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Lesson Title: Biomes & Endangered Species Report
Subject/Course: 5th Grade Science                     Time:                   Grade:

Ask students: What is a biome? As a class come up with a working definition of a biome. What
are some biomes we have on Earth? Make a list on the board as students name them.
      1. Distribute student handout.
      2. Read over the directions with students.
      3. Divide the students into groups of four, and assign each group a different biome to
      4. Explain the each group will become the biome “experts” and present a report on their
      5. In addition students will report on an endangered species that lives in that particular
         biome and include information such as how it became endangered and what can be done
         to save it from extinction.
      6. Give students the option of presenting their reports in either a written report or as
         Power Point presentation.
    1. Allow time for your students to conduct their research their biomes.
Evaluate: Use the rubric below
Advance Prep:
• Gather information about the world’s biomes
Familiarization with Power Point program

List of Materials:
computers with internet access
Construction paper
Markers, color pencils or crayons
                          Biomes & Endangered Species Report
Goal: Conduct research and report on one of the world’s major biomes as well as an
endangered species that lives there. Your presentation can be in the form of a written
report or a Power Point presentation.

To Do:
   1. Use the internet and other resources to conduct research on your biome and on an
       endangered species that lives in that biome.
           a. The general features and conditions of the biome. Where would you find
               your biome? What are some major abiotic factors that affect life in this
               habitat (rainfall, temperature ranges, soil type)?
           b. At least three types of plant life that is typical of or common in this biome.
               How have these animals adapted to the conditions of the biome?
           c. Information about an endangered species living in the biome. What are
               the common and scientific names of your species? What does it look like
               (size, color, weight)? What does it eat and how does it get its food? Who
               are its natural predators? What is threatening the species? Approximately
               how many such species are left in the world? What contribution does your
               species make to the world? How is your species being helped or protected
               from extinction? In your opinion, what is the best solution to help protect
               your species further?
   2. If you decide to go with a written report, you can choose to present it as a mini-
       book, magazine, or pop-up book. Divide your report into four sections according
       to the information above.
   3. If you decide to go with a Power Point presentation, your presentation should
           a. Title with the name of your biome
           b. Each group’s member
           c. At least one slide for each of the four sections according to the above
           d. Include pictures, graphs, charts and any other information.
                                Biomes & Endangered Species
         Written Report/ Power Point                          Score
Does your report include general
information as well as details about the
biome (Where it can be found, what
factors/conditions of the biome affect life
in this habitat?
Does it list up to 3 types of plants that live
in the biome?
Does it list up to three types of animals that
live in the biome?
Does it explain how these life-forms have
adapted to conditions of the biome?
Does it talk about an endangered species
that lives in this biome?
Does it include relevant information about
the endangered species, such as its name,
what it looks like, what it eats, and how it
gets its food, why it is endangered, and so
Does it discuss how this endangered
species is being protected from extinction?
Does your report include your opinion
about how best to protect this species and
its environment?
Is your report typed neatly?
Are important vocabulary words used and
spelled correctly.

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