AP Biology Pre-Lab Assignment - DOC - DOC by 4SJ1VCK7


									                                  IB Biology Pre-Lab Assignment

Turn this in on lab day; it will count as part of your lab grade.
Work together to generate ideas and foster understanding, but make sure to write this by yourself.
(Academic Honesty)
I can’t accept late assignments.

1. State the research question. Like the title of a graph, this statement should have the independent and
         dependent variables in it, as well as the subjects.

2. State a hypothesis with a sound biological (or just logical) reason. Refer to a source like your textbook
         if possible.

3. Identify:      Dependent variable -

                  Independent variable -

Other variables that will be controlled (held constant) -

4. What is being measured?

         How and how often?

5. What will you do with the raw data to help answer the research question? Eg - calculate an average,
        rate, etc.

6. How will the results be verified so they are reliable - sample size or repetition?

7. How will results be presented (graphs, tables, other) and which results will be in which form?

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