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Post Doc.      Food Microbiology (Unilever Plc)
PhD:           Biotechnology (Banaras Hindu University)

Industrial & post doctoral research experience: 2 years
Affiliation name: Unilever Research India,
Hindustan Lever Research Centre, Mumbai

Current affiliation: Associate Professor,
Dept of Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences
Thapar University, Post Box.32
Patiala-147004, India
Email: aganguli@ thapar.edu; ganguliabhijit@rediffmail.com
 0091-175-2393387, 2393478, Fax 0091-175-2393887

Current Activities
Thesis/Project Supervision-

Masters’ 21 (Supervised) Ongoing: 4; Doctoral: 4 (Ongoing), 1 (Completed)

Sponsored Research/Projects 6 : (Completed -4, ongoing -2)

Title of the Project:
Biotechnological Interventions for debittering of safe Kinnow-mandarin juice.
Status: Completed, Funding Agency: TIFAC, Dept of Science & Technology, Govt of India

Title of the Project:
Development of a Minimal Processing Technology for High Quality Edible Mushrooms
Status: Completed, Funding Agency: Ministry of Food processing Industries, Govt of India

Title of the Project:
Novel communication techniques for disseminating food safety information to children and
general masses
Status: Completed, Funding agency: Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India

Title of the Project:
Kinetic analysis and modeling of the metabolic behaviour of Lactobacillus spp. for the
development of a novel probiotics food
Status: Completed, Funding Agency: Dept of Biotechnology, Govt of India

Title of the Project:
Characterization of high value nutraceuticals from Lactic acid bacteria
Status: Ongoing, Funding agency: University Grants Commission, Govt of India

Title of the Project:
Biotechnological intervention for the production of lactic and other commercially important
organic acids from starch containing agrowastes
Status: Ongoing, Funding agency: AICTE, Govt of India

National/International Award(s)/Fellowship (s) Conferred:
 Maulana Azad Trust Scholarship, V.R.L.Deshpande award, GATE-UGC Scholarship, Post
doctoral fellowship (Unilever/HLL).

Membership of Professional Bodies/Societies:
American Biosafety Association
Korean Society of Food Science & Technology
Life member, Indian science congress association

Nominations & collaborations:

Member, European Federation of Food Science & Technology (EFFOST)

Member, International society for Pre& probiotics

Fellow & Member, UN--ABSA subcommittee for formulation of rules regarding safety for
transportation of biological goods.

Collaborator: Centre of Excellence in Microbial Predictive modelling, Eastern Regional
Research Laboratory, USDA-ARS, USA.

Publications (representative) in peer reviewed journals

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Chapters in Book:
Sandeep Mudgil, Sunita Bansal, Moushumi Ghosh and Abhijit Ganguli: Emerging trends in
food borne diseases in Applied Microbiology, Ed; P.C Trivedi, pp169-174; 2006, Agrobios

Sandeep Mudgil, Abhijit Ganguli and Moushumi Ghosh: Microbiological quality of carrots
and Kinnow-mandarins in Applied Microbiology, Ed: P.C Trivedi, pp175-180; 2006, Agrobios

Outreach communications:
Ganguli, A. Thought for food: food terrorism could be a reality in India. Down to Earth, 2004
Ganguli, A. The state of street vended foods in Patiala: Dainik Bhaskar, 13th December 2004
Ganguli, A. Food safety drive must for better health: The Tribune 27th July, 2005

Participation in workshops/conferences/symposia’s (2003-2009): 9

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