Webmaster:                           Tim Nolen                         229-8287
Short-Course Coordinator:                          Mark Shelton                      229-4753
Professional Development Coordinator:              Joe Parker                        229-3850
AIChE Pipeline Newsletter Editors:                 Melina Pahigianis                 229-1422
                                                   Noah McMillan                     229-8114
ETEAC Representative:                              Joey Watson                       229-6486
Young Professionals Subcommittee Contacts:
              Lauren Moyer                                 229-2208
              Melina Pahigianis                            229-1422
6                                          The Pipeline

American Institute of Chemical Engineers
PO Box 3488
Kingsport, Tennessee 37664-3488

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