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									                               TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIP
                                      POSITION POSTING
                                        - FALL TERM -
                                      McGILL UNIVERSITY
                       ** McGill University is Committed to Equity in Employment **

Date of Posting: April 30, 2012                       Hiring Unit & Address: Psychology
                                                      Stewart Biology Bldg., Room W8/33A

Application Deadline Date: May 29, 2012

Course Title: Psychology of Pain

Course Number: PSYC 302 (Fall term)

Instructor: Prof. Jeffrey Mogil

Hours of Work: (per term) 180                         Number of TA positions available (estimate):
                                                      TA: _2__ or Grader: ___

Date of Appointment                                   Salary

Starting: Sept 1, 2012                                Hourly rate: $25.74

Ending: December 31, 2012                           Per Term: $4633
Required Duties: Select (x) the ones appropriate for your course; add others that you require-

- _x___ Attends lectures
- _x___ Schedules office hours and responds to student emails
- ____ Organizes and leads conferences 2-4 hours/week
- __x__ Grades midterm __x__ Grades assignments/term papers _x___ Grades final exams
- __x__ Invigilates midterm exam/final exam

Other duties: ______________________________________________________________________

Qualifications Required:
Must have completed or be taking Psychology 660. Other: _Must be familiar with pain biology.___

Language requirements (if relevant): English

Name and Title of Course Supervisor: Prof. Jeffrey Mogil

Dept. Authorization:                                  Date:

NOTE: All applicants must apply in writing, using the application form provided, to the appropriate Hiring
Unit within ten (10) working days from the close of the posting.
NOTE: Announcements are considered tentative, pending final determination of course offerings and

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