Biology 251 � Lab by FIg19vk


									Biology 242 – Lab                      LAB #8                      (8th/19 Lab Sessions for Winter Quarter, 2008)

The eighth lab session of Biology 251 for this Winter Quarter, 2008 is reserved for LAB PRACTICAL EXAM #1.

This first lab practical exam is devoted to testing those concepts covered in our Labs on Endocrinology (gross
and microscopic); Hematology (Blood terminology, blood smear/stain, normal values/ranges for CBC, condi-
tions of increased or decreased values, hematocrit, etc.); Heart (sheep’s heart dissection, human heart structures,
blood flow through the heart) and Fetal Circulation. It will include stations very similar to the Practice Practical
Exams you have had access to in Lab, during open Lab Review times, and during the SI sessions. Additionally,
you have access to Practice Practical Exam #1 questions on this website.

Please refer to the 251 Concept Review Sheet for Lab Practical Exam #1 (cite link here) for a more thematic
summary of topics that are testable.

As is the case for all Lab Practical Exams, each of the stations has 2 – 3 questions about a topic. You will have
2 – 2 ½ minutes per station to answer those questions; then ALL STUDENTS WILL MOVE AT THE SAME
TIME to the next Station in their individual sequence. There is NO RETURNING TO ANY STATION.

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