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DC Comics                                                            Vertigo
  Action Comics                      Green Lantern:                     American Vampire
  All-Star Western                   the New Guardians                  American Vampire:
  Animal Man                         Grifter                            Survival of the Fittest
  Aquaman                            Hawk & Dove                        DMZ
  Batgirl                            I, Vampire                         the Eaters
  Batman                             Justice League                     Fables
  Batman Beyond Unlimited            Justice League Dark                Hellblazer
  Batman: the Dark Knight            Justice League International       House of Mystery
  Batman Incorporated                Legion Lost                        iZombie
  Batman & Robin                     Legion of Superheroes              Northlanders
  Batwing                            Men of War                         Scalped
  Batwoman                           Mister Terrific                    Spaceman
  Birds of Prey                      Nightwing                          Sweet Tooth
  Blackhawks                         OMAC                               Unwritten
  Blue Beetle                        Red Hood & the Outlaws
                                     Red Lanterns
  Captain Atom
  Catwoman                           Resurrection Man
                                                                     DC KIds
  DC Universe Presents               the Savage Hawkman                 All-New Batman:
  DC Universe Online Legends         Static Shock                       Brave & the Bold
  Deathstroke                        Stormwatch                         Cartoon Network
  Demon Knights                      Suicide Squad                      Action Pack
  Detective Comics                   Superboy                           Looney Tunes
  the Flash                          Supergirl                          Scooby-Doo,
  Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE       Superman: Man of Tomorrow          Where Are You?
  the Fury of Firestorm              Swamp Thing                        Tiny Titans
  Green Arrow                        Teen Titans                        Young Justice
  Green Lantern                      Voodoo
  Green Lantern Corps                Wonder Woman

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Marvel                                                         Image
 Alpha Flight                   Secret Avengers                 Avengeline
 Amazing Spider-Man             SHIELD                          Blood Red Dragon
 Avenging Spider-Man            Thunderbolts                    Blue Estate
 Astonishing X-Men              Ultimate Comics Spider-Man      Carbon Grey
 Avengers                       Ultimate Comics Ultimates       Chew
 Avengers Academy               Ultimate Comics X-Men           the Darkness
 Black Panther                  Uncanny X-Force                 Elephantmen
 Captain America                Uncanny X-Men                   Fatale
 Captain America & Bucky        Venom                           Hack/Slash
 Carnage USA                    Winter Soldier                  Haunt
 Daken: Dark Wolverine          Wolverine                       the Infinite
 Daredevil                      Wolverine & the X-Men           Invincible
 Deadpool                       Wolverine: the Best There Is    the Last of the Greats
 Deadpool MAX                   X-23                            the Li’l Depressed Boy
 Defenders                      X-Factor                        Magdalena
 Fear Itself: the Fearless      X-Men                           Moriarty
 Fantastic Four                 X-Men Legacy                    Morning Glories
 FF                                                             Savage Dragon
 Generation Hope                                                Severed
 Ghost Rider                                                    Shinku
                               ICON                             Skull Kickers
 Heroes For Hire                Brilliant                       Spawn
 Hulk                           Casanova                        Walking Dead
 Incredible Hulk                Kick Ass 2                      Walking Dead Weekly
 Invincible Iron Man            Powers                          Witchblade
 Iron Man 2.0                   Superior                        Xenoholics
 Journey Into Mystery (Thor)
 Mighty Thor
 Moon Knight
                               Marvel All-Ages
 New Avengers                   Marvel Adventures:
 New Mutants                    Spider-Man
 Punisher                       Marvel Adventures:
 Punisher MAX                   Super Heroes
IDW                               Dark Horse                  Dynamite
 30 Days of Night                  Angel & Faith               the Bionic Man
 Cobra                             B.P.R.D.                    Dark Shadows
 Doctor Who                        Buffy the Vampire Slayer    Flash Gordon Zeitgeist
 Dungeons & Dragons                Season 9                    a Game of Thrones
 Ghostbusters                      Conan: Road of Kings        Green Hornet
 G.I.Joe                           Fear Agent                  Jennifer Blood
 G.I.Joe: Real American Hero       Goon                        Kirby Genesis
 Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths    Orchid                      Red Sonja
 Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters     Savage Sword                Vampirella
 John Byrne’s Cold War             Star Wars                   Voltron
 Locke & Key                       Usagi Yojimbo               Warlord of Mars
 Snake Eyes
 Star Trek
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
                                  Archie                      Other
 Transformers                      Archie Comics               Lady Mechanika
 True Blood                        Archie & Friends            Rachel Rising
                                   Betty & Veronica            Bart Simpson
                                   Mega Man                    Futurama
                                   Sonic the Hedgehog          Simpsons
                                   Sonic Universe              Spongebob Comics


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