Cell cycle mitosis review by zujt6g


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                               Review: Cell Cycle & mitosis
                                       Chapter 8

Complete the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

   1.  Compare and contrast asexual and sexual reproduction.
   2.  Describe the process of binary fission.
   3.  . Compare and contrast: chromatin, chromosomes, chromatids, sister chromatids?
   4.  Draw a diagram of the cell cycle
           a. Label each part
           b. Can you describe what is taking place at each phase?
   5. Specifically describe the mitotic phase. (PMAT) or (PPMAT)
   6. How is cytokinesis different in animal and plant cells?
   7. What are centrioles? What is their function?
   8. What is the function of polar/spindle fibers and Kinetochore fibers?
   9. What is the purpose of the centromeres?
   10. How is replication a part of the cell cycle?
   11. Compare germ cells and somatic cells (n and 2n notation).
   12. What are daughter cells?
   13. How is cell division controlled? (anchorage dependence, density-dependence inhibition, and
       growth factors)
   14. How does a cell use a control system? Describe the check points.
   15. What do we know about the disease of the cell cycle (cancer)?

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