biology introduction by OLR07A7


course introduction                                       instructor - Mr. Mauch
                                                          room – K-4

        Biology is a college preparatory science course with emphasis on lab work. This course is
designed to equip the student with skills and knowledge to help him/her to succeed in college
science courses.Major areas of study include adaptations, , biochemistry, cell biology, genetics,
DNA and protein synthesis, biotechnology, evolution, human physiology, ecosystems, ecology,
and natural history. This course will take an inquiry approach. You will learn by investigation.


NOTEBOOK: You are expected to keep and organize a three ring binder in which you will put
your text booklet, class notes, handouts, homeworks and labs for the entire year. This notebook
will become a very important document. It will be collected at the end of each unit for a grade.
Keeping an organized notebook will be necessary in order to pass this class.
PARTICIPATION: The minimum expectation is that you are here on time with the needed
materials. Beyond that, being an active and positive participant in class activities improves this
part of your grade. Poor behavior,failure to contribute to activities, absences, and tardies reduce
this score.
HOMEWORK: Homework will be assigned for most days. Usually, homework will be kept in your
notebook. It is expected that answers to homework questiuons are written in complete sentences
which are understandable without referring to the book.
LABS: Lab reports will be collected after each lab. Your grade will be based on your written report
and your performance during the lab.
TESTS: Tests will be based on material from lecture, lab, and homework. Questions will be
designed to test your ability to apply concepts discussed to particular problems.
SEMESTER FINAL: The final exam will include material from the entire semester. A major portion
of this exam will test your knowledge of the state science standards covered during the semester.
EXTRA CREDIT: Any extra credit is at my discretion. Opportunities will be occasionally offered. If
you do not take advantage of those opportunities, there will be no others. Extra credit points will
be minimal. Thiose who need to improve their grade should take advantage of extra help

category                        weight
Assignments                     15%
Labs/Projects                   25%
Exams/Quizzes                   25%
Semester Final                  25%
NOTEBOOK/participation          10%
                your overall grade:
                100 -90% ---- A
                89 - 80% ---- B
                79 - 70% ---- C
                69 - 60% ---- D
                below 60% ---- F
Be aware: A score of less than 50% in any one of the above categories will result in an overall
grade no greater than a “D”.

TARDIES: You are expected to be in your seat with your materials when the bell rings. Unexcused
tardies are not acceptable. I do understand that sometimes there are emergencies. For this
reason, you are allowed 7 tardies to be used for unavoidable emergencies. Referrals and parent
                                 rd th     th
contact will be made after the 3 , 6 and 8 tardies (excused or unexcused). Participation grade
drops to ‘0” after eighth tardy.

ABSENCES: It is very important that you attend this class every day. In order to be successful, it
is your responsibility to keep absences to a minimum. Plan appointments, family outings and other
"vacations" out of class time. This class can not be taken "independant study" or “home schooling”
due to the lab nature of the course. Some labs can be made up after school. Others, due to the
nature of the lab, can not be made up. Part of your grade will be a measure of your active
participation in the class. Repeated tardies and absences will lower that portion of your total
          The school policy is that all absences are cleared by a parent by contacting the
attendance office the day of the absence. Absences unexcused within a day will be considered
cuts. Cuts to this class will result in referrals, parent contacts, and loss of participation grade.
          If you are absent on a day it is your responsibility to get any notes, handouts, or
assignments missed during that absence. You will be given appropriate time to make up missed
work. You will be given scheduled days to make up missed tests and labs. Make up times will be
either at lunch or after school on scheduled days only. Since it is impossible to make up all
activities, excessive absences will affect your grade. Makeup assignments and tests will only be
accepted if the absence is excused in the office as mentioned above.
          Athletes or others who will be excused early for a competition must meet with me out of
class time before the competition to arrange make up time. Athletes must turn in assignments
before departing for their event.
          In February and March, there will be a three week long genetics lab. This is a time
sensitive activity. Missing one day can affect a students ability to fully participate in the rest of the
lab. Nearly 1/3 of their grade for the lab will be their attendance and participation each day. There
is no way to do makeups since the chemicals and equipment are here for only three weeks and
each days activity depends upon the previous day.

NEED HELP? Here are four things to consider:

    1. See me for extra help. Monday, Tuesday, or Friday at lunch, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
       or Friday after school (2:45 -4:00), or seminar periods.
    2. Visit my website:
                         You will find helpful resources for study and practice, homework lists.
       Links to other sites.
    3. Evening help: Wednesdays: 4:30-6:30
                         This is meant to be a way for those involved in extra curricular activities
       to get help and make things up. There will be minimal extra credit given to those who
       regularly participate in this in a constructive way.

    4.   Contact me: You can usually find me in room K-4. My extension is 1868.

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