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Linda Williams

Ethical Thinking in the Liberal Arts Phi-305

April 21, 2012

Professor Victor Reppert

Stem-Cell Research Assignment

       Stem-cell research has become a hot topic and a moral and philosophical ethical political

and cultural issue that has divided so many people. If you are a supporter of stem cell research

you are acting and counting on federal funding, scientific researches to go forward and allow for

embryonic stem cell research. At the time in 2001 President George Bush was not going to fund

stem cell research and further than what was already being funded. So many people was against

him doing so and it divided the congress and Americans who so badly wanted to see this program

be expanded but the President kept the policy that existed in place in 2001. The discussion was

that if stem cell research was not funded and further many Americans who so badly needed a

cure for various diseases and disorders would not be cured and that if funding were to be left up

to the states and private investors would create non- uniform research standards and scientific

results says the supporters of stem cell research.

   The opposes of funding anymore stem cell research stated loud and clear that an embryo that

brought together a cell that has an sperm egg is tantamount to murder should not be funded

period. Embryonic stem-cell research has yet to prove any true advances, while adult

stem-cell research and similar alternative methods have already proven to be viable

means of researching with stem cell.

Much of the article talked about why there is a need for stem cell research especially to

finding a cure for various diseases. Such as Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, cancer

leukemia, spinal cord diseases, diabetes, burns, Parkinson’s diseases, and much more

degenerative diseases. Funding by many states especially California for stem cell

research will allow many scientists to come into state and do research to help

Americans live a more vibrate and healthy lifestyle if stem cell research was funded and

many cures to these various diseases would help find a cure to do to stem cell


   The article talked about how the stem cells or embryos were contaminated. And if

that is the case, putting federal funded stem cells lines embryonic into the human body

could cause a immune system to have a human reaction against the cell in the human.

It would be very bad if the problem is not taken care of through this research and all

federal funded stem cell research would be useless states (Dr. Ajit Varki, a specialist in

cell biology at the University of California at San Diego.)

   Stem cell research is important and if we as a Country are to find a cure for various

diseases and to have a people who are not living in pain daily, then fund, fund, I say to

find cures to help Americans live a healthy life. Funding stem cell research is the key, if

we can send a man to the moon, or find technology to build bombs that kill thousands

of people, or have technology that allows people to see each other via the World Wide

Web or smart phone. Why not be able to have scientists find a cure and more

importantly let states have initiatives on their ballot to vote to fund stem cell research

like California did? I understand the many Americans that opposes that an embryo

once a sperm and egg come together that starts the life and it becomes an ethical

decision for many.

   In the article all the above reasons are valued reasons why stem cell research

funding should not be taken lightly and the supporters and opposes should find some

common ground and to educate oneself on the importance of stem cell research


   As for me whether this is a moral or ethical issue and how stem cell research is

being used and funded I will say this. God say’s be fruitful and multiple, he also says

through Jesus Christ heal the blind and thou shall not murder, or in your words

professor commit homicide. Gods says a sin is a sin! So if a sperm and egg comes

together to make a life, but if a women gets pregnant and decides this is my body and I

don’t want to bear a child for nine months and raise him or her for 18 years I have the

choice to have an abortion. If God have allowed man to be a healer and a scientist to

find a cure for diseases and he gives them the ability through a lab and research how

can using the necessities to cure the land be wrong.

   Understanding what exactly stem cell research is being used for and not letting it is a

political issue or a cultural issues but a human issue that will help to eliminate so many

diseases. In a world and land to have a healthy and more vibrate people, mother and

daddy, brother and sister not have to suffer or put them to death. Because we don’t

want to see them continue to suffer is an issue and moral dilemma that everyone that

cares or loves for their family and loved ones has to decide for themselves. I believe

God gives humans a way out through miracles and healing and God has given gifts and

talents to man so that he can heal the sick and find cures to save people and if stem

cell research is a part of it I say always fund this program no matter what it takes.


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