Coloring Book - DOC by qO4RDQ31


									Coloring Book
Prepare delicious meals in the Culinary Arts Program.
Learn how to design buildings in Architectural Drafting
Learn about disease and how to help people get healthy in
                 the Nursing Program
Learn how to fix engines on heavy machines in the
             Caterpillar Program.
Pick a subject you love and help others learn.
  Horticulture/Landscape Design
Learn how to grow and care for plants.
Baja West competition: Engineering and Mechanical Technology
          students build their own cars and race them!
Learn how to read music, play an instrument and/or join the
             choir in the Fine Arts Program.
Police Academy
Study Agriculture and Animal Sciences
        Sign Language

Learn to speak another language.
                   Fire Science
Learn about fire safety and how to extinguish fires.
Science Programs- take courses in Biology, Electron
 Microscopy, Organic Chemistry, Zoology and more!
Take the botanical walk through campus and see over 20,000
             different kinds of trees and plants.

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