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                                SINGLE FAMILY HOMES

This agreement made this day of       , 2011 between _____ herein called the “Landlord” and __________ who shall
herein be called “Tenant”, for rental of the premises located at __________ herein called the “Premises”,
“Property”, or “Dwelling”. This lease is for months.

1.   Lease Term. This agreement is for a term of      months beginning on , 2011 and ending at midnight on ,
     20. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties, continued occupancy by Tenant after the stated
     Term shall NOT constitute a renewal of the lease.

2.   Rent. a) The rent is $    (One Thousand     Hundred     Dollars) per month, payable in advance, and is due
     on the first day of each month, commencing with the above month. Rent shall be paid to the Landlord at the
     address below or any other address the Landlord may convey to the Tenant.


     b) Prorated rent of $     shall apply for the period ,   2011 to     , 2011.

3.   Security Deposit. Tenant shall pay a Security Deposit of $        (One Thousand       Hundred            Dollars)
     which shall be deposited in an account in Bank of America. Landlord will give written notice of any change in
     the depository. This deposit is security for performance of Tenant’s obligations pursuant to this Agreement,
     including but not limited to payment of rent, payment of late fees, and to indemnify Landlord for damages to
     and cleaning of the Property for which Tenant is responsible. A written “Rental Property Inventory and
     Condition Form” describing the condition and cleanliness of and any damage to the Property and furnishings
     will be signed by Tenant upon commencement of tenancy and a written copy given to Tenant. Within
     fourteen (14) days after termination of tenancy and vacancy of the Property (or abandonment of Property),
     Landlord will give Tenant a full and specific statement of the basis of retaining any of the deposit and a refund
     of any portion due Tenant. This will be sent to the address as the Tenant directs or, in the absence thereof, to
     the Tenant’s last known address. If the deposit is insufficient to reimburse Landlord for such damages and
     cleaning, the Tenant agrees to pay any deficiency on demand.

4.   Applications and Screening. The Tenant authorizes the Landlord to obtain supplementary credit reports at
     any time and up to two years following the Tenant’s occupany of the Premises at the Landlord’s expense.
     Applicant/Tenants warrants that they have never been convicted of or plead guilty or no contest to a felony
     and/or they have never been convicted of or plead guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor involving sexual
     misconduct, and/or a crime against a child (whether or not resulting in a conviction). Tenant warrants the
     accuracy of all information contained on the residential “Rental Application”. The landlord may terminate this
     agreement and take possession as provided in ORS 105.105 to 105.168.

Tenant Initials: ___                            Tenant Initials: ___                         Landlord Initials: ___

5.   Non Refundable Fee. This lease does not require a non-refundable fee. The security deposit is fully
     refundable to the Tenant that upon the satisfaction of the Landlord and specified in this agreement that the
     move out condition of the premises has been met.

6.   Rent Late Charge. If rent is not received by the 5 day of the month, Tenant agrees to pay a late charge of
     $45 for each day that the rent is delinquent; starting from the fifth day of the month and including the day of
     payment, up to a maximum of 10% of one month’s rent. Notwithstanding the forgoing, the Landlord may
     issue a Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate Immediately after the rental due date without waiting until
     late payment charges begin to accrue. Furthermore, if rent is not paid when due and the Tenant fails for any
     reason to pay rent within 7 days after its due date, the Landlord may terminate this agreement in the manner
     provided in ORS 90.400.

7.   Returned Checks. If, for any reason, a check used by Tenant to pay Landlord is returned without having been
     paid, the Tenant will pay a charge of $50 and must make the payment good by cash, money order, or certified
     check within 24 hours of notification. After the second time the Tenant’s check is returned to the Landlord
     without payment, the Tenant must secure a cashiers check or money order for payment of rent.

8.   Notices. In the event that it becomes necessary for Landlord to serve any notices, including thoses detailed
     below, the Tenant shall be liable for all costs related to notices. The Tenant shall be liable, in addition to any
     late charges, for a minimum charge of $35 for each Three Day Pay Rent or Vacate Notice, Ten Days to Comply
     Notice, or Three Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy (due to non compliance) which is served.

9.   Order of Payment. Payments are posted first to late fees, then to past due fees, then to fees due now, and
     lastly to rent.

10. Utilities. The Tenant shall pay all utilities when due.

     a)   All utilities shall be paid when due. In the event that utilities are not paid, the Landlord may pay utilities
          from the Security Deposit held. The Tenant shall remit the required funds to Landlord.

     b) Tenant shall, at termination, produce evidence of current receipts for all utilities. If no such evidence is
        provided, the Landlord may retain an appropriate amount from the Security Deposit until the Landlord is
        satisfied that utilities have been paid, or the Landlord may pay utilities out of the funds held.

11. Occupancy/Subletting. The Property is rented as a private residence only for the following named persons:
    _____________, and no others. The Tenant shall not assign this Agreement, sublet all or any portion of the

Tenant Initials: ___                             Tenant Initials: ___                           Landlord Initials: ___

    Property, nor give accommodation to any roomers or lodgers without the prior written consent of the

12. Guests. The Tenant agrees to be fully responsible for the safety, actions, and activities of their household
    members and guests. Guests staying longer than 14 days must have written permission to stay from the
    Landlord. Depending on the length of stay, the guests may be required to complete a Rental Application, pass
    the Landlord’s screening process, and sign a Roommate Agreement Addendum and/or Lease Agreement.

13. Multiple Occupany. It is expressly understood that this agreement is between the Landlord and each
    signatory (Tenant) jointly and severally. In the event of default by any one signor, each and every remaining
    signor shall be responsible for timely payment of rent and all other provisions of this agreement.

14. Rules. The Tenant shall comply with all rules as adopted by the Landlord from time to time. Failure to abide
    by the rules will constitute a default under this Agreement.

15. Nuisance. The Tenant will not permit, maintain, or commit nuisance behavior. Nuisance behavior is defined
    as that which disturbs the peace and quiet enjoyment or endangers the health, safety, or well being of
    neighbors, their guests, or invitees. Nuisance behavior includes, but is not limited to: obscene language,
    involvement in illegal drugs, substance abuse, anti-social behavior, illegal gang activity, prostitution, and
    objectionable acts. The Tenant agrees that nuisance behavior is grounds for immediate eviction and/or other
    legal action.

16. Noise. The Tenant and guests shall have regard for the peace, comfort, and enjoyment of their neighbors. All
    noise including TV, stereo, radio, and musical instruments, etc., shall be kept at a volume low enough so that
    no noise whatsoever shall escape from the walls of the Tenant’s dwelling. The Tenant shall not create or
    permit any other nuisance on the Property. Outdoor music that disturbs neighbors is never permitted; this
    includes loud music being played in vehicles on the property.

17. Pets. No Pets allowed.

18. Personal Property. The Tenant acknowledges that insurance carried by Landlord does not in any way benefit
    the Tenant. The Tenant agrees that all personal property kept in or on the Property is at the risk of the
    Tenant. The Tenant is specifically advised of the availability of and is encouraged to obtain insurance for the
    Tenants’ personal property.

Tenant Initials: ___                          Tenant Initials: ___                          Landlord Initials: ___

19. Use of Property. The Tenant shall control the use of the Property as follows:

    a)   The Tenant shall not use the Property for any purpose other than that of a residence and shall not use the
         Property or any part thereof for any illegal purpose. The Tenant agrees to conform to municipal, county,
         state, and federal codes, statutes, ordinances, and regulations concerning the use and occupation of

    b) The Tenant shall properly use and operate electrical, gas heating, plumbing, and other fixtures and
       appliances supplied by Landlord, including prohibition against placing disposable tampons and diapers for
       toilet flushing. Such improper use will result in the Tenant assuming the cost of repair and/or the cost of
       cleaning up.

    c)   The Tenant shall not intentionally or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair, or remove any part of
         the Property, its attachments (also called appurtenances), facilities, equipment, furniture, furnishings and
         appliances, nor permit any member of the Tenant’s family, invitee, or other person acting under their
         control to do so.

    d) The Tenant shall remove any snow or debris from the abutting sidewalks and shall insure the continuing
       safety of the public thereby.

20. Possession. The Tenant shall take possession of the Property on the commencement date indicated in the
    “Lease Term”. In the event the Tenant fails to take possession on the date indicated, the Security Deposit shall
    be forfeited and the Tenant shall be obligated for the rental payments for the remainder of the Lease term, or
    until the Property has been re-rented, whichever is less. In addition, the Tenant agrees to pay a re-rental fee
    equal to one month’s rent. If, through no fault of the Landlord, the Landlord cannot deliver possession of the
    Property to the Tenant on the date indicated in the “Lease Term”, the Landlord shall not be liable to the
    Tenant for damages.

21. Destruction/Condemnation. In the event of destruction of the Property, or the building of which it is apart, or
    damage thereto by fire or any other casualty, the Landlord may, at their opinion, elect to terminate this Lease
    Agreement as of the date of the event. In no case shall the Tenant be entitled to compensation for damages
    on account of loss, annoyance, or inconvenience resulting from such damage, destruction, or its repair.

22. Vehicles. The Tenant hereby grants to the Landlord the undisputed right without liability to remove any
    vehicles from any parking areas which are inoperable (in the Landlord’s opinion), unlicensed, or incorrectly
    parked and/or remain inoperable, unlicensed, or incorrectly parked for ten (10) consecutive days. The Tenant
    further agrees that any vehicle owned by the Tenant remaining on the property, after termination of
    occupancy, may be immediately removed by the Landlord with full immunity from damages for such removal.
    The Tenant shall be charged for the cleanup of any fluids leaking from their own or their guests’ vehicles.

Tenant Initials: ___                           Tenant Initials: ___                          Landlord Initials: ___

23. Termination.

    a)   This is a LEASE as defined in 1 above. The Tenant must vacate the Property and surrender possession on
         the last day of the Lease term, or they will be liable under “b” below. If the Tenant vacates prior to the
         expiration of the Lease term, the entire Security Deposit shall be forfeited and, in addition, the Tenant
         shall be obligated for the rental payments for the remainder of the Lease term, or until the Property has
         been re-rented, whichever is less. In addition, the Tenant agrees to pay any re-rental costs incurred by
         the Landlord including but not limited to utility charges, advertising costs, statutory costs, and a re-lease
         fee as follows: Monthly rent divided by 12 and then multiplied by the months remaining on the lease.

    b) A “HOLDOVER” occurs when the Tenant fails to move out of the property by the date in the Tenant’s
       move out notice or the Landlord’s notice to vacate, or at the end of the lease term, without the prior
       written consent of the Landlord. If the Tenant holds over without the prior written consent of the
       Landlord, the Tenant shall be liable for the holdover rent equal to two times the current rent for property,
       payable daily, or such actual damages as the Landlord is able to prove, including but not limited to rent for
       any new lease agreement entered into by Landlord which is terminated as a result of Tenant’s holdover.
       Holdover rent shall be due and payable in advance on a daily basis and delinquent without notice or

24. Move In/Out. Any damages incurred by the Tenant, guests, movers, or employees shall be paid for by Tenant.
    The Tenants are required to clean up and dispose of all leftover belongings and trash.

25. Abandonment. If the Tenant abandons the Property, the Tenant shall be liable for the rent for thirty (30) days
    or the remainder of the Lease Term, whichever is greater, following the date the Landlord learns of the
    abandonment or the date the next regular rental payment would be due. If the Tenant abandons the
    Property, or the Landlord takes possession by reason of default by the Tenant, the Landlord shall have the
    right to give notice in accordance with ORS 90.425, but not the obligation, to immediately remove from the
    Property all the personal property of the Tenant and may store such property. Notice of storage shall be
    mailed to the last known address of the Tenant. After forty five (45) days from such default in rent and after
    prior notice of sale has been mailed to the last known address of the Tenant, the Landlord may sell the
    property and apply any proceeds and monies due to Landlord, including storage costs. If after one year from
    the sale, Tenant has not claimed the excess; such excess shall be the property of Landlord.

26. Move Out Cleaning. At termination of the tenancy, it is the Tenant’s responsibility to leave the property in
    good, clean, move in condition. This shall include thoroughly cleaning the property including: removing all of
    the Tenant’s personal property and any trash, wash windows, sills and tracks, wash curtain rods and blinds,
    wash light fixtures and replace burned out bulbs, wash all closet shelves and cabinets, vacuum carpets and
    wash floors, clean patios, repair any damages, mow, edge, and rake lawns, clean garage and storage areas,
    clean all appliances, wash tubs, toilets, showers, and clean grouted areas. The Tenant agrees to pay an

Tenant Initials: ___                           Tenant Initials: ___                           Landlord Initials: ___

    administrative fee of $25 for each bill or service charged by the Tenant’s damage. Costs incurred by the
    Landlord for incomplete cleaning will be withdrawn from the security deposit. The Tenant agrees to pay a
    meter reading fee of $35 in the event that Landlord is required to read any water, electric, gas, or other utility
    meter in order to close out the Tenant’s account.

27. Inspection/Re-Lease/Sale. It is agreed that the Landlord and his Agent(s) may enter the Property to inspect it
    or make alterations or repairs at reasonable times and, except in emergencies, will give 24 hours notice to
    Tenant. If Landlord and/or his Agent(s) wish to show the Property to actual or prospective purchasers or
    tenants, one day’s notice of intent to enter shall also be required. Landlord shall have the right to put up a
    “For Rent” and/or “For Sale” sign and install a key box on the property, in order to allow access to the
    property for re-lease or sale purposes 45 days prior to the end of the lease term. Tenant acknowledges that
    Landlord may list the Property on a Multiple Listing Service and accessibility to the property in terms of this
    paragraph shall also apply to members of Multiple Listing Service as Agents of Landlord. Tenant agrees to pay
    a fee of $50 for missing any scheduled appointment at the property with the Landlord or Landlord’s Agent.

28. Maintenance, Alterations, and Improvements. The Tenant acknowledges that the Property is in good order
    and repair, unless otherwise noted on the Inspection Report or advised to the landlord in writing of any defect
    not noted on Inspection Report within three days after taking possession. The Tenant will at all times
    maintain the Property, including any yard and lawn, in a neat and clean condition and upon termination of this
    Agreement will leave the Property in as good condition as it is upon commencement of this Agreement,
    reasonable wear and tear excepted. The Tenant agrees not to make any alterations or improvements to the
    Property without the Landlord’s prior written approval. In the event that any alterations or improvements are
    made to the property by the Tenant during the lease term, then such alterations or improvements shall
    become the property of Landlord and shall remain with and as part of the Property at the end of the tenancy.

29. Repairs. The Tenant shall immediately notify the Landlord in writing of any dangerous conditions associated
    with the Property. The Tenant shall give written notice of the need for repairs on or about the property to the
    address designated by the Landlord. The Tenant is required to report any leaky faucets, running toilets, leaky
    roofs, etc. to the Landlord immediately; otherwise the Tenant will be required to pay for damages caused by
    these problems. The Tenant shall promptly repair at the Tenant’s expense, any broken glass in doors or
    windows. The Tenant acknowledges and agrees that no rent reductions, adjustments, or compensation will be
    due as a result of repairs or interruptions of service except as provided by law.

30. Ventilation. The Tenant shall adequately ventilate the Property to prevent high humidity, which can result in
    condensation, mold and mildew growth on windows, toilet tanks, walls, ceilings, carpets and other surfaces.
    The Tenant understands that “steam” or “sweat” on the windows or toilet tank indicate high humidity and the
    need for additional ventilation (opening windows or using fans). The Tenant is responsible to clean mold or
    mildew and/or pay for any damage resulting from inadequate ventilation.

Tenant Initials: ___                           Tenant Initials: ___                          Landlord Initials: ___

31. Freezing. The Tenant shall protect the plumbing from freezing. At a minimum, the Tenant shall leave the heat
    above 50 degrees inside the dwelling during cold weather conditions. The Tenant shall install faucet covers on
    all outside faucets during cold weather. The Tenant’s failure to ensure that the plumbing does not freeze will
    render them liable for any related repair costs.

32. Plumbing. The Tenant shall relieve stoppage of drains and sewers at the Tenant’s expense unless resulting
    from a condition existing at time the Tenant moved in.

33. Drains/Gutters. The Tenant shall keep all gutters and drains clear at all times. If the Tenant is unable to keep
    gutters and drains clear, then the Tenant shall inform Landlord immediately of any blocked drains or gutters in
    order for the Landlord to arrange the required cleaning at the Tenant’s expense. The Tenant’s failure to notify
    the Landlord of the need for gutter cleaning shall cause the Tenant to be liable for any damage caused by
    blocked or overflowing gutters.

34. Fire and Safety. The Tenant agrees to prevent the risk of fire and fire related injuries. This includes following
    these minimum guidelines:

    a)   No combustible fluids, fireworks, or other materials that could cause a fire, explosion, or health hazard,
         shall be kept or used in or around the property. No fireworks or explosives shall be ignited on the

    b) Maintain smoke detectors by replacing batteries every six (6) months, vacuuming the dust from openings
       regularly, and testing monthly.

    c)   Report smoke detector problems to the Landlord immediately.

    d) Use electrical appliances and tools which have a UL or other recognized testing laboratories label.

    e)   Unplug small appliances when not in use.

    f)   Discontinue use of any item with cracked or frayed electrical cord.

    g)   Minimize the use of extension cords and do not overload outlets; use multi-plug adaptors that have surge

    h) Use light bulbs that are the appropriate size and type for lamps and fixtures.

    i)   Keep electrical cords out from beneath furniture and rugs.

    j)   Never leave cooking, candles, incense, or other burning items unattended.

Tenant Initials: ___                           Tenant Initials: ___                          Landlord Initials: ___

35. Garbage. The Tenant shall contract for refuse collection services for weekly garbage and monthly yard debris
    removal. The Tenant shall properly dispose of all rubbish, garbage, and other organic or flammable waste in a
    clean and sanitary manner at reasonable and regular intervals, and assume all costs for extermination and
    fumigation for infestation of insects and rodents caused by Tenant’s neglect.

36. Lawns, Shrubs, and Leaves. The Tenant is aware that the yard and landscaping form part of the Property
    being leased. The Tenant shall cut and water any lawn, weed all garden and lawn areas, fertilize all lawn
    areas, and water any shrubs, trees, and landscaping, so to maintain the same in as good a condition as they
    presently are at the commencement. Removal of deciduous leaves after their yearly fall is required.

37. Nails/Painting. The Tenant shall not drive any additional nails, pins, and screws into walls, and shall not paint
    any part of the Property, without the prior written consent of the Landlord. In the event that the Tenant is
    granted permission to use picture hanging nails the same are to be removed upon vacating the Property and
    holes are to be filled with spackle matching the color of the walls. Spackle is to be smoothed flush with the
    wall and is not to cover any area other than the nail hole.

38. Water Beds, Pianos, and Heavy Objects. No water beds, aquariums, pianos, organs, libraries, or other
    unusually heavy objects are permitted in the Dwelling without the Landlord’s written permission. As a
    condition to permitting a water bed, the Landlord may require Tenant to provide and pay for water bed

39. Windows and Blinds. The Tenant may not replace the provided window blinds and drapes without prior
    written permission from Landlord. The Tenant must clean the window blinds and interior windows as needed.

40. Screens. The landlord is not obligated to provide window and/or door screens. If there are any presently
    installed, the Landlord has no obligation to maintain or replace them.

41. Commercial Activity. Any commercial purpose without the landlord’s written consent will not be allowed.
    This includes lessons and tutoring, or to have guests for any commercial purpose, and/or conducting any
    ongoing business related activity on the property.

42. Appliances. The Tenant recognizes that all appliances, including refrigerator, washer, and dryer, other than
    built-ins, such as the stove and dishwasher, are for their convenience only. The Tenant therefore agrees to
    maintain those appliances and to make repairs that are necessary and to leave them in the same good

Tenant Initials: ___                           Tenant Initials: ___                          Landlord Initials: ___

    working order upon vacating. The Landlord can determine at their own discretion if replacements are

43. Lock Outs. If the Tenant becomes locked out of the premises and has reasonably tried to contact the Landlord
    without response, the Tenant will be required to secure a private locksmith to regain entry at Tenant’s sole
    expense. If the doors need to be re-keyed, the Tenant will furnish the Landlord with one duplicate key per

44. Keys & Locks. At time of tenancy all outside doors must have working locks. The Landlord will provide Tenant
    with two sets of keys to the premises and one mailbox key. If all keys are not returned to the Landlord upon
    termination of the tenancy, there will be a charge of twenty dollars ($20) for each key. One automatic garage
    door opener will be provided to the Tenant. If the garage door opener is not returned to the Landlord
    following termination of the tenancy, the Tenant will be charged forty dollars ($40) for each opener. The
    Tenant agrees not to change locks on any doors or mailbox without first obtaining Landlord’s written
    permission. Having obtained written permission, the Tenant agrees to pay for changing the locks and to
    provide the Landlord with one duplicate key per lock.

45. Attorney’s Fees. In the event it is necessary for either party to employ an attorney to enforce any terms of
    this Agreement, the Landlord and Tenant agree to pay a reasonable attorney’s fees as provided for by law. In
    the event of a trial, the amount shall be fixed by the Court.

46. Waiver of Subrogation. The Landlord and the Tenant hereby release and waive for the duration of this
    Agreement and any extension or renewal thereof their respective rights of recovery against each other for any
    loss resulting from perils of fire and/or extended coverage as defined in fire insurance policies issued to either
    Landlord or Tenant in effect at the time of the loss. Provided that such waiver and release shall apply only in
    the event such agreement does not prejudice the insurance afforded by such policies.

47. Non-Liability and Indemnification. To the extent permitted by law, the Landlord assumes no liability for injury
    to the Tenants or the Tenants’ guests or invitees. The Tenant agrees to accept the Property in its present
    condition and to save and hold the Landlord harmless from any claims or any damages arising out of or
    resulting from the Landlord’s or the Tenant’s negligence or for any defects in the Property now or hereafter

48. Hold Harmless. The Tenant agrees to protect and save the Landlord and any duly appointed Agents, while
    acting within the scope of their duties as such, as holding the Landlord harmless from and against all claims,
    demands, and causes of action of any kind or character, including the cost of defense thereof, arising in favor

Tenant Initials: ___                           Tenant Initials: ___                          Landlord Initials: ___
                                                                                                                 - 10 -

    of Tenant or third party(s) on account of personal injuries, death, or damage to property arising from the
    willful or negligent acts or omissions of the Tenant(s) and/or its agents, guests, invitees, employees, or
    representatives. The Tenant agrees that they have read the above provision and that any questions regarding
    it were fully explained to their satisfaction by Landlord. Tenant Initials: ___

49. Entire Agreement. This Agreement, together with any written and signed addenda hereto, constitutes the
    entire Agreement between the parties. Any changes or modifications must be in writing and signed by the
    parties. This Agreement shall be binding upon the parties, their heirs, administrators, executors and

50. Severability. If any clause or provision in this agreement is illegal, invalid, or unenforceable under present or
    future laws effective during the term hereof, then it is the intention of the parties hereto that the remainder
    of the Agreement shall not be effected thereby. It is also the intention of the parties to this agreement that in
    lieu of each clause or provision that is illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, that there be added as a part of this
    Agreement, a clause or provision as similar in terms that is legal, valid, and enforceable.

51. Hot Water. The Tenant agrees to ensure that the hot water temperature shall not be adjusted above 120
    degrees at any time.

52. Smoking. Smoking is not permitted on the Property at any time by anyone, including but not limited to, the
    Tenants, guests, or invitees.

    Tenant Initials: ___

53. Fire Safety and Protection. Under the law, it is the Tenant’s responsibility to maintain the smoke detectors as
    specified by the manufacturer, including replacement of batteries as required under ORS 479.275. Tenant
    Initials: ___

54. Tenant’s Extended Absence. The Tenant agrees to notify the Landlord of the Tenant’s anticipated extended
    absence from the premises in excess of 14 days, no later than the first day of the extended absence.

55. Singular/Plural. The words Tenant and Landlord shall include the plural as well as the singular.

56. Time is of the Essence. Time is of the essence in this agreement.

Tenant Initials: ___                           Tenant Initials: ___                          Landlord Initials: ___
                                                                                                     - 11 -

57. Addendum(s):

58. Additional Terms:

59. Funds Required Prior to Occupancy.

         a)     Rent for the Period              ____ to ____        $                   Date

         b)     Prorated Rent for                __6/?/ __ to        $                   Date
                                                 _6/31/ ___

         c)     Security Deposit                                     $                   Date


                Total                                                S

Signed this ____ day of, 2011.

IN WITNESS OF THIS AGREEMENT, the Landlord and Tenant execute this agreement as of the day and year first
above written.


_______________________________ [name of Landlord]

By __________________________________________ [signature]

_________________________[address ]


_____________________________________________ [name of Tenant]

By ___________________________________________[signature]

Tenant Initials: ___                      Tenant Initials: ___                      Landlord Initials: ___
                                                                                  - 12 -

_____________________________________________ [name of Tenant]

By ___________________________________________[signature]


Tenant Initials: ___                   Tenant Initials: ___      Landlord Initials: ___

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