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  The North East of England Process Industry Cluster

  Set up by industry to develop the long term future and improve
  competitiveness of the Process sectors in North East England.

     NEPIC is a ‘Cluster’ organisation that represents the 500+
   Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Speciality, Polymer & Rubber,
Petrochemical & Commodity Chemical and Supply Chain companies
  based in North East England and was established by industry to
 develop the long term future and improve competitiveness of these
                      sectors and the region.
The Cluster Network
               A true Supply Chain Cluster
   Biotechnology, Fine & Speciality Chemical, Pharmaceutical,
 Polymer & Rubber and all other types of companies in the supply
    chain of the industry are involved as full Cluster members

• Analytical Companies                 • Process Engineering
• Communication                        • Marketing & PR Firms
• Control Engineering                  • Publishers and Printers
• Disaster management                  • Purchasing Companies
• Equipment Suppliers                  • Recruitment Companies
• Legal & Financial Firms              • Research Institutions
• Mechanical Engineering               • Specialists eg Material Safety Data
• Management & Strategy Consultants    • Technology Transfer Consortia
• Performance Improvement              • Tool Makers
• Process Development                  • Waste Management and Recycling

Currently there are over 560 member companies & associate member companies
          working together to make the industry and the region stronger.
                        NEPIC – a One Stop Shop

Companies often complain
about the expansion and
shifting landscape of public
service initiatives.

NEPIC acts as a
knowledgeable and value
adding interface for
companies with regional and
national government,
academic institutions and
trade associations
      Member companies benefit from leadership &
       co-ordination of activities of mutual benefit.
The secret to NEPIC’s success is that top industrialists from all sub sectors in the region
form the NEPIC Leadership Team

Focus on several strategic themes of crucial importance to the sector.
    1. Innovation
    2. SME & Trade team
    3. GDP Growth Team
    4. Education & Engagement
    5. Process Engineering
    6. Marketing & Communications
    7. Manufacturing and Productivity

Chaired by members of the Leadership Team and populated by senior people from
industry and the supply chain
                  The Process Sectors

•   Chemicals
•   Petrochemicals
•   Fine & Speciality Chemicals
•   Pharmaceuticals
•   Composites
•   Polymers
•   Biotechnology, Bioprocessing, Bioproducts
•   Biofuels
•   Renewables
   Key facts about the Biotechnology, Fine & Speciality
Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Polymer & Rubber
           sectors in the North East of England
                                • Home to 58% of the UK’s Petrochemical
                                • Home to 35% of the UK’s Pharmaceuticals
                                • Home to a major proportion of the UK’s Fine &
                                Speciality industry
                                • Home to a rapidly growing Biotechnology sector
                                • Home to over 260 Polymer and Rubber
                                • This sector is the UK’s highest exporter £31.8bn,
                                with the NE exporting £4.5bn
                                • UK’s second largest port 70% occupied by
                                Process Industry Goods
                                • Largest non-military R&D Centre in Europe
The Importance of the Biotechnology, Fine & Speciality
 Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Polymer &
     Rubber sectors to the North East of England

                               • Over 35,000 people employed
                               • A further 200,000 are indirectly
                               • Generates over £10 billion (over
                               30%) of the regions GDP
                               • It is the regions largest industrial
                                                             Innovation Strengths of the NEPIC Cluster
                                                                                                                                       Imaging & Displays

                                                                                                                Measurement                Chemistry
                                                                                                                Science                                                      Industrial
Academia/Centres of Excellence Innovation Strength


                                                     Favourable                Fuel
                                                                               cells                       Surface

                                                                                                                                          Technology                        Creative
                                                                                       STRENGTHEN INDUSTRY                             SUPPORT & DEVELOP                    Synthesis      Size of circles
                                                        Tenable                                                                                                                            indicates scale
                                                                                                                                                                                           of opportunity
                                                                     Adhesives                          Microfluidics                                       Novel Surface
                                                                     & Sealants                                                                             Effects

                                                                                         LOW PRIORITY                                  STRENGTHEN ACADEMIA

                                                                                                                             Product Design
                                                                                                                             & Formulation

                                                                           Device Enabled

                                                                  Absent                      Weak                      Tenable                  Favourable                       Strong

                                                                                                     Industry Innovation Strength
                    North East Process Investment
  Prior to cluster activity the region did not have a portfolio of investment in this
    sector. Following NEPIC’s growth team activity more than £3bn invested.
The current portfolio of ongoing projects totalling £8 billion identified by NEPIC and
 its members. NEPIC is actively involved with the delivery of £4.6 billion of these
                                   projects today.
         £105m           £125m     £51m £155m          Commodity
                                         £43m          Pharmaceuticals &
                                                       Specality Chemicals

                                                       Biofuels &
               £2295m            £1736m                Biotechnology

                                                       Oil and Gas

            Process Sector Continues to Rejuvenate and Expand

CLOSURES                                      START-UPS OR REINVESTMENT               IN PROGRESS

Arizona                    Ensus                           Greenstar                  Air Products
Dow (Ethylene oxide)       Hart Biologicals                Glaxo SmithKline           INEOS Bio
Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals   Lotte Chemical (UK) ltd         Yara                       Pyreco
V-Fuels                    MSD                             Greenergy                  Tennergis
Croda                      Huntsman (PU and Tioxide)       Four Rivers                Sembcorp (Wilton 11)
Invista                    SABIC                           Fruitarom
Elementis                  Sembcorp                        Shasun Pharma Solutions
Biofuels Corp              GrowHow                         Fine Organics              OTHER CONFIDENTIAL
                                                                                      PROJECTS IN THE
D1 Biofuels                Exwold Technology               Compact GTL
                                                                                      FOLLOWING SECTORS

Artenius                   Northumbrian Water              Harvest Energy             Renewable Energy

SABIC Aromatics            sanofi-avenetis                 Ineos Nitriles             Coal Gasification
                           Reckitt Benckiser               Piramal Pharma Solutions   Hi Tech Coatings

                           Specials Laboratory             Graphite Resources         2nd Generation Biofuels
                           SCM Pharma                      Banner Chemicals

                           Aesica Pharmaceuticals          ISP Techwax
                           Compact GTL                     Covance
                           High Force Research             Mitsubishi Chemicals
                                  NEPIC Membership
Membership Benefits Summary:

• NEPIC credited by its members with creating £600m GVA per annum

• Networking opportunities through our regular business & social meetings

• Voice of the industry to Government and stakeholders

• Collaborative projects leading to new business and innovation opportunities

• Publicising your business and the regions capabilities on a global level through the NEPIC website,
NEPIC Directory, our Focal Point newsletter and a number of bespoke marketing brochures

• Increased profitability through subsidised Energy, Resource Efficiency & Productivity Programmes

• International Trade, New Business Opportunities & Supply Chain Connections

• Support for your Regional Investments with Technical & Funding advice

• Impacting on Skills, Education & Stakeholders

• Access to World Class Technology & Development Facilities

• Opportunity to join the NEPIC Buying Group – 16 members have saved a total of £456,000 in the first
year of membership

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