Chapter 11 Test Review by 6304MP


									                            Chapter 11 Test Review

1. Calculate the probability of an x-linked
dominant trait in the offspring of an
affected mother
2. Understand how heart disease is passed
down and how its effects can be reduced

3. Know how achondroplasia is passed

4. Apply the term karyotype

5. Recall during which process
nondisjunction can occur (mitosis or
meiosis or both)
6. Determine which set of parents a
newborn belongs to when given the blood
7. Understand the term phenotype, and
how it can or cannot be altered during a
person’s lifetime
8. Calculate probabilities from a pedigree

9. Know what a shaded symbol in a
pedigree means

10. Determine the genotypes of individuals
in a pedigree by inference

11. Classify family relationships on a

12. Calculate the percent of offspring with
a certain x-linked trait

13. Differentiate between different types
of inheritance patterns (multiple alleles,
codominance, polygenic, sex-linked)
14. Identify the normal individuals in a
15. Understand which combination of
alleles allows the dominant phenotype to
be displayed
16. Be familiar with the types of human
traits that would form a bell-shaped graph
curve on a graph
17. Calculate the phenotypic percentages
of a blood type crossing

18. Predict the probability of an individual
afflicted with a genetic disorder using a
19. Choose the phenotype in a blood
sample using the genotype

20. Identify the time period when
nondisjunction happens during the meiosis

21. Explain nondisjunction

22. Be familiar with the cause of Down

23. Select a disorder that occurs from

24. Classify the type of heredity in a

25. Identify the part of a chromosome
which might be involved in aging and

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