Biotechnology Matching Worksheet by HC12072704554


									Biotechnology Matching Worksheet
*use your power point notes to answer the following

___ Heredity                A. matching of genes

___ DNA                     B. the biology of heredity

___ Genetics                B. coded material in a cell that determines what that
                            cell and its successive cells will become, found in all
                            living things, located in the nucleus

___ Insulin                 D. one of the first genetically engineered products

___Genes                    E. genetically engineered to produce insulin

___ Gene Mapping            F. components of cells that determine individual
                            characteristics and comprised of DNA

___ Genetic Engineering G. converted to sugar

___Waste & Fuel             H. genes passed from parent

___BST                      I. a product of genetic engineering

___ Herbicide Resistant Crops J. when genetic info is moved from one cell to another
                              to change the characteristics of the cell

___ E. Coli                 K. connect the pairs of strands that make-up the DNA

___Gene Splicing            L. shape of DNA

___ Bases                   M. changing a characteristic by removing and
                            inserting genes into DNA also known as recombinant

___ Double Helix            N. used to increase milk production in dairy cows

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