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									                            MASI Students Will:
                                                              Anatomy & Physiology 2401/2402
                    1. complete a minimum of 3 Pre-           Chemistry 1411/1412
                                                              Health Science Chemistry I 1407/Health
                       AP/AP courses in the core
                       subject areas of English,               Science Chemistry II 1408
                                                              Physics 1401/1402
                       Mathematics, Science, and
   Studies             Social Studies as 9th and 10th
                                                              Principles of Physical Science I
                                                               1415/Principles of Physical Science II
  Institute         2. complete, as 11th and 12th          
                                                               Technical Physics 1322
                       graders, a core curriculum of:         Engineering Physics 2425/2426
                            Education 1300                   Accounting 2301
                            English 1301/1302                Spanish
                            U.S. History 1301/1302
                            Government 2305               All MASI students will be encouraged to
                            Economics 2301                complete as many additional college hours
                                                           as their course schedule and
                            Speech 1321
                                                           extracurricular activities allows.
                    3. complete the additional 6
                       college hours based on the          10th grade TAKS scores or Accuplacer
Rigorous Classes       student’s future college plans.
                    4. complete the Distinguished
                                                           scores will determine student eligibility to
                                                           enroll in dual credit courses. Accuplacer
(Pre-AP, AP, Dual      Achievement High School             testing is offered on campus in both the fall
                                                           and spring semesters.
     Credit)           Program.

                    The additional academic dual
                                                               Dual Credit & Articulated
                    credit courses available to students           Courses at MHS
 Extracurricular    are:
                                                           Save time and money! Through a
    Activities      
                        British Literature 2322/2323
                        Technical Report Writing 2314
                                                           partnership with EPCC, students
                                                           completing a dual credit or articulated
                       Introductory Mathematics for       course can receive college credit while
                        Business & Social Sciences 1324    earning credit toward high school
                       College Algebra 1314
You Can Have It        Precalculus 2412

                       Calculus 2413                      Certified college instructors approved by
     All!              Biology 1406/1407                  the EPCC academic department teach the
                                                           dual credit courses.
                       Introductory Biology 1408/Human
                        Biology 1409
                                                           Students can also be awarded college
                       Microorganisms & Disease 2420      credit hours at EPCC through the many
                       General Microbiology 2421
 business and career and technology              AP French, AP Spanish, AP                  Freshman Center provides tutoring help and
 courses offered at MHS.                         Macroeconomics, AP Biology, AP             other support services.
                                                 Chemistry, AP Physics B; AP Physics
 Based on tuition and fees resident              C, and AP Calculus AB. UTEP                  10th and 11th Grade Students
 students pay at El Paso Community               awards college credit hours for AP
 College (not including textbooks and other      scores of 3, 4, or 5 in AP Human           Students who enter the program as
 college fees), students completing the          Geography and AP World History.            sophomores will begin the course sequence
 required 30 college hours save a                Each particular college or university      by completing a minimum of 3 Pre-AP/AP
 minimum of $6255!                               identifies the AP courses and AP           courses in the core subject areas of English,
                                                 exam score for which AP exam               Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
 Save on textbook costs too. MHS                 scores will earn college credit.
 provides textbooks for many of the dual                                                    Students who enter the program as juniors
 credit courses offered through the MASI         Students in a dual credit Calculus,        will begin the course sequence with the core
 program.                                        English, Science, and/or Social            curriculum of dual credit courses for which
                                                 Studies course will take the               they qualify.
 All the dual credit courses that make up        corresponding AP exam.
 the 30 hour minimum requirement                                                                           Apply Today!
 transfer between EPCC and any Texas                       Pre-AP Courses
 public college or university.                                                              Any Montwood student who wishes to
                                                   Montwood High School offers Pre-AP       accept the academic challenges provided in
    Advanced Placement Courses                     courses to help students prepare to      the MASI program will be accepted.
                                                   take the AP courses. Pre-AP courses      Complete a MASI application today and get
 Through AP exams, students have the                                                        ready to work! MASI applications can be
                                                   are offered in English, Social
 opportunity to earn credit or advanced                                                     downloaded at
                                                   Studies, Math, Science, and the
 standing at most of the nation’s colleges                                        
                                                   Foreign Languages.
 and universities.

 AP courses allow the student to:                    Extracurricular Activities                   Questions about MASI?
  Get a head start on college-level work.
                                                   Montwood High School offers the          Robert Casao: 937 – 2527;
  Study subjects in greater depth and             full complement of extracurricular
    detail.                                        activities for students to participate
  Improve writing skills.                         in throughout their high school          Patricia Cuevas: 937 – 2406;
  Sharpen problem-solving techniques.             years.                         
  Develop the study habits needed for
                                                                                            Derrick Brown: 937 – 2405;
    doing well in hard classes.                         Freshman Students         
 AP courses are offered in English, Social
                                                 As a freshman, students will belong
 Studies, Math, Science, Art, and the
                                                 to a Freshman Family. The families
 Foreign Languages.                              help students transition into high
                                                 school with ease and confidence.
EPCC and UTEP award college credit hours         Students also learn study skills and
for AP scores of 3, 4, or 5 in AP English III,   organizational strategies. The

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