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									Teaching and Learning Community
       for Pre-Profesionals

    Phil Pepe
    Eddie Ong
Anna Marti-Subirana
   James White
Chemistry labs that can be delivered in
   Biology 181 classes and labs

Lab Title and Current Course     Course Where It Will Be Taught

     The Scientific Method                  BIO 181
          CHM 151

Hydrogen Emission Spectrum and              BIO 181
         Bohr’s Model
         CHM 151 LL
    Spectrophotometric Rate                 BIO 181
      CHM 152LL/154LL
 The Scientific Method

Will Be Delivered as an Additional
     Demonstration in BIO 181
  lab#1(The Scientific Method)
Hydrogen Emission Spectrum
     and Bohr’s Model
   Will Be Delivered in BIO 181 lecture
   sections as exercise for Chapter 2
      (Atoms and Chemical Bonds)
Spectrophotometric Rate
 Will Be Delivered as an Additional
 Problem in BIO 181 lab#3 (Factors
    Affecting Enzyme Function)

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