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					                 Charles L. Baker 13720 Gunsmoke Rd. Moorpark, CA 93021
                           Home: 805-529-1921 Cell: 805-558-8591

  Windows Mobile, Kiosk mode, CE Devices and Windows Compact Framework
  Windows desktop applications, Windows user Interfaces, Windows Forms and Windows automation.
  Developer Express application development

  C#, VB .NET and C++ using MS Visual Studio 2005/2008
  Object oriented programming, design patterns, multi-threading and event-driven architecture
  MS Visual Studio 2005/2008 designing Medtronic proprietary applications
  MS Windows automation to access MS EXCEL data using VB .NET

  Jungo USB Windriver - hardware driver interface to VB6 and VB .NET

  Embedded Keil Compiler C (8051) motion control experience
  Renesas High Performance Embedded Workshop
  Numerous embedded software projects completed in assembly language
  Embedded C with supporting applications written in C/C++ and VB6.
  White box test code for the Medtronic insulin pumps.

  MS Access
  SQL Server 2005/2008
  SQL Server Management Studio

  HTML, VBScript, MS Silverlight
  Adobe Dreamweaver & Fireworks

  Coding for motion control
  Familiar with oscilloscopes and logic analyzers
  Debug to component level
  Read schematics and trace circuits
  Create proprietary applications for R & D

  Visual SourceSafe
                  Charles L. Baker 13720 Gunsmoke Rd. Moorpark, CA 93021
                            Home: 805-529-1921 Cell: 805-558-8591

                                              Work Experience
 June 2010 – Present                                                                Self Employed
 Software Engineer

Took over maintenance of a VB6 application named “Floral Accounting Software”.
This application is used by a number of flower growers in California to maintain their invoicing, bills of
lading, accounting etc.
The project has over 200 VB6 forms, classes and modules. The associated SQL database has over 150 tables
and close to 200 stored procedures. ADO is used to manipulate the database from the VB6 app.
         Used MS-SQL Server 2008 to maintain the database.
         Accumulated numerous extremely useful SQL queries.

 Aug 2010                                                                           Self Employed
 Software Engineer

Created two related applications written in C# using the .NET framework: These prototype apps use
standard Windows User Interfaces with Winforms to help service technicians go paperless. The app that
runs on the PC isolates and organizes information extracted from an e-mailed work order and transfers that
info to a touch-screen mobile phone. The application on the Windows CE based phone presents the
captured info to the technician and allows the tech to capture additional customer info and signature on-site.
Plans are for the dual application idea to be replaced by a single Internet-connected app that does everything
on the mobile phone.

 June 2009 to June 2010                                                             Software Engineering
 Software Engineer                                                                  Contracting with SRS
                                                                                    Systems Inc

      Created C# code using the .NET framework v3.5 and the Developer Express user interface to co-
       develop an application to organize all aspects of state and regional voting.
      Created reports using Active Reports.
      Created SQL queries to access the SQL 2005 database
      Used SQL Server Management Studio Express to manage the SQL 2005 database.
      Used VMWare virtual machines to isolate development environments.
                Charles L. Baker 13720 Gunsmoke Rd. Moorpark, CA 93021
                          Home: 805-529-1921 Cell: 805-558-8591

February 2006 to March                                                         Medtronic Corp,
2009                                                                           Northridge, CA.
Senior Software Engineer

     Designed and Implemented Medtronic’s newest insulin pump controller prototype using C# / Visual
      Studio 2008 with a full OO and event-driven architecture.
     Used the Model-View-Controller design pattern to allow flexibility and isolation in the application
     Created custom application controls using Windows Forms (Winforms) for Windows user interfaces
      on Windows Mobile handheld and desktop applications.
     Created a scripted screen recognition and capture application for Medtronic insulin pumps.
     Created software to recognize bitmapped characters and convert characters to UNICODE
     Created MS Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) applications to automate foreign language
      control in the pump code.

2002 to 2005                                                                   FADAL Engineering
Senior Software Engineer                                                       Chatsworth, CA.

     Designed and implemented an embedded 80C554 motion control system to control a dual-arm tool
      changer on FADAL's latest line of Vertical Machining Centers.
     Designed and maintained the device driver interface between the Vertical Machining Center
      application software and hardware.
     Diagnosed and debugged obscure manufacturing problems related to the system firmware, CAN
      communications and system hardware

1999 to 2001                                                                   INTEL / Xircom Corp
Senior Software Engineer                                                       Thousand Oaks, CA.

     Implemented and debugged embedded 8051 assembly language code to interface a PC to the Xircom
      REX Personal Data Assistant via the Universal Serial Bus. The code was downloaded to the REX
      PDA cradle via the USB. After downloading the code exchanged data between the USB and the
      REX PDA utilizing the appropriate protocols at each interface.
     Used logic analyzer, oscilloscope and USB analyzer to debug code and communications sequences.

1997 to 1999                                                               Nortel Networks (MICOM).
Senior Diagnostics Software Engineer                                       Simi Valley, CA.

     Created diagnostic software for the newest line of Nortel VoIP (voice over internet) communications
      boards. Produced low-level code to directly control and monitor ASICs, DSPs and LSI Integrated
     Use JTAG-based emulator running under UNIX to debug source code.
                 Charles L. Baker 13720 Gunsmoke Rd. Moorpark, CA 93021
                           Home: 805-529-1921 Cell: 805-558-8591

 1995 to 1997                                                               Irvine Optical Corporation.
 Senior Software Engineer                                                   Burbank, CA.

      Improved functionality and efficiency of the overall program while maintaining organization
       amongst approximately 80 C++ software modules, which controlled the Irvine Optical ‘208 wafer
      Use Borland’s C++ V4.5 and the ZINC application interface to maintain numerous user interface and
       machine interface C++ classes.

Prior to 1995 I worked at numerous companies on widely diverse projects ranging from hardware debugging
(CETEC Broadcast Group), BIOS work in 80286 assembly language (TANDON Corp), voice-activated
intercoms (Harris Corp) and video stream data compression (Micropolis Corp).
Clearly, when you hire me you’ll be getting a unique and powerful skill set spanning hardware, software,
communications, documentation, PC system administration and many other talents which individually can
be found easily but together can be found only rarely.

U.S. Navy Veteran honorably discharged August 1971
Secret clearance (inactive)
Graduated from Electronics and RADAR schools at the U.S. Navy training center at Great Lakes Illinois

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