Principles of Biology 1 - DOC by OLR07A7


									                                      General Biology 1
                                            BIO 112

                                Chapter 25: Tracing Phylogeny


1) Explain the importance of the fossil record to the study of evolution.

2. Describe how fossils form.

3. Distinguish between relative dating and absolute dating.

4. Explain how isotopes can be used in absolute dating.

5. Explain how continental drift may have played a role in macroevolutionary change.

6. Explain how mass extinctions could occur and affect evolution of surviving forms.

7. Explain what is meant by the terminology Molecular Clock and how it is calibrated and
   graphed, as well as how and what it is used for.

8. Distinguish between homologous and analogous structures.

Key Words:

   macroevolution                     geological time scale                 carbon-14
   fossil                             relative dating                       biogeography
   paleontologists                    index fossils                         continental drift
   sedimentary rocks                  absolute dating                       Pangaea
   trace fossils                      radiometric dating                    adaptive radiation
   petrification                      half life                             molecular clocks

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