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					                      PASTA, ANYONE?

Objective: The learner will construct a usable dichotomous key for various types
of pasta.

Using the bag of pasta provided to you, create a usable dichotomous key.

   1. First you should create a flow chart of characteristics of the various
      types of pasta. Be as specific and detailed as possible in describing the
      types of pasta. Make sure that the terminology you use to describe the
      pasta is understandable to your classmates (or your teacher). The flow
      chart will help you to better organize your dichotomous key.

   2. After creating your flow chart, create a dichotomous key that ANYONE
      could use to determine what types of pasta are present in the bag
      provided. Remember that the statements describing characteristics of
      ANYTHING you are keying out can exist ONLY in pairs (1A and 1B, etc).
      Use the phrase “go to #” until you get to the end of the description of
      that pasta type. At that time, write the name of the pasta type.

   3. After all groups have completed their keys, someone (your teacher or
      another classmate) will try to key out several types of pasta using your
      key. If the group utilizing your key is successful, then your key is useable
      and this is what we are striving for!

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