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					Resources for
    Presented by:
    Bob Cramer &
    Callie Leousis
   Vanderbilt Career
         Career Center Resources
   eRecruiting (Career Center homepage)
 (Commodore Career Connection)
   Career Search
   Career Library Resources:
    Great Jobs for Engineers
    Job Bank Books (companies in major cities)
    Job Opportunities in Engineering and Computer Science Guide to Consulting
    How to Make it Big as a Consultant
    Peterson’s Internships 2003 (many postgrad opportunities for
Good general websites
Seek out specific job sites such as,
       Professional Organizations
   Biomedical Engineering Society;
   American Society of Mechanical Engineers;
   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers;
   Aerospace Industries Association;
   American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.;
   Society of Automotive Engineers;
   Society of Manufacturing Engineers;
   Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers;
   Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers;
   Society of Plastics Engineers;
   Association of Management Consulting Firms;
      Tips for the Job Search
 Look outside of just job openings
 Be persistent
 Think of every contact as a lead, even if
  they don’t have any jobs open
 Search professional org. sites and mags for
  advertisers, not just job openings
 Ask people for information and leads
 Talk to everyone about your career plans
      Common Career Paths
 Industry
 Consulting
 Government
 Education
 Non-Technical
   Common Industry Job Titles
Process Engineer, Process Controls Engineer,
Product/Production Engineer, Operations
Engineers, Logistics Engineer, Manufacturing
Engineer, Systems Engineer, Quality Engineer,
Design Engineer, Consulting Engineer, Materials
Management Engineer, Applications Engineer,
Field Engineer, Decision Analyst, Reliability
Engineer, Systems Analyst, Software Applications
Engineer, Development Engineer
        Government Agencies to
NASA, US Army Corp of Engineers, US Navy, Air Force Material
Command, US Patent and Trademark Office, NOAA, Argonne
National Laboratory, The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons
Divisions, CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security
Agency, Centers for Disease Control, DOT, Dept. of Energy, Dept.
of Defense, Dept. of Health and Human Services, Dept. of
Agriculture, Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Interior, Dept. of State,
EPA, FBI, Federal Communications Commission, Housing and
Urban Development, IRS, US Forest Service (listing of intern programs, eScholar program,
and agencies) (Washington Internships for Students of

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