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                          News & Information from the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham
                                                          APRIL 2007

New Dean
appointed for
Southwell Minster
         Channel Islander, who is     that John has accept-
         currently the                ed my invitation to be
         Archdeacon of                the new Dean of
Winchester and Vice Dean, is to       Southwell Minster
be the new Dean of                    and I know I speak
Nottinghamshire’s historic            with the unanimous
cathedral – Southwell Minster.        support of others who
   The Venerable John Guille has      have helped me in
been appointed as Dean following      this discernment
the retirement of the Very Revd       process. John will
David Leaning last year. John         bring to bear, in his
Guille will follow in the footsteps   new role and office,
of five cathedral provosts who        his considerable
have overseen the mission of the      experience in parish
Minster in the last century.          life, as an Archdeacon
   He said: “I’m very excited         and also as a
about being appointed as Dean of      Residentiary Canon                   bies as gardening, walking and
the historic Minster within the       and I very much look forward to      exploring genealogy and general
Diocese of Southwell &                him being a member of the lead-      family history.
Nottingham where the sense of         ership team in the diocese. I am        He will take up his new post
history and a deep desire for mis-    also confident that The Minster      on Saturday 8th September 2007.
sion is clearly evident. I am look-   community and the wider diocese
ing forward to being part of this     will give John, Susan and the
vibrant community and diocese.”       family the warmest possible wel-       In this month’s issue:
   John Guille (57) has been          come to the Diocese of Southwell
Archdeacon for the past eight         and Nottingham. “                       2   News in brief
years, with responsibility for 193        John is married to Susan, who
churches and more than 80 clergy.     he met while training to staff the      4   Events & Information
He is also a Residentiary Canon       Samaritan’s helpline. They have
at Winchester Cathedral, where he     three grown-up children –
                                                                             5 Prayer Diary
was acting dean for six months.       Elizabeth, who is studying in          9 Training Courses
   The Bishop of Southwell and        Southampton; Rose, who is a
Nottingham, the Rt Revd George        teacher and Peter who is a student    11 What’s On
Cassidy, welcomed his appoint-        at Nottingham Trent University.
ment and said: “I am delighted             John describes his main hob-
                                                                            12 Comings and Goings

Compiled by Nicola Marsh                                            
                                                                                    April 07

Easter Message . . . Easter Message . . . Easter Message . . . Easter M

Breaking the mould . . .
       ersonally speaking,
       reading the Easter
       story was a very
significant part of the jigsaw
in my conversion to Christ.
When I read in John's
Gospel (John 19:26) that
even at the point of death,
Jesus Christ was more
concerned for his mum than
his own dying, I marvelled
at his humanity. When I read
in John 19:30, "It is
finished", I realised he had
completed his mission on
earth, which was to die for
our sins. When I read in
John 20 of the empty tomb
and the resurrection appear-
ances, I realised he has to be
divine to beat death.          face, won the most stunning     worship together. Don't let
                               promotion in the history of     the secular world of 2007
It struck me that Jesus        the world. The great thing      squeeze you into its mould
Christ, who seemed to have about Easter is that the story      and keep you away from
relegation staring him in the didn't end there. The            worship. Easter also
                               christian church continues to   inspires us to WITNESS.

’   Don't let the              rejoice in the events of        Good News, shared by
                               Easter, but over 2,000 years    ordinary Christians, travels
    secular                    later you'll find Christians
                               all over the world, so rather
                                                               fast. I challenge you all to
                                                               share the truth that Jesus
world of 2007                  than the end of the story,
                               Easter was the launching
                                                               Christ, who died for our
                                                               sins, has risen from the
                               pad.                            grave, and is alive and well.
.... keep you
                               Easter inspires us to WOR-
away from                      SHIP. Good Friday and

                               Easter Day particularly are     God Bless
worship                        days when Christians should     +Tony Porter
2                                                                                               April 07

News in brief . . . News in brief . . . News in brief . . . News in brief .
New personal assistant to the                                             100th Birthday
Bishop of Sherwood                                                        celebrations at
                                                                          Bishop's Manor
                                                                          The Bishop of Southwell &
                                                                          Nottingham will be opening up
                                                                          part of his historic home next
                                                                          month as he celebrates the
                                                                          100th anniversary of the build-
                                                                          ing of Bishop's Manor with a
                                                                          week of events.

                                                                          The Bishop, the Rt Revd
                                                                          George Cassidy, is putting the
                                                                          focus on 'hospitality' from 27th
                                                                          April to 3rd May to mark the
                                                                          birthday of the building and will
Jenny Andrews (pictured left) with Christine Marrion (pictured right)     be offering a number of groups
                                                                          the use of a marquee in the

       he Bishop of Sherwood, the Rt Revd Tony Porter, has                ancient walled garden, at the
       appointed Jenny Andrews as his new personal assistant,             back of the house.
       following the retirement of Christine Marrion this month.
                                                                          Although the main part of the
Christine had spent 20 years as the personal assistant to three differ-
                                                                          house is a 20th century man-
ent Bishops of Sherwood and will be retiring to live in Bideford,
                                                                          sion, designed by WD Caroe,
Devon, with her husband Richard. She said: I started on a high and
                                                                          remains of an ancient palace,
I leave on a high - and I can honestly say I've always looked forward
                                                                          dating back to the 1300s can
to coming to work”. She added: “It’s a very interesting job and no
                                                                          still be seen at the rear of the
day is the same, I am sure Jenny will enjoy working with Bishop
                                                                          house. This received many illus-
Tony and I’m so sorry I’ve only spent a year with him”. Christine
                                                                          trious visitors during its time
was a hotel receptionsist for Holiday Inn at Heathrow before moving
                                                                          including King James I and
to Nottinghamshire and taking up her post.
                                                                          King Charles I, who spent his
Bishop Tony said: “Christine has been an invaluable support to me in      last night of freedom in
the first year in this new role. She has done the job with tremendous     Southwell at the Saracen's Head.
enthusiasm, unfailing courtesy and I am enormously grateful for her       The most famous clergyman to
personal support.”                                                        have associations with the
                                                                                      Continued on page 12
Jenny Andrews (30) will move from a post as the Personal Assistant
to the Secretary for Ministries at the United Reformed Church head
office in London. She is also a music graduate who plays woodwind
instruments and the piano.

Bishop Tony said: “Jenny has got the proven record of responsible
administration in Christian ministry and is very enthusiastic in want-
ing to do her job well and I am looking forward to working with her.”

Jenny hopes to get involved in local jazz bands and groups in the
area. She took up the post on 19th March 2007.
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News in brief . . . News in brief . . . News in brief . . . News in brief .
C of E’s first sport ambassador                                           Christian symbols
ready to tackle new post                                                  in public life

         25-year-old rugby                                                Following a debate at Diocesan
         player with a passion                                            Synod on the negativity towards
         for sharing his faith has                                        Christian symbols in public life,
been appointed as the Diocese                                             General Synod representative,
of Southwell & Nottingham’s                                               Colin Slater put a question to the
new Sport Ambassador.                                                     Archbishops at last month's
    Tim Friend, currently working                                         meeting in London.
in Gloucestershire in a youth                                             He asked what lessons could be
sports ministry role for an ecu-                                          learned from the case of the BA
menical church project, will take                                         employee over wearing a cross,
up the new post on 1st January                                            and the failure of the Post Office
2008. He will be the first Sport                                          to issue stamps with Christian
Ambassador for the Church of                                              images. He also asked for advice
England – a brand new post                                                and guidance on the issue.
backed by a special Mission
Fund set up by the diocese.                                               The Archbishop of York, Dr
    The Bishop of Sherwood, the                                           John Sentamu, replied: "The
Rt Revd Tony Porter, who will line manage the new ambassador said:        strength and spread of faith in
“I’m absolutely delighted that Tim is going to take up the appoint-       this country is often underesti-
ment of Sport Ambassador. The reason that his appointment will not        mated and we, as individuals of
start until January 1st 2008 is that he has launched a new project and    faith, must all take responsibility
he wants to make certain that it’s running well when he leaves and        for changing that. We must learn
that he makes time to train a successor. To see such loyalty in a         to be more open and confident in
young man is enormously encouraging and I’m strongly in favour of         our faith, to voice our Christian
the line he is taking. Tim will bring a track record in evangelism and    belief, to grow our churches.
sport and is also someone who has a proven ability to motivate other      When we speak as confidently
Christians in using sport for evangelism.”                                about our faith in Jesus Christ as
    Tim, who is a History graduate from York University, is still an      those few who speak against
active rugby player in the Gloucester premiership league. After grad-     faith, then we might begin not
uating he spent a year in Kenya teaching, coaching pupils in sport        only to grow in our confidence
and leading Christian discipleship groups. As a qualified rugby           but also to change the 'mood
coach, he runs training sessions each week in rugby and also leads        music' against which such public
Christian groups for the same young players on Sunday evenings.           debates take place."
    He said: “I want to do the job because I’ve got a passion for sport
and a passion for Christ. My experience is that so few people have an
understanding of Christ in sport and rugby clubs.”
    He said sport was a great leveller; with 42% of the population
involved in sport regularly, and 87% of young people, he believes it
is important to reach these people with the Christian message.
    Tim is married to Kerstin, who is a Scripture Union Associate
Children’s Worker for the ecumenical charity, PSALMS (Painswick
& Stroud Area Local Ministries), which also employs Tim. He now
works in sports youth ministry for the joint church project called
PSALMS in Gloucestershire, where he works with sport clubs,
churches and schools. He has also started ‘breakfast with God’ ses-
sions with young players before training on a Sunday morning.             Colin Slater
 4                                                                                              April 2007

Events & Information . . . Events & Information . . . Events & informa
Seed Scattering                                                           Keeping records
at Southwell                                                              of electoral rolls
Minster                                                                   An early warning on keeping

                                                                          electoral roll records. Legal
        ishop Tony has laid down
                                                                          changes are likely to come into
        a challenge to churches
                                                                          force shortly with regard to mar-
        across the diocese and is
                                                                          riage law and the keeping of
encouraging as many people as
                                                                          electoral rolls. In essence it is
possible to join in the Seed
                                                                          likely that the Church
Scattering event at Southwell
                                                                          Representation Rules will be
Minster on Sunday 13th May at
                                                                          amended such that from hereon
                                                                          electoral roll records will need
   He explained: "The purpose of Seed Scattering is to encourage
                                                                          to be kept for 12 years within
every parish in the diocese to initiate one new project in 2007 which
                                                                          parish record systems. This is
reaches beyond the current membership of the church. Ideas emerg-
                                                                          because couples will have the
ing from deanery evenings so far include, 'Back to Church Sunday',
                                                                          right to marry in a parish church
Father's Day Special ('Daddy Cool'), Deanery Youth Service (organ-
                                                                          if one of them has been on the
ised and led by under 25's) and Local Schools' Sunday."
                                                                          electoral roll of that church at
   The hope is that churches will begin to plan for one main event
                                                                          any time in the previous 12
next year which is appropriate and manageable and will enable
churches to reach out to people in their communities. Seed Scattering
will be both a celebration of these kind of projects and an encourage-    Can I therefore recommend that
ment to churches to follow-suit and find a simple project that is right   all incumbents and Priests in
for their situation.                                                      Charge in co-operation with
   Bishop Tony said: "People in the pew often feel that they're main-     their churchwardens begin to
ly reactive rather than proactive, particularly in areas of mission and   make arrangements to ensure
evangelism and my experience is that where lay people are given per-      that a copy of each annual
mission to have initiatives they come up with creative ideas."            revised electoral roll is deposited
   The special service will include contributions from a range of peo-    in the church safe at the time of
ple sharing their stories, with music from Mansfield-based choir 'The     the annual church meeting
Singers'. For further details contact Jenny Andrews tel 01636             beginning this year 2007.
                                                                          Peter Hill
                                ‘Seeing is Believing?’                    Diocesan Chief Executive
                               31st March -14th April - The
                               Exhibition: St Giles Church in West        Clergy Handbook
                               Bridgford. 'Seeing is Believing?'          The new Clergy Handbook is
                               Open: weekdays 12noon-7pm, week-           available for all Stipendiary &
                               ends: 12noon-5pm. Afternoon work-                 SSM clergy for
                               shops will be held on 2nd-4th April,              collection from:
                               tutored by professionals, on comedy,       Dunham House, 8 Westgate,
                               creative writing, edible sculpture, easy    Southwell, Notts NG25 0JL
                               trompe l'oeil, life drawing, art tech-
                               niques, and other strange and rather       Please collect by 27th April or
                               enjoyable pursuits. £10, (£3 for under      at Diocesan Synod on 21st
                               11's). Further details:                      April to reduce on postage
                      or ring Jennifer         costs. Also available online
                               Bell 0115 9812547.                
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                      Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham

                    Monthly Prayer Diary
                                          Compiled for Niftynotes

In May we pray for . . .
May 01 Tues    Kirkby-in-Ashfield, St Thomas (Michael Evans)
               North Carolina - (Province IV, USA) The Rt Revd Michael Curry

May 02 Wed     Kirkby-in-Ashfield, St Wilfrid (Wendy Patchell)
               North Central Philippines - (Philippines) The Rt Revd Joel Pachao

May 03 Thu     Bassetlaw Hospital & Community Services H N S Trust (Clive Smith, Jackie
               North Dakota - (Province VI, USA) The Rt Revd Michael Smith

May 04 Fri     Kirkby Woodhouse, St John the Evangelist (Vacant: Area Dean: Richard
               Kellett; Lay Chair: Richard Walker; Churchwarden: Terry Summers)
               North East India - (North India) The Rt Revd Purely Lyngdoh

May 05 Sat     Linby, St Michael; Papplewick, St James; Linby cum Papplewick Church School
               (Keith Turner)
               North Eastern Caribbean & Aruba - (West Indies) The Rt Revd Leroy Brooks

May 06 Sun     The Chancellor of the Diocese (Linda Box)
               North Kerala - (South India) The Rt Revd Dr George Isaac
               The Church of Sweden: Diocese of Visby: Bishop Lennart Koskinen

May 07 Mon     Ravenshead, St Peter; Ravenshead Church School (Chris Rattenberry)
               North Kigezi - (Uganda) The Rt Revd Edward Muhima

May 08 Tue     Selston, St Helen; Selston Church School; Westwood, St Mary (Fiona Shouler)
               North Mbale - (Uganda) Vacant

May 09 Wed     Skegby, St Andrew; St Andrew's Church School; Stanton Hill, All Saints;
               Teversal, St Katherine (Richard Kellett, Sam Tredwell)
               North Queensland - (Queensland, Australia) The Rt Revd John Noble

May 10 Thu     All the staff at the Minster Office
               North West Australia - (Western Australia, Australia) The Rt Revd David Mulready
 6                                                                                    April 07

In May we pray for . . .
May 11 Fri   Sutton-in-Ashfield, St Mary Magdalene; St Mary's Church School (Vacant: Area
             Dean: Richard Kellett; Lay Chair: Richard Walker; Clergy: Claire Dawson;
             Churchwardens: John Simpson, Christine Ansell)
             Northern Argentina - (South America) The Rt Revd Humberto Axt

May 12 Sat   Sutton-in-Ashfield, New Cross Community Church (Tim Mitchell)
             Northern California - (Province VIII, USA) The Rt Revd Jerry Lamb

May 13 Sun   Rogation Sunday - we pray for farming communities
             Northern Indiana - (Province V, USA) The Rt Revd Edward Littl
             The Church of Norway: Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland (Tromsø): Bishop Per-Oskar

May 14 Mon   Retford Deanery (Area Dean: Tony Walker; Lay Chair: Jill Woodsford)
             Northern Luzon - (Philippines) The Rt Revd Renato Abibico

May 15 Tue   Babworth, All Saints; Scofton, St John; Sutton-cum-Lound, St Bartholomew;
             Sutton-cum-Lound Church School (Vacant: Area Dean: Tony Walker, Lay
             Chair: Jill Woodsford; Churchwardens: John Gleaden, Mike Board, Roger
             Moat, Joan Richardson)
             Northern Malawi - (Central Africa) The Rt Revd Christopher Boyle

May 16 Wed   Clarborough, St John the Baptist; Hayton, St Peter (Mark Cantrill)
             Northern Mexico - (Mexico) The Rt Revd Marcelino Rivera-Delgado

May 17 Thu   Rampton Hospital Retford (Charles Thody)
             Northern Michigan - (Province V, USA) The Rt Revd James Kelsey

May 18 Fri   Bole, St Martin; North Wheatley, St Peter & St Paul; North Wheatley Church
             School; Sturton-le-Steeple, St Peter & St Paul Peter; Sturton-le-Steeple Church
             School (Mark Cantrill)
             Northern Philippines - (Philippines) The Rt Revd Edward Malecdan

May 19 Sat   Darlton, St Giles; Dunham-on-Trent, St Oswald; Dunham-on-Trent Church
             School; East Drayton, St Peter (Vacant: Area Dean: Tony Walker, Lay Chair:
             Jill Woodsford; Churchwardens: Mavis Gallery, Muriel Ogle, Joan Jones)
             Northern Territory, The - (Queensland, Australia)

May 20 Sun   Retired Clergy (Garth Norman, Chaplain to the Retired Clergy and Widows'
             Anglican Communion Sunday

May 21 Mon   Askham, St Nicholas; East Markham, St John the Baptist;Grove, St Helen;
             Headon-cum-Upton, St Peter (Vacant: Area Dean: Tony Walker, Lay Chair: Jill
             Woodsford; Churchwardens: David Bird, Martyn Hunter-Wyatt, Judy Banks,
             Marjorie Brailsford)
             Northern Uganda - (Uganda) The Rt Revd Nelson Onono-Onweng
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In May we pray for . . .
May 22 Tue     Bothamsall, Our Lady & St Peter, Elkesley, St Giles; Eaton, All Saints;
               Gamston, St Peter; Gamston Church School; West Drayton, St Paul (Clive
               Northern Zambia - (Central Africa) The Rt Revd Albert Chama

May 23 Wed     North Leverton, St Martin; North Leverton Church School; South Leverton, All
               Saints; Laneham, St Peter; Rampton, All Saints; Stokeham, St Peter; Treswell,
               St John the Baptist (Felicity Ferriter)
               Northwest Texas - (Province VII, USA) The Rt Revd Wallis Ohl

May 24 Thu     Ordsall, All Hallows (Paul Bagshaw)
               Northwestern Pennsylvania - (Province III, USA) The Rt Revd Robert Rowley

May 25 Fri     East Retford, St Swithun; St Swithun's Church School; Retford, St Saviour;
               West Retford, St Michael the Archangel (Tony Walker, Mark Stafford, Juliet
               Norwich - (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Graham James

May 26 Sat     Worksop Deanery (Area Dean: Sarah Clark; Lay Chair: Peter Stanley)
               Pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury and Churches in Communion with the See
               of Canterbury

May 27 Sun     St John's College, Bramcote (Principal: Christina Baxter)
               Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island - (Canada, Canada) The Rt Revd Frederick
               The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland: Diocese of Iceland: Bishops Karl
               Sigurbjörnsson, Sigurdur Sigurdarson (Bishopof Skaholt), Jón Baldvinsson (Bishop
               of Hólar)

May 28 Mon     Carlton-in-Lindrick, St John the Evangelist; Langold; St Luke; Oldcotes, St
               Mark (Sarah Clark, Robert Hinsley)
               Nsukka - (Province of the Niger, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Jonah Ilonuba

May 29 Tue     Edwinstowe, St Mary; St Mary's Church School; Perlethorpe, St John the
               Evangelist (Alistair Littlewood)
               Nyahururu - (Kenya) The Rt Revd Charles Gaita

May 30 Wed     Holbeck, St Winifred; Norton Cuckney, St Mary; Norton Cuckney Church
               School (Simon Cash, Brian Little)
               Offa - (Province of Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Gabriel Akinbiyi

May 31 Thu     Boughton, St Matthew; Ollerton, St Giles; Ollerton, St Paulinus (Richard
               Kirton, Mick Mulvaney)
               Ogbomoso - (Province of Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Matthew Osunade
8                                                                                                   April 07

                 Natal News & Information
                                                 Compiled for Niftynotes

Sibambene: Standing Together
        pril in Natal is autumn,    The Revd Dr Nkosinathi               (Springvale), John Hornby,
        with less heat and          Ndwandwe, Canon Missioner            Sue Taylor (Umhlali), Lin
        humidity, so much more      and Rector of Umlazi, the newly      Villiers (Newcastle), all priests.
comfortable after the steamy        elected Suffragan Bishop, to         As deacon: Sr Thandi Ntuli
months of their summer. It is       serve in the Coastal Area espe-      (Phoenix), Thabani Nzuza
also Holy Week and Easter           cially. He will be consecrated at    (Wentworth), Peta May
across the world, with holy days    Kimberley on 1st May.                (Woodlands), Beryl Florens
and holiday attractions clashing,   Remember him and his wife,           (Bellair), Nathan Sigamoney
and additional services to          Zanele, as they move and he pre-     (Chatsworth) and Christopher
remember and celebrate Jesus,       pares for his new role.              Majola (Magabheni).
crucified and risen, amidst a
multi-cultural country with huge    Bishop Funginkosi Mbele, who
contrasts between rich and poor-    has been on sabbatical and
er and the impact not just of       returns to work on 1st April. He
HIV/AIDS, but also the high         has moved to Estcourt, north of
number of deaths on the road.       Pietermaritzburg, to be nearer his
Almost every one knows some-        wife, Matrina, who is a teacher.
one who has suffered in these
                                    Bishop Tony, who is currently
                                    forming the team to visit Natal in
Please remember especially in       November. This will have a bal-
prayer:                             ance of youth, age, gender,
                                    lay/ordained, and skills. They
All who suffer, that the message
                                    will be visiting 3 different areas
of Christ, crucified and risen,
                                    of the Diocese of Natal as well
may give strength and hope in
                                    as staying initially in Durban.
their struggles.
                                    The purpose is to strengthen the
                                    Link, share friendship and faith,
                                    extend understanding, along with     The uMngeni Aids Centre
                                    exposure to the differences and      (Sibambene: Standing Together)
                                    similarities that can be so stimu-   pioneered and developed in the
                                    lating and enriching.                Howick area by Dan le Cordeur,
                                                                         an Anglican priest, together
                                    Bluecoat Nottingham is explor-       with other related community
                                    ing a link with a school in Natal    reconciliation ventures he has
                                    with a view to visiting in July.     initiated.
                                    David Keetley, now youth work-
                                    er at Bluecoat, is co-ordinating     For further information about
                                    this.                                the Diocesan Companion Link:
                                                                         contact Canon Graham Pigott:
                                    Those newly ordained:                tel. 0115 923 3492; email:
                                    as priests: Thulani Goge   
                                    (Umhlali), Zethu Shange
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Training . . . Training . . . Training . . . Training . . . Training . . . Traini
                                                Myers Briggs Practitioners, Nottingham
       CME                           UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF AND OTHERS
    Programme                                     Appreciating Personality Differences
                                               using the MYERS BRIGGS Type Indicator
     April 2007
                                          WORKSHOPS for 2007
18 Developing Children's            Myers Briggs BASICS -appreciating our type and others' types
Spirituality                                 with effects on work and life relationships.
Led by Jane Lewis and Anne                                    Choice of
Lumb                                      Wednesday 25 April at St Leonard's Hall, Wollaton
10-3pm BYOL                            Thursday 15 Nov at Harrison's Cottage upstairs, Risley**
Burton Joyce Church Rooms             'DYNAMICS AND SHADOW' Follow on Workshop - team-
                                       working, conflict, stress, personal growth, 'not ourselves'…
                                         Thursday 24 May at Harrison's Cottage upstairs, Risley**
20 Being a welcoming                                        (**close to Jctn 25 of M1)
Church                                                All Workshops 9.30am-4pm
£50                                               Cost £48 per day, £90 for the 2 days.
Time: 10am-4pm                           Occasional Bursary available for those on limited income
Church House, Leicester             Bookings/enquiries to Michael Allen, 8 Grenville Rise, Arnold,
(lunch included)                                          Nottm NG5 8EW
                                            0115 9679515, email:

23-27 Skills Training for          Nottingham Arimathea Trust
Mediation and Facilitation in      Volunteer Training Days
the Church
                                   The trust relies on the help of volunteers to come alongside those
Led by Alistair McKay and
                                   seeking asylum. Volunteers can offer practical skills, befriend those
Colin Patterson
                                   seeking asylum and also mentor asylum seekers accompanying them
One or two places available - to
                                   through their case progression. If you want to volunteer, or find out
book please contact Nigel
                                   more about getting involved and the issues asylum seekers face,
                                   please come to one of our training days (each day is the same).
                                             Friday April 13th April (crèche available)
28 Working Well Together                         Saturday 14th April (no crèche)
                                                        The Vine Community Centre,
2007                                            Bobbers Mill Road, Hyson Green NG7 5HZ
10-4pm                                            10am - 3.15pm (Lunch will be provided)
Venue tba
                                            Introduction to Nottingham Arimathea Trust
                                            Who are Asylum Seekers?
Contact:                                    Listening to Asylum Seekers
                                            Legal Frameworks
Catriona Gundlach                           How can I help?
01636 817232,                      The sessions will be resourced by Refugee Action, Refugee Forum
email:                             and the Nottingham Arimathea Trust. A voluntary donation of £5,
                                   from those who are waged, would be appreciated. Booking is essen-
catriona@southwell.                tial as places are limited. Please book your place by contacting                       Marguerite or Karen, St. Stephen's Church Office, The Vine Tel:
                                   0115 970 1855 or email:
10                                                                                             April 07

              W h a t ’ s On                                                        in April
 Items to be included in What’s On for both Nifty Notes & C Magazine should be sent to
                     Nicola Marsh at
 10 &     A pilgrimage through the Christian Seasons: Easter - 9.30am-12 noon at Sacrista Prebend.
  12      Leader: Canon Angela Ashwin. Please book in advance 01636 816833, email: mail@sacrista-
 Cost £10 including refreshments.
 14,      Coddington Past and Present - a Village in Colour. 14th at 10.30am-4.30pm, 15th 11am-
15, 16    5.30pm with songs of praise at 6pm and 16th 2-4pm. All Saints Church, Coddington.
          Further details: 01636 704313.
     17   Quiet Day: 'On the Seashore: A Quiet Day for the season of Easter - 10am-4pm at Sacrista
          Prebend. Leader:The Revd Vincent Price. Please book in advance 01636 816833, email:
 Cost £10 including refreshments.
     28   Friends of Holy Trinity, Rolleston are holding a Craft Fair open to the public from 11am-4pm.
          Funds raised will be put toward the toilet project which seeks to provide toilets for the
     30   Christian Education in Nottingham Schools (CENS) is putting on a training event at Christ
          Church, College Road, Chilwell, starting at 7.30pm. Margaret Cooling, author and trainer,
          will be providing a step by step guide to taking school assemblies. The event is free and open
          to all. Further details: Graham Woodward 0115 840 1627, email grahamwoodward@wait-
 (booking is not essential, but would be welcome by 23rd April, if possible.)

                   Easter Services at Southwell Minster
Thursday 5 April - MAUNDY THURSDAY                  Sunday 8 April - EASTER DAY
7.30am Holy Communion                               6am       THE EASTER LITURGY
8am        Morning Prayer                           7.30am Morning Prayer and the Litany
9.45am Holy Communion                               8am       Holy Communion
11am       BLESSING OF OILS & SUNG                  9.30am BLESSING OF THE EASTER
           EUCHARIST                                          GARDEN & FAMILY
5.45pm Evensong                                               EUCHARIST
8pm        SUNG EUCHARIST, Washing                  11am      SUNG EUCHARIST
           of the Feet and Watch until              3.15pm Festal Evensong & Procession
           Midnight                                           to the Font
Friday 6 April - GOOD FRIDAY
8am        Morning Prayer
9.30am Stations of the Cross
10.30am LITURGY of the Day
           (The Revd Canon Professor
           Anthony Thiselton)
5.45pm Evensong
8.30pm Arvo Pärt - Passion
Saturday 7 April - EASTER EVE
9am        Morning Prayer
5.45pm Evensong
  Niftynotes                                                                                            11

May . . . May . . . May . . . May . . . May . . . May . . . May . . . Ma
  12       Quiet Day: 'Love was His meaning (Julian of Norwich)' - 10am-4pm at Sacrista Prebend.
           Leader: Sister Rosemary CHN. Please book in advance 01636 816833, email: mail@sacrista-
  Cost £10 including refreshments.
  13       Seed Scattering Celebration Service, Southwell Minster, 6pm. Music by The Singers.            .
           Further details: Jenny Andrews 01636 819133.
  14       Annual Rogation Procession at Gringley-on-the-Hill at 7pm. The Procession will start from
           the Church and will be followed by a Shepherd's Pie supper, with tea and coffee. (Please pre-
           book meals, for which a small charge will be made on the night, by calling 01777 816003 by
           11th May)
  19       Nottingham Harmonic Society - various items including Bernstein Chichester Psalms and
           Britten A Ceremony of Carols - Southwell Minster. Tickets are available from the Royal
           Centre Box Office on 0115 989 5555. Details: Sarah May Brice 07743 325888, email: sarah-
  24       Quiet Day: 'Wait there for the Promise of the Father' - 10am-4pm at Sacrista Prebend.
           Leader: The Revd Sarah Clark. Please book in advance 01636 816833, email: mail@sacrista-
  Cost £10 including refreshments.
  24       Healing Service - Evening Prayer. The Revd Martyn Alvey. 7.30pm, The Quire, Southwell
25-28      An exhibition of wedding dresses and christening gowns in St. Mary's, Attenborough. "A
           Century of dresses and gowns" with flowers. Fri 10.30am-5.30pm, Sat 10.30m-6.30pm, Sun
           12noon-6pm, Mon 10.30am-6.30pm.

     Bishop George’s Lent Appeal                                                            Family
Don’t forget to make your response to the Bishop                                           Offering
of Southwell & Nottingham’s Lent Appeal in aid of                                           Service
               The Arimathea Trust.
   For details see
                                                                               17 June, 5pm
Church-linked Community Centre Manager                                       Southwell Minster
The Vine Community Centre is seeking to appoint a Centre Manager
                  to lead a warm and open team.                             Led by Joyce Atkins
 Hours 4 days (30hours) per week. Salary £26,000 - £28,000 FT per          Speaker: Ben Selby on
                    annum pro rata for 30 hours                          'Crossing the Generations'

         Closing date for applications 13th April 2007
                Interview date 23rd April 2007                              The gift will go towards
                                                                             Family Care's work of
             Full details and application form from:                     Adoption, Emotional support
                  Nick Pelling, Centre Manager                           of children & Family support.
        0115 9249700, e-mail,
  The Vine community Centre, Bobbers Mill Road, Hyson Green,
                     Nottingham NG7 5GZ                                   Light refreshments served
                                                                          after the service in Trebeck
                        Supported by NDC                                              Hall.

   Please note that the deadline for the May issue of Nifty Notes is 12th April 2007
 12                                                                                                April 07

Comings & Goings . . . Comings & Goings . . . Comings & Goings . . .
The Very Revd David Leaning, formerly Dean of Southwell, has also ceased to be Priest in Charge of
Edingley and Halam.
The Reverend Peter Wenham, Associate Minister SSM Nottingham West, Diocese of Southwell &
Nottingham to be Priest-in-Charge, Half Time, House for Duty SSM Edwalton Holy Rood. The Licensing
by the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham and Installation by the Archdeacon of Nottingham will take
place on Wednesday 9 May 2007 at 7pm at Edwalton Holy Rood.
The Reverend William (Bill) Craft, Vicar Stapleford St Helen, Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham, to
be also Area Dean of Beeston for one year from 4 March, 2007.
The Reverend Mike Skidmore, Priest in Charge of Willoughby on the Wolds with Wysall and
Widmerpool, Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham, to be Associate Priest to the Cluster of St Paul's
Carlton, St James Porchester and St Mark's Woodthorpe with effect from mid April 2007. Licensing
details to follow at a later date.
The Reverend David Wilde, Rector of Kimberley Holy Trinity, Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham to
resign the post on his retirement on 8 May 2007.
The Reverend Mark Adams, presently Associate Minister of St Mary's Bletchley, Oxford Diocese, is to
be Priest in Charge of St John's Mansfield, Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham. The Licensing by the
Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham and Installation by the Archdeacon of Newark will take place at 3pm
on Sunday 10 June 2007 in St John's Mansfield. The appointment is subject to confirmation of the formal
Clearance Procedures.

Continued from page 2                                                     Auction of
palace was the all-powerful Cardinal Wolsey, who retired to the
palace in 1530 before moving north to York.
Today the building is more than a private residence, as well as incor-    Bidders at an illustrious Auction
porating the offices for the Bishop, part of it has also been converted   of Promises next month will see
into a number of self-contained private flats.                            items go under the hammer of
Some of the events taking place at the end of April will include:         former Christie's auctioneer,
                                                                          Charlie Leggatt, now Southwell
      An auction of promises to raise funds for Southwell Minster         Minster's Director of fund rais-
      Choir on Friday 27th April from 6pm                                 ing.
      A Children's mega party on Sunday 29th April from 3-5pm             The special auction on Friday
      organized by Children's Adviser and author Nick Harding
                                                                          27th April, in the historic
      Various other evening and afternoon events will also be running,    walled garden of Bishop's
      culminating in a celebration for sisters from the Community         Manor, aims to raise funds for
      of Holy Cross in Rempstone, marking their 150 anniversary           the Minster Choir.
      on Thursday 3rd May.
                                                                          Free entry & catalogue - Bar
      Historic tours of the Minster running during this week, will also   from 6.30pm with auction from
      be able to incorporate the fascinating features of the ruined       7.30-9.30pm. Guests should use
      Archbishop's palace with its four-seater toilet!                    entrance through Great Hall via
For further details on the Auction of Promises please contact Charlie     Minster churchyard.
Leggatt tel 01636 817286 or email:
                                                                          Further details available from:
   Does any church have any copies of Mission Praise                      Charlie Leggatt
   music editions which they have finished with please?                    tel 01636 817286 or email:
       Please contact: Sheila Christophers , email:                       charles@southwellminster.

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