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									                                    Diorama Project

Objective: To create a creative and unique diorama of a scientifically accurate biome

    You may choose any biome you like from Chapter 11
    You may use any materials you like to decorate and create your ecosystem as
      long as the items could not spoil or attract ants (food, candy, etc.)
    Please show biotic and abiotic parts of the environment
    Please show producers as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd level consumers
    Keep the size of your box similar to a small shoebox – bigger does not equal
      better for this assignment
    Make sure it is secure enough to be moved, put on a shelf for storage, and be
      transported to school and home again.
    Important: Have fun and be creative (You can add creative elements – just be
      sure to include real / accurate elements as well.)

Writing: On the top or the back of your diorama please type (or very neatly write) a
paragraph describing your biome, where is found in the world and why you choose this
biome. Be sure to include your name and class period clearly and neatly.

Due Date: Thursday, March 18th or before.

Diorama examples:

There are lots of ideas and instructions available on the internet as well

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