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									Useful websites for Land Studies Entry Level Teachers

Gardens and Crafts
     It's an American site, but has some nice templates on it. As students have to write
     a 'garden diary' these garden journal pages might brighten things up a bit.

The Woodland Trust
      The Woodland Trust [free trees for schools] - some
      pretty fantastic resources to download too - great for the Trees and Shrubs topic.

BBC Virtual garden
       BBC virtual garden - free download - kids love it. Design your garden in plan view,
       then take a 3D tour!

BBC Gardener’s World
     BBC Gardener’s world: for everything to do with gardening - hints, tips, monthly 'to
     do' jobs, video clips, advice, etc.

Garden Organic
     For Organic gardening, this has lots of advice and information

Biology of plants:
       This site is simple, clear and beautifully designed. Students could access it for

British wild flowers
         Beautiful photographic images of hundreds of wild flowers at http://www.british-

Carry on Gardening
       Make gardening easier [for older, or less able gardeners]

      A science advice website with excellent links pages

Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust
       This has information on flowering plants:

       Amazingly useful free short instructional videos about gardening to download

      Free printable worksheets about minibeasts, hedges, seed dispersal, etc:

Compiled by Deborah Cadman 1
Canterbury Environmental Education Centre
      Identification key for pond animals:

Natural History Museum
      Identification keys:

Kendall Bioresearch Services
      Identification keys - insects:

Doctor Greenfingers
      Jobs to do in the garden this month:

WP clipart
       For Garden tool clipart to brighten your worksheets, see:

Heritage Woods Online
       Links to sites offering compatable content from Science schemes of work:

      Useful information for growing schools:

Gardening Which?
     Printable fact sheets including many on pests and diseases:

Royal Horticultural society
       Campaigning for gardening in schools, with a new school website:

Compiled by Deborah Cadman 2

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