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									                                           MECHANICAL ENGINEERS
     Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2002-03 Edition

     Engineers                                                  steam and gas turbines. They also develop power-
                                                                using machines such as refrigeration and air-
     Engineers apply the theories and principles of
                                                                conditioning equipment, machine tools, material
     science and mathematics to research and develop
                                                             60 handling systems, elevators and escalators,
     economical solutions to technical problems. Their
                                                                industrial production equipment, and robots used
 5   work is the link between perceived social needs
                                                                in manufacturing. Mechanical engineers also
     and commercial applications. Engineers design
                                                                design tools needed by other engineers for their
     products, machinery to build those products,
                                                                work. The field of nanotechnology, which
     factories in which those products are made, and
                                                             65 involves the creation of high-performance
     the systems that ensure the quality of the products
                                                                materials and components by integrating atoms
10   and efficiency of the workforce and
                                                                and molecules, is introducing entirely new
     manufacturing process. Engineers design, plan,
                                                                principles to the design process.
     and supervise the construction of buildings,
     highways, and transit systems. They develop and            Computers assist mechanical engineers by
     implement improved ways to extract, process, and        70 accurately      and   efficiently    performing
15   use raw materials, such as petroleum and natural           computations and by aiding the design process by
     gas. They develop new materials that both                  permitting the modeling and simulation of new
     improve the performance of products and take               designs. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and
     advantage of advances in technology. They                  Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) are used
     harness the power of the sun, the Earth, atoms,         75 for design data processing and for developing
20   and electricity for use in supplying the Nation's          alternative designs.
     power needs, and create millions of products
                                                                Mechanical engineers work in many industries,
     using power. They analyze the impact of the
                                                                and their work varies by industry and function.
     products they develop or the systems they design
                                                                Some specialties include applied mechanics;
     on the environment and people using them.
                                                             80 computer-aided design and manufacturing; energy
25   Engineering knowledge is applied to improving
                                                                systems; pressure vessels and piping; and heating,
     many things, including the quality of health care,
                                                                refrigeration, and air-conditioning systems.
     the safety of food products, and the efficient
                                                                Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest
     operation of financial systems.
                                                                engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers
   Engineers consider many factors when                      85 may work in production operations in
30 developing a new product. For example, in                    manufacturing or agriculture, maintenance, or
   developing an industrial robot, engineers                    technical sales; many are administrators or
   determine precisely what function the robot needs            managers.
   to perform; design and test the robot's                      Employment
   components; fit the components together in an
                                                             90 Mechanical engineers held about 221,000 jobs in
35 integrated plan; and evaluate the design's overall
                                                                2000. More than 1 out of 2 jobs were in
   effectiveness, cost, reliability, and safety. This
                                                                manufacturing-mostly in machinery, transporta-
   process applies to many different products, such
                                                                tion equipment, electrical equipment, instrum-
   as chemicals, computers, gas turbines,
                                                                ents, and fabricated metal products industries.
   helicopters, and toys.
                                                             95 Engineering and management services, business
40 In addition to design and development, many                  services, and the Federal Government provided
   engineers work in testing, production, or                    most of the remaining jobs.
   maintenance.       These   engineers    supervise
                                                                  Job Outlook
   production in factories, determine the causes of
   breakdowns, and test manufactured products to                Employment of mechanical engineers is projected
45 maintain quality. They also estimate the time and        100 to grow about as fast as the average for all
   cost to complete projects. Some move into                    occupations though 2010. Although overall
   engineering management or into sales. In sales, an           manufacturing employment is expected to grow
   engineering background enables them to discuss               slowly, employment of mechanical engineers in
   technical aspects and assist in product planning,            manufacturing should increase more rapidly as
50 installation, and use.                                   105 the demand for improved machinery and machine
                                                                tools grows and industrial machinery and
     Nature of Mechanical Engineering Work
                                                                processes become increasingly complex. Also,
   Mechanical engineers research, develop, design,              emerging technologies in information technology,
   manufacture, and test tools, engines, machines,              biotechnology, and nanotechnology will create
   and other mechanical devices. They work on               110 new job opportunities for mechanical engineers.
55 power-producing machines such as electric
                                                                  Employment of mechanical engineers in business
   generators, internal combustion engines, and
                                                                  and engineering services firms is expected to

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                                             MECHANICAL ENGINEERS
     Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2002-03 Edition

    grow faster than average as other industries in the           QUESTIONS TO ANSWER IN CLASS:
    economy increasingly contract out to these firms
                                                            145 1) How does (or does not) your work fit into
115 to solve engineering problems. In addition to job
                                                                   this description of engineering?
    openings from growth, many openings should
    result from the need to replace workers who                   2) What is the average wage in your field; the
    transfer to other occupations or leave the labor                 median?
                                                                  3) What other field of study also uses the
120 Earnings                                                150      knowledge you’ve gained in your field?
    Median annual earnings of mechanical engineers                4) What id the main thing engineers don’t do?
    were $58,710 in 2000. The middle 50 percent
                                                                  5) Which engineering fields are important in
    earned between $47,600 and $72,850. The lowest
                                                                     your field?
    10 percent earned less than $38,770, and the
125 highest 10 percent earned more than $88,610.                  6) Write three questions of your own for
    Median annual earnings in the industries                155      others to answer in class:
    employing the largest numbers of mechanical
                                                                      A. ________________________________
    engineers in 2000 were:
    Personnel supply services                $81,080
130 Federal government                       $66,320                       ________________________________
    Engineering and architectural services   $59,800
    Motor vehicles and equipment             $59,400
    Construction and related machinery                      160            ________________________________
135 According to a 2001 salary survey by the
                                                                      B. ________________________________
    National Association of Colleges and Employers,
    bachelor's degree candidates in mechanical
    engineering received starting offers averaging
    $48,426 a year, master's degree candidates had                         ________________________________
140 offers averaging $55,994, and Ph.D. candidates          165
    were initially offered $72,096.
                                                                      C. ________________________________

                                                            170            ________________________________


                                                                  7) List words you didn’t know and their
                                                                    A. ___________________ ____________

                                                            180          ________________________________



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                                           MECHANICAL ENGINEERS
      Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2002-03 Edition

        B. ___________________ ____________                        Mechanical Engineering is a growth field
              ________________________________                     A. it is in the service industry.
                                                                   B. manufacturing is getting more complex.
190           ________________________________               230 C. manufacturing grows slowly.
                                                                   D. of environmental technology.
      8) List phrases where you don’t know the                              ________________________________
         meaning although you know the words:
                                                             235            ________________________________
              ________________________________


                                                                   A. ___________________
200            ________________________________
                                                             240 B. ___________________
                                                                   C. ___________________
              ________________________________
                                                                   D. ___________________

                                                             245            ________________________________
      9) Write two (2) more True              /   False
         statements based on the article:
      T/F      Mechanical Engineers are the fourth
210            largest group of engineers.                                  ________________________________
      T/F      ________________________________                    A. ___________________
                                                                   B. ___________________
               ________________________________                    C. ___________________
215                                                                D. ___________________
               ________________________________              255

      T/F      ________________________________

220            ________________________________


      10) Write two (2) more Multiple Choice
225       statements based on the article:

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