Bio for Miranda Wright by lDHb86


									Bio for Miranda Wright

      Species:        Human
      Sex:            Female
      Personal:       When she was a preteen, a local crime boss sent a pair of goons to
       dispatch her family for whatever reason. She witnessed her parents’ murder from
       a hiding place, but was captured by the goons when she tried to escape. One
       wanted to kill her, as per the boss’s orders (to kill the Wrights), but the other took
       pity and ended up killing the first goon. Goon 2 took her back to the crime boss’s
       place where she served under him/her in horrible conditions over the course of
       several years.

       During this time, the goon secretly trained her in combat techniques whenever he
       was around. He also worked as a hired gun/bounty hunter/assassin. Once
       Miranda was old enough and able enough, the two plotted an escape. She made it
       out. He died at the hands of the crime boss. Miranda, of course, swore to avenge
       his death. Unfortunately, this was never able to happen because the crime boss
       was killed in an accident of some sort.

       Alone and filled with rage, Miranda went out on her own, making a name for
       herself, and eventually meeting Sida. They had a brief but sordid affair. He
       thought of her as a mistress. She thought of him as a fuck buddy. When they
       were discovered, Miranda wasn't affected because she's outside of the law. They
       broke up shortly thereafter, because she was too much of a free spirit. They
       agreed it'd be best if they remained friends. Now she’s a professional bounty

Bio for Chief Sida

      Species:        Human
      Sex:            Male
      Personal:       Armand Sida was the third of five unremarkable children in an
       unremarkable high-ranking family within the Alliance. Like the rest of his
       unremarkable siblings, Sida was educated by the military, for the military. He
       married a lady from an influential military family, and, as a result, was promoted
       to the rank of captain on board the capital ship Persephone. It was during this
       time that he first met Miranda.

       Over the course of a few months, a relationship between Sida and Wright
       blossomed. Sida tried, and ultimately failed, to keep the relationship a secret from
       his wife. She walked in on them one night while he should have been on duty.
       The next day he was demoted and sent to work as security chief on the Station.
       He still fancies himself an officer, though he’s little more than a rent-a-cop. He
       and Miranda still run into each other regularly, though they’re on friendly, yet
       strictly professional, terms.
Bio for Admiral Noubelle
    Species:           Altorian
    Sex:               Male-ish
    Personal:          Strong, noble, and possessing a strict code of honor, Noubelle was
       a low-ranking officer in the Altorian navy at the start of the war. Over the course
       of the conflict, Noubelle was repeatedly honored and commended for his bravery
       and brilliant tactics against the Alliance. He eventually became the leader of the
       Altorian Resistance. The Alliance saw him as a subhuman terrorist leader. There
       is a large bounty on his head.

Bio for Private Willip
    Species:         Human biobot
    Sex:             Male
    Personal:        Willip was born to an average family. He enlisted in the Alliance
       military as soon as he was old enough, partly because he bought into the anti-
       Altorian propaganda, and partly because he thought it’d be cool to have robotic
       implants. He’s never been out in the real world, but recently, he’s become
       curious and doubtful of the Alliance’s position. He maintains a dour disposition,
       and he’s also awkward around girls, especially Hermione. He’s 19 or 20.

Bio for Hermione Dyse
    Species:           Humanoid alien
    Sex:               Female
    Personal:          An A student with a gift for technology, Hermione spent as much
       of her life as she can remember on the Station living alone with her father. She
       was always a bit of a recluse, unsure of herself about most things she wasn’t
       terribly familiar with, but if forced into the position, she can be an effective
       leader. She maintains a sunny disposition and thinks Pvt. Willip is kinda cute.
       She’s her species’ equivalent of 17 or 18.

Bio for Dominic Cunningham
    Species:         Human
    Sex:             Male
    Personal:        The weasel-y pretty rich boy who’s too good for you. Dominic
       graduated from a prestigious university, and he will let everyone know this,
       whether or not he’s asked. He’s a stereotypical amoral 1980’s-type businessman
       who got where his via connections and his dad’s money. He owns a private space
       yacht with 2 concubines – an alien and a human.

Bio for Brianne Lysandra
    Species:        Human
    Sex:            Female
    Personal:       She is 2 – 3 years younger than Dominic, has served him as a
       concubine since she was 13, and thanks to him has developed an unearned sense
       of entitlement. She is the senior of his two girls and never fails to remind
       Marinne of her seniority and her humanity.

Bio for Marinne Koenraad
    Species:         Humanoid alien
    Sex:             Female
    Personal:        She is about 10 years younger than Dominic and serves as his alien
       concubine. She “employed” by him against her will and is the subject of constant
       harassment by Brianne. She’s not a fan of her situation in life but doesn’t see any
       other options.

Sharonda Amundsen
    Species:         Human
    Sex:             Female
    Personal:        Sharonda drives a space bus. She’s been doing this for years and is
      getting close to retirement age. She’s a friendly widow who always tries to see
      the good in people, though she’ll let you know if you’re an ass. Being a bus
      driver gives her a lot of exposure to people and greasy engines.

Quennell Tomm
   Species:        Humanoid alien
   Sex:            Male
   Personal:       Quennell fancies himself a man of action. He’s really just a
     regular guy who’s seen far too many Bruce Willis movies and sees the zombie
     outbreak as a perfect opportunity to put himself in the position of an action star.

Travis Cutshaw
    Species:         Human
    Sex:             Male
    Personal:        Recently wed to Josiah, Travis is on his honeymoon. Travis is the
       quite, reserved one. He’s a crack shot with any long-ranged weapon.

Josiah Cutshaw
    Species:         Human
    Sex:             Male
    Personal:        Recently wed to Travis, Josiah is on his honeymoon. Josiah is the
       outgoing, obnoxious one. He originated on Earth and grew up in a very
       conservative neo-Christian family. His parents disowned him when he came out,
       and Travis is his world. He likes to drink, too.

Doctor Romero
    Species:         Weird, psychic water alien called a Siddh
    Sex:             Female
   Personal:       Doctor Romero is a renowned biologist who was imprisoned due
    to “ethics violations”. She is a brilliant mind, but is, unfortunately, confined to a
    water tank in the detention level.

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