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					Title of Activity: Career Choices          Time Required: 1 class (90 minutes)
Grade Level: 7                             Lesson Designer: Paula Wehner

Curriculum Design: Content Based

Online Resources to be used in the lesson:
Hotlist-(containing 6 websites/some self directed searches) Using the URL box type The title
“Choosing A Career For You” will appear with 6 links we will be using.

Standards: Objective A. Students will use online sites and self-directed sites to
search and access information related to questions generated on careers for the
purpose of having three careers choices to research for the unit end activity.
             Objective B: Analyze online features that contribute to meaning,
such as URL’s, hypertext links, sidebars, drop down menus, home pages, site
maps, and other features characteristic of online texts.

Materials Needed: “Career Choices” Worksheet/assessment, pencil, Hotlist
containing 6 websites, Information Exit Ticket, computer, rubric and answer key.

Introduction: Most people daydream or think about careers they believe they
would enjoy. Today we are going to put that daydream to the test. Take a few
minutes to relax and think about the career you would enjoy. Keep that career in
the back of your mind while we take a journey of career exploration on the
computer through a list of interesting sites. First we need to figure what jobs are
out there? Well, most jobs are organized into career clusters. What is a cluster
you ask? Well, read the “Career Choices” worksheet and lets find out.
We need to log on to our computer and go to the URL box. Type in the following . This is my
Hotlist we will be using during our careers journey. Click on “The Free
Dictionary” and definition for “cluster” will be provided. Please write this
on your worksheet so we can discuss it together. After our initial
discussion please follow all the steps carefully on you worksheet.
These steps will navigate you towards your perfect career! You will take
a personality quiz to see what career would suite you. Then you will
take another quiz on a different site to see if your answer as the same.
We want to make sure we have the best career possible and don’t want
to base our findings on just one test or site. You are ready to continue
on your journey. Follow the self directed search sites and lets see what
jobs are out there and waiting for you! At the end, there will be no need
to daydream, as we will have the perfect job for you. Maybe it will be
the career you are keeping in the back of your mind, or maybe not!
Questions and planning:

What do we know? We know how to follow The Big 6 method as we
research our careers online.
What do we need to know? We need to know what jobs are out
there? What are the qualifications of these jobs? Which job fits my
personality the best? What jobs are hiring?
Who is going to do what? We are going to individually search through
the online sites and take 2 personality quizzes to found out what
interests us. We will discuss our careers with the class and come up
with 3 jobs suited for everyone so we can research these jobs even
more for our unit term paper on careers.
What materials do we need? Miss Wehner’s Hotlist, The “Career
Choices” assessment, pencil, a computer, Exit Ticket of Information,
and rubric.
Outcome: Every student will have 3 top job choices that they are
qualified and interested in doing. These jobs will be researched in more
detail when we are in the media center for our unit project.

Evaluation: Students will turn in the “Career Choices”
worksheet/assessment with completed answers.
The rubric will be the evaluation instrument for the “Career Choices”
An answer key will be used for the Information Exit Ticket.
                                       Career Choices

Now that we have finished “The Big 6” strategies of research we are going to pick
our career to research. First we will decide what career suites our personality.
Follow these steps to finding a career choice.

1. In the URL type
“Choosing A Career For You” will pop up. This web site is called a Hotlist. It is a list
of Internet sites that will help you choose an occupation that fits your personality. It
will be useful for taking notes as well. Now, click on “The Free Dictionary” in purple.
The word “cluster” will appear in the search box. Please write down the definition
on the line -__________________________________________________________________________________

2. Be prepared to discuss this term with the class. ( students will discuss together)

3. After the discussion go back to the Hotlist. You can do this by clicking on the back
arrow at the top of the page. Now click on “Career Clusters”. Read through each of
the career cluster groups. Choose two career clusters that interest you. Example:
Education and Training _____________________________________ _______________________________

4. Return to the Hotlist and click on “Holland Code Quiz”. The quiz will pop up on.
Read the directions and complete the quiz by clicking on the categories that interest
you. At the bottom of the page click “Submit” and your Holland Code will appear.
Write the code here. EX: S A E _______ _____ ______ A list of careers will appear with
the code. List the top three careers suited for you. ____________________________________

_____________________________________________ _________________________________________________

5. To understand what your letters in the Holland Code represents means we need
to go back to the Hotlist and click on the purple site named “The Holland Code
Assessment”. The directions state the Holland Code classifies jobs into job clusters
or personality environments. Read all the work personalities starting with the letter
“R”-Realistic. Once you have read all the job cluster descriptions then go back and
reread your code letters. The first letter is your highest job qualifications. Write
down your top three letters and give a description for each. Follow the example:
Letter Cluster          Description
S      Social           likes to work and communicate with people.
____   ________         _____________________________________________________________________

____    ________        ________________________________________________________________________

_____   ________        ________________________________________________________________________

6. Now compare your Holland Code with the career clusters you chose in #3. Are
they the same or different jobs? Explain your answer. __________________________________

7. Go back to the Hotlist and click on the site called “Choices Explorer” . Find the
“site Id” and click on it, then the color will change. When the color changes click on
“Site Id” again and type in the numbers 0099537. Now, find the word “Password”
and click on the word password and type in the word “Bonnie” then hit return. This
is the home page for Choices Explorer. Now find Quick Quiz in the first column and
click on it. This is another personality quiz but it is much smaller. Click on the
categories that interest you and click “Submit”. A list of fifteen careers will come up.
List the first three careers chosen for you.
_______________________________________ _______________________________ _________________________

8. Compare these careers with the top three from the Holland Code list. Are they
the same jobs? Why are why not? Explain your answer. _______________________________

9. Which site do you feel accurately describes you, The Holland Code Test or The
Choices Explorer test? Explain you answer. ______________________________________________


10. Write down the top three career choices that you would like to research that
best suites your personality. _______________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

11. Now you have three choices to research using The Big 6 method. If your first
choice does not have enough information you can move on to choice 2 or 3.
12. Use the Hotlist for your research project. “Careers Explorer” has in depth
research information to use. Use the search box and type in your career. Click on
“what they do?” for job requirements, “salary” for money earned each year and
“outlook” to see if this career is increasing in jobs each year or decreasing..

13. For more research click on “ U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics” for more
information. This site is located on the Hotlist also.
Sites not on my Hotlist to aid with your research project are:

14. Explain what you have learned about your career interests through searching
the websites.

15. Turn this paper(s) in when you are finished. It will be returned to you graded to
keep in your Big 6 folder. Turn The Informational Exit Ticket to me as you leave the
room. Make sure your heading is on the ticket and double check all answers for

Make sure you have successfully logged off on the computer!
                         Information Exit Ticket

List 6 Internet sites used today   1.
to narrow down your career         2.
choices and aid in your            3.
research. You list the Title of    4.
the Internet site or the URL.      5.
List 3 careers you discovered      1.
today that suite your              2.
personality & can be               3.
researched using The Big 6
List 3 career clusters.            1.

Something I learned today that
is new to me was…

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