HARRISBURG AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                              BIOLOGY 121 SYLLABUS
                                   Professor Charles L. Jeffrey

                       SECRET TECHNIQUES
                    OF SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS
1.    Put your name in your notebook. If it is lost, it can be returned to you.

2.    Start studying now.

3.    Use an active approach; don’t just read over your notes.

4.    Cover and say: Read something you want to learn, then put your hand over what
      you just read and try to say what's under your hand. Then look to see if you said
      it right. If not, cover it and try again.

5.    Put your terms one 3 x 5 card with the term on one side and the definition on the
      reverse. Use them like flashcards.

6.    Actively participate in lab; you won’t be evaluated on your lab partner’s

7.    Consider picking a “note buddy” to compare notes after lecture. This will
      also give you a backup if you are absent from class.

8.    Go over your notes again as soon after class as possible; you may have
      scribbled in haste, and you can correct them while the lecture is fresh in your

9.    Recopy your notes into another format: type them, print them, or write them over

10.   Look for additional resources that will supplement the lecture and class material.
      You will find tutorials and links on the A & P webpage.

11.   Consider making an audio recording of the lecture. This will allow you to correct
      your notes, study in your car, and review the material.

12.   Create practice test questions from the lecture material. Rehearse answering

13.   Teach the material to someone else—a family member, a pet, a teddy bear.
      Teaching is a powerful way to learn.

14.   Don’t lend out your notes for any reason; go with your classmate to the copier.
      (A certain lab assistant lost an entire semester of chemistry lab reports this way.)

15.   Don’t feel guilty taking time away from your family to study.

16.   Set a time limit for studying. Do not attempt to cram.

17.   Reward yourself. Give yourself incentive; e.g., “when I finish this chapter, I can
      call my friend on the phone.”

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